History of the Human Race

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Barrage of Information (Dolores Cannon past-lives regression)

Humans for Hardware: U.S. Agreements with Extraterrestrials

Humans for Hardware Part 2: Elena Danaan

Humans for Hardware Part 3: In Defense of Eisenhower

Unconditional Surrender:  Laura Eisenhower interviewed by James Rink

Exraterrestrials and Illuminati: An Interview With Stewart Swerdlow

Stewart Swerdlow’s Blue Blood, True Blood

Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy 2001 – Anthony Fauci With Illuminati

Letter to the People of Australia From Archbishop Vigano

The Rearing Stallion: Illuminati Icon

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Denver Airport  (by John Carroll)

The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

The Cameron Brothers Jump Through Time

Preston and Duncan shut down the Montauk time machine

Montauk and mind control: The Nazi connection

Montauk and Occultism

Montauk Memories – Kimberly Lusanna

Montauk Memories – John Whitberg

Penny Bradley Explains the Montauk Timeline Project

Project Superman – Andrew Pero

Aliens and Deep Underground Military Bases

Project Camelot: “Underground Bases and Tunnels”

Alien Invasion: Interview with Al Bielek

Project Mannequin: James Casbolt speaks out

Interview of James Casbolt

Phil Schneider Rare Audio Recording Oregon 1995

Phil Schneider May 1995 (transcript)

Phil Schneider Denver, Colorado 14 August 1995

Phil Schneider’s Last Talk: November 1985 (full transcript)

Al Bielek talks about Phil Schneider

Cindy Drayer, former wife of Phil Schneider, talks about his death

The Great Replacement

Gotthard Base Tunnel:  “The Opening Ceremony of the World’s Largest Tunnel Was a Bizarre Occult Ceremony”

Al Bielek: Complete Video Autobiography

Part 1: Early Life and Education

Part 2: Nikola Tesla

Part 3: Project Invisibility

Part 4: Edward and Duncan Jump Through Time

Part 5: The Majestic 12, Age-Regression, Memory-Blocking Technology

Part 6: The California Years

Part 7: The Montauk Project – Underground trains, time-travel, mind control

Part 8: The Science of Mind Control

Part 9: Industrial Programming of Youth; Operation Sky Pedals

Part 10: Bases on Mars, Recovery of Memories

Part 11: A Seven-Foot Draco; The Moon Landings

Alternate Timeline: 22nd century, 28th century, the Wingmakers

Quartermaster News Archive

The Sting: Patriot Robert Trump Went Undercover for the FBI to Stop Hillary

The Sting II: How Wrestlemania Came to Washington

The Sting II: How Wrestlemania Came to Washington (copy)

All Eyes on SDNY as Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Charge Set to Trigger Deep State Arrest Dominos

Perverted Justice: Delaware AG Beau Biden’s Sex Crime Cover Ups

Top 10 Big Government Medical Experiments

AuricMedia (www.auricmedia.net)

Super Soldier Andrew Pero

Forbidden Technology Part II: Project Looking-Glass

Dulce Base: The Thomas Castello Declaration

The Great Replacement

Elena Danaan is a Liar

What is a Grey Alien?

Draco Reptilians

What is an Aryan ET?

What is a Tall White Alien?

Ascension: 3-D to 5-D

Megan Rose

Megan Rose: The Cabal, The Galactic Federation, The Earth Alliance and Q

Galactic Federation Communique – September 14, 2021

Megan Rose: The Artemis Accords

The Jupiter Meetings: July 2021

The Jupiter Meetings: Satellites, Moon Base, Portals – August 2021

The Liberation of Mars and Planetary Defense – September 7, 2021

Healing Technologies and Lunar Operations Command – Sept. 11, 2021

Liberation of Antarctica and Dark Fleet Bases – Sept. 27, 2021

Return of the Seeders – October 15, 2021

The War Underground: Vatican City – October 15, 2021

The War Underground: Dulce, and Area 51 – October 24, 2021

Security Breach – January 12, 2022

Mind-Control Technology in Silicon Valley – March 27, 2022

Update from the Galactic Federation: Q Will Return – April 3, 2022

Ukraine and Australia – April 11, 2022

England, Australia, and Dismantling Mind-control Tech – May 26 2022

Megan Rose:  U.S. Navy Operations in Australia – June 16, 2022

The Infiltration of Terran Governments by Extraterrestrials

Update: The New Financial System – July 9, 2022

The Star-seed Program, the Seeder Race and the Annunaki – August 1, 2022

The Council of Nine

Twenty-Four Civilizations

Return of the Twenty-Four Civilizations

German Breakaway Colonies; Solar Warden; ICC; Human Trafficking

Penny Bradley: WWII Crimes Were Only a Prelude to the SSP

Penny Bradley with AJ Roberts: 91 60-and-back tours with the Nacht Waffen; human trafficking; the Annunaki and the elites; the Draco Reptilians; black goo

Penny Bradley Explains Black Goo AI

Donald Marshall Cloning Center Disclosure

What is Solar Warden – Daniel Sala Interviews John Whitberg

Apollymi Mandylion, Super Soldier (1)

Apollymi Mandylion, Super Soldier (2)

Super Soldier Talk with Apollymi – Section 13 32-C Milab Programming (Dec. 11, 2021)

Super Soldier Talk with Apollymi – Draco Battle in 3.5 Delta Quadrant (Aug. 10, 2022)

Daniel Sala Interview of Apollymi Mandylion

Earth’s elites have been abducting humans to work off-planet as slaves

Tony Rodrigues:  Thirty Years a Slave

John Whitberg: General Overview of the German Breakaway Civilization

John Whitberg: The German Stronghold of Centurion

John Whitberg: Vega Prime, Alpha Centauri (Veronica Bartolini interview)

Epic Daniel Sala Interview With John Whitberg and Apollymi (1)

Epic Daniel Sala Interview With John Whitberg and Apollymi (2)

Daryl James – Taygetan Star Seed and SSP Veteran

Project Looking-Glass and Timeline Manipulation

Teleportation and Time Travel – Andrew Basiago

Forbidden Technology Part II: Project Looking-Glass

Montauk Insider Larry James: We Helped the Nazis Win WWII as an Experiment

Gene Decode: Recent Change to the Law of Noninterference

Gene Decode talks about John Titor, Time Police and CERN

John Whitberg: Project Looking-Glass, Lifelong Missions, Area 51 (1/2)

World-line Correction: The MAJestic Program

Operation Warp Speed

Trump’s Jumps Through Time  (by John Carroll)


Ileana the Star Traveler

Donald Marshall – Cloning Centers

Emery Smith, SSP Scientist and Whistleblower

The Omega Project to Bring in the Fourth Reich and the New World Order

Veil of Invisibility, by Alexander R. Putney

TRANCE:  The Cathy O’Brien Story

Olivia James:  Finding Your Original Self

Jessie Czebotar:  The Luciferian Brotherhood System

Clinton’s Campaign & the Anti-Russian Roots of the Cultural Left

Kristy Knight:  The Mormon Church and Project Monarch

Jessie Czebotar talks about underground cities

Ascension Update:  Only Ten Percent Have Reached the Threshold

Apollymi Mandylion Explains it All: The Milmoe Interviews

Lindsay Hooper discusses the secret space programs and the divine