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The following excerpts are from a blog called Metallicman, which is written by a retired MAJestic agent who calls himself Robert.  It is co-edited by a Freemason calling himself Daegon Magus, who seems to be another retired MAJestic agent.

The site has a lot of great information about the MAJestic program.  I would have preferred to recommend it, not copy material from it;  however, it is full of pictures of young women with comments about their bodies.  I was unable to convince Robert to remove these materials.  – The Editor

MAJestic Disclosure


Robert Scott Lazar (not Metallicman)

Life of Metallicman

• Graduated from high school (1977)
• University degree in engineering
• Joined the Navy; accepted into the elite Aviation Officer Candidate School at NAS NASC in Pensacola, Florida.
• Entered MAJestic (June 1981)
• ELF probes installed (June 1981)
• EBP installed and body genetically re-engineered (offworld June 1981)
• Left on my own as a vagabond (June 1981 to 1984)
• Training via the EBP while a vagabond
• Recovery by MAJestic at China Lake Naval Weapons Center (1984-1986)
• Five cycles of training with the ELF and EBP probes (1985-1986)
• Active MAJestic operator (1986-2006)
• Arkansas Department of Corrections (2006-2011)
• Moved to China. (As of 2022, Robert had lived in China for nearly 20 years)

Overview of the MAJestic Program

Q: What is the overall role of MAJestic?
A: The initial tasking was as an organization to monitor, control, and utilize any information, experience, or technology that could be obtained from other extraterrestrial intelligences.

• MAJestic was established [by President Harry S. Truman] to work with the various extraterrestrial species that humans would encounter for [1] geopolitical concerns and to [2] acquire advanced technology. The idea was to obtain technological advantage.
• MAJestic is tasked with the coordination of ALL things extraterrestrial around the world.  This includes all relationships, treaties, interactions, scientific exchanges, and reverse-engineering efforts.

You never keep real secrets within the government. You keep them out of the government, and put them within private companies: these are called carve-outs. To get into these companies, you need a university degree in science or technology.  You need a degree and membership in a military organization to be considered for any MAJestic program.

MAJestic is one huge (multiple-compartment) black-budget program that answers to the highest reaches of the American political-scientific-industrial cabal.

Depending on who is President at the time, he may or may not be included in MAJestic membership.  Even if included, his access to the true scope of information and issues regarding MAJestic would be severely limited.

This is a huge organization.  All members of this organization, except those at the very top of the administration pyramid, are implanted with ELF probes.  They enter the program, usually via military channels, and are implanted and instructed that they are entering a “Special Access Program,” or SAP.

Those involving direct contact with extraterrestrial technologies and individuals are generally classified as an “Unacknowledged Special Access Program” designator, or U-SAP. Those involved in much more serious and controversial projects, such as ourselves, answer only to the highest levels of administration and are given the “Waived & Unacknowledged Special Access Program” designation, or W(U)-SAP.

The extraterrestrials select the candidates first, and then MAJestic recruits them.

What the probes are, and how they work, are not what the scientists and technical experts think. Their understanding of the nature of the probes is simplistic and basic. They are functional and elaborate from a physical understanding. But the vast bulk of their capabilities are quantum in nature, and this understanding has eluded the scientists and researchers using them.

Selection for inclusion in MAJestic is under the purview of a non-human species.  They specifically exclude certain individuals for specific reasons.  MAJestic must first obtain permission [from ETs] prior to implanting people with probes. 


• MAJestic traded me to our benefactors in return for technology.
• I was monitored by MAJestic via the ELF technology.
• I was altered and changed.
• Not only physically, but spiritually as well.
• I had my consciousness segmented.

As such, I was able to utilize advanced non-physical technologies provided by our benefactors.
• This training enabled me to conduct world-line travel with a great degree of facility over and above what most humans are capable of.
• It enabled me to anchor world-lines.

Probe implantation, June 1981

[June 1981 was five months after George H.W. Bush was inaugurated, and one to two years after the start of Phoenix III. – The Editor]

Everyone who is part of MAJestic is implanted. EVERYONE.


I had 7 devices implanted inside my sensor motor area, and the parietal lobe. These seven probes consisted of two “kits”.  One kit consisted of five probe sensors.  The other kit consisted of two sensors. For me, this was done by medical specialists at the ELF labs inside the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAMI) located at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida in early June of 1981.

The techs brought in the probes to be implanted.  There were seven of them in a small clear glass vial. I was permitted to look at them in the vial but was told not to touch the vial.  The vial itself was about 3/4 inch long and about 1/16” in diameter.

Inside were seven small grey black spheres.  Each one was about 45% the diameter of a standard BB.  I was told that these were “more specialized than that which was given to embassy personnel”, and that they had even greater capabilities and abilities than any of the “other” kits.

The extraterrestrial species that helped provide this technology to MAJestic did so with the knowledge that they could access it at will.  Thus, they could not only monitor the “feed” and activities of those so implanted, but they could also control their actions, memories and emotions.

What the probes are, and how they work, are not what the U.S. scientists and technical experts think.  Their understanding of the nature of the probes is simplistic and basic.  They are functional and elaborate from a physical understanding, but the vast bulk of their capabilities are quantum in nature, and this understanding has eluded the scientists and researchers using them.

The ELF probes are quantum devices with a small physical manifestation.  When installed they modify the brain and its activity in a huge way—not so much on the physical dimensional plane, but rather on the quantum spheres of influence.  They increase the human quantum sphere into a greater, or more substantial one.  This adds an amount of additional quantum appendages, or appliances to the human so implanted.  This gives the implanted human a greater range of abilities.

One of the primary purposes of this improved quantum sphere is to make the human quantum cloud compatible with the quantum sphere of another extraterrestrial race, thus adding the host human into a sort of quantum cloud collective.  This runs counter to the way the military thinks the system works.  In their view, the probes are merely an elaborate communication tool.  They are incorrect.  Core kit #2 probes go even further and provide inter-dimensional autonomous access ability.

Those of us implanted with the two probe kits and entangled with the drones have a special understanding of the nature of the extraterrestrial allies that we worked with.  It is a significant departure from what the implanted probes are supposed to be capable of.  By entangling our souls through use of the two probe kits, we actually are able to share and experience a part of the extraterrestrial hive-memory repository.  From there, they can communicate to us directly without having the need to activate the ELF field.  We can instantaneously understand what they might want us to do, what actions to take, and why it is important.

I have two sets of MAJestic probes, and one set of very unique extraterrestrial probes (EBP).  Urges generated out from MAJestic are easy to identify. They are “coarse” and “crude”.  They are like being pestered by a horse-fly.  Urges generated from my extraterrestrial benefactor (direct access) probes are far more subtle.  I just do things immediately.  No thoughts about them are possible.  There is no debate, and no questioning.  Which is why I am involved in this disclosure at this time.

This is but a part of a larger effort that originates from our extraterrestrial allies and is not associated in any way with the United States government.  In our world, nothing is truly unexpected, but rather it all fits in with a larger plan. There are plans within plans within plans.


• The United States has technology that can control memories.
• The United States has technology that can open special doors or portals.
• This technology is placed inside the brain.
• It is controlled by radiation, specifically extra-low frequency radiation, known as ELF.
• MAJestic requires this technology for all members.
• Other people, outside of MAJestic, are also implanted with similar technology.

Retirement (2006)

Question:  If the probes can control memory, how can you remember anything?
Answer:  During my retirement, at ADC Pine Bluff (Arkansas Dept. of Corrections), there was a mistake made when deactivating my probes.  It was reset to defaults, and I pulled up the source code and locked things to my own personal advantage.

When I was deactivated in ADC Pine Bluff, I lost my MWI autonomous ability, and the keys were “turned off”.  But, one of the local “good old boy” guards went into the control booth after the “experts” from Washington left.  He started playing with the controls.  It was not a fun time, at all, let me tell you.

Anyways, he did something that caused a reset.

Imagine that the boys from Washington followed the directions and ran the shut-down sequence.  All was good.  The probes were in a “stand by, but do nothing” mode.  The “good old boy,” when he started playing with the controls, first [1] pulled me out of “standby” mode.  Then, by moving the controls up and down and spinning the knobs, caused [2] some sort of sequence to activate.  Suddenly, the [3] programming screen filled my line of sight.

It might have been thirty years, but I could still program the probes.  I [4] reset the defaults, and then locked out remote access.  He played all he wanted to, and I just lay on my rack adjusting my controls with my mind. Eventually he gave up.

What I do know is that MAJestic considers me retired and they cannot communicate with me normally through the probes.  They have to follow secondary protocols.  However, the extraterrestrial benefactors can still communicate with me.  Though the way they do it is not the same as human speech and auditory senses.  They kind of “will” their interests and desire.


• At some point in time, MAJestic made an agreement with mantids.
• Sebastian and I were selected for participation in this program.
• The program required that we both be remade and have a very special EBP implanted.
• The EBP would enable us MWI (many-worlds interpretation) access.

At China Lake NWC (1985-1986)

China Lake NWC: I asked him how deep the deepest part extended. He looked at me soberly and said very quietly, “It goes one mile deep.” I then asked him what the underground base contains. He replied, “Weapons.” I responded, “What sort of weaponry?” And he answered without pausing, “Weapons more powerful than nuclear weapons.”

The contractor who hired Robert wore a gold Masonic ring

Masonic Ring

Masonic rings have a Hebrew character inside of a Draco triangle

Ciakahrr Empire (drawing by Elena Danaan in A Gift From the Stars)

Using his triangle-shaped ring, and aggressively toying with it, he emphasized that this was a (he paused when he said this) “special assignment”.  He told me that only a very precious few people could do what I can do.  He said that the number of people who had this skill could be counted on one hand, and all of the other people had already done this “task”.  That only I and one or two others remained to do the job.


(Questions: What was the job that the Illuminati wanted done in 1984?  Was Duncan Cameron considered one of the five?  Did the Navy summoning Robert and Sebastian have anything to do with the fact that Duncan had shut down the entire Montauk project in 1983?)

Robert again meets the other MAJestic agent in his three-man cell, “Sebastian”

My co-worker was Sebastian!  The same Sebastian that I met at the naval base years ago!  The same Sebastian who was enrolled in the Navy aviation program with me.  The very same Sebastian that joined MAJestic with me, and who egressed from the dimensional port with all the pretty girls.

What a strange coincidence!

He shook my hand, and did so with a certain type of two-finger grip.  I also did so, though I must confess that it came to me automatically.  I know (now) that it was a secret-society style of greeting.  But I had no previous experience, or training in it.  It just fell into place naturally.  He also made the sign of the triangle.  We felt like brothers.


Probe calibration and training at China Lake NWC

Three years after entering the transport portal, and the EBP connection to the seven ELF probes, and being lost in the wilderness, I was finally located (1984).  As such, I went into a secluded period of training.  The training was designed to help me use the ELF probes, and also how to [work with world-lines].

All in all, I went through a series of five stages (or cycles) of training, all of which occurred at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, outside Ridgecrest, California.

I was at the ELF facility for maybe a handful of months.  I “awoke” [recovered his memories], and was taught how to program.  I then self-programmed my probes and set the required defaults.  Then I was reassigned to work off-base.

I started to see (feel) immediate changes in myself physically, mentally and emotionally.  I learned, then (quite early) that you just do not mess around with certain things.  What I was involved in was a serious business that could have negative consequences if you were not careful.

Altering history


Here is a plot of other world-lines as they deviate from our reality over time. In this example we can consider our reality to be the flat line of “time”. The other individual world-lines vary greatly from each other. Yet, some of them cross and intersect: this means that they do not deviate at that moment of time. When they cross the “x” axis, they do not deviate from our reality. We experience similar events. (

I also learned that there were multiple world-lines.  As such, I was taught how to adjust world-line programming.  This also included the passage of time, and the (apparent) direction of time.  However, each time I ran through the “episodes” associated with the reading by the ELF station manager, it seemed like pre-programed memories would describe what was possibly transpiring at the time the changes were made.  It was almost like I was performing within a cut scene and living out the consequences of my activities.  This included both world-line alterations and time manipulation.  The capability remained present.  Why anyone would want to invoke changes in time is beyond my comprehension; however, it is possible under the proper conditions.  Indeed, this aspect is something that even now I am really confused about.

It was almost like I was performing within a cut scene and living out the consequences of my activities.  This included both world-line alterations and time manipulation.

I learned and was trained to invoke certain sequences for “advantage.”  This training was substantial and is the subject of another post.  In short, I learned how to navigate the MWI using link-access.

(From the Editor) I’m going to speculate about what Robert may have been doing, keeping in mind that the military-industrial cabal had one objective—the enslavement of humanity—and the mantid and the greys who moved him around different world-lines had an opposing objective—the liberation of humanity.

What the NSA did at Montauk was to use their mind-controlled young men, such as Duncan Cameron, to change historical events.  Then they would look at the present—the early 1980s—and evaluate whether what they had done in the past gave them an advantage.  However, they found that if they made major changes, they didn’t change their present, but merely created another world-line.  Without any soul-consciousness living in a world-line, it could “blink out of existence.”  Therefore, instead of making major changes, the NSA decided to make hundreds of minor changes.  (See The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time)

To undermine is a military tactic that involves digging or blasting tunnels underneath the enemy’s rampart or fortification to allow your soldiers to launch a surprise attack and overwhelm the defenders.  The Cabal literally undermined our world by digging thousands of tunnels and DUMBs, where they genetically engineered hundreds of millions of people, and from which they used advanced technologies to control governments, industries and the population.  Finally, it planned to use the space-time coordinates of the advantageous world-lines for a Doctor-Evil plan involving the Hadron collider at Geneva.  (See The Rearing Stallion)

The mantid benefactors were probably able to follow Duncan Cameron’s flagposts, or markers, to world-lines that the Cabal had identified as advantageous for the NWO.  My theory is that they observed the reality the Cabal wanted and did the opposite.  If the Illuminati wanted the Federal Reserve and an income tax, the ETs showed their avatar world-lines where these didn’t exist.  Then the avatar would form a thought, such as, “We should get rid of the Federal Reserve and the income tax,” and this thought would be amplified.

The interference of malevolent ETs on Earth was having a ripple effect all over the multiverse, with potentially disastrous consequences.  In order to defeat the NWO, the Earth Alliance and its benevolent ET allies engaged the enemy on every battlefield–social, spiritual, military, political, financial.  The name given this vast unrestricted operation was The Storm.  (See Galactic Federation Communique – Sept. 14, 2021)

(End of Editor’s Note)

The objective of the mantids was not the objective of the Freemasons

Our relationship with known extraterrestrials is via their conveyance.  They control the technology egress.  They control our lives, and they control us.  They have reasons and purposes for operating here on Earth.  Their sole concern is to help the human sentience establish itself into a quantum configuration that is galactically approved.

Q: What is the preferred consciousness?
A: As far as the powers-that-be go [the Illuminati], they want most humans to be stratified into two separate species: a service-to-self sentience for the ruling class, and a service-to-another sentience for the rest of mankind.  This is pretty much what the Type-1 greys want.  Which pretty much is in alignment with the MAJestic expectations.

The mantids, however, want service-for-others sentience.  This is a selfless life, where you work together for the well being of everyone.


The extraterrestrial species known as the mantids are a multi-dimensional species.  Their soul configuration is multi-dimensional.  They have a major role in the evolution of mankind.  They utilize their superior technology and their multi-dimensional existence to help mankind grow.

The mantid has made the necessary arrangements for multi-generational sentience development, along with support by another extraterrestrial species, the greys. They have created situations in agreement with our souls and the hierarchy within our own ‘heaven’. The intentions behind these agreements is to create a stable nursery for us to develop and learn in.

[Because the Illuminati acquired technology they never should have had] it became difficult to control world-line propagation and predictive behaviors. Unchecked, the world-line divergence could become too unstable and would be difficult to predict. The necessity for predictive behavior is important for soul development. The risk of major disruption to soul evolution was too great and too dangerous.

To this end, the mantids and their assisting species, the greys, worked with MAJestic in the 1980’s. MAJestic leadership [were informed by the mantid of suitable candidates], who were handed over to the greys. The recruits were implanted with special devices and trained as “dimensional anchors” to stabilize the world-lines—all with a goal to prevent unpredictable behaviors due to unchecked human access to technology.

Disruption of human evolution

Strong thoughts generated by mass-media, etc., alter the world-lines and near-by world-lines. This can cause huge disruption in sentience development. (“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy“) Thus, it is important to lay a path out and away from areas of discordant thought that would disrupt sentience development.

To accomplish this task, the greys have provided me with training and ability such that I could herd or corral world-lines to follow a new path or direction. The idea is to redirect the world-lines (and the associated thoughts) in certain directions.

World-line redirection

World-line redirection into different areas of divergence from my base-line is a task that the greys are capable of doing. However, to do this, they need humans to act as “magnets” that can attract and repel adjacent world-lines. This action and behavior is complex and very complicated.

The human who is to become the “anchor”, must be

[1] relocated into a physical area where the anchoring action is to take place. Then,
[2] the person must be exposed to an environment or set of sequences that generate thoughts. It is important that the thoughts so generated
[3] manifest in a way such that the clustered world-lines bend properly.
[4] The grey then “amplifies” or “transmits” the thoughts in certain ways that herd the “world-lines” into the preferred vectors.

What this means is that the designated “anchor” ends up going to less-than-desirable living situations. He goes to areas of contention, or future contention. He goes to areas where there is a high probability that discordant and disruptive thoughts will manifest. He mitigates the situation and acts as a kind of reality “anchor” while the quantum-related storms of thought and intention run amok.

In order to alter the direction of clusters of world-lines, what is required is that the regions of accumulated differences in thoughts and emotions be minimized along the preferred path over time. The way that the greys accomplish this involves guiding group-thought along the paths and structures of “potential” group-thought.

Everything is Scripted and Planned

Nothing happens at random.

The role of MAJestic with regards to the mantids was to provide agents to serve as dimensional anchors.

They would then be used to guide a predetermined cluster of individual world-lines towards avoidance of a number of major disruptive influences in the 1988 to 2004 period.

They would then be used to guide a predetermined cluster of individual world-lines towards avoidance of a number of major disruptive influences in the 1988 to 2004 period.


• Already “in the pipeline” for one of the top positions in the US Navy, I was asked to go into a more “important” role.
• I underwent brain surgery to place probes in my brain. That provided me access to a fixed dimensional portal.
• The dimensional door opened up to another extraterrestrial facility where further operations were conducted.
• The procedure restructured my physical body somehow and added a EBP. It took a week to accomplish.
• Finally, I went to China Lake where MAJestic calibration efforts were conducted.
• Training to use the EBP was conducted through entanglement on a different world-line.
• Once proficient, I “stabilized” the human sentience development sequence from adverse influences that were a consequence of mass thought manipulation.
• Once completed, I was retired. I was retired by a non-MAJestic organization, and placed in a state-run monitoring program also unassociated with MAJestic.
• After my retirement, I was provided a final world-line MWI cross-over that would be my “reward” for participation in the program. When I complete my slide, the United States looks nothing like the ideal that would be my “reward”. However, China does.

After the procedure, I was forever entangled with the mantid. They have natural or supplemented MWI transit ability. I no longer need to utilize a fixed-access portal to conduct world-line travel. The mantid moves me about as they desire. This is for purposes related to dimensional anchoring so that human sentience growth is possible and not corrupted.

Q: So you can perform world-line slides at will?
A: All humans can do this. We just don’t. We do not control our thoughts and our actions, and as a result we tend to live in chaotic and confusing times. To make big and significant changes to our world-line, certain technology or abilities are required. I do not have access to these technologies. However, I am entangled with Mantids, and they can. They can move me about at will. They placed me here on this world-line to live out the rest of my life.

World-line slides (beginning in 1994)

(Adventures in world-line travel –

1. All MWI slides and dimensional travel involving “world-lines” were strictly limited to Earth and nearby MAJestic locations within our solar system.
2. All physical travel was limited to the Earth environment in my human body.
3. All non-Earth travel in the physical was limited to MWI slides, and this was at the discretion of <redacted>.
4. Any apparent time-travel related to this Earth was apparent time-travel only.  It was actually dimensional travel with different gravitation deviances.
5. Importantly, time-travel on other planets or in space was a natural consequence of the gravitational fields surrounding planetary bodies, and the use of dimensional travel aggravated the effect.

That was followed by a slide where the world was significantly different. I don’t know what happened, though I do know that we did not get involved in the Vietnam War. Cuba was our long-time friend. I can only suppose that John F. Kennedy was not assassinated and LBJ never became President. This world was even nicer than the previous world-line. I was doing much better, and my house reflected that fact. I know all about this because I spent over a week on this world-line.

Following this, there were a series subsequent deep slides. I have no idea what the changes were in many of them, but they seemed to go back in time in approximately 10- to 25-year increments. Each time a major event was replaced with (nothing?) something else. The result of this was that each time, my standard of living got progressively better and better. The air was softer and sweeter.

What I mean is that I would go to a world-line where there were some significant changes 25 years in the past of that world-line.

Then, the next world-line after that would go deeper. I would be on a world-line where the significant changes occurred 35 years in the past of that world-line.

This was what it was like. The slides continued all year, and kept going deeper and deeper, changing and reversing events that we today on this world-line consider to be fixed and immobile.

No Taxation of Americans

The funny thing about all these slides is that when you occupy a world-line that you fall in love with, and then come to something resembling this world-line, you start to RESENT the changes made in the base-line world-lines.

Nothing was so obvious as what the morons did to the United States around 1910 to 1920. Those evil, selfish, f**king selfish idiots.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (December 28, 1856 – February 3, 1924) was an American statesman and academic who served as the 28th President of the United States from 1913 to 1921. A member of the Democratic Party, Wilson served as the President of Princeton University from 1902 to 1910, and as governor of New Jersey from 1911 to 1913, before winning the 1912 presidential election. As president, he oversaw the passage of progressive legislative policies unparalleled until the New Deal in 1933. He also led the United States during World War I, establishing an activist foreign policy known as “Wilsonianism.”

Upon taking office, Wilson called a special session of Congress, whose work culminated in the Revenue Act of 1913, introducing a federal income tax which provided revenue lost when tariffs were sharply lowered. He also presided over the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which created a central banking system in the form of the Federal Reserve System. Other major elements of Wilson’s New Freedom agenda included the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Clayton Antitrust Act, and the Adamson Act, all of which established new economic regulations enforced by the federal government.

There was a world-line where no one paid any taxes. Yes, the 16th amendment was never ratified. People were happier and healthier, and it was much calmer and quieter time. However, there were trade-offs, though I do not know if the trade-offs were directly associated with the lack of taxes or other things. The thing that was most notable was that it was pretty much technologically backwards compared to the baseline.

Yes, I know this because I was paid in cash and there were absolutely no deductions at all. I was paid what I earned. I was on this world-line for nearly two weeks. It was a long time. (My wife kept on saying that I “felt” really odd to her.  And she wanted to know what was going on. What could I possibly say that wouldn’t get me thrown into a mental hospital?)

When you bought something, it was for one dollar, or a dollar and twenty five cents. Not $7.98.

I remember well, how I wanted to get a coke at a 7-11 and there wasn’t any (store, that is). I had to go to the gas station and buy a coke. I opened up my wallet and the $30 or so that I usually kept was missing. I only had two dollars and a change purse of coins. So, I gave the kid a liberty dollar coin, and he gave me back ninety-five cents! It only cost five cents for a coke in 1994! (Insane.)

The money was also different. Aside from the pennies and nickels there were two- and three-cent coins!

A 1864 two cent coin.
A 1864 two-cent coin.

In my wallet, I had numerous bills all of which looked very, very unusual.  They looked similar to (NOT the same as) this:

Money looked different.
The money looked very different. Maybe something along the lines of this ancient dollar bill.

I stayed on that world-line for a little over two weeks. Maybe 16 days in total. It was okay, but I really missed the television shows that I was watching at the time. Oh, televisions existed, but I was (apparently) unable to afford them in that world-line.

Instead, we had a big radio that had multiple bands that sat on a table in the living room. It had a brown bakelite plastic housing. When turned on it would light up and give this kind of humming sound.

Newspapers existed, but were different.  The newspaper “America Today” was in black and white instead of the colorful “USA Today”.

* * *

The moment I slid back to the non-16th amendment reality world-line, all subsequent slides reflected similar attributes. For instance, all currency was no longer Federal Reserve notes, but actually IOU’s good for gold or silver coins!

That’s right.

I could have taken any one of the notes to any of the banks and exchanged it for hard metal coinage. Amazing! When did all this change? I know that FDR banned all gold and stole it from my grandparents, but I never realized that the banks actually offered physical notes of paper that represented gold and silver coins. Truly amazing!

Further, the bank notes were also much more interesting and colorful.

They described events rather than people and presidents like we currently see on the bills. (Today all the bills have Presidents, with some notable exceptions.) The bills were also in much smaller denominations than what we see today. Heck, I could have probably paid my monthly rent with a five dollar silver certificate! That is how much the world had changed.

Currency was different.
Often during a slide the currency would be different. Sometimes it would be substantially different.

These slides continued for maybe another three weeks. I think they went back (in changes and alterations of the past), perhaps three hundred years. When I finally hit the end of the line, I was living more or less like an independent land-holder with a comfortable house, a house maid, and a beautiful well-educated wife. The year was the same. It was 1995, as I recall. But the world-line was so very different.

The technology was rather primitive, and that distracted from the benefits of the life that I found myself in. Each step back in time-alteration made the present reality better, calmer, and more prosperous. The cost to this was a decrease in technology, or better yet, a change in the direction technology took.

Then, after a week at my (apparent) destination world-line, I was abruptly projected in one of the most amazing and harsh slides of my entire involvement. Then I found myself back in an almost identical world-line to the one that I had initially been on (prior to the great dive). I do not know why all this occurred. No one told me anything, and the drone pilot was as mute as a cinder-block wall.

It totally sucked.

To live one life in the reality with no federal income tax, a peaceful nation much like Switzerland, and eating good healthy food with simpler pursuits, to BLAM!… Back in the reality of the mid 1990’s with the Soviet Union, high unemployment and Democrats trying every single way they can think of to tax more and more of my money! UGH!

While there is a near-infinite number of alternative world-lines possible, my role involved the manipulation of the world-lines associated with the bulk of humanity. And, the vast bulk of humanity chose this current world-line (or ones similar to it). Thus, here I am where the vast bulk of humanity wants to live.

Luckily these kinds of aggressive slides were short-lived. I really do not know WHY suddenly things had to be adjusted like they were. I only know that they were, and my personality (how I reacted to the changes) affected the “dimensional anchoring” process. For, indeed, how I felt and acted upon these changes helped to steer the process to new world-lines. Perhaps that is why my retirement ended up in a world-line where the conditions for my circumstances favor my intentions.

Theory: The greater the disruption, the greater the corrective actions that are required.

I personally learned from the different slides on a personal level. As a result I find that many Americans have no idea how far America has strayed from the great nation it once was.

You will find that a large number of MAJestic agents were imprisoned or charged with state (not federal) sex offender crimes in the years of 2004 through 2006. Typically, their basic age varies from the middle thirties to early fifties, with most being in their mid- to late-forties.

Collectively, thoughts alter the universe. One’s thoughts determine which world-line one’s consciousness is in, and one’s thoughts also affect that world-line.


My role in MAJestic required me to perform tasks for our benefactors. I had two set of physical modifications. They were a set of ELF probes that were MAJestic implanted, and operated. And a EBP that was installed with other substantial genetic modifications and training by our benefactors.

The EBP modified my physical body and created multiple consciousnesses. Both consciousnesses can communicate back and forth between each other. The two consciousnesses have different roles and different functions, and much of what the EBP educated me with was involved in the newly segmented consciousness. Not with my original consciousness.

And finally . . .
• MAJestic traded myself to our benefactors for technology.
• They used me as a kind of “ambassador”.
• This role was monitored by MAJestic via the ELF technology.
This ambassador role was unlike anything that we can conceive of.
• I was altered and changed.
• Not only physically, but spiritually as well.
• I had my consciousness segmented.
As such, I was able to utilize advanced non-physical technologies provided by our benefactors.
• This training enabled me to conduct world-line travel with a great degree of facility over and above what most humans are capable of.
• It enabled me to anchor world-lines.
• It enabled me to be the “representative” of humans to “adjust” our world-line trends towards a preferred sentience.




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World-line Travel Index

The Landscape of the MWI (many-worlds interpretation): An introduction to the geography of multiple worldlines

World-line creation and stability considerations

The passage of time is actually observed MWI world-line slides
Mandela Effect – A System of Soul Management

Graphic on how world-line travel works



Abbreviations and terms

Advantage: Because of their inability to love, Draco reptilians are only concerned with exercising power over others. Their society is a heirarchy, and they spend their long lives slowly moving up in that heirarchy, just like the Masons. Al Bielek asked the Draco stationed at Montauk how many PhDs it had, and it said twelve. Al said, “Well, you have four more to go then. What are you going to do when you’re done?” The Draco said it didn’t know.
AOCS – Aviation Officer Candidate School
ADC – Arkansas Department of Corrections
China Lake NWC – Naval Weapons Center
The Domain – (connected to the mantids)
EBP – Extraterrestrial Brain Probe. May have started out as a mantid ankle-monitor for the prisoners they dumped on Earth.
“The Domain can, if necessary, monitor the past, present and future of inmates within the prison-complex confines. We do so by establishing a physical connection and non-physical modifications. This is known as the EBP.”
ELF – Extremely low frequency
Mantids: Multi-dimensional species. The EBP interfaced with that species using their technologies. “Abnormally tall,” mantids ran the MAJestic world-lines program.
MWI – Many-worlds interpretation
NAS – Naval Air Station
NASC – Naval Aviation Schools Command


This species is a trans-dimensional species. They move about within the world-lines just as easily as they move about in the heavens. To them, it is all one and the same.

Before they took on their role, they evolved naturally on this Earth in the physical. That is correct. They are native to Earth, and evolved on Earth, built up a society, made things, created cities, and moved on to their current roles. As such, they have left behind some relics.

Q & A with mantid commander

Question: Rather than do so much time-consuming work, . . . why not just terminate the entities that are here? Are not these Old Empire parasites easy enough to identify?

Answer: One cannot destroy an IS-BE.  You may apparently erase its memories, but through techniques in development, they will be able to be recovered. You may cut it up; divide it and scatter its pieces elsewhere, but in so doing you will create many of the same entities. Instead of one, you now have thousands.

You may place it in a confinement area, such as a bubble-universe, but it will eventually leave that confinement area.

Thus the solution of the “Old Empire” manifested: a bubble-universe with a system of strife and reward on a never-ending wheel that keeps an intentionally ignorant IS-BE from returning to its parent universes.

The “Old Empire” thought process was valid, but was thwarted by internal corruptions and problems in implementation and selfish persuits.  It had evolved into a kind of playground for torture, viscerial pleasures, idealized control and other vices.  It has spun wildly out of control and is now evolved into something wholly different from its initial intent.

The Domain is active in stabilizing this environment, but there are bigger, more pressing galatic issues at hand and the resources are limited.  Rest assured that we are doing everything we can at this moment, and the questioner must recognize that and not be overly influenced by problematic IS-BE entities he is trapped with.

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