Earth’s elites have been abducting humans to work off-planet as slaves

Montauk: The Alien Connection (1998)

by Stewart Swerdlow

Next, I was stood up instantaneously.  Wearing only a Sirian robe, I could not see my feet.  I felt elation, like I was on a natural high.  I cannot compare the feeling to anything another can understand without having had the experience himself.  I felt a complete knowing of all things, a connection to all beings; yet, I retained my identity of self.  I followed the Sirian out through the wall to what appeared to be a maroon-colored cave with a high ceiling that seemed to go on for miles.

In front of me, I saw a large group of men.  Most of them were in their twenties, a few were teenagers, and some were older.  Digging in unison with shovels, they moved like automatons.  Large, melon-headed beings watched them work.  Apparently, these were their overseers.  A few four-foot-tall greys moved about.  I saw tunnels and crafts that looked like discs.  Suddenly, all the men stopped and looked up toward a platform.  Loudly, a voice called out: “The emissary from Rigel will speak now!”

At that moment, a five-foot being with round, black eyes appeared on the platform.  His large head was draped with a kind of short curtain around the back of it.  Dressed all in black, his clothing appeared to be a uniform.  Looking ominous, he carried a rod that looked both metallic and crystalline at the same time.

Everyone seemed to understand his mental communication.  Explaining that this group of men had completed their service on Earth and the Martian outpost, he told them that they would now be examined for possible transport to Rigel for experimentation.  Those not used would be eliminated.  The men were then led into the open port of a silver disc.  I noticed that their legs were chained together.  The entire scene appeared to be orchestrated just for me.  ( pp. 77-84)



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