Aliens have been abducting humans to work off-planet as slaves

Montauk: The Alien Connection (1998)

by Stewart Swerdlow

Next, I was stood up instantaneously.  Wearing only a Sirian robe, I could not see my feet.  I felt elation, like I was on a natural high.  I cannot compare the feeling to anything another can understand without having had the experience himself.  I felt a complete knowing of all things, a connection to all beings; yet, I retained my identity of self.  I followed the Sirian out through the wall to what appeared to be a maroon-colored cave with a high ceiling that seemed to go on for miles.

In front of me, I saw a large group of men.  Most of them were in their twenties, a few were teenagers, and some were older.  Digging in unison with shovels, they moved like automatons.  Large, melon-headed beings watched them work.  Apparently, these were their overseers.  A few four-foot-tall greys moved about.  I saw tunnels and crafts that looked like discs.  Suddenly, all the men stopped and looked up toward a platform.  Loudly, a voice called out: “The emissary from Rigel will speak now!”

At that moment, a five-foot being with round, black eyes appeared on the platform.  His large head was draped with a kind of short curtain around the back of it.  Dressed all in black, his clothing appeared to be a uniform.  Looking ominous, he carried a rod that looked both metallic and crystalline at the same time.

Everyone seemed to understand his mental communication.  Explaining that this group of men had completed their service on Earth and the Martian outpost, he told them that they would now be examined for possible transport to Rigel for experimentation.  Those not used would be eliminated.  The men were then led into the open port of a silver disc.  I noticed that their legs were chained together.  The entire scene appeared to be orchestrated just for me.  ( pp. 77-84)


Swerdlow, Stewart (1998).  Montauk: The Alien Connection.  Westbury, New York: Sky Books.


Space Relations (1975) is a novel about humans abducted from Earth and sold to aliens as sex slaves.  It was written by former OSS officer, Donald Barr.  Barr’s son, William, ended up as CIA director William Casey’s right-hand man.  Bill Barr was in the thick of the Iran-Contra scandal, as well as all of all of the criminality the CIA was engaged in in Arkansas.   Bush Sr. appointed Bill Clinton his successor precisely because of his willingness to do the CIA’s bidding while he was governor of Arkansas.  (See Terry Reed, Compromised:  Clinton, Bush and the CIA, SPI Books, 1994.)



Donald Barr

Epstein at Dalton

Donald Barr gave Jeffrey Epstein his first job, as a high-school teacher at the elite Dalton School, even though Epstein hadn’t finished college.


Tony Rodriguez:  Ceres Colony Cavalier

Tony Rodrigues wasn’t abducted by aliens, but by the Illuminati.  Dating back to May 1, 1776, the Illuminati have always controlled the U.S. State Department and all covert operations in the world, including the CIA, the DEA and the NSA. 

With the death of Roosevelt, the Illuminati seized control of the U.S. military: this process began in 1947 and was completed with the assassination of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal in 1949.  This is the reason why, when Rodrigues was sent to Mars at 16 for deployment as a genetically enhanced slave soldier, he traveled to the moon on an Air Force shuttle and was supervised by U.S. marines. 

The principal colony on Mars was Aries Prime.  It had a majority human population, but it was owned by German corporations.  Nevertheless, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps provided security for the colony.  For decades the U.S. military facilitated the robust slave trade of the German breakaway civilization, which still possesses a fleet known as the Nacht Waffen.  This government-facilitated slave trade included the abduction of young women to serve for 20 years as sex slaves on Mars, Ceres, and almost certainly other German colonies.  The human slave trade was euphemistically called the ‘career return program’.


My escort took me out of the train terminal and we entered into what appeared ot be a huge hangar.  It had a massive metallic, waffle-like ceiling.  To me it looked like it was over a hundred feet high.  I was stunned by my new surroundings, because I knew that I wasn’t on Mars anymore.  Everything was different:  the atmosphere, the architecture—everything.

“Everybody line up!”  An order was shouted.  We assembled ourselves into lines and watched a man on a podium speaking German.  I had no idea what was going on, nor did I know where I was.  I studied my surroundings.  There must have been five hundred people, all wearing a navy-blue uniform—mostly young males.  I was distracted by my curiosity when an officer came up to us wearing a grey uniform with a strange hat, a gun in tow.

“Line up at once!” he shouted with an unfamiliar accent.  It was clear from this tone that he was a type of drill sergeant.

“You are all slaves, and you will be ordered to take your vows today.”

I positioned my feet on the painted lines on the floor.  Then I felt an intense surge of static electricity permeate the air.  I saw a chrome-silver disc zipping past us all.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There was a humming noise, and I watched it glide over to the other side of the hangar and dip down into another adjacent hangar—just as big as this one.  I was in awe.

“Hey!  Concentrate and get in line!”  An officer shoved me into position.

I shuffled into line and was handed a green flyer with lines of German words. 

“Just to let you know,” the drill sergeant shouted, “we had some slaves last month who didn’t want to take the oath.  So you know what I did with them?”  “I shot them!” he boasted, pointing to an area with what looked like dried blood.  “So, does anybody want to get shot today?”  We all quickly shook our heads no. 

“Does anyone here have a problem with reading an oath aloud today?”  Again, we all shook our heads.  “Good!” he shouted.

At some point, all the lines of slaves were instructed to take their oaths.  We were to repeat after the officers.  When our turn came, we turned towards the flag we were using, hands across our hearts, and mumbled the oath.

Nacht Waffen emblem

“Right.  Everyone come with me,” an officer said to my group of men, chaperoning us to another area.  This time it was a shop, a barber shop, where we all got buzz cuts, our teeth checked, and a quick medical exam.  We were then walked to another train, this one without any seats.  It couldn’t have been more than a fifteen-minute ride, underground the entire time.  We exited the train onto a small platform, took a few steps down to an intake area, and then I was taken to check in to where I would be staying for the next ten years of my life.


Rodrigues, Tony (2021).  Ceres Colony Cavalier: A True Account of One Man’s Twenty-Year Abduction

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