Montauk Memories – Kimberly Lusanna

Super Soldier Talk – Kimberly Lusanna – Johnny Tran, Umbrella’s Dr. Birkin, Montauk Memories

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Original Recording Date: November 26, 2022

Kimberly Lusanna is a SSP experiencer and Super Soldier who was abducted by the CIA at the age of 5.  The United States Military Secret Space Program used Kimberly in a multitude of underground facilities and forced her participation in several unacknowledged, black projects utilizing MK Ultra mind control and the splitting of her consciousness into many different alters through torture and technology tactics.  She is still considered to be an active, secret space program military asset today.  Some of the nefarious government SSP projects programs that Kimberly has been involved with include Project Looking Glass, Montauk, Project Witchblade, and Project Seagate.  Kimberly is also currently a participant in off-world military corporations and other secret space fleets like Dark Fleet, Shoreline, Monarch, Umbrella, and Kruger where she was a lead programmer over cloned assassins.  Today’s topics include an update about her alter Johnny Tran, whose life was featured in the movie “The Fast and the Furious,” and her alter was featured in “Resident Evil.”  We will also be sharing some of her Saint Germain messages, update from her Vrillion channeling, and some information about her time at Montauk.

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