What is an Aryan ET?

Eisernes Kreutz (Iron Cross) by alukan

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Aldebaran, Alpha Tauri, also known as the Eye of Taurus, is an orange giant star located 65 light years from Earth.

It is the brightest star in Taurus constellation and the 14th brightest star in the night sky.  Aldebaran has a luminosity 518 times that of the Sun (153 times in visible light).

The name Aldebaran comes from the Arabic word al-dabarān, meaning “the follower.”  The name refers to the Pleiades cluster (Messier 45), which the star appears to be following across the sky.

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The Taurus constellation is known for its bright stars Aldebaran, Elnath, and Alcyone, as well as for the variable star, T Tauri. The constellation is also home to the Pleiades (Messier 45), also known as the Seven Sisters.

* * *

(8:00) JAMES RINK:  Today we have a very special guest: we have Apollymi Mandylion.  Apollymi is a super soldier hybrid created by the Dark Fleet and the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC). . . .

You were starting to talk a little bit about Project Ashwet, and its connection with the Aryan ETs and the Children of God at Camp Livingston (Louisiana, United States).

APOLLYMI:  Yeah, they have technology that’s a little bit more advanced than the general projects.  Because when we go into the general projects, they test our physical, mental and psychological capabilities.  They also test any powers that we have, and then they separate us into groups based on those.

And then we go to what I call boot camp, which would be the Ashwet Program.  Ashwet means Children of God, and we’ve heard a lot of the Aryans say that quite a few times.  It is basically one of the most brutal places that I have been.  So, when you go over there, you are basically, for lack of a better word, just experiments.  You have no rights.

They basically make us not use our abilities, where the other projects focus on our abilities.  These guys put us through hell.  We can’t use our abilities, but we’re fighting entities and beings who have their abilities.  You’re still treated like you’re in military boot camp for all intents and purposes, and technically a prison inmate.  There’s rape, molestation.  Like, we’ve seen our members get ripped in half and then just appear the next day, ‘cause they throw them in the tanks.

JAMES RINK:  What is an Aryan ET?

APOLLYMI:  The Aryan ETs are a species of extraterrestrial that look human.  They could walk around down here and you wouldn’t know the difference, except for their energy signature and their pheromones, because they smell different than humans.  But they are what most people would consider the blond Nordics, although they do have some [with light-brown hair] in their culture as well—the blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin.  Some of them, not all of them, actually worked with some of the Nazi forces as well (during the Second World War).  They were the ones who came down here and said, “Hey, we can give you power if you try to take over the world.”

But they’re the ones who supplied a lot of the technology to reverse-engineer.  And they actually have quite a lot of power down here on Earth in the shadows.  They’re basically making super soldiers to fight whatever battles that they decide.  It’s not like we ever have a choice in the matter.  For some reason they are a huge part of the ICC as well.

JAMES RINK:  When you were taken to this facility, were you abducted through teleportation?

APOLLYMI:  They usually came for me at night.  And usually it started with the black helicopters, but as I went to Camp Livingston,  I got stronger.  So, I started to be able to manipulate astrally and mentally, so they had to start dimensional shifting into my room.  You could literally see my bed being pressed in while they held me down and shoved a needle in my neck, and I could taste and feel the burning sensation of liquid going into me.  And this is when I started having a fear of needles out of nowhere.  I didn’t like being held down in any manner.  But no, they came for me dimensionally, knocked me out, and when I woke up I was on base.  Same for when they would take me back.

* * *

JOHN WHITBERG:  I have what I call the anchor memory, [the one] that never went away . . . where I’m lying in bed, I’m six years old, and this portal opens in the wall, and this woman—I’m not sure if she was an alien or if she was a German woman who genetically modified, because she was like ten feet tall—and she stepped through this portal in my bedroom wall.  She had on a Nazi uniform and I couldn’t move at all.  And I was frozen in place, and then I got picked up and levitated through this portal.

* * *

(22:30)  DANIEL SALA:  So, you’re not sure who the ETs were who afforded the humans the technology to go out in space before the First World War, but after that you said the Aldebarans were responsible, the Nordic Aryans, and they are also the ones who turned the Germans into racists, right?

JOHN WHITBERG:  Yeah.  I’ve had encounters with them, not good encounters, and their thing is that blonde, blue-eyed people, the universe should be their plaything, basically, and everyone else is just scum.

DANIEL SALA:  So they’re blonde themselves.


DANIEL SALA:  And do you know what prompted the switch from Aldebarans to the Draconians, in terms of German affiliation?

JOHN WHITBERG:  The Draconians had better stuff to offer (resources).  It’s really not that exciting; it’s just that they just had more to offer.  It was a better deal in general.  And plus, the Aldebarans were only willing to work with white German people, and the Draco don’t really care, so that massively expanded the quantity of people Germans could work with.

* * *

(25:40) JAMES RINK:  Well, let’s go back to Project Ashwet at Camp Livingston.  So, we’ve already established that you think you were there for about a year and a half.  I think you said 12 to 13.

APOLLYMI:  Twelve to thirteen, at least.

JAMES RINK:  What were they grooming you for at Camp Livingston?  You’ve established it was ET combat, but was there anything else you would like to mention?

APOLLYMI:  Basically just ET combat, if you were taken prisoner and tortured, anything of that scenario.  And trust me, they took great pleasure in the torturing part. . . . Like I said, I’ve had my limbs ripped off; I’ve been raped and molested . . .  We were tortured on a daily basis.  They were basically training us to be soldiers, and really more physical-combat-oriented, to be fighting ETs who had abilities.  When we went back to Section 13, that’s when our ability training started pretty heavily.  So you had two different factions training us for kind of the same purposes, but in two different ways.  And they would always say, “Oh, you’re a part of Project Ashwet.  You guys should be honored.  You guys are the Children of God.  You need to be strong.”

(28:00) JAMES RINK:  The handlers who run this facility, do they look human?  Were they Nazi?

APOLLYMI:  Yes. They definitely had the Nazi uniforms.  We had this one lady, she went by the name, Lilith, and she was the bane of our existence.  She was one of the head people there—not the highest, but she was in charge of our group.  And she did everything possible to rip you apart, mentally, physically and emotionally.  They all looked like blond hair, blue eyes, or they had that light brown hair color with green eyes.

* * *

JAMES RINK:  And how many other children were there, do you think, with you in Cheyenne Mountain (Colorado, United States)?

JOHN WHITBERG:  Conservatively, thirty or forty.

JAMES RINK:  Can you tell us what year this was?

JOHN WHITBERG:  2007 is when I was taken.  I mean, they could have moved me to any point in time, and I wouldn’t know.

JAMES RINK:  Did you happen to see any German iron crosses or black suns or swastikas?

JOHN WHITBERG:  Yeah, there were lots of swastikas, SS runes; it was very much one of their outposts.

JAMES RINK:  And do you actually remember Mengele personally?


JAMES RINK;  And what was his personality like?

JOHN WHITBERG:  When he wasn’t torturing you he was very sweet, which made it all the more disturbing.  (12 minutes  https://rumble.com/v1wh76g-super-soldier-talk-john-whitberg-ssp-diplomatic-officer-supertech-and-archa.html)

1938 George Scherff

Top from right to left: Otto Skorzeny, George Scherff Sr. (Prescott Bush), Joseph Mengele (holding girl), George Scherff Jr. (George Bush).  Taken on Christmas 1929, in Germany.


Josef Mengele

* * *

JAMES RINK:  If they have replicator tech (the Dark Fleet), couldn’t they just use a replicator to make everybody really nice replicators?  Why did they have to have this division?

JOHN WHITBERG:  Everything out there is a tiered merit-based system.  If you’ve played the game correctly, then you’re going to live real nice, but if you don’t, then you’re not going to do as well, or you’re going to be at the bottom of the barrel.  (48 minutes  https://rumble.com/v1wh76g-super-soldier-talk-john-whitberg-ssp-diplomatic-officer-supertech-and-archa.html)

* * *

(34:45) DANIEL SALA:  Also, at Camp Livingston, what was the purpose of them shutting down all your psionic abilities when fighting those ETs?

Apollymi:  I asked them this too, because I did meet up with one of the ICC head organization members, because I had a lot to say and I was trying to buy my DNA contracts—I do have credits off-world.  And I asked him the same question.  I said, “Why did you guys do this?”  And he said, “We wanted you to be perfect.  You guys are in the Child of God Project, so we wanted you to be absolutely perfect by being able to fight things, to open up your mind, open up your reality,” which basically translates as, “You need to learn how to adapt to situations you don’t have control of.”

* * *

(36:30) DANIEL SALA:  You said you managed to get suspended from the SSP; but does that mean you were inactive, or that you got better memory wipes, because it seems like there’s no escaping the SSP.

APOLLYMI:  When I was twelve, twelve and a half, I ended up getting the group together in Section 13, because none of us were happy, we were controlled by the Cabal, they were torturing us, barely feeding us, making us run through the dirt, and I got sick of it and I actually incited a riot.  I ended up killing three of the high-ranking members, who had raped me as a child and raped a couple of the other girls as well, and probably even more.   But when they were doing that to me, there were three other girls in the room with me, and they were just being completely brutal.  I had no remorse; I had no problem with completely annihilating them.

* * *

(32:30) JAMES RINK:  Did this slave collar have a cattle-prod function, where they would electrocute you?

APOLLYMI:  Yeah, at very high voltages.  In Camp Livingston, as soon as we got there, if you pushed yourself as a threat, they would actually put cranial bombs into you, too.

(33:15) JAMES RINK:  You know, it almost seems as though it’s a Draco-type facility, because it seems like they’re enslaving these people for off-world missions, as you said, grooming them for ET combat.


JAMES RINK:  So let’s go into the end of the process.  After you finished your training, did you actually graduate and get some kind of purple heart?  Or did they put you in another program?

APOLLYMI:  They evaluate you, and if you fail, you stay there until you break, or they sell you off, depending on your contracts.  So, I managed to graduate after a year, and then they shipped me back to Section 13.  And then from there, my other contracts—that I didn’t even know about—were put into place, and then I was basically groomed to go on missions—both on-world and in dimensions and in outer space . . .

* * *

JOHN WHITBERG:  So, Vega Prime, there was this colony called New Munich.  It was a human German colony, and it also had a Japanese population and a Greek population.  So, I remember getting off the drop-ship there, and we were in this like— it was in this hangar-bay type of thing on the top level of a skyscraper, so it was like, I guess like a space port.

We got off; we were saluted by a long row of soldiers, ’cause we were— and there was some sort of banner up saying something about how they were like welcoming the next generation.

Veronica Bartolini:  Did the banner have something on there?

No, it was just a yellow banner with black letters on it.  There was a big red carpet that had a Schwarze Sonne—the Black Sun symbol. (https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/10/14/john-whitberg-vega-prime-alpha-centauri/)

BLACK SUN SCHWARZE Sonne Sonnenrad Runic Asatru Viking Isd 3 X 5Ft Flag ...

* * *

Supersoldiertalk (Sept 15, 2021).  “Super Soldier Talk with Apollymi – Project Crest, Carbon, Section 13 32-C”  https://rumble.com/vmknxx-super-soldier-talk-with-apollymi-project-crest-carbon-section-13-32-c.html?mref=ah9c7&mrefc=2

Supersoldiertalk (November 22, 2022)  “Super Soldier Talk – John Whitberg – SSP Diplomatic Officer, Supertech, and Archaeologist”  https://rumble.com/v1wh76g-super-soldier-talk-john-whitberg-ssp-diplomatic-officer-supertech-and-archa.html

Saint Olga 69 (June 7, 2022).  “Apollymi Mandylion: SSP Insider Interview – ICC, Off-world Cultures, Hollow Earth”  https://youtu.be/mv2t0QSFPWA

Veronica Bartolini Code Breaker Real Talk (Sept. 10, 2022).  “John Whitberg Pt 1 #supersoldier #VegaPrime #AlphaCentauri #Memories Roundtable”  https://youtu.be/EJswZMyRr_Y

Another source who claims the Aryan ETs are from Aldebaran — a short video interview of a German man: https://lemuriangardens.blogspot.com/2021/01/german-ssp.html

Illustration by Alukan “Eisernes Kreuz” – https://www.deviantart.com/alukan/art/Eisernes-Kreuz-357921968

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