Kristy Knight – The Mormon Church and Project Monarch

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Kristy Knight

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Dean G. Allen and Kristy Knight

Born into a large Mormon family (12 children), Kristy Knight was sold by her pedophile father to the U.S. government’s Project Monarch, along with her sisters and brothers.  She recalls being sexually abused by high-ranking Mormons and politicians, being experimented upon by Josef Mengele at a military base, and Luciferian rituals that took place beneath the Mormon Tabernacle.   (Original recording date: October 10, 2022)

Mormon Monarch – The memories of Mormon Church Project Monarch survivor, J.R. Sweet

J.R. Sweet at 19 years old

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One thought on “Kristy Knight – The Mormon Church and Project Monarch

  1. I was ALSO born into a large Mormon family, in central Utah. Our family was also abducted by reptilian greys (who are descended from the original “serpent race” in Eden, and which — according to what Jehovah told Adam and Eve in Genesis chapter 3 — would be in a secret WAR with the human race down through the ages). One of the underground Mormon facilities (in Little Cottonwood canyon east of Salt Lake City) has a secret connection to a still deeper underground U.S. MILITARY base where military personnel WORK WITH the reptilian greys in a collaborative effort. Check this site out:

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