Gene Decode: Recent change to the Law of Noninterference

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GENE DECODE on “The Galactic Talk” with Taino

May 18, 2022

(56:30 min) TAINO: You do find things. Let’s say, people might find historical events, yet when they look at when they were at school, they can’t find anything. So, Gene, in your metaphysical investigations you found that it was those negative factions that actually used time-travel technologies in order to compromise some of the time-lines so that future generations—let’s say, in the 1990s—would not even have the [ability] to identify what were the real historical accounts behind what has been tampered with—another layer of reality.

GENE DECODE: So, certain individuals are gifted with the ability to remember these changes that they’ve been doing, and I’ve had that from birth. One of my best friends, and many, many, many, many more people disappeared from the line, from birth, and it was part of this manipulation that’s now known as the Mandela Effect. And so that’s all part of this ongoing situation. So, because that was creating ripples— when you change the line, it doesn’t just change it for Earth: it changes it for everything everywhere. So, that’s why the Guardian Alliance and the Infinite Alliance of Free Worlds were able to come here and start to do some intervention. Because the Cabal and the negative alien group broke the law so profoundly, so massively, that it was changing things all over all of the universe–even into multiverses, [because] merging timelines means merging other universes into this one.

So, that’s a massive violation, so it had to be stopped. So certain allowances were made, as long as free will was maintained. And so that’s now the caveat. They’ve done a new nonintervention law. Part of the Ganymede meetings were to get a new noninterference law in place, so that you don’t interfere with free will of the individual overall, but you maintain that free will. And so, these interventions that violated our free will are a violation. So they can [go in and] set that right. So it all fits in with the time-travel police. All of this is interlinked.

The greys took over Earth by creating a genetically engineered ruling class

Elena Danaan (May 20, 2022)

(2:45 min.) [Earth’s recent history has made the GFW aware of the need to make] a change in the Prime Directive. This amendment concerns the Orion grey hybridization program.

In 1955, agreements [were] signed by The Majestic Twelve behind the back of President Eisenhower. These agreements with the Orion Group—the greys, the Nebu—allowed them to abduct people. But what was agreed to was . . . a group of prisoners for abductions, experiments.  There were 150 prisoners. . . . The agreement was not respected on the part of the Nebu.  Instead of limiting themselves to 150 prisoners, they very quickly expanded to millions of abductees per year. . . .

These abductions performed by the Nebu concerned hybridization.  They mass-produced hybrids—grey-human hybrids with a grey soul, which means they are connected to the hive in Orion.  And the plan was that one day these hybrids would take over the humans of Earth by coming into this society.  They never could attack Earth by force, because the Galactic Federation would have stopped them; so, they bred themselves in.  Now all these hybrids are ready.  The greys have been kicked out, but the hybrids are ready. . . . (14:05)  The only hybrids this amendment concerns are the hybrids who have been mass-produced by the Orion group, the Nebu, to replace humans, in an agenda that is detrimental to humanity.  And these hybrids are special because they have a grey consciousness, which is a hive consciousness.  They are all linked to the grey hive in Orion.

The Amendment

“Section 9: It is not permitted to make contact with or interfere with less-evolved races, unless they are threatened by an outside source. In that case, it is a moral obligation of the personnel of the Galactic Federation of Worlds to evaluate the situation to determine the suitable course of action.”

And the amendment is as follows: “The free will of a stage-1 or stage-2 planetary culture works in accordance with the Greater Universal Law of Evolution when not coerced or influenced by an outside source working for their own benefit to the detriment of said less-evolved culture. Manipulation of the free will of a less-evolved culture is [a violation of] the Greater Universal Law of Evolution. It is in this case considered by the Prime Directive as interference, and the Galactic Federation of Worlds reserves the right to intervene.”

Elena Danaan (with Dani Henderson, May 20, 2022).  “Ding Dong” The Greys Are Gone + Much More With Elena Danaan.  (

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