The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time


Preston Nichols on his roof with his own delta-T antenna. Hooking it up created a time-altering field that unblocked his memories of working at Montauk.

The Philadelphia Experiment – August 12, 1943

The Philadelphia Experiment was the culmination of research carried out by the U.S. Navy into stealth technology. The idea began with Nicola Tesla at the Univeristy of Chicago in 1931, where it was known as the Invisibility Project. The goal was to make ships invisible to enemy radar.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933, he already knew Tesla from his work for the Navy during WWI. He invited him to Washington and asked him what he was working on. Tesla metioned his invisibility research, and Roosevelt invited him be part of a new initiative bringing together the country’s top scientists at Princeton University. This became the Institute for Advanced Study. Roosevelt made Tesla the director of invisibility research, and German mathematician John von Neumann worked alongside him. Albert Einstein was also at the Institute as a theoretical consultant.

Tesla’s approach was to render ships invisible by using electrical generators to create an “electromagnetic bottle” around a ship. A series of experiments were conducted, and in September, 1940, a small unmanned ship was made invisible in the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Roosevelt was pleased with the success of the experiment, and he ordered a battleship be assigned to the project. It arrived in the Philadelphia Navy Yard in January of 1941.

The United States entered WWII in December 11, 1941. Because German U-boats were sinking many ships, the scientists were under pressure to make stealth technology a reality. An experiment with a crew was scheduled for March of 1942. However, the electromagnetic field was now 100 times as powerful as the one used in the previous test, and Tesla informed the Navy that he was concerned about the safety of the crew. The Navy informed him that the test had to go forward, so on the evening of the experiment, Tesla sabotaged the equipment. The next day, the experiment failed; the battleship didn’t become invisible. Tesla quit the project, and Dr. von Neumann was put in charge.

In September of 1942, a new ship was commissioned for the experiments—the USS Eldridge. Von Neumann re-designed the field-generating equipment and much work was done building, installing and testing it. By the summer of 1943, von Neumann had started to share Tesla’s worry about how the field would affect the ship’s crew. However the Navy informed von Neumann that he was to conduct an experiment with a manned ship by August 12, 1943.

On the day of the experiment, the Eldridge was taken to the middle of Philadelphia Harbor, where it was surrounded by three ships. When the equipment was turned on, the Eldridge turned invisible, with only a greenish ozone haze around it. Suddenly, there was a flash of blue light and the ship completely disappeared. It reappeared four hours later, but terrible things had happened to the crew. Additionally, the equipment on board the ship had been intentionally destroyed.

Nevertheless, the Navy tried one more invisibility experiment in late October of 1943–this one without a crew. The ship became invisible, but when it reappeared they found the equipment had again been damaged. Project Rainbow was terminated and the government turned its attention to developing the hydrogen bomb. (Al Bielek – Complete Video Autobiography)

Who really won the war?

In 1947, President Truman put the government of the United States in the hands of a secret group that was above the law and the Constitution. He created the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. He signed “humans for hardware” agreements with extraterrestrials, allowing them to abduct and violate people’s human rights. He restricted knowledge of all things related to the extraterrestrials to a Masonic group known as The Majestic Twelve.

Invisibility research became part of a much broader program aimed at developing military applications for knowledge gained from extraterrestrials. It continued, culminating with a hole being ripped through space-time at Montauk Air Force Base in 1983.

U.S.S. Eldridge 1944

Creating a slave-race: Phoenix II

With Truman’s reorganization of military research in 1947, stealth research was sent to Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico. Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York was put in charge of human-factor research, which was a euphamism for mind-control. Another project at Brookhaven was the invention of weather-control devices called “radiosondes”: this was called Project Phoenix.

In the early 1950s, the military decided to send invisibility research back to Brookhaven and put it under the umbrella of the human-factor research. From that point on, all ET research was known as Project Phoenix, and Dr. John von Neumann was put in charge of the entire project.

In 1971, Project Phoenix was moved from Brookhaven to the abandoned Montauk AFB. One reason for this was to avoid governmental oversight; the other reason was to make use the SAGE radar there as as a transmitter of radio waves for mind-control experiments. Jack Pruett, an Air Force officer, was put in charge of the mind-control research, and he worked alongside Dr. von Neumann.

At Montauk, the government used adolescent boys abducted from local communities for its research. Using techniques developed by Wilhelm Reich, the boys would be brutally beaten, and then given a drug that produced sexual arousal. This induced a state of dissociation, and programs were implanted in the subconscious. Psychosexual mind-control, also known as trauma-based mind-control, was the basis for programs such as MK-ULTRA, Monarch, and Mannequin.

Al Bielek was in charge of the programming of the Montauk boys from 1975 to 1983. In 1979, he went to his superior officers in the Navy and demanded that the beatings stop and other methods be used. The Navy agreed, and from then on they tried to obtain the subjects’ consent and used technology to program them. Other programs, however, continued to torture children into the 1980s and beyond, as witnesses have attested.

Phoenix II was a huge success for the NSA. In 1997, Al Bielek estimated that the government had abducted and programmed ten million children.

This is a project to implant and program them for future use. The original program started in about 1975 and 1976. It’s ongoing to this day. They had to pick these kids at a vulnerable age, around puberty. This means that the candidates were selected. They are quite careful about selecting them. They have to fit a certain genetic pattern [Aryan]. They want these candidates to be between 12 and 16, sometimes as old as 17. Beyond that age, around the age of 17, the mindset starts to become fixed, and they can’t really be set up and trained the way they are wanted. The ideal ages seem to be from 13 to 15. They are programmed, conditioned, to be push-button controlled for remote programming already inserted into their subconscious through the implants and the conditioning of each individual.

The “Montauk boys” are now implanted by some very sophisticated techniques. They go through training first, processing, mind control, implants in the subconscious, command factors, personality changes and variants, preconditioning to do certain things upon command. The command will be supplied either by a final level of programming or, if the final level’s inserted, there are certain command functions which can be delivered by a radio transmission. You can transmit from an FM or AM radio transmitter (typically AM) a scalar energy announcement, which will be heard by the candidate via the scalar reception ability of the human brain.

There are 10 million plus in the U.S. alone, and they’re continuing to program. I didn’t know for what they were being programmed, but now I know. They are being set up to be assassins, riot makers, spies, sex slaves, whatever. (Al Bielek, 1997)

Time-travel technology: Phoenix III (1979-1983)

The Delta-T transmitter was simply an antenna that could translate time waves into a receivable format, a type of time wave receptor. This Delta-T transmitter was originally designed and built by a man the name of Nicola Turbo, which we now know today is really Nicola Tesla. Tesla knew about the technology of the Delta Time Factor, which was crucial if you wanted to return safely from any alternate reality back to this one. These Delta-T antenna were placed below ground level. This time manipulation was designed by Tesla in the 1930’s. (Montauk Project Exposed)

As I mentioned above, the goal of the research being done at Montauk was to apply technical knowledge gained from extraterrestrials to military uses.

Preston Nichols was an assistant director of the Phoenix Project. One of the projects he worked on during the 1970s was reverse-engineering space ships. As he explains in his book, Encounter in the Pleiades (1996), space ships are operated by an interface between the ship and the mind of the navigators. They also have a separate reality inside of the ship, which allows them to perform sudden accelerations, stops and turns, and to travel faster than the speed of light, without affecting the crew. These things were being studied by the best scientists in the country at Montauk, Los Alamos and private aerospace companies. However, though science was extremely advanced for the time, it was primitive in comparison with the ET technology.

Officially, the time-travel project, Phoenix III, was begun in around 1979. This was at a time when the Illuminati were preparing to install George H.W. Bush in the White House and Margaret Thatcher as prime minister of the UK. The National Security Agency took control of the research.

In 1983, on August 1, the NSA gave the very unusual order that the power at Montauk was to be kept on continuously until August 12.

In 1943, on August 1, Admiral Ernest J. King, Chief of Naval Operations, ordered the Philadelphia Experiment to be conducted by August 12.

Duncan and Edward Cameron were Navy officers and PhD physicists who were on board the USS Eldridge in Philadelphia Harbor on August 12. When the ship went into hyperspace, they jumped ship, but instead of landing in the water they arrived at Montauk, Long Island, in the year 1983. They were taken to Dr. John von Neumann, who was forty years older. He told them that he had been waiting for them.

The next thing we knew there was a helicopter beaming a searchlight into our faces. We did not know what a helicopter was; they were still in the experimental phases in 1943. Military police ran out, grabbed us, and took us to a building. We went down several floors in an elevator, underground. An elderly civilian walked toward us and said, “Gentlemen. I’ve been waiting for you. I’m Dr. Von Neumann.”

We didn’t believe him. We told him that he couldn’t be John Von Neumann because he is a much younger man and we left him about an hour ago. He said, “Oh, yes. I am. Unfortunately, you are no longer in 1943. This is 1983. I am 40 years older. Welcome to Montauk.

The ability to transport people and objects to the past and future gave the NSA the power to alter the present by changing the past. It lost no time in transferring highly advanced technologies from 1983 to 1943. These technologies were probably passed on to Germany, because the Illuminati supported the Nazi Party. (Germany created its own time machine in 1945.) The NSA also sent the Cameron brothers to other places and times to retrieve technologies they wanted.

As I mentioned previsously, Preston Nichols was an assistant director of Project Phoenix. He has said that the abandoned Air Force base at Montauk wasn’t used for research until 1971. However, Peter Moon reports that residents of Long Island during WWII often saw German U-boats off of the coast, and it was clear to them that there was an underwater entrance to the base. This doesn’t mean that Nichols was wrong. After 1983, the Illuminati increased their power as much as they could without changing the outward appearance of society. The presence of German U-boats in Long Island during WWII was probably one of hundreds of covert post-hoc events. We are only now beginning to appreciate the cunning of the Cabal, which silently encircled humanity with its coils.

The NSA attempts to bring in the New World Order

In February 1933, Roosevelt escaped an assassination attempt by Giuseppe Zangara, who expressed a “hate for all rulers.” As he was attempting to shoot Roosevelt, Zangara was struck by a woman with her purse. The bullet killed the mayor of Chicago, who was sitting next to the president.

A man involved with Montauk, who called himself Larry James, discussed the way in which the NSA experimented with historical changes:

According to Larry, the Montauk time travel equipment was generally operational in the early 1980s. Their group performed several time-travel experiments. Apparently, they were able to alter the outcome of the American Civil War, try out different scenarios with World War II, and go all the way back to the Roman Empire to test different outcomes.

After they experimented with the past, they would evaluate if their current state was better or worse. If better, they let the revised scenario exist; if worse, they changed the scenario back.

While performing these experiments, they quickly learned about the dangers associated with these experiments. If too many trips to the past occurred causing too much change, that time-line had the potential to fracture and “blink” out of existence. (

In a recent interview with Michael Salla, Stewart Swerdlow explained how the Cabal planned to use the Hadron collider in Geneva to achieve their final goal of enslaving the human race:

CERN is an interdimensional portal. We learned at Montauk that there are infinite realities. Every possibility that you can think of exists. And how did we learn this? Because they had attempted to send people back in time to change history. And they found out that you can’t change history. Whatever is in this timeline, in the so-called past, must remain. If you alter an event, then it becomes another timeline—parallel to this, but not the same as this.

And so, they realized that in every possibility of existence, you could find something. So, for example, the Hadron collider in CERN: they know that there are realities where the Nazis maintained control. There are realities where Atlantis never was destroyed. There are realities where humans never existed, and so on, and so on. So what Hadron colliders do is identify alternate realities that enhance and improve the position of the deep state. And what they are attempting to do is collapse those realities into this one. Blend, merge the reality where they have maintained their power. That’s the idea of the Hadron collider. And that’s why it’s been sabotaged several times by certain groups who are against that agenda. (1 hr. 9 minutes

The Heroes Strike Back

Most people will never know how close the human race came to being turned into a race of slaves. If you think this is an exaggeration, read the words of another whistleblower, geologist Phil Schneider, in 1995:

They’re building two prison camps every seven months. They’re building two underground military bases every year. Each one of these military bases . . . they cost somewhere between 17 and 26 billion dollars. And these kind of huge . . . sums of monies are garnered through CIA drug activity. It’s just subverting our country. If you were going to round people up, what better prison camp than one underground? So once again, these underground bases are most likely being planned as underground prison camps and slave labor factories for the New World Order. The New World Order is taking – and the United Nations is taking – its orders from, believe it or not, these more powerful outer space alien entities. We might call them the large Greys or the small Greys. Sinister forces, indeed.

There are 11 civilizations of aliens visiting this planet all the time, all of which are known by the U.S. military, nine of which are . . . pretty bad news. The New World Order right now, basically, is dismantling countries. They’re taking their orders directly from the aliens, who’ve got their own timetable. They want the One World Order because they want the planet for themselves. – DUMBS Warfare, the Great Awakening, and Planetary Liberation

Four men at the center of the Montauk Project took it upon themselves to fight the New World Order. These heroes are Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow. They struggled to unblock their memories as they investigated the base and the Philadelphia Experiment, and beginning in 1986, they bravely came forward to warn the world. But in 1983, when they were still under mind-control, Preston and Duncan conspired (probably with the agreement of Jack Pruett) to shut Montauk down.

In 1983, Duncan Cameron sat in the Montauk chair and, prompted by Preston, thought of a large black beast rampaging through Camp Hero. A beast appeared, it rampaged through the base, and Jack Pruett and Preston Nichols set about cutting cables to shut down power to the equipment. The military immediately abandoned the base, and both the Air Force and the Navy denied any involvement. This allowed an intrepid Preston to go there later on, in 1984, and salvage documents and machinery. (See Preston and Duncan shut down Montauk)

The Montauk Heroes

Al Bielek – (born Edward Cameron on Aug. 4, 1916; died Alfred Bielek in 2011, at 84) Physicist and mind-control program manager at Montauk.

Born in Bay Shore, Long Island, Edward Cameron was a natural son of Illuminati Alexander Duncan Cameron, Sr. and a wealthy young German woman, who returned to Germany when WWII started. Cameron Sr. was born in 1891 and was in the U.S. Navy.

A gifted student, Edward studied physics at Princeton, where he met Dr. John von Neumann. He earned a PhD in physics at Harvard in 1939. His father made arrangements for him to join the Navy in Sept. 1939. He was given an officer’s commission and assigned to the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton.

Edward and Duncan jumped overboard from the USS Eldridge on Aug. 12, 1943, and ended up at Montauk on Aug. 12, 1983. The NSA then used the brothers to radically alter the past.

In 1947, Edward’s memories were all blocked and his body was regressed to the age of six months. He was placed with the Bielek family in New York in 1927.

In 1956 the military abducted Al Bielek the first time and transported him to Montauk in 1976, where he lived and worked for extended periods. In the late 1980s Al became a whistleblower, and he continued to warn the world about the Cabal until his death in 2011. also (2000)

Stewart Swerdlow –  Abducted for a genetic experiment which killed 99 percent of subjects, Stewart survived and became a programmer of the Montauk boys who was himself mind-controlled. Stewart has written several books, the most famous of which is Blue Blood, True Blood.  (

Preston Nichols (d. 2018) – Electronics engineer specialized in radio receivers and jamming radar signals.

Preston worked at Eaton AIL from 1971 to 1990. In around 1973 he became the assistant project director at Montauk, but his consciousness was compartmentalized, so like Al Bielek, he wasn’t aware that he was leading a double-life. In the 1980s Preston became suspicious and started investigating Montauk, and in 1986 he started speaking publicly about Project Phoenix.

Duncan Cameron, Jr. (originally born in 1917, then in 1951 to the same father; died in 2019 at the age of 68) – A natural son of Alexander Duncan Cameron, Sr., Duncan was the half-brother of Edward Cameron. They were both raised by their father’s sister on Long Island. Duncan was educated at the University of Edinburgh, where he received a PhD in physics. 

In 1939 the Cameron brothers enlisted in the Navy and were made commissioned officers because of their education. They were assigned to work at the Institute for Advanced Research on Project Rainbow. On the day of the Philadelphia Experiment, they were running the equipment on the Eldridge. When the equipment began to behave abnormally and they found they couldn’t shut it down, they jumped ship. Instead of landing in the water they found themselves at the Montauk Force Station in the year 1983. After this, the NSA used Duncan to perform missions involving time- and space-travel.

At one point, Duncan accidentally lost his time-lock and started ageing at the rate of one year per hour. They imprisoned his consciousness in an energy field and sent word to his father in the 1940s to have another son. His father got remarried, had a daughter, and then had a son in 1951. When the child was 12, in 1963, they transferred Duncan’s consciousness to his body.

Duncan II went to college, joined the Air Force, and was in the U.S. war against Vietnam. After being injured, he left the Air Force and ended up in the Montauk Project some time after 1971.

Duncan II was the primary psychic used in the “Montauk chair” for research into mind-control, the manipulation of matter, and time-travel. In 1983, together with Preston, he materialized the beast that shut down all five bases (see Junior, below). (

In November of 1984, Duncan Cameron came to Preston’s house and volunteered for psychic research he was doing. Preston helped Duncan to unblock his memories, and they soon discovered that Duncan had been programmed to kill Preston and destroy all of his research.


Age regression

“Age-regression techniques have been traced back to Tesla. When he was working on the original Philadelphia Experiment, he developed a device to help sailors in the event that they lost their time-locks. The purpose of this device was to re-establish an individual with his normal time-locks in the event he had been disoriented from time-travel.” (See Tesla wrist-bands)

“The government (or someone) allegedly used this Tesla device and developed it for physical time regression. Tesla said that if the time-locks of an individual are moved ahead in time, one could actually remove age. If one’s time-locks were pushed back 20 years, the body would be referenced to those locks.”

The body would rapidly age, which is what happened to Duncan.

Edward Cameron was age-regressed to a nine-month-old baby and placed with the Bielek family. Alfred Bielek grew up with his own identity and education, and became an engineer, again working for the Navy.

Beginning in 1956, the government started to abduct Al and send him 20 years in the future—to 1976—to work at Montauk for extended periods of time. He would then be returned to the moment of his abduction with his memory blocked.  It wasn’t until 1985 that Al began to recover memories from his earlier identity as Edward Cameron. (See Al Bielek interview)


KB: Something I’ve never understood is that, since the government had access to time travel and all the information there, why did Montauk get closed down? It seems like it could have been foreseen and stopped.

Bielek: The reason it was shut down in 1983 was because Duncan and others wanted it to be shut down. They had to wait until after I, as Edward Cameron, and Duncan (the original Duncan) came to Montauk, spent our 12 hours there, and then were shipped back to the Eldridge. They had to wait until that sequence was over, or they would interrupt a part of the time history in this sequence and alter history drastically. So, they allowed that to happen. It was after we had returned to the Eldridge when Duncan #2 was given the cue by Preston, sitting in the chair in a semi-transit time. Of course, he conjured up from his subconscious this monster, which went into the machine, became clothed in physical reality by the station equipment, and which started tearing things up. (An Interview with Al Bielek –

Nichols, Preston (1992). The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. New York: Sky Books. (ISBN 0-9631889-0-9) (download)

Nichols, Preston (1996). Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look At UFOs. Westbury, New York: Sky Books. (ISBN 0-9631889-3-3))

Moon, Peter (1997). The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection. Westbury, New York: Sky Books.

Brad Steiger with Alfred Bielek and Sherry Hanson Steiger (1990). The Philadelphia Experiment & Other UFO Conspiracies. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Inner Light Publications.

Casbolt, James (2008). James Casbolt MI6: Buried Alive.

CHANNEL3X on YouTube has great videos about Montauk, the Philadelphia Experiment and the Phoenix Project.

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