Penny Bradley Explains the Montauk Timeline Project

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(1:08:30) Penny Bradley:  I mentioned in my biography that I gave you that I did time at Montauk. That’s what Montauk was about, was changing the future and the past. It was a time-travel project, where we were sent to change things in order to give the CIA more power, and to make sure that they maintained that power.

There’s a group of us who are survivors from different times of it. We’ve gotten together. We did a roundtable last year at the end of May. (

AJ Roberts:  How does the time-travel occur?

Penny Bradley:  It’s a black-hole portal that goes through time, and you sit in a chair. The chair originally came out of a space ship, and it operates by the user’s consciousness—by his psychic abilities. So, if you’re sitting in the chair and you function interdimensionally, you will travel physically with the chair. If you are more of a reader, a remote-viewer, you will travel and posess the body of someone that’s there. So, it depends on what your abilities are. I’ve interviewed Joseph Powell: he’s one that would possess the body of someone that’s already there. I went physically. Arkheim Ra talked about going, but he didn’t make a distinction whether he went physically or through consciousness.

(1:12:00) When I was at Montauk, we were working on the butterfly effect: it’s a time-travel theory in physics. And we proved that there are key individuals who, if you mess with them, you do affect history, but that [interfereing with] most people—most everything—[will not create a new timeline].

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