Ascension Update: Only Ten Percent Have Reached the Threshold

The Fifth Era of Man

(1:30:00) DANIEL:  I believe you have it on good authority that this is the Fifth Era of Man, which is consistent with another notable SSP account.  And do you know how and why the previous have been reset?

APOLLYMI:  Again, that has to do with the star-seed project.  And it resets every couple thousand years.

DANIEL:  That’s it?  That little?


DANIEL:  Because isn’t it like the 12,000 years that we hear about, the cataclysmic cycle?

APOLLYMI:  Uh-huh, yeah.  It’s that little because a new species can end up devastating the ecosystem and the planet, and it takes a lot of money and a lot of time to reset.  So, also, it’s basically like—  And it’s not just this planet: it’s every seed planet.  So, whatever their rotation cycle is, it’s set in that timeline.  But it’s enough time for the species to evolve, and animals and plants to evolve, without too much detriment—unless the rules are broken and certain entities give people technology they’re not supposed to have.  So, naturally evolving on their own, or whatever the theme of the experiment is—

DANIEL:  What about— without necessarily going into detail, do you know who put the frequency cap over Earth that removes our abilities?

APOLLYMI: I’m assuming you’re talking about the veil. The veil is what puts a limit on the quanta or prana or chi energy on this planet. The matrix is what makes the illusion of only humans being here, and a few other things. But the veil was put up because it’s part of the experiment. It’s part of going through the ascension process with almost no abilities. Because when you start accessing your abilities, you start accessing your DNA (and) you start accessing your memories, and they didn’t want that. This was supposed to be a blind experiment with no contact from the ET parents, (and) only having teachings down here of the apocalypse and the ascension. Because the ascension happens first, and then the apocalypse happens—the wipe, as we call it, the reset. [It was] to see how the species would interact and to see if they could evolve [and] ascend on their own with just teachings. Honestly, I think it’s the most stupid experiment ever. I’ve had my (meetings) about it with a lot of the councils that set up this experiment. I and few other people were invited to sit down with those councils and have and talk with them, and be like, “Okay, what worked? What didn’t work? What are your thoughts on this?” Because I work for the star-seed council as well. And I was like, “You guys are a bunch of idiots.”

(2:34:40)  DANIEL:  And is the veil also responsible for us not remembering our past lives?

APOLLYMI:  Yes, that is also a huge one.  There are several other star-seed planets that can have that up, because it is part of the ascension process, because you cannot ascend sometimes if you already know what your past is.  And it gives you a new slate to, basically, experience a life and go through everything.  Of course, you’re supposed to be ascending at the same time: you’re not supposed to be stuck not knowing anything.  But it allows you to have a life without being influenced from your past lives.

DANIEL:  So, there’s a clear rationale to it.

APOLLYMI:  Yes, yeah.  So, it will allow you to build character before you start remembering everything.  There are certain gifted people down here who have quite a bit of their memory of maybe one or two or three of their past lives, maybe (insights) here and there, or definite memories that have scarred their soul in a good way or bad, that make their morals the way that they are.

DANIEL:  Right, right.  But it’s put in place for a reason, (yet) you seem to (complain) about it.

APOLLYMI:  Right.  And you’re supposed to go through the ascension process, which allows you to activate your DNA.  Your DNA holds all the memory of your ancestors, including yourself, so when your soul starts to resonate with it, you’ll start to get more past lives.  Not everyone gets past lives, especially if your higher self doesn’t want you to have those past lives just yet.  It isn’t a good or a bad thing: it just means that it’s not time yet.

The most messed-up experiment ever

(2:36:40)  DANIEL:  Right.  And let’s go to the final question, which is, you at one point said that this was the most messed-up of all the star-seed planets.  What makes it that way, and what happens if we don’t get it together?

APOLLYMI:  There are worse planets than this when it comes to environment, when it comes to slavery or abuse, that sort of thing.  What is really messed-up about this planet is the experiment itself.  Not only do you (have amnesia), but the veil is put up, which is incredibly high.  Most seed planets do not have a veil; they do not have a power cap.  And this just means that ascension is extremely hard.  Because, when you’re born on another planet and you have to go through your ascension process, you’re still going to have your empathy; you’re still going to have telepathy, perhaps, if the DNA allows it.  You’re still going to have abilities.  (Having) abilities does not equal ascension.  It’s a (by-)product that happens; sometimes you get better at it.  But ascension is the evolution of consciousness: it becomes more mature; it becomes more understanding of the full universe spectrum around you.  It’s like growing up.  But you can have your abilities from birth.  The veil caps that; it makes it so that we don’t have that, or it’s incredibly hard to manifest here.  Between that and the (amnesia), and just the complete chaos of the experiment—not having your celestial parents here, not having someone to teach you the points of ascension—is completely messed up.  This is the worst place that I’ve ever been to for a seed planet.  And normally, I get set down on the seed planets for four years before judgment is passed, before the time of the wipe.

So, what’s going to happen if things don’t get better: the wipe’s going to happen regardless of whether people ascended or not.  You haven’t hit dysphoria, which is one hundred percent ascension of everyone on the planet.  Not the planet itself–the planet has its own process to go through; the planet is not entirely included on this.  It’s the things living on it.  We barely reached the ten-percent mark; so, everyone is on personal judgment right now.  It’s no longer a group effort, unfortunately.

So, what’s going to happen?  The wipe is going to happen, regardless.  The wipe always happens unless dysphoria hits.  But that doesn’t mean that you should lose hope.  Because, again, you’re going to be taken off of this planet, if your physical body manages to survive it, and then you’re going to be judged.  They’re going to see how much ascension you had, where your evolution is, and then place you on a hub planet that was mentioned earlier, (based on your level).  And then you’ll be re-integrated into galactic society and able to live your life there, or go out and explore as well.

DANIEL:  So, it’s still up in the air whether (there will be) a happy outcome; it’s up to the individual, as you said before, right?

APOLLYMI:  Right, but they’re going to do a wipe on this planet regardless, because this planet is very damaged.  It is so damaged, they’re going to end up doing the wipe and healing the planet.

DANIEL:  What window of time?

APOLLYMI:  Between 2025 to 1,000 years from now is your time-frame.  The first judgment has already happened.  The second judgment will happen 1,000 years after 2025.  And then, after that, it could take all the way up to another 1,000 years before the wipe happens.

JOHN:  So, when they do this, all our souls will just go to other seed planets, or what?

APOLLYMI:  No, it will be your physical body.  Therefore, many of us may not even exist by the time the actual judgment and wipe happens.

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