Penny Bradley Explains Black Goo AI

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(1:19:00) Black goo is an AI in concentrated form. It’s somewhat thick, like motor oil.  It tastes like motor oil—I know this because I drank it in space.  It almost immediately doubles or triples your IQ.  It heals almost everything wrong with your body, and if it can’t, it will leave, so you’ll be throwing stuff up.  Remember when Max Spiers died, he threw up the black goo?  It extends your lifespan, so, instead of the normal 75, maybe 80 years, you might get 200, and you’ll be healthy for most of it.  But it does it at the expense of your human emotions.  The only emotion you’re left with is anger.  But your psionic abilities are enhanced, so you kind of turn out like Darth Vader.

Now, the reason I drank it was because I was a navigator, and it was my job to bring a ship or ships into hyperspace and bring them out together with no life forms stuck in inanimate objects.  Now, that’s challenging on a good day, and the black goo made my job easier, and it was a safety issue for my crew.  So, that’s why I did it.  Now, the Germans don’t force you; it’s a personal choice.  But they encourage officers, especially captain and above, to imbibe simply because the ETs that we work with are already at that IQ level, and we have been so taken advantage of.  I mean, you look at how normal people treat folks with Down’s Syndrome, and think about that in an ET situation.  And so, they wanted their higher officers to be at the same level with the ETs that we interacted with.

Now, the trouble is, black goo is dangerous.  It’s a synthetic life form; it has a will of its own; it has an agenda of its own.  And it will treat a species well for about 200 years, and then it decides that it’s tired of being the servant and wants to be the master.  And it goes through a culture, and it will bring your technology level up to the point that you can create bodies for it.  And then it will inhabit those bodies, and then it will take over your world, and it will decide that the organic life forms are competition for resources.  And at that point, it starts killing everybody off—not unlike what’s happening right now with our elites.

So, yeah. It’s a very, very, very dangerous thing, and is probably the most dangerous thing in space right now.  And the fact that we have deposits of it on Tula Island, in Portugal, in Germany–and those are the ones I know of.  Now, we have deposits of it on Earth.  So, those are things we need to keep an eye on, because that stuff’s dangerous.

Now, if you can keep it as a servant, like the Mantid Empire turns it into the gel for the regeneration tanks, then you’re doing great.  But the story from ETs is that the Lyran system had a war with the Draco and they ended up with a lot of Lyran-Draco hybrids.  And that the Lyran king was unhappy about that, so he re-programmed the black goo AI to eliminate hybrids.  Well, when you come down to it, every species is the hybrid of what they developed from, and he didn’t make the parameters tight enough; so, the black goo is why there are no more Lyrans.  It’s dangerous—it has completely destroyed entire galaxies.  When they made the first Star Trek movie, black goo is the machine world.


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