Project Mannequin: James Casbolt speaks out

James Casbolt MI6: Agent Buried Alive

The objective of government mind-control research is enslavement

James Casbolt was born in 1976, and his autobiographical manuscript about Project Mannequin, James Casbolt MI6: Agent Buried Alive, was released in 2008.  In 2015, Casbolt was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attempted blackmail and threats against his ex-wife, American supermarket heiress Haley Meijer.

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James Casbolt is a former MI6 agent who worked in ‘black ops’ drug trafficking operations in London between 1995 and 1999.  He comes from a family of intelligence officers: his grandfather was in naval intelligence, his father was in MI6 and involved in black ops, and his uncle was an MI5 officer.

James wrote this book because he wishes to make amends for his part in these operations and blow the whistle on the crimes against humanity that the intelligence agencies are involved in.  MI6 and the CIA have cornered the global drug trade (which is worth at least £500 billion a year–more than the global oil trade) and are now bringing the majority of street drugs into America and Britain.

They are using this drug money to fund projects classified “above top secret,” which include the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases (DUMBS).  There are now over 4000 of these bases worldwide and some of them are four and a quarter miles deep.  The bases are on average the size of a medium-sized city, and yes, he says there are aliens in them.

James is connected to former intelligence officers who have worked in these underground bases and on other ET-related projects.  There are vast numbers of children and adults disappearing around the world and ending up in underground bases. – Forward to the manuscript


My name is James Michael Casbolt.  The following is my life and testimony. I was born in London in 1976.  I was chosen for an intelligence-agency mind-control and genetic-enhancement programme before my birth, and was born into the programme known as Project Mannequin.  This project is one of the most secret and classified projects in this country, and this is the first book ever written about it.

I was born into the project because of rare genetic attributes that I posses, which the handlers of the project are looking for and because of my family’s involvement in the intelligence community and the Illuminati.

The underground base at Lambourne is the “Area 51” of the U.K., with many exotic, anti-gravity aircraft stored there.  Project Mannequin involves the kidnapping of targeted civilians and also certain intelligence and military people.  Some of the intelligence and military personnel have volunteered for the project, but many have not.  Almost all of the civilian “guinea pigs” have not volunteered, and have been used against their will.  I was sold into the project.  Many of the civilians have also been used in the project from young children.  (Aliens genetically engineered James, and according to their viewpoint, they own him the same way you can own a genetically modified potato. – Editor)

The purpose is to create programmed “sleeper” agents using sophisticated electronic-hardware-based hypnosis.  These individuals are programmed by the NSA to carry out future tasks set by the NSA, and become hit-men as adults.  Sleepers are people who carry out a huge variety of pre-programmed tasks with sometimes little awareness of the medical procedures [done on them] in Project Mannequin because of advanced memory erasure techniques.

A large part of the project focuses on creating espionage agents and assassins who have undergone genetic enhancements, which will be discussed in greater detail in this book.

Project Mannequin is actually a type of “school” I grew up in.  I have been trained since the age of five at the AL/499 and other military bases around the U.K. I carried out my first covert assassination for the intelligence community when I was sixteen years old in Brighton.  This may sound unbelievable to many people, but a vast amount of evidence will be presented in this book.  Most people do not know what the intelligence community actually is.  Forget about James Bond movies: much of the secret service apparatus in the U.K and U.S is an occult, pedophile network run by corrupt factions of the “Illuminated” degrees of Freemasonry (33rd degree and above).

Project Mannequin is a mind-control and genetic-manipulation program run by the National Security Agency (NSA).  Although the NSA is officially the United States government, they run many covert black projects in many countries around the world.  The NSA is fast becoming the world’s most powerful secret service and is currently taking over much of the global intelligence apparatus.

Project Mannequin was started in 1972 and is still being run from a 6-level underground facility beneath the small town of Peasemore in Berkshire, a few miles from where I grew up.  This underground base is so secret that the local residents of Peasmore are not even aware it exists.  This NSA facility, known in intelligence circles as the AL/499 base, is located 200 feet below the village.

Intelligence-run mind control operations are usually a multi-generational thing, with each generation more easily programmed, as the genetic memory of the horrific medical procedures become more ingrained into the family’s genetic makeup.  In the 1950’s, a genetic bloodline study was started by the NSA based at Harwell Laboratories to find suitable candidates, especially children, to be used in Project Mannequin.  From this study, the project was started in 1972; however, my family may have been targeted for mind control before the 1950’s.

The NSA is very interested in creating genetically enhanced assassins and espionage agents who have certain inborn genetic traits such as PSI/psychic ability.  These genetic enhancement methods are a continuation of the work of Nazi geneticists and mind-control doctors during the Second World War.  As many people know, the Nazis were heavily into the occult, and Hitler was trying to create his Uberman, which is German for superman.  This is a genetically-enhanced soldier with heightened senses, intelligence, strength, and paranormal abilities such as telepathy.  All of this will be covered in detail in chapter two.

The NSA is looking for people of certain bloodlines, and these people are mainly of Celtic/blueblood (aristocratic) genetics. Individuals with these genetics have a predisposition to paranormal/PSI ability, as these cultures have practiced psychic abilities for generations in ancient rituals that have their modern expression in Freemasonry; therefore, it is in the genetic memory of people of these bloodlines, even if they have not practiced psychic ability themselves.

There are generations of high-level Masonry in my family.  Individuals of Celtic blueblood lines have RH-negative blood. This is a rare blood type and makes up about 5% of the population.  RH-negative means oxygen is processed in the blood differently from RH-positive blood.  The amount of oxygen processed by the body makes all the difference in unusual abilities.  This is evident in arts like tai chi and yoga.  (Another view is that RH-negative blood allows for ET genes to be spliced into human DNA. – Editor)

There are also deeper issues, which connect to the so-called ancient “Nephilim” of the Bible.

My father’s mother was a French aristocrat named Vera Tilard.  There were generations of high-level Freemasonry in the De Tilard family.  The family line moved from Scotland into this country.  The Tilards have a coat-of-arms that is handed down through the generations to the eldest son.

Because of all this, my involvement with the global intelligence apparatus has been extensive.  As I began to untangle myself from the project, I was directly helped by renegade factions in British Intelligence and the NSA, who want to see Mannequin shut down. I was given an UMBRA-1 (one level above top secret) security clearance by this NSA faction and de-briefed on deeper aspects of the program and things that changed me for life.

Because of what I was told and shown, I will never be the same again.  Most of this will be detailed in this book, and various official documents that have my name and number will also be included.  There are both positive and negative factions in the NSA and British Intelligence involved in an internal war with each other.  In fact, the whole global intelligence community has descended into chaos, with much infighting going on between rival factions, often in the same organizations.

I was also given some technology that was created by the NSA in the 1960s, which opens up neural pathways in the brain to recover memories that have been suppressed in the mind-control projects.  Among other things, I have been provided with highly classified documentation that teaches you how to control your own brain waves and master and take control of yourself instead of the project controlling you.

Brain-wave control is a large part of Project Mannequin, and people breaking free of it need to be able to control their own brain waves.  These self-mastery methods I have taught are similar to very advanced meditation, but using machines and advanced physics created by PhD biophysicists.

I am now thirty-one years old, and around this age, the neural pathways in the brain that hold back memories of mind control procedures often begin to open up, and the victim begins to remember in detail what happened to him or her in the facilities where the procedures occurred.  Often, a sleeper is killed before his 30th birthday because of this.  This is known in intelligence circles as “being thrown from the Freedom train.”  Freedom train is their code-name for the vast numbers of civilian victims who are being used in the many mind-control projects in this country and abroad.

Specific “programs” that hold instructions for tasks, and even enhanced abilities, are installed into Project Mannequin victims’ memories.  In the project, you are taught things like how to access PSI ability and how to “tag” a room, a person, a vehicle etc., advanced combat, crowd control, psychological warfare, torture and interrogation techniques, etc.

This information is stored in compartments in my mind that only the handlers of the project had access to and could bring forth using hypnotic triggers.  That was until my memories started to come back in detail in 2006, and the amnesic barriers around these compartments began to break down.  With the right help and my de-programming efforts, I am slowly accessing more and more of this information.

At least five Mannequin programs and a whole bunch of related sub-projects have been uncovered in me.  These have been installed into me and are classified under Greek letters, which are also the name of specific brain waves—tor example, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Omega.  The Theta program is a PSI/telepathy program that enables me to physically see Scalar-based radio sound waves.  I can also manipulate these sound waves with my mind.  The most important technology the intelligence community uses is scalar/radio-sound-based.  You can therefore imagine how important this ability would be to an individual involved in espionage.

The brain has the ability to receive, give off, and manipulate radio waves.  If you hold a glass or a shell to your ear, the static-like hissing sound (like the sound of rushing air) is the glass or shell acting as a container and “capturing” the radio sound waves that the brain is giving off.  The brain has a telepathic receiver and transmitter that uses sound waves.  In fact, thoughts are simply scalar sound waves that most people cannot see but are very real.  Hence, Tele-pathy, Tele-visions, and Tele-phones.  (See Preston Nichols, Montauk Project: Experiments in Time)

I have photos that will be shown in this book of me manipulating scalar/radio waves.  It is possible to catch them on digital camera.  Imagine my surprise last year when the parts of my brain that hold PSI ability from the project started to integrate with my everyday personality.  I was seeing waves of light coming off people’s heads, off of antennas on people’s houses and cars, and off of mobile phone masts. I thought I was going crazy until one of my friends explained what they were and showed me how you can take pictures of these radio waves.  It’s a strange thing to describe.  Sound waves look like someone has dropped a pebble into a pond, and ripples are coming out in circles and waves.

From my understanding, sound is the secret of life, and PhD scientists who work for the NSA know this well.  That is why advanced physics is kept so secret and out of the public domain.

There has recently been a film released called “The Secret,” which claims that a person can create the reality around him using his thoughts.  When I saw the film, I immediately noticed this was just watered-down physics the NSA had taught me in the past.  I have done things in the past year like getting my information out to millions of people through radio shows, magazines, and the internet using the methods I was taught by this positive cell in the NSA.  They call this MPO (Manifest Production Observership) and LERM (Light-Encoded Reality Matrix).


James Casbolt, Agent Buried Alive

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