Operation Warp Speed


50:00  There was a report, and I can’t verify the report, but it is so plausible it’s worth repeating.  When the Soviet Union collapsed back in 1989, apparently 100 nuclear devices disappeared.  And they were stolen and secreted away around the planet.  It is alleged that Trump was told when he was elected, “If you take out Biden when he wins, we will detonate these nuclear devices one by one around the planet.”  Now, add to the devices bioweapons labs.  Add to that stamples [phonetic] that can be used to cause massive destruction in major metropolitan centers.

And so, to continue the military analogy, when you are in a minefield, you are surrounded by mines, and we are.  Progress is slow because the poor schmucks up front with their bayonets are prodding the ground at an angle to feel the mine so they can mark it and we walk around it.  It takes time.  This is being done as quickly as possible.  Their objective is to save as many lives as possible.  Because we can win, and lose tens of millions of people, and that’s not what we want. – Riccardo Bosi, national leader of Australia One Party.

Many people were disappointed by President Trump’s decision to not only develop a so-called vaccine, but to continue to tell people to get it even after he left office.  I personally knew two people who died from the the shots in 2021, so I understand.  On the other hand, nobody on Earth has more information than the president.

Q posts were a very important part of a disclosure known as The Great Awakening.  The posts made it clear that Q had the ability to visualize the timelines which would develop as a result of different actions.  Since the president had access to Q, he had the capability to know if bringing out a so-called vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 in 2020—Operation Warp Speed—would save lives.  Not only that, he would know how many lives it would save–possibly down to the double-digits.

The president claimed in his 2021 rallies that the early production of a vaccine saved 100 million lives.  People assumed he meant that the vaccine prevented 100 million deaths from SARS-CoV-2.  However, there never was a SARS-CoV-2, so this wasn’t what he meant.  Others suspected that the vials distributed by the U.S. military contained a placebo; maybe he meant that the placebo prevented 100 million vaccine deaths.  I don’t think that this was what he meant, either.

Assuming that the Cabal informed the president that they would set off nuclear bombs if he tried to remain in office in 2021, he knew early on that he was going to have to concede.  At that point the question was, which courses of action would defeat the New World Order with the fewest deaths?

I think it’s pretty clear that Q showed the Trump team the outcomes of a number of strategies, one of which included the early rollout of a so-called vaccine.  The Cabal was going to magically produce an injection as soon as Trump was out of office, so the question was whether there was something to be gained by producing it first.  Moreover, the so-called vaccine couldn’t be considered in isolation from all other actions; rather, it would have to be part of an integrated global strategy.

We all saw that the announcement of a vaccine gave political leaders, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a plausible reason to end the closures of schools and businesses and other martial-law measures.  Even without Q, anyone could see that once businesses and schools re-opened and people realized they had a choice about wearing masks and getting injected—even if they had to move to another state—there would be more resistance.

In 2020, the Cabal was building 5-G towers everywhere, which were intended to interact with ingredients in the injections to track and control people in specific ways.  They were also planning on crashing the economy to bring in a global digital currency.  As a part of this, everyone in the world was supposed to have a digital ID linked to his bank account and social credit score, all of which would be stored in Switzerland.  The global digital ID had already been developed by 2017 (See this interview with Brian Isley).

By allowing a few states to open back up, Operation Warp Speed severely disrupted the ID regime, which not even the most brainwashed citizens liked.  All that was needed to prevent deep-state officials all over the country from imposing the digital ID was for a few to ban it in their states.  Once again, Florida, and also Texas, played an important psychological role in defeating this conspiracy.

Because Trump has played the role of the ingenuous billionaire for the DOJ since 1980 (see “The Sting,” below), people forget that nobody has access to more information than the president of the United States.  Moreover, with Q, President Trump had the ability to know the future outcomes of his decisions.

Mike Dakkak: “Brian Isley on the California Recalls and the Exposing of False Covid Data” (https://itnshow.com/2021/09/09/brian-isley-on-the-california-recalls-and-the-exposing-of-false-covid-data/)

Josiah Ross:  The Sting: Patriot Robert Trump went undercover for the FBI

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Megan Rose:  “Update from The Galactic Federation; Q Will Return” (https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/06/21/q-will-return-april-3-2022/)

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