Tony Rodrigues: Thirty years a slave

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In the spring of 1982, when he was nine years old, Tony Rodrigues was abducted by the Illuminati.  He was put into a what was euphemistically called a career return program, and treated as chattel for thirty years.

Rodrigues first taken to an airport in California near China Lake NWC, where between April 1992 and Jan. 1983, he and other children were subjected to an MK-ULTRA torture program called Monarch.  Josef Mengele was known to be at China Lake NWC at one time, and was last seen alive in 1987 (

“I thought you were all going to become Monarch sex slaves,” the doctor told us.  But our group did pass, and we would be used for a much higher purpose.  Apparently we were qualified for the theta class, which meant we were going into psychic service.  From that point forward, I was allowed to sleep, and that was the end of the movies and the torture.

After spending a few weeks on an island in Seattle, Washington, where he was made to participate in a Luciferian child sacrifice, the CIA flew Rodrigues to Peru to work for cocaine smugglers as a psychic.

One time I woke up when they were unloading the cargo at Santa Marta, Colombia.  I remember being at that airport several times.  It was always tense.  We were carrying two tons of cocaine and we were an unregistered aircraft.

By late 1985, when he was thirteen, Rodrigues had become extremely sick from the trance-inducing drugs the CIA was giving him.  A call was made to his owner and his contract was cancelled.  The CIA flew him back to the United States.  He was taken on the underground levitron train to the island in Seattle, where he was made to entertain pedophile elites at parties for nearly three years.

In 1988, when he was sixteen, Rodrigues was sent off-planet for a pilot program to create genetically enhanced slave soldiers.  This program involved the United States military, but the military was clearly serving the German breakaway civilization, a facist society for which crimes against humanity are customary practices.  From the casual way in which Rodrigues was transferred among the Illuminati, the CIA, the U.S. military and the Germans, it’s evident that by the 1980s, the German breakaway civilization controlled Earth.  This is one of the emblems used by their Nacht Waffen, or Dark Fleet:

Nacht Waffen emblem


In his autobiography, Rodrigues recounts his last days on Seattle’s pedophile island and the inhuman way he was taken off the planet:

Then they took me into the back of the van.  They had me lie down and gave me an injection.  That was my last memory of being a permanent resident on Earth during what I would come to learn is called a career return program.

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First in Aviation

Douglas Logo from 1940s

Douglas Aircraft Company and McDonnell Aircraft Corporation were officially merged on April 28, 1967 as the McDonnell Douglas Corporation (MDC).  Rodrigues states that the Douglas logo was embroidered on the seats of spacecraft that took him to the moon in the 1980s.  This means that there were space shuttles to the moon before 1967.

The Air Force flew Rodrigues to the moon for genetic enhancement, and from the moon he was sent to a forward operating base on Mars to combat native Martians.  Though the U.S. military ran the base, it was like a mercenary force for the German corporations that owned Aries Prime, a mostly-human colony.

The pilot program was cancelled after the other children on Rodrigues team were torn to pieces by Martian insectoids; he was the only survivor.  He was then sent to Aries Prime for vocational training.

In 1989, at the age of seventeen, Rodrigues was taken to another German settlement called Ceres Colony Corporation.  He served as a repairman on a Blitzbus ship from 1990-1997, and as a cargo engineer on a merchant ship from 1998-2001.  At one point the Germans loaned him to aliens for another ten years of labor, but they time-regressed him and didn’t count this against his twenty-year indentureship.

In 2001, after thirty years of slavery, Rodrigues was age-regressed and returned to his chldhood home in Michigan, on the same spring night in 1982 on which he had been taken.

Tony Rodrigues, the day after he was returned by the Illuminati


Rodrigues, Tony (2021).  Ceres Colony Cavalier:  A True Account of One Man’s Twenty-Year Abduction.

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