What is a grey alien?

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There are two bases that were the last of our concerns: the Dulce Base and Area 51.  As Commander Thor Han Eredyon previously reported, Orion greys were captured and we were able to identify their energy frequency, their genetic encoding that connected their consciousness.  I can confirm that this code was indeed hacked, and soon all communications systems on Terra will be secure.  There are no more extraterrestrial threats to Terra in that respect at this time.

The Alliance has the job of recovering the servers, changing the frequency of the servers, and replacing the satellite communications.  They have everything they need, they have the technology.  I would like to add that the Dulce base and Area 51 were the last to be cleared due to high-ranking grey residents from the Orion Group.  These beings carried a master frequency that we needed in order to hack their consciousness and the Internet systems of Terra.  – GFW Commander Val Nek, Oct. 24, 2021 (https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/07/05/dulce-and-area-51-cleared-october-2021/)

Greys are species of intelligent life with insectoid genetics.  They are characterized by large round heads, large upward-slanting black eyes with no pupil, slender bodies, and four digits.  There are many sub-species, or races, of greys, as well as races of humanoid greys and reptiloid greys.

Since the 1940s, predatory greys working in conjunction with the United States military, the CIA and the NSA, have carried out millions of abductions of humans.  Humans have been used extensively for experiments, organ and blood harvesting, exploitation as workers and sex slaves, and have even been turned into cyborgs.

The “Nebu” Orion Empire

Located in the M42 open cluster, the Orion Empire, or Nebu, is composed of six predatory races, which are both grey (insectoid) and reptiloid.

Maytrai (Maytrei)

Kiily-Tokurit (Killy Tokurt) (reptilian)


Grail (grey and reptilian)

Draco reptilians


The Goal: A grey-human slave-race

Constellation: Orion

Star system: Rigel

Distance from Earth: 860 light years

Race: Asbaan-Hu

Characteristics: The Asbaan-Hu are a slave-race of grey-human hybrids created by the Grail, who are themselves grey-reptiloid hybrids.  The creation of the Asbaan-Hu “was used as a template for the developing programs of human-grey hybridization on Earth” (Danaan p. 213).

Asbaan-hu, hybridized human slave race

Grail (Cosmic History)

Zeta Reticuli “Shamtbahali”

Constellation: Reticulum

Star system: Zeta Reticulum (binary)

Distance from Earth: 39 light years

Race: Zeta Reticulans (Shamtbahali)

Characteristics: Small stature.  Reticulans have a bonier face and larger eyes than the small greys known as the Solipsi Rai.  The genetic material of the Shamtbahali was preferred for hybridization with humans because it “represented the genetic best of [the] species.” (Danaan, p. 258)

“Shamtbahali” (Zeta Reticulum star system)

Alex Martin best

Alex Martin

Desiree Rogers

Desiree Rogers

Tall Greys, or Do-Hu

Constellation: Reticulum

Star system: Zeta Reticulum (binary)

Distance from Earth: 39 light years

Race: Do-Hu

Characteristics:  The Do-Hu are the so-called tall greys that met with The Majestic Twelve in the 1950s and promised technology in return for permission to abduct humans.  They are responsible for overseeing most of the abductions.

The Do-Hu were probably attempting to create a hybrid species on Earth, through which they could control the population, as well as claim property rights.  They worked with the covert agencies on genetic experiments, creating gray-human hybrids and mind-control technologies.

As of 2020 there were 2,000 Do-Hu on Earth and the moon working with the secret military programs.  They supervised a large army of Solipsi Rai and grey clones, who performed the physical labor. (p. 254)

source: Thomas Castello

Small Greys, or Solipsi Rai

Constellation: Cygnus

Star system: Aama

Distance from Earth: 1,400 light years

Race: Solipsi Rai

Characteristics: These small greys are the work force of the Draco Empire and the Orion Grey Collective.  They were involved with the Dulce base, and carried out abductions.  They have been extensively engineered and cloned. (p. 134)

Solipsi Rai (Cygnus)

Kiily-Tokurit (Killy Tokurt)

Constellation: Vela

Distance from Earth: 336 light years

Star system: Suhail (Gamma Velorum)

Race: Kiily Tokurit (Killy Tokurt)

Characteristics: 6 feet tall, 200-year life span.  Shapeshifters.  They look like tall greys, or tall whites, but their genetics are reptilian.  White skin and black eyes with no pupil.  The Kiily Tokurit were abducting humans for food and to be sold as sex slaves.  They also had a hybridization program which involved abducting women and implanting hybrid embryos, later removing the babies before they came to term.  These babies have black eyes.  (Danaan, p. 282)

Kiily Tokurt (Cosmic History)

“I would like to add that the Dulce base and Area 51 were the last to be cleared due to high-ranking grey residents from the Orion group.  These beings carried a master frequency that we needed in order to hack their consciousness and the internet systems of Terra.  Area 51, for a long time, has been used as a base by the Killy Tokurt specifically, and officials of the corrupt Terran government.  I can report that a small number of them were also captured for a similar purpose.  The Killy Tokurt have connections to the Terran government.  The Killy Tokurt, for a very long time, have offered certain services to Terran governments, which I will not disclose, but is part of the extraterrestrial infiltration.  I can report that this information is recovered and we are working diligently alongside the Alliance.” – GFW Commander Val Nek, October 24, 2021 (https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/07/05/dulce-and-area-51-cleared-october-2021/)



Constellation: Orion

Distance from Earth: 700 light years

Star System: Betelgeuse, Alpha Orionis

Race: Ebani

Characteristics: Reptiloid-grey, between 2 and 3 meters in stature.  Heavily involved with the secret military programs in underground bases, carrying out hybridization and soul-scalping. (p. 218)

Eban (Orion constellation)

Eban (Cosmic History)

Maytrai (Maytrei)

Galaxy: Andromeda

Star system: Megopei

Race: Maytrai (Maytrei)

Characteristics:  An extremely dangerous race of greys, the Maytrai have been attempting to assimilate the human race since before the last two ice ages.  They have the same average height as humans on Earth, and live around 120 years (p. 76).

Maytrei (Andromeda galaxy)

Maitrex (Cosmic History)



Indugutk (Cosmic History)

Rose, Megan (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and and the Birth of a New Era.  Self-published (https://meganrosemedium.com/book-release/)

El Ka (2021).  Cosmic History of Us Galactic Humans: A Gift From Our Star Journeys (Vol. 2).

Daniel (Saint Olga 69). “Penny Bradley NWP Saga: Episode IX – Factions & Slavery”


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