Elena Danaan is a Liar

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Every accusation made by a narcissist is a confession. – Megan Rose


I have loved this young girl with all my heart, I supported her and brought her to the front stage, I helped her publish her book, designed the cover as she wanted it, and formatted it for publication, very enthusiastically, with love.  I introduced her to all the influential people I knew.  I brought the wolf into the sheep’s house.  I cannot rewind time, and I apologize deeply. – Elena Danaan, “Protecting the Truth”


Elena Danaan: “You know all these abductions performed by tall greys, Nebu, Dominion, Domain, since the 1950s?  These agreements that have been done with MJ-12 and friends?  They’ve been preparing.  They’ve been abducting millions of people every year, breeding hybrids from them—hybrid greys.  These hybrids, they are legions.  They have a grey soul; that means a soul which can connect to the hive.  Because the greys could not invade us by force—otherwise the Galactic Federation would have cut them—they cunningly bred themselves in.  They tried; they prepared that.  They are not among us yet.  It’s all these hybrids.  I actually don’t know where they are—probably in a parallel plane; I don’t know.  They want now to insert them into the population, but of course they do not have this right according to the Prime Directive.”  (May 16, 2022;  8:30 min.)

They are not among us yet.  It’s all these hybrids.  I actually don’t know where they are—probably in a parallel plane; I don’t know.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Alex Martin, daughter of Whoopie Goldberg

Try looking at the magazine covers at your local grocery store.


Dani Henderson: “Have you heard of The Red Queen underneath the Denver Airport?  Apparently it was a huge AI-driven computer tracking all of us.”

Elena Danaan: “Yes.  The Earth Alliance got this thing and has hijacked it—it’s disconnected.  It was last year.  It was Cabal . . . It was called The Red Queen.  It was a supercomputer that was supposed to connect everyone together on a grid that would have been controlled by the deep state.  But that’s not going to happen now.  It was like the hive queen, the grey hive queen for Earth—the relay.  Because, I remind you how the greys work: there is a hive queen in the Orion nebula that connects to all the planetary hive queens of all the grey races.  And we would have had The Red Queen on Earth to connect to the Orion queen.  But that’s not going to happen now; it’s been switched off.”  (May 16, 2022; 1:33:25 min.)

It was called The Red Queen.  it was a supercomputer that was supposed to connect everyone together on a grid that would have been controlled by the deep state. . . . It was like the hive queen, the grey hive queen for Earth—the relay.

Cardi B’s baby, Kulture

Miles Legend

Rosie O’Donnell’s adopted baby


Question: “Elena, did they shut down the reincarnation machine so we don’t have to loop anymore?

Elena Danaan: “They have; they have; they have.  It was on the moon.  The original one was on Saturn, and the moon was a relay for Earth.  Yes, it’s been taken down by the Earth Alliance last year when the moon was liberated.  So, yeah, we’re free now.  We can reincarnate on Earth if we choose to, but we can also go somewhere else.  That’s a risk all the envoys took, because when we decided from the future to come here and help—it wasn’t our planet, this wasn’t our planetary matrix, but we chose to incarnate here—we didn’t know if we would suceed in disarming this machine.  If that were to fail, we would all have been trapped.  But luckily it was dismantled.  So, [it was] a risk.” (May 16, 2022; 2:19:45 min)

It was on the moon.  The original one was on Saturn, and the moon was a relay for Earth.  Yes, it’s been taken down by the Earth Alliance last year when the moon was liberated.

Stable Forged Fork Bedding Shovel Horse Cows Equine Manure Mulch Hay ...

Manure shovel

So, to shovel Elena’s piles of manure into one cart,

1. Since the 1950s, the greys have adulterated the DNA of millions, if not billions of humans on Earth.

2. The Cabal has not inserted the genetically engineered humans in society, even though they have been producing them since the 1950s.

3. Elena doesn’t know where these millions or billions of people are.  Perhaps they are in a parallel dimension.  Perhaps they will all appear one morning and step into their roles in society, each one magically socialized and trained for his particular job.

4. There was a supercomputer beneath Denver International Airport that was to be a “relay” to control these millions of grey-human hybrids who would suddenly appear one day to replace everyone, but it has never been used.

5. There was a “relay” on the moon, connected to another supercomputer on Saturn, which was trapping souls in reincarnation.  Thus we learn from Danaan that, contrary to what masters on Earth have taught since the Buddha, souls aren’t trapped on Earth by their willful ignorance, but by a computer.  On Saturn.

Elena Danaan is either a fool or she takes us for fools.  Here’s a false statement she made about the Killy Tokurt, a predatory reptilian race that was helping the CIA to control the minds of the world’s leaders:

Kiily Tokurit don’t do hybridization programs but abduct for sexual slave trade and food market. (The Book of Alien Races, p. 282)

The Kiily Tokurit, mainly, have hybridized themselves.  All these years, mainly the Kiily Tokurit—also other greys, but mainly the Kiily Tokurit—made these black-eyed babies.  The thing is, they were fertilizing human women and getting the baby out before it was born, to store an army of hybrids.  (Interview of May 16, 2022, 1:19:30)

This is my theory: after the greys had determined the right genetic combinations to produce people who could pass for normal, the embryos were implanted in mothers.  According to James Rink, this is normally done at around six weeks.  Whether people are kept in stasis or in cages, it is expensive, and one thing we know for sure about the Luciferians is that they are obsessed with profit.

Some people were genetically engineered and groomed for power.  Some people were groomed to be professionals, athletes, soldiers or entertainers.  Many became ordinary workers, and still others were created specifically for slavery.  A large percentage (according to James Casbolt) are “chipped” with brain implants, which allow the Cabal to control their thoughts or behaviors to some degree.  (See  The Great Replacement)

Nancy Pelosi (born 1940) and President Kennedy, 1961


Dan Duval (37:00):  What is the Druidic Council; is it the same thing as the Satanic Council?

Jessie Czebotar:  According to my experience, yes—the Druidic Council and the Satanic Council are the same thing. https://youtu.be/3ydBIn-wYP0?t=2204

Elena Danaan is a Druidic priestess, which is a confession that she is part of the Luciferian Brotherhood.

Danaan claims she has a brain implant installed by predatory greys, but this may be just part of her plan to impersonate and replace Megan Rose, who has an implant from a member-race of the Galactic Federation.


Elena Danaan (May 16, 2022) “100K Q&A !”  (https://youtu.be/PU-myup7KCU)

Megan Rose (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era.

In these two videos, Elena Danaan’s envy or hostility is barely disguised.

This video was made three months before Danaan publicly announced that Megan had been “compromised” and that she couldn’t be trusted (https://www.elenadanaan.org/announcements).

28 thoughts on “Elena Danaan is a Liar

  1. Hi Diana,

    I am surprised by the negative charge in this article and the animosity towards Elena Danaan. Although the things you write as signs of her being a liar, may seem odd, it also might be true. We simply don’t know yet. We will discover it later on, I suppose.

    What I think is far more important is the consistency of what she brings forward. The thing you discovered about the Kiily Tokurt is interesting in that sense.

    In her June, 15,2022 video update she also names the Kiily Tokurt as being part of those in the hybridization process which indeed conflicts with the info she was given by the GFW.

    But is it fair to call her a liar because of this? I think you are being too harsh on her. I think it would be more appropriate to just say that you have a different opinion in stead of condemning someone.

    I don’t think the Legends in your article look like hybrids, perhaps there are some Asian traits in John, but to call them hybrids seems odd to me.

    Normally I would have linked your Killy discrepancy discovery to my site, but not with such a title, and these comparisons between her ideas and manure. I think you can do a lot better than that, with more balance and less temper.

    I prefer your scholarly and wise articles

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      1. Yes, I heard her say a bit too much during an interview about these Obama parties. And of course all those ‘nasty’ tweets that she hastily removed. Quite suspect. But confessed pedophile or not, that doesn’t make her a hybrid.

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      1. LIke I said, I don’t really like the way you accuse Elena of lying, but perhaps there is a difference between hybrids with a human-soul and hybrids with this hive-mind. I guess that Elena was particularly talking about this latest group. I’m not sure if she has said anything definitive about there not being any hybrid on Earth. I don’t think she has said anything like that, only that hybrids which clearly look very strange to us, that they cannot live a normal life on our planet, these days.

        When the hybrids don’t look that different, they might just as well live amongst us, which I think they do.


      2. It’s in the article. Pretty definitive statement, if you ask me. “. . . they cunningly bred themselves in. They tried; they prepared that. They are not among us yet. It’s all these hybrids. I actually don’t know where they are—probably in a parallel plane; I don’t know.”


  2. Something about Elena just doesn’t sit right with me and that occurred at least a year ago…she seems plastic or not real…. I resonate with Megan, she seems authentic

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    1. I kept saying the same on Michael Salla’s videos where she shows up, but Salla is deleting my comments on the spot. Elena and Salla are in this together, Elena seems to be a crook, she’s getting information through research and claims she has it from Enki, I just laugh my head off. I can’t believe people are so stupid to trust this liar, this crook, just by looking at her one can clearly see that she’s fake. She’s so envious on real elevated souls, on real channelers, she’s mocking channelers forgetting that Edgar Cayce was a channeler. Yes, she’s either stupid, or she thinks we are stupid. But Michael Salla is a huge disappointment for me, he deleted all my comments and now if I try to write something he deletes them on the spot.

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  3. There is a saying, never trust a person selling a book. Aliens are real but what not understood is that they lie, make up things, troll , and simply do not know. Everything. Is based on the assumption that what they tell people is actually true.

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  4. I know someone whose art Elena uses in her videos without giving her credit. OR paying for it.
    Who is funding her? Notice how her videos are way high production. Can be fun and entertaining. But expensive.
    Lastly her overly sweet gentle syrupy speaking style feels fake. To me.

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    1. I believe she’s part of an agenda with Michael Salla. Read my other comment. Michael Salla has intel connection. Elena the crook lies that she’s in danger because secret services are after her precious ass, I think she’s working for them.
      She’s fake and and for those with good intuition she can’t hide her evilness behind her fake soothing voice.

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  5. I am new to the writings of Elena Danaan , as I am reading her new book I am wondering if covid has been mentioned in previous books? And why has it been allowed to start up again ?


    1. Interesting isn’t it ??? Someone who “gracefully accepted” the position of Emissary for Earth- has done how much to use her influence , to actually realistically help, the same people of Earth, that she is an Emissary for. ??? I wonder what that says about her -divine, caring status – – Very sad to hear that this Covid has started a new strain of disease, scared, I am..


  6. Nobody has proof as to what the truth is. Everybody likes one type of delivery and others don’t like it.

    At least whatever is supposed to happen between now and the end of 2023 will tell us who is more correct than wrong. It could be all are wrong.
    Since I can’t see the majority of earthlings being ready to join any descent group of ETs, I will await next year before deciding who is a liar/misinformed.


  7. I don’t think Elena would lead anyone astray, she’s very positive, enabling and loving. If you feel she has led you astray then get yourself back on the right path that you believe in.


    1. As a “newbie” to making in comments on internet, I will try to be brief! This subject of the UFO Phenomena is too critical to be infighting about! After 30 years of being an insatiable information gatherer of all things ancient it has evolved into understandings of the world of quantum physics and then into the UFO Phenomena! I saw myself evolve in the last category to finally admitting after being exposed to both Dr. Michael Salla & Elena’s works just since October, 2022 they have cooberated & confirmed a ton of my many missing puzzles pieces & look forward to more “true history” to reveal itself! I am facts & sources. TRUTH IS TRUTH NO MATTER WHERE YOU FIND IT!
      Not everyone will have the 30 years of research behind them, so be careful of accusations & defamation remarks– me included. It is crucial to present info to encourage responsibility of the reader to trust their best self & yes, listen their heart because we will all be drawn to those among us who try to truthfully inform us.
      there is definitely both good & bad ETS out there! We all need to be as discerning as possible! True truth seekers can spot truth givers by any personal “axes” they have to “grind”! If it is not ‘loved based” but “fear-based” discard it. The UFO Phenomena is REAL! Sorry! This wasn’t brief!

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  8. I have 37 years of Satanic done on me by the same self -appointed Druid Priestess, then Starseed, then Super Starseed, then official speaker for the AnnuNaki, then the official speaker for the GFW. How many other things ???? All Self – Appointed. The Druids have a long history of working for Lucifer, more than 129 satanic people were directed to kill me, spiritually, and physically. Do I agree with all those who have understood the truth about her?? I wonder what my answer would be..That above all else, THIS is a suitable person who would be “chosen” to be an EMISSARY for Earth ? WTF. A married woman, who draws in her books, herself naked with Thor Han, when she is married and calls herself Mrs., husband called Paul. What kind of life he must be living ?? with someone openly dreaming for us all to see about someone other man. Selling the idea to thousands who have paid to read her BS>


  9. Hello,

    Dr. Steven Greer/The sirius disclosure project is the only person telling the truth about extra-terrestials. Unfortunately he gets caught in the mix of other fantasy. He is often misunderstood. I still find the other sources strangely entertaining. They should probably just make science fiction movies for a living. But I do not like it when people are mislead/decieved. I have personally experienced/witnessed many star people after following CE5 protocols. Nothing else works and I encourage others to try it. Real ET beings are actually alot more advanced than described by either Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, Michael Sallas, David Icke, Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, JP (military black hat) Linda Moulton Howe, Kerry Cassidy, Dolores Cannon, Laura Eisenhower and many others. These people work within a tight circle as disinformation agents. Otherwise known as black hats. Perhaps somewhere in between (grey hats) Probably under the supervision of Lue Elizondo and other freemasons. The freemasons/kazarians/Illuminati/shadow government/black hats are the primary directors of misinformation/disinformation. They have sourced their basis/material on the following science fiction:

    Star Trek
    Star wars
    Independance day
    War of the worlds
    Battle star galactica
    Galaxy Quest
    Mars Attacks
    Jurassic park

    They are obviously not limited to these science fiction works. Elena Danaan is herself a science fiction author. I am not bashing anyone on here. I simply have the discernment between reality and fiction that I have laboriously earned through many years of research. It really is a big mess out there. We do not live within a galactic conflict like Star Wars. Real advanced star people would never allow it. Not even for one second inside our own time structure (man made by the way) Why the rest of the universe has to be dragged into our own civilizational hostility is beyond me. Weapons are not allowed in space.. That would be the most irresponsible thing a civilization can do. The entire universe is a paradise and peaceful. Humans on this earth are the ones who need to find their own paradise inside.

    Can you take a moment to look outside? At mother nature? Beautiful is it not? Now look inside of yourself? Do you see a benevolent being? If both external is beautiful and internal is beautiful than you have succesfully entered into the shifting/transitioning towards the all encommpassing transformation of our world into a new peaceful paradigm. Congrats!

    External paradise/utopia/benevolence is guaranteed to everyone and everything. Just observe it. Internal paradise is a choice we all have to make and we must learn the correct route to achieve it.

    Be well, stay safe


    1. Excellent article. Who knows who is right at this point? According to the sources you named as “ify” info, we will know if they or you are closer to the truth by the end of this year. Something big is supposed to happen this year with ET revelations. Should they not
      materialize as promised, then they go on the trash heap along with others who say they are “in the know”. We won’t have to wait long. We should not accept excuses from either side of the discussion. Don’t forget Billy Meir who has been around for many, many years.
      His contacts say we are due 2 civil wars in the USA. Those don’t look too far off either.


    2. the movies you have highlighted as being nothing more than “fiction” is “your” opinion. for me, many of them are disclosure. These negative humans pushing their agenda are well aware of what the “Truth” is, because they are the ones who have hidden it from us, but they will shove it in our faces in movies as “Sci-Fi”. Avatar triggered very fond memories for me of Motherland Mu. I refuse to say Lemuria as that is a negative human label for what was a motherland here. I remember the same village structures and especially the living giant trees and dragons as pets to fly on, and they had to have a human invasion that destroyed the place, similar to the freemasons destruction of earths indigenous land who remind me of the people of Mu with the global invasions of the british empire. I also have soul trauma that was triggered in other movies that go back to the Orion wars and I know of other starseeds with soul trauma from other empire wars and the Lyra refugees. Stargate is an in your face disclosure about being able to jump timelines and visit other realities, very similar to the CIA Project Stargate where the torture people, including starseeds in the MIC programs to trigger their abilities to disassociate and jump timelines to protect themselves. I know I have been chipped to block certain abilities. It has irritated me even since a child that I had had something done to me. As a child I used to disassociate and go visit The Pleiades and have memories of being captured and tortured by the Dracs. These movies do trigger starseeds soul memories. So please dont be so ignorant to believe that those movies are all fiction and that everything has been peaceful out in this universe since the beginning of our incarnations here. Perhaps you have had luckier incarnations on other more pleasant timelines and universes. I cannot even watch Avatar2. Its total mockery of the people of Motherland Mu that they deny ever existed.

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  10. Its very easy to get sucked in. And you’re full on “red pilled” for however long it takes you to realize that all these Ascension/Light workers are all either being influenced by the most superb evil, or they are all just pure evil themselves. I got sucked in the moment it hit me, I was already way too emotionally invested in this which nearly made me suicidal. Many sleepless nights feeling my spiritual journey was hijacked and violated. Be very careful how seriously you take it. It’s NOT a good feeling.


  11. Go check her latest scam…a vid re our soul origins…first one she claims to have been removed, and she understands why, they dont want you to know…odd that when you go to the first removed link, it clearly says “removed by the uploader”. If your a YT uploader, ya know Yt will have a totally different notice than that if THEY had remove it. Then she says she has put added protection on the second vid HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a Scammer! Original link: https://t.me/ElenaDanaan/1509 / https://youtu.be/v-kBZfrJz7o The following posts on her TG account:

    Elena Danaan, [23/01/2023 12:46 pm]
    The video disappeared, so I am uploading it again.

    Elena Danaan, [23/01/2023 12:47 pm]
    I will not give up. They obviously don’t want you to know what I say in this video and I know why!!!

    Elena Danaan, [23/01/2023 12:48 pm]
    OK video will air again at 7:30 pm EST

    Elena Danaan, [23/01/2023 1:20 pm]
    SECOND UPLOAD with more protections. Obviously, some coward ones do not want you to know this:
    Where was your soul born into individual consciousness?
    What is an Etheric sphere and do all planets have it?
    How is it possible to tap into universal knowledge?
    Can life develop on all planets in the Cosmos?
    What is the purpose of your soul journey?
    What does an Is-Be truly look like?

    What a scam…Why the need to fake that when its blatantly obvious she lied. And if she has lied and fabricated this, what else has she lied about and made up?:

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    1. The Luciferians have to tell us that they are Luciferians. Danaan told Michael Salla that she was a Druidic priestess–that means she is a member of the Luciferian Brotherhood. The Satanic Council is also called the Druidic Council. I have zero respect for Salla.


  12. I agree, Michael Salla has shown with his clear and watch-dog style attacks on anyone who dares say anything negative about Elena. But with all due respect Michael, we are entitled to our own views, and if our gut tells us something aint right, it AINT right. He is the one being ignorant to ignore the concerns other genuine starseeds do have, we are not alone. And I am grateful for this post because I thought it was me, back around Aug/Sept 2021 I fel todd vibes about her. My heckles went up and I found it harder and harder to listen to her and to look at her, something was NOT right. Out of respect to others feelings I kept it to my self and just pulled away. Stopped watching her. Now, I am seeing others open up to having felt exactly the same. Ive wondered whether she was planted from the beginning or infiltrated. Youd think infiltrated since I didnt sense anything early on but suddenly did at that time Aug/Sept…around when she accused Megan Rose of being infiltrated which Im now believing to be a nasty lie. But seeing she is a certified druidess and linked to the Jesuit Order of Druids…there is NO order that isnt masonic! In true spirit, we dont need to belong to any “orders” that you are “initiated” into and gain “titles” and do “rituals”. Under the guise of it being spirituality connecting with nature and the elements, yeah right…approved “certified” “accredited” is ALL masonic…your part of their club. So she was planted and is clearly there to indoctrinate us with whatever BS it is these Jesuits want to brainwash us into beleiving at a Starseed level. BUT, some of us are above even this trickery. Our frequency wont allow us to be fooled. I did watch a panel of Ileanas (The Star Traveller) where they too touched on their concerns re Elena. I feel as more wake up to her “spells” I cant even stand looking at her..she is using magik…fluttering her eyes acting so sweet its sick to my stomach to watch! But, as more snap out of it, it will create a division amongst us, those for her and those against her.
    I think we need to simply state facts, not be drawn into any slinging matches.Sallas doing a good job of failing there himself lol Stay true to our selves and not lower to his level, outright abusing someone else for their views. Leave those who wish to “follow” her do that and just hope they will snap out of it one day. I have a very small group on TG of those I have done starseed origins for, One was on an afterchat with Elena and she asked her starseed origins which of course was Lyra, everyone wants to hear that one, but going by my calculated method that uses the proper method using date of birth and fixed star locations/gateways this person did not have any lyra incarnations, and I stood by my method. They are brainwashed by her. They post her BS vids and I do my best to remain polite and try to counter-act by posting other vids and I try to get it across to them to not be “followers” and have “idols” particularly of one voice or group, faction. We are spiritual beings and the truth and answers are WITHIN and we should be connecting to our own higher consciousness for the answers, not these frauds. Alex Collier is another one. Ive witnessed a few of his Webinars, where hes raking in the doe and gives NOTHING back free to his “followers” and everything is copyright. Yes they have to make a living, we all do, but he is demanding money to give truths we should be entitled to, not have them hidden from us and have to pay to get it. He should be giving so much information free and have extended paid webinars for Q&As. And on this topic, Elena gives alot of free vids – to reel in the audience, to brainwash them. Other than that, she writes books claiming the info to be her own or channeled and int A gift from the stars, most the info is already on the internet and from other books. I used her books for my own work on doing peoples starseed origins where I go deeper than that and match the results to ET races as well and saw alot of her work seems to be copied from other sources. That also gave me reason to step back from her.

    Ive been digging into this “Order of Bards ….In order to be a “certified druidess” you must be certified and ordained into The Order of Bards. That is a modern contemporary faction they flog off describing as being based of freemasonry, not that they are. But when you dig deeper, there aint no doubt they ARE Jesuits. They are sort of like “the entertainers” to the elites for poetry and wicca etc. They perform “RITUALS”. In TRUE spirituality you do not gather together in groups and perform “rituals.” They give themselves titles using the prefix GRAND, ordinary members are called COMPANIONS and in early days seemed to hold the prefix of “Bro”. Here in NZ the early “druids” used the Masonic Freemasons Lodge for their meetings. Its creepy the white robes they wore that I cant shake as being too similar to that of the kkk.

    I will share some of the links I came across:


    Druids belonged to an ELITE class in ancient Celtic society and, in some cases, wielded more power than kings and chieftains….. the sophistication of ancient Celtic science and philosophy points to the existence of an intellectual elite….In the collection of early Irish poems and stories called the Dindsenchas (also: Dindshenchas, Dinnseanchas, Dinnsheanchas, or Dınnṡeanċas), which translates to “lore of places”, it is very clearly stated that female druids—ban-druí, “woman druid”—are part of the druidic order

    The Mysteries of Druidry: Celtic Mysticism, Theory, and Practice (A Training Manual for the Modern-Druid): This is a book I would be delighted to recommend to my students, to members of my Druid order, and to anyone interested in Celtic spirituality as a living path for today.” —John Michael Greer, former GRAND ARCHDRUID, Ancient Order of Druids in America and author of The Druidry Handbook

    The Druid Order is a contemporary druidry fraternal order, founded in 1909 by George Watson MacGregor Reid in the United Kingdom. At various times it has also been known as The Ancient Druid Order, An Druidh Uileach Braithreachas, and The British Circle of the Universal Bond. Initiated members are called companions.

    My narrative:
    A society approved by freemasonry because they are a division of the order. they are allowed to practice magik using the elements of nature. Freemasons hire bards and druids for services and entertainment, poetry. Approved occultism yet they burned and drowned the real “witches” who belonged to no “Orders”, like likes of you and me. innocent women who used herbs for healing people. All for the Rothschilds empire, under the name of God that witchcraft is a sin while they themselves have an approved order of the Bards and Druids! They steal the true natural essence of spirituality and create an approved “order” who can openly practice as “certified” members of their orders.

    The Anciet Druid Order wiki page shows these people were members. That says it all lol:
    These are FREEMASONS: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Order_of_Druids)
    Notable members:

    Sir Charles James Fox, politician and abolitionist (1749–1806)
    William Makepeace Thackeray, novelist, author and illustrator (1811–1863)
    Henry Taunt, photographer (1842–1922)
    Lord George Spencer-Churchill, 8th Duke of Marlborough (1844–1892)
    Sir Edmund Antrobus, 4th Baronet, owner of Stonehenge (1848–1915)
    Lord Francis Greville, 5th Earl of Warwick, British officer and politician (1853–1924)
    Lord George Godolphin Osborne, 10th Duke of Leeds, politician (1862–1927)
    Lord George Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough (1871–1934)
    Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister and statesman (1874–1965)[

    The Order of Bards UK facebook page has NOTHING to do with spirituality and nature…its a mere Fan page of the Royal Family! Friggin Dracs! https://www.facebook.com/ancientorderofdruids1781

    In this book there is a “joking” reference to a “12 step program” for their “reformed druids” as well as initiation rituals into the First Order: https://www.scribd.com/doc/210163071/A-Reformed-Druid-Anthology

    Elena Danaan (Co. Kerry)
    OBOD member and archaeologist, Elena Danaan is a druidess and a Celtic celebrant for all life rites, shaman, teacher and healer. She is founder the grove “Solas an Iarthair” in Kerry, facilitating public ceremonies for the 8 Celtic festivals of the year. http://www.elenadanaan.com or email contact@elenadanaan.com

    Grove of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, located in Dingle co. Kerry, Ireland. Solas an Iarthair, “the light in the West”, IS AN ORDER OF BARDS OVATES AND DRUIDS (OBOD) Grove. We are based in Dingle, co.Kerry, Ireland.

    AOD – Ancient Order of Druids @AOD_GRAND LODGE Sep 9, 2022
    It is with deep sorrow that we have received the news of the death of Her Majesty The Queen.
    The Ancient Order of Druids would like to extend its condolences to all members of the Royal Family at this sad time.

    Yes, they even get “Medals for service”:
    AOD – Ancient Order of Druids @AOD_Grand_Lodge Jun 2, 2021
    Medal presented by the Ancient Order of Druids to Bro. E. J. MacQueen for services rendered. Royal Jubilee Lodge No. 469. 1900. #Druidism #druidry #traditions #symbolism #rituals #benevolence #fraternal #order #ancientorderofdruids

    Medal presented to Bro. Charles Henry Willatts, District Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids (Royal Counties District). 1924-1925.

    William Stukeley, (born Nov. 7, 1687, Holbeach, Lincolnshire, Eng.—died March 3, 1765, London), English antiquary and physician whose studies of the monumental Neolithic Period–Bronze Age stone circles at Stonehenge and Avebury, Wiltshire, led him to elaborate extravagant theories relating them to the Druids (ancient Celtic priest-magicians)

    In 1721 he became a Freemason and in 1722 co-founded the Society of Roman Knights, an organisation devoted to the study of Roman Britain.

    Stukeley’s decision, in 1722, to adopt the pseudonym of Chyndonax reflected his inclinations towards identifying with the druids in a personal capacity.[144] This was bolstered by the tendency of friends in the Society of Roman Knights to refer to him, both in conversation and correspondence, as “the Druid”.[144]

    Its gets even more interesting:

    Click to access FC2F5371043C48FDD95AEDE7B8A49624_Springmeier.-.Bloodlines.of.the.Illuminati.R.pdf

    Bloodlines of Illuminati
    In mockery and imitation of God’s 12 tribes, Satan blessed 12 bloodlines. One of these bloodlines was the Ishmaeli bloodline from which a special elite line developed alchemy, assassination techniques, and other occult practices. ONE BLOODLINE WAS EGYPTIAN/CELTIC/DRUIDIC FROM WHICH DRUIDISM WAS DEVELOPED. One bloodline was in the orient and developed oriental magic. One lineage was from Canaan and the Canaanites. It had the name Astarte, then Astorga, then Ashdor, and then Astor. The tribe of Dan was used as a Judas Iscariot type seed. The royalty of the tribe of Dan have descended down through history as a powerful Satanic bloodline.

    Oh and I found this during my druid dig…Elena is into Halloween traditions…As we know, all these “traditions” are Jesuit NOT spiritual..On personal side, I cannot even tolerate Christmas when you know what its really about…feasting on children and she had a sickening thumbnail on her TG account with a big grin wearing a red santa hat:
    The modern celebration of Halloween is derived from the ancient festival of the dead known in Ireland as Samhain. It is from Ireland that we have inherited most of our Halloween traditions, mainly through the diaspora. Delving into the ancient past, this book uncovers the history of this festival in Britain, Ireland and Brittany, including the forgotten goddess Tlachtga and the sacred temple of the Druids in Co. Meath, where the first Halloween fires were lit, complementary illustrations by Elena Danaan

    Sorry for my long post but thought Id share the links I came across re who is behind the so-called Druidism faith. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion it is no more than yet another fabricated religion made up by these Jesuits, to reel in those who feel that spiritual connection with nature and indoctrinate them, take them over and control them. It leaves me wondering what IS true even with them connecting this fabricated spiritual religion to Irish “FOLKLORE” which could even lead to that too all being fabricated, or seriously tainted with overlays of their narrative, hiding the truth as to what beings were really here in our past times. THAT I feel will only be shown to us when we go within and ask our higher consciousness, NOT listening and beleiving these frauds.

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    1. According to Jessie Czebotar, there are five religious departments within the Luciferian Brotherhood. These are:
      Satanists (e.g., The Church of Satan, The Temple of Satan)
      The Jesuits
      The Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
      Cabal (not all who practice Kabbalah are Cabal, but the Sabbatean-Frankish Sect, who are excommunicated Jews, is Cabal)
      Freemasons and associated orders (e.g. Scottish Rites, Skull and Bones, Priories)

      Jessie does not mention The Muslim Brotherhood or any Asian secret societies.


    2. There’s a photograph from a 2001 awards ceremony of the Carnegie Foundation that includes several blue-bloods, including Brooke Astor. Anthony Fauci is in the photo. It’s hard to find using search engines, so I’m going to post it to my blog.


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