Apollymi Mandylion Super Soldier (2)

Super Soldier Talk with Apollymi – Project Crest, Carbon, Section 13 32-C

Part 2 of an interview with James Rink, Super Soldier Talk  https://supersoldiertalk.com/

September 15, 2021

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42:00 James:  We’re going to move on from Camp Livingston. After you graduated, I think you said you were sent off world—is that correct?

Apollymi: I was sent to Section 13, specifically 32-C organization [at Area 51].

James:  What is that?

Apollymi:  Just to let everyone know, I do have authorization to talk about Section 13 32-C, in any time-frame back from when I was a kid, all the way up until 2020.  So, Section 13 32-C is a conglomerate of the ICC and a few of the other Earth organizations as well as ET organizations.  They basically come together and work on a whole bunch of stuff.  A lot of them start bleeding into the Star Gate Project (or Project Crest, as it is known by the older generation), off-world, on-world, anything in-between.  We were basically a band of mercenaries, is the best way I can describe it, because we do all sorts of stuff, from rescue missions to spying, sabotage, or anything like that.  Even collecting stuff off of other worlds for information.  So, it really just depends on what our contracts are and what we’re doing.  When I was a kid, it was mainly beyond the battlefield: you have to prove yourself in other fields to get into those areas.  So, if you were more sneaky-sneaky and you could keep your mouth shut, you’re obviously going to be one of the spy [ordnance] rather than just being cannon fodder.  I was mainly cannon-fodder—I like to survive.

(34:10) James:  Is this group connected to the Earth Alliance, or the Earth Defence Force?

Appolymi:  I have no idea, to be honest.  All I know is, back in the day, they have different management ever since President Trump came in.  He changed a lot of things in that government section.  So, our collars came off, we had some rights restored to us, we stopped being treated like slaves.  Before then, the Cabal basically ran the whole thing.  That’s why we were treated so badly.  If you did not pass Section 13’s agenda or anything, they literally sold you off to the space human trade.  You were basically a slave; someone bought you, they got to do whatever they wanted.  And I had full proof of that when I was very unruly, didn’t want to do anything anyone said, had no respect for any of my commanders, and I got my butt shipped off to the Mars base there for the dark Dracos.  And that was a whole new eye-opener.  Shoved in cages; didn’t have anything but the clothes on your back—if you were lucky.

Pres. Trump signs executive order to fight human trafficking

* * *

https://youtu.be/mv2t0QSFPWA  June 7, 2022

Daniel Sala:  And you said that things changed for the better in 2016 once Trump got in office; did you hear that from their mouths, like it was his doing?

Apollymi:  No, Trump actually came to Section 13.  Section 13 is literally in Area 51’s general mountain range area.  So, when he became president, he had to come check out everything, and he told us; he was like, “I’m going to make things better for you.”  He started firing everybody, we got new management, the shock collars came off.  We still have our disciplinary devices, which took me awhile to figure out what it was, and it’s actually one of our augments that every SSP has from Section 13.  It’s actually in our pituitary gland.  But the collars came off.  So (the augment) was kind of a little hidden trick.  But we started doing shifts instead of being pulled every night to go do missions.  Our training abilities got better because we weren’t getting forced into a lot of stuff; they weren’t hounding us as much.  And they actually started caring, like, our new med teams, and we even got a psychologist on our team now over there, which is new.  Like, they didn’t give two figs for our psychology of what trauma we were going through.  A lot of things improved and changed for us.  Are we getting a paycheck?  Not that I’m aware of; at least I haven’t received money from anything.  It would be nice, though.  I don’t even want to know the back-pay on that, from five and a half years old up.  But things changed a lot.

* * *

(45:30) James: Were you taken to the area of Mars where they had— There were these mansions underground, but some of them actually went above-ground. But a viewing area where they would— they’d take these kids and work the mines. But they didn’t really need the labor there; they were just working them to exhaust them so that they could use them in rituals for these mansions. Were you in those programs?

46:00 Apollymi: The place that I was on the Mars base, they literally threw me and four other kids from Section 13 in cages, with the collars, shipped us off, and the next thing I know, we ended up waking up on Mars base. The first things I ever had encounters with were literally the Dracos.  Not Draconians, Dracos: they had no wings.  And they just treated us like shit.  Literally.  As I said, I body-hop a lot, and that’s because I was utterly destroyed there.[1] After putting me in the room with the holographic spider bullshit, that took me about a week to figure out that thing wasn’t real.  Other torturous devices, they would put this tiara-crown on you with these wires coming out and just torture your mind completely and utterly.  And then when that didn’t happen . . .

(James puts up a drawing of reptilians)

Some of them look like that. I’d honesty have to say—and I hate to use movie references—for Draconians, the movie, “Jupiter Ascending”—the Dracos in there almost gave me PTSD because it was so lifelike, the resemblance.  I mean, now I’m used to dealing with a lot of it, but before it was very triggering.   If you were just pulling something up–

James:  Yeah, I’m going to try to pull that up.

Apollymi:  That is, if you wanted a picture of those guys, but literally they are almost the spitting image.  They come in different colors and varieties and everything, but they are that massive and that [muscular], the Draconians.  The Dracos are a little bit smaller and a little bit thinner, and just as [intimidating].

(48:10) James:  So, how long were you in this particular situation, stuck in the cage with the Draco?

Apollymi:  When we first arrived?

James:  Yeah, sure.

Apollymi:  I was at the Mars base for three weeks before they kicked me out and sent me back.  They literally put me there just to try and break me, and I guess it kind of worked in the end.  The last thing they did, there were four or five Dracos in a circle, and they stripped all my clothes off—I was maybe nine, ten years old—and they shoved me in the room and these guys ripped me apart and ate me alive.  Seriously. This was not mind-control, it wasn’t illusion.  So, I assume they threw me in a tank where I ended up getting a new body at that point in time [1] because I was out for like two days, and then I woke up in Section 13, in one of the base areas on the floor in a cell.  I didn’t even know how I got there; nothing.  And by that time I had gotten pretty good at feeling the frequencies for the mind-control devices that they were using.  Because a real experience has its own reality, but when you start being able to feel frequencies beyond your own mind, even when you’re being tortured, and you can feel an outside source, that’s how I know I’m being manipulated mentally.  And it did not have that feeling: everything was real.  I actually woke up the next morning with just marks all over my body and my legs when I got ready for school the next morning.  And I ended up wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants, ‘cause my handler down here would freak out when I’d wake up with abduction marks or anything like that, so I learned how to hide it pretty well.

(50:20) James:  When you were on Mars, or in any of these projects, do you recall every being put in front of a screen with subliminal messages popping up, maybe a picture of a wolf or maybe the queen of England, or anything like that? (Apollymi starts laughing)  What?

Apollymi:  Nothing—just the queen cracks me up, in an agitated kind of way.

James:  Did she participate in these projects?

Apollymi:  I’m not entirely sure, nor am I at liberty to say.  I have my theories on some of them, but, honestly, I have contracts, so I can’t be breaking any of those [confidences].

Uh, they only did that when we were entering Section 13 for the first time, and they did it for about two weeks and I got bored of it.  ‘Cause they would have a pen and paper, and they would have us watch these screens, and told us, “If you see anything, write it down.”  And I caught most of it. I could see them, but they didn’t affect me.

(54:15) James:  I’m just going to go ahead and read this comment: “They have all been wiped, those Section 32-C guys, on September 13, 2021.  World government got replaced September 10, completely purged of traitors and spies September 12.  Likewise, 4th dimension Earth Alliance and the physical density Galactic Federation of Worlds got purged of them just earlier today.”  What do you think?

Apollymi:  I don’t know.  Like, I honestly haven’t been on missions in the last month, so that might have something to do with it.  And I know that we were starting to transition into new lines, basically, like new alliances.  So, when Trump came into office, and things changed for us for the better, we were no longer run by the Cabal or anything like that.  Like, we branched off into a different section.  So, as for the other members and stuff, I mean, it could be possible.  I don’t know.  All I know is I still have my augmentation for Section 13, so I don’t know if we all have been debriefed and we’re just on standby, or what’s going on, to be honest.  But I know I haven’t gone on missions in a month and they just kind of stopped.  I don’t know why.  They didn’t tell me anything.  So there might be some truth to that and I just never got word.  I mean, they were erasing our memories when we would go on missions for the last couple of months pretty hard.  So, the only reason why I knew I went is my roommate tells me I’m not in my room when I’m asleep, or my dogs usually act weird when I get brought back from missions, but everything’s been pretty quiet lately.

(Question about whether the Draco had something to do with the Cabal being able to steal the 2020 elections.)

(57:00)  Apollymi: I do go to some of the ET off-world meetings.  Yes, I do go to quite a few of the universal ET meetings; I do have certain positions, apart from being an experiment and everything else.  Literally, Trump was supposed to win the election.  The ET government said it was going to happen.  The ET councils, they all had a vote.  A certain somebody ended up getting into a fight with a certain dark Draco king named Lucifer, and they just were not happy at all.  So, the fact that the elections happened and everything else happened—  ‘Cause we’re all sitting here saying, “Yeah, we finally get a good timeline.  We’re actually moving in the right direction.”  And then all of a sudden it gets hijacked and off to the side.  No, that makes perfect sense (speculation about the Draco stealing the election).  ‘Cause all of us down here were wondering, “What is happening?  The ascension is supposed to happen.”  I say, ascension, and that’s of technology and of human consciousness; it’s both.  ‘Cause you can’t have one without the other.  But all this great stuff was supposed to come to everybody on this planet, and it just didn’t happen, so it makes a lot of sense.

(59:10)  James: Are there any side effects associated with the regeneration tanks?

Apollymi:  With the tanks?

James:  Yeah: at Camp Livingston, when you were in combat scenarios, they would need to put you in tanks.

Apollymi:  Yeah.  Thank God they’ve upgraded to the med-beds; those tanks were horrible.  I never had any side-effects personally, except for needing a shower afterwards.  So, maybe some nausea and vomiting; I mean you do end up getting the stuff out of your lungs with the pink goo—you have to get that stuff out.  I don’t think anyone’s ever gotten pneumonia or anything like that from it.  But I couldn’t even tell you the chemical composition of that stuff.  But as far as I know, no.  I have not had any side-effects.

James:  Do they put you into alien body avatars?

Apollymi:  Yes.  Technically I do get body-swapped quite often, mainly because my soul-signature cannot be contained by certain genetics.  Any ET geneticist knows this.  So, I do body-swap quite a bit just because I do burn them out quite a bit, especially if I use my abilities.  It they’re closer to my genetics normally, then they last a lot longer.  But a lot of us more powerful people usually get into lower genetic bodies so that our powers are a lot more dampened here, just in case the shots don’t work and the collars don’t work and everything else doesn’t work.  It’s the only thing that they can really do.

I have also used avatar bodies for certain missions, especially if its one where we’re not coming back.  It’s not even so much a distance: they will actually use a shard, which is a crystal that is made, and then it has your energy signature in it, they put it into a body, and there’s technology involved, but it downloads your consciousness so you can literally move that avatar as if it was your own pretty easily.  Distance really isn’t a problem with that technology.

And then in Camp Livingston there were some people who ended up having avatars as well just because they couldn’t abduct them at night, or they came from the other side of the world where it’s daytime.  So avatars are used quite readily in many, many different areas.

James:  Did they ever put you in a male body?

Apollymi:  Yeah, but it doesn’t really bother me.

James:  Here’s a question: Do you know if experiences like this are still happening to children, or has that changed recently?  I guess that’s related to Camp Livingston.  Do you think that that place is still active?

(1:02:45)  Apollymi: I don’t know if it’s still active.  I have not been to Camp Livingston ever since boot camp.  I went about a year and a half ago to The Gauntlet, and that is in Colorado. And that is where they put you in a many-tiered underground base and they literally test all of their genetic experiments for fighting, or pretty much anything in general.  But they pit us against (the experiments), and you have a race to the top to survive.  Some people do die, and I’m sure they get put into the tanks.  I know I’ve been messed up a couple of times myself.  But they take the collars off.  They pretty much give you a reverse-suppression shot, which is a wonderful blue liquid, and it boosts your brain activity to 110%.  You get all of your abilities, everything is much clearer, and you literally run that gauntlet.  The first person to make it out, good for you.

(1:04:30)  James:  I had another comment about the alien-body avatars.  Did they ever inject you with something to change your DNA, where you physically shape-shift from human to perhaps a reptilian form?

Apollymi:  Well, when I have my full powers, I have the ability to shape-shift, though I don’t use it very often, because you can get lost in yourself if you have that natural ability.  And it’s not one that I practice very often.  For me, they never really had to do that.

(1:05:30) James:  We’re going to go on to Project Crest.  So, I guess at this point you got rescued from the base on Mars, and is this when you were taken to Project Crest?

Apollymi:  No, I was in Section 13 when I started getting into Project Crest.  They started taking me off to the wayside to go through the ringed portals.  When the ring portals activate, there are different colors. E ach one represents something different: time travel, dimensional travel, and just space travel.  So, if you’re going anywhere across space, it’s usually blue, purple, and then red.  So, each color represents a different thing.  And we were the teams they sent through because they didn’t know what was on the other side.  If you have the ability to take care of yourself, whether you can regenerate really quickly or you have good fighting ability, they usually just shove you through.  And then if you’re fine on the other side, then you just report.  We were basically scouting teams.  They do use it for space travel for fighting sometimes, or we use the little discs, but basically, Project Crest is this huge umbrella.  Anything ET-related, anything paranormal-related, is all under Project Crest.

(1:07:15)  James: So, how long were you with Project Crest?

Apollymi:  I was mostly in Project Crest when I was younger; again, they would throw us through the portals—that’s basically what I did.  So, maybe like four or five years.  Occasionally they’ll say, “Hey, do this mission” and throw us through.  But I haven’t really been into it a whole lot.  We do use the same technology on a couple of missions to travel really quickly from one place to another.

(1:08:10)  James:  Did you actually go through a star gate or were you opening up your own portals?

Apollymi:  I can do both.  What people have to understand is the star gate project is just a wormhole.  Now, that wormhole can do a lot of different things for Project Star Gate.  Usually when you open up a wormhole, either you are time-traveling or you are dimensional-traveling.  It usually only goes in one direction.  With the star gate, because it is an actual device, you can actually have that device do many different things.  So, ours was a circle.  I’m pretty sure there are square ones.  These are different from the star gates that I’m hearing about that are in outer space.

James:  Did you use them with an avatar or in human form?

Apollymi:  Well, I wear a matrix suit.  Normally I have my form, and the suit allows you guys to see this.  When I go through the star gates or when I’m on any missions, I have my suit off, so I pretty much have all my powers restored, depending on the mission, and I have my normal body. So, going through any of those, I would have myself, but occasionally we would have avatars—again, to do side-missions and/or “You’re not coming back.”  If they had a destination where they didn’t know if it was even feasible, or if you were just going to teleport into a pile of goo or a black hole for all they know, you usually send an avatar.  They’re a lot more expendable.  But normally I would go through with my own body.

* * *

https://youtu.be/mv2t0QSFPWA  June 7, 2022

(15:20) Daniel Sala:  You don’t have to say what you really look like, but can you tell us if it’s very different from what we’re seeing now?

Apollymi:  I look humanoid, with pointy ears.  My skin is exceptionally white.  I have rainbow prismatic colored eyes, my hair is pink, gold and white, and I have wings, a tail and a set of ears on my head.  I am technically a genetic experiment that is a hybrid, that was supposed to be built for war, but I don’t like to listen.

* * *

(1:11:10) James:  And I know they were certainly looking for a lot of children that had abilities to open up portals, because they were interested in going to these other realms, probably trying to contact really negative astral beings to get information.

Apollymi:  Well, they do it for many reasons.  When you’re on the battlefield and you guys can’t get portals up immediately, your technology breaks or whatever, the people who can do portals can take you home.  Or we can misjudge and end up in different time-lines.  So, there are many different reasons to have people with those abilities.  Getting into places is a lot easier, and getting out of places is a lot easier.

James:  Do you recognize any high-ranking SSP personnel you worked with here on Earth?

Apollymi:  I say I’m SSP-related, because many SSP are actual military; they have identification numbers, they’re part of the U.S. military.  I have worked with them, but Section 13 is its own basis line and its own faction.  So, while I have worked with them several times— SSP people are good at their jobs.  We’re just the tanks.  People who were trained for Section 13, like we’re their backup.  And we have our own ranking system in Section 13: I ended up being S-class, which is kind of terrifying.  And that based upon how much damage you can do and how many abilities you have. It goes from D all the way up to S.  And then you have your other classes that are off to the side, which are M and E.  All I know is the E are the people who stay on base, who don’t go out in the field.  They are your clairvoyants, your remote viewers, your telepaths—the ones you were talking about, the relayers.  They never leave base; so they stay there.  That’s E-class.  M-class is—  I have one friend who is an M-class, and we’re still trying to figure out what that means.  It’s not like they tell us anything; I’ve had to get this information over the course of years.  I’m pretty sure that most of those are mutated and not natural abilities, so any genetic mutations I believe is in the M-class.  And then of course you have your ranking system for damage.

So, do I recognize some of the SSP?  That depends.  If I end up going up there and recognizing their energy signature, ‘cause there’s no reason for me to recognize physical form bodies, for obvious reasons, yeah, maybe.  I recognize some of my peers from Camp Livingston and Section 13 at times.  And sometimes I just find them on Facebook.

(1:15:30) James:  What did Trump do specifically that made things better for you and the other super soldiers?

Apollymi:  My understanding is that he was not okay with what the Cabal was doing. And he felt that in order for humanity and Earth to be better and start communicating and be part of the ET community, we needed to start treating people better. Especially the people who are different and who actually put our lives down. Just because we get avatars and we go out and die and everything, it still hurts. You still feel that you are dying and you do die. You just get shoved into something else if you’re a body-hopper like me, or if you’re even an avatar, you still feel all that pain, you still get all that trauma. It’s not like it’s a video game. We still have all the conflict, all the heartache, all of the pain. And he recognized that. So, it’s not like we started getting paychecks or anything, but we literally went from slaves to, “Okay, we’re going to give you actual living conditions. We’re going to take your collars away, and we’re going to give you psychologists. And we’re going to give you actual food and make the conditions better.” Where he actually cares for the soldiers instead of putting us out there like cannon fodder and hoping for the best. He fired so many people on those projects; we got a new director, everything. It was amazing.

(1:17:20) James: Was there a discussion about med-beds for the super soldiers, allowing them to get the healing that they need, maybe get their memories back, and maybe a pension, or even services from the Veterans’ Adminis tration?

Apollymi: Yeah, I knew that we were supposed to get our memories back—if we wanted them. Me, I want all of them, even the painful ones. It makes me who I am. I mean, it was great, but you can’t be strong without dealing with everything like that. But as for a pension and stuff like that, I don’t really know. There were rumors floating around, including some of the ET councils who have interests down here. Bring the med-beds, bring the high technology; it’s time for it to come down here, is what they said. I’m still waiting, just like the rest of you. I’ve been in med-beds: they are nice—even the older generation ones. Not the tanks, but the actual beds that you lie in. They are very nice, and so much better than standard hospital equipment.

(1:21:30) James: What can you tell us about Project Carbon? What happened next after your time?

Apollymi: I don’t know where Project Carbon comes from. I only got this project name because a couple of weeks ago I was strapped to a metal table, and there was a lady in front of me with two officers, and she was listing off projects that either I have been in, or maybe it was a full list of projects. And this one triggered my sleeper agents. There is a number that goes after that, and I am not repeating it, just in case someone is part of this project. I had a really hard time controlling myself. Like, I was very angry and about to rip everything apart in the room. So, as far as I know, it is a sleeper-agent project from some of the information that I got, that is like a mayhem project. Like, there is nothing that is going to be alive around you if this is triggered.

James: There actually is a Project Mayhem; I was in it.

Apollymi: Really?

James: It was one aspect of me. Not me, James Rink—it was one of my alters. So, this a sleeper project for what particular scenario?

Apollymi: For whatever they were training— I don’t even know whose project this is, to be honest. She just said it and I just— I’m glad I was strapped to the table, because I, even astrally, like physically and energetically, you’re strapped to this table and you can’t do anything; they lock you in dimensional space-time. I just wanted to go crazy and slaughter everyone and destroy everything. So, whatever project that was, it wasn’t good. And I know that once that project was activated in me, it caused me to not be on my next mission, because I told them I wasn’t really safe. I ended up injuring a superior officer, because that project was still activated, and I guess he said something that triggered me and went off. I had a whole psychological evaluation on base, and they said, There’s something wrong here; whats’ going on?” So I told them what happened. Again, I have many factions that are involved with me and they don’t like to communicate with each other. So, it took them three days to deprogram me from this project.

James: When you say, ‘deprogram’, did they actually put self-destructive programming in you,

Apollymi: No. They had to go through parts of my subconscious, where they actually tethered everything. I remember one part of my life where I was literally being brainwashed, and when I got the information I thought it was maybe MK-ULTRA Project Mind-Control. And this could be linked to some of those projects—I don’t know. But they were telling me, “Go kill this person. Go kill this person.” And when you don’t do it, they pretty much just rape your brain.

James: Yeah. And I guess in that state of mind, I’m assuming you don’t really have emotion; they tell you, “Go take this person out.” You do it, esentially.

Apollymi: Yeah, it was the guy I always ignored when I was a kid.

James: Oh, you didn’t follow the orders to take—?

Apollymi: No! I am—

James: Did you laugh? Did they tell you to go kill somebody, and you’re like, “Ha ha, whatever.”

Apollymi: Why is a six-year-old being told to go kill the president when I didn’t even know who the president was at six? I never paid attention to that. I was more into, like, recess and playing. And it’s clear as day; I could literally feel the energy of the telepathy: “Go kill the president.” “Who is this person?” And you would get that feeling, that trigger feeling of energy, where it just locks your brain, and you’re like, “I need to go do this.” And I’m sitting there staring at a wall because I don’t even know who I’m trying to go target. So I guess I kind of kept myself uneducated for security reasons. I knew something was wrong, because something was triggering me and I didn’t like it.

James: You said somebody gave you some information about Project Mind-Control and MK-ULTRA

(1:27:10) Apollymi: It wasn’t information: they gave me information on the projects I was in, and these two projects were on that list. I don’t which project it is where they have the tiara on your head and you were strapped into something like an electric chair. And I don’t know if it’s dimensional or astral, but they just mess with your reality, and they put you through all sorts of scenarios. I don’t know if that’s MK-ULTRA. The only thing that occurs to me for mind-control is them literally trying to get me to do what they want, and putting me through scenarios until they got my emotions or my thinking on track with what they wanted.

Most of the stuff that happened was at night; occasionally I would have stuff in school. And as I said, I don’t know what’s with the chair, and it was like a metal band or like a metal tiara that goes over your head with wires coming out of it. And the room is completely dark all of the time, and it’s like an electric chair and you were strapped down in it. And I thought I had escaped that place several times when I was younger, but they just kept putting me back in it. The last time was about two years ago, and I ended up willing myself out of that place in a very destructive manner.

(1:31:25) James: What can you tell us about Project Blue Book Section 3: ET DNA analysis?

Apollymi:  From my understanding, Project Blue Book was one of the things on my list.  Most people think it’s about ET DNA and different ET alien species, but, again, Blue Book is an umbrella with a lot of projects under it.  I am part of Blue Book for the DNA part; I have been worked on by Emery Smith when I was a kid in Section 13.[2]  Section 13 is near Area 51, by the way; it’s not specifically at Area 51, but it is in the generaly vicinity, in another facility.

And they used me for a lot of DNA (work)—clones, breeding, I’ve had eggs removed, everything else.  Just trying to understand my DNA because my DNA is a wild card, I guess you could say.  The dark Dracos, the Aryans, the Shakrell and the ICC conglomerate, the ICC got commissioned to make me for the original program that I was going to be in.  But I didn’t qualify.  I was too expensive to destroy, but didn’t meet the requirements for their original plans for me.  And out of 26 embryos, only myself and one other embryo were even considered functional.  The DNA that they were trying to bind together was highly unstable.

And what they were trying to do was make soldiers to fight for the Cabal on a higher spiritual and energetic level, ’cause they were having problems with all these new species coming in to help this universe.  Some of the Qu’Te, some of the mantis people, and some of the bird people—some of the blue avians, I should say.  And they were having problems defeating these guys because they do vibrate at a higher frequency.  So they were trying to make soldiers for this, and, well, some of us have a little bit more personality than they would like.  That, and I just don’t like working for jerks.  You treat me badly and it’s not going to work out very well for you.

So, because of the different DNA analysis, I ended up being part of that project as well.  And as for the rest of Project Blue Book, Project Crest is under it because it’s ET techology; Project Blue Book also has technology projects.  So, all of the reverse-engineering, all of the ET technology gathering in the places of interest, and everything else like that.  I have had the honor of being taken to Area 51 and tasked with figuring out how some things work.  They try to block your memories a little bit, because you’re not really getting paid for this and some of it is pretty high technology up there.

I’m used to working with crystal technology, which is very hard, for some reason, for humans to understand.  It’s one of the higher ones up there.  Atlantis had it; you’re going to find a lot of technology in Antarctica that had it; a few places in the ocean; any Atlantean bases should have at least some remnants of it.

Comment in the chat:  “Qu’Te is the name of the mantids and Chuk Zuri is the name of the blue avians.”

(1:37:40) James:  Do you recall ever being put in the trip chair?  The trip seat?

Apollymi:  What does the trip seat look like?  Because the only thing I remember is the electric-chair-type seat with the headband.

James:  (Pulls up a drawing of a trip seat)  So, the operator would pull up different memories they wanted from the computer, and it’s all a holographic-type interface, and then sparkles would start appearing all around the room, and all the memories would get wiped at that point.  At that point they could upload new skill-sets, memories, and they put the visor right over your head.

Apollymi:  Well, usually I’m half knocked out when I swap bodies, because I still become very disoriented.  It’s very disorienting to your soul to get into a new body.  I know that they do memory wipes, pretty much like what you’ve described.  And I wouldn’t say false memories: I call them dream overlays, because they’ll overlay what has happened in a kind of a dream, and you can feel the different energy—  Your dreams and mind-altering devices have a different frequency.  So, after seeing that chair and what you’ve described, I may or may not have, but probably not for the reason that that person is describing.  They probably use it to transfer my consciousness and my information.

(1:40:00) James:  Do you want to comment a little bit more about your travels to Area 51?  I guess this was Section 3, or Project Blue Book.  And by the way, blue is a code word to designate anything extraterrestrial.  But do you have any information that you would like to share?

Apollymi:  So, going over there, they’ll usually pick me up when I’m sleeping, for the most part.  And then they’ll take me over there, and then I have maybe a few hours to figure out things.  Usually when my powers are fully activated, I’ll touch something and I can get a general memory of how it functions or how it works. I’m sure there are names for that ability; but it’s also kind of annoying when you’re on a city bus.  So, yes, I have seen ETs; yes, I have seen various ET vehicles.  I’ve actually gotten in the cockpit of a couple of them to figure out how they work, which is a lot of fun, by the way—I’m not going to lie.  Humans think that ETs are all-knowing.  No. Some of them have clunkers, like humans do for cars, where it’s just the minimal technology to get off the ground and to space travel.  You have from that all the way up to really high technology, where it’s almost like osmosis.  And those are the ones that I usually work the best with, just for the neurolinking.  I’ve seen some really cool things: weaponry, medical benefits, vehicles, armor.  So, I can’t really go into too much detail because I do like working in that field.  I may only have a couple of years left of it.

James:  Why do you say that?  Are they going to retire you?

Apollymi:  No, I have what I call an illness, because as soon as my matrix suit comes off, I don’t have it anymore.  I have an illness that is supposed to kill me in a couple of years.  So, my perception of certain things, like the threat of getting killed for revealing information, is a lot different.  I mean, what are they going to do: kill me and put me in a different body?  Ship me to Mars again?  I’ve already been there.  There’s really not much they can do to me that they haven’t already, to be honest.

James:  Well, does Emery Smith remember you?  Have you reached out to him?

Apollymi:  My friend told me he found a web site where they were talking about this pill.  And they were talking about the serums we get shot up with before our missions.  Because we have two serums: we have an orange serum and a blue serum.  The blue serum we usually get injected with.  If we have any nanites or any suppression shots—  Because the suppression shots are chemicals; they do wear off.  I got a lot of those from the Inner Earth beings when I was younger.  It counteracts it and kicks your body into hyper mode.  All of your powers start working at 100% efficiency, your brain calculations, your muscle movements, neural movement, everything—it is like the wonder drug of military.  The orange one is your “Oh, crap” moment.  It is literally what we call beserker juice, because you inject yourself with it, and your receptors for pain, your endurance, everything—it just shuts off.  It shuts off all of your inhibitors, which can make someone pretty deadly, especially when you have abilities.

(1:44:00)  But I did try to reach out to Emery.  I was checking out his web site; I wanted to see what was in this pill, and the more I read, the more memories started coming back.  This pill is like a 2.0 version of what they give us on base.  And I was reading his bio and I did not recognize him until I saw his military photograph from when he was younger.  I was maybe six or seven when he worked on me.  I ended up getting injured in battle, in the training room, and they brought me in and laid me on the table.  And I have seen our members die before.  Even though we have med-beds and we have the things you stick on your neck and everything, stuff happens.  And he just happened to be on base at the time.  And he ended coming in, because, again, my species is very bizarre, very exotic in terms of genetics, because my species should not exist.  The genetics don’t really mix well; there are certain binding agents that are barely holding certain frequecies together.  And he was one of their top people there at the time.  And he and two other people came into the room, and they had to pin me down, and I remember him working on me.  We had a couple of ETs come in to try to calm me down, because I was bleeding out of my leg and my side.  And my regeneration for some reason was not kicking in, so they had to go in and—  He gave me a serum of a couple of things and ended up stitching me together.  He was actually the first human doctor that I had, so it was kind of weird.  But he was very nice.

(1:49:00) James:  What can you tell us about some of your other missions?

Apollymi:  Again, our contracts have changed.  We’re basically mercenaries, though—please don’t judge me.  From helping the SSP on various missions.  We do child trafficking rescue, which is kind of new.  Basically helping on the front lines against the dark Draco forces or any other forces—if there’s fighting in some section, we go over there and we do whatever it is that they tell us to do.  It can be picking up different people, both on-world and off-world.  Sometimes we’re even just people who go and make sure that cargo arrives where it’s supposed to, that nothing happens and nothing gets stolen.

The one thing that I remember very clearly when we were dimensional traveling is the crystal train.  This train is made out of pure crystal; it has several compartments on it.  I don’t know who owns it, but a lot of the Aryans are usually on this—both Nazis and non-Nazis.  And I’ve seen that place load up kids in crates, weapons, supplies, people, soliders, anything, and they go and do whatever.  And there is a little girl who actually is part of that train: she literally is the energy source and the traveling and everything, and she is literally in shackles.  And she has really white translucent purple hair and purple eyes, and she’s got a little horn on her head.  I don’t know what species she is.  She kind of reminded me of a unicorn in human form just because of the little horn.  But she’s literally governing that whole entire train, but she is literally a slave.  And I felt really, really bad for her.  I’ve only talked to her twice but it was a super in-depth memory; and I was like, “I will get you off this train one of these days.”  But that train can literally travel to almost any dimension; it’s insane. And it’s very fast. It can take us to 4th dimension, 5th dimension, 6th dimension, and we can go and do our missions and everything.

(1:52:27)  I’ve been to planets that basically look like they have no atmosphere.  We do fighting pretty much anywhere.  I mean, I’ve fought full-on Draconians.  I’ve fought just about everything under the sun at this point.  [Just because there are certain species in a good faction doesn’t mean all members of that species are good.]

James:  Were you in a cyborg body or an enhanced of some sort, enhanced height, strength?

Apollymi:  No, usually the avatar bodies are our bodies; they’re just clones, and they end up shipping them over there through portals or dimensional gates, or even a star gate if they absolutely need to.  But when you are in a body that is close to your genetics, you’re going to have more control, more of your abilities.  So usually it’s just my real form over there, unless we’re doing information-gathering or something like that and we don’t want people recognizing us.

James:  Would you like to come on again and we can explore some of these missions?

Apollymi:  Yeah, of course!

James:  I’ve also had this question about your Inner Earth contacts.  We can go more into this next time, but why don’t you just give one example.  Is there one individual primarily you’re in contact with, or one group?

Apollymi:  Primarily one group.  They look like the Aryans but they’re not.  My first contact, they were actually one of my first nice contacts.  And it was a blond-haired, blue-eyed lady who ended up picking me up.  And she had three-foot-tall blue ETs.  They had the grey body type but their heads were wider, fuller; they had blue irises and then they had darker blue spots on them.  They were very nice, very hospitable.  They picked me up, did medical scans.  I’m not sure if I have DNA contracts with them, like if they were actually part of the ones who commissioned me or not.  But I have been to Inner Earth physically and astrally several times.  It is very beautiful; I really wanted to go live there.  The views are nicer.  No one would believe what is at the center of your planet.

James:   Is it hollow, with a giant sun?

Apollymi:  They actually showed me the history of how Earth was reconstructed after it ended up getting hit.  Because it was a different planet, got destroyed, and they had to use a lot of technology to bring all the pieces back together.  And there is an apple-shaped hollow area, with tubes that come out of the top and bottom.  And there is an artifical sun: it is not a real plasmic sun, but it does produce the gravitational field, the electrical field, and it is a star gate.  And yes, there is molten magma; it is on the outside of the shielding core for the Inner Earth.  And that has the honeycomb, where there are different ways to get into this area, or Agartha.  And then, of course, you’ve got your magma on the outside and all the plates and everything.  It’s just a huge layered area.

It’s very beautiful, though.  You’ve got your oceans and your water and your own little places of artificial continents.  So, there’s the sun, and then you have your central port around it, and then you have all your vast cities that are actually floating.  And then you have everything that’s, like, on the inside of the dome area, where there are animals and food, and it’s really, really pretty down there.  The energies are a lot better down there: they don’t have to deal with a lot of the anger from our sun.

James:  What do the people down there think of the general surface population?

Apollymi:  They’re not very happy.  They kind of share my outlook on it.  I live up here, too, guys, and even though I’m not human, we could be doing so much better, even with our governments telling us what to do and stuff.  They’re such a small percentage of the population.  And we should be taking better care of the planet, going towards higher technology.  So, they’re not very happy with everything that’s been going on up here.  The fighting, and everyone says that you have to be pure of heart down there, which is not entirely wrong.  They said I was too aggressive to live down there, and I’m honestly not all that aggressive.  But apparently I have a lot to work on.  But the want that, I wouldn’t say dropped emotions, but you have to be very logical.  You know, you’re in a small space—you guys all have to behave with each other.

Contrary to popular belief, there are some dark Draconians who do go down there that are more royal members or higher leaders.  When they are down there, they are not allowed to fight; they are not allowed to do all of the things that everyone doesn’t like them to do.  You have to be perfectly behaved down there.  They do not put up with any shenanigans.  I’ve gotten sent home so many times just for raising my voice at somebody.

But I have been down there.  I ended up getting worked on by a few scientists down there as well because, again, they were trying to figure out my DNA structure.  I ended up having my DNA everywhere—in energy weapons, like my body parts were cloned and used as other medical stuff, and just all sorts of crazy stuff.  I had so many clones running around—that was ridiculous.  Luckily I got that figured out and nullified.

1. See Apollymi’s 2022 interview with Cosmic Brilliance: she later learned that she has never lived in her original body, but has always been clones of it.  Her body is kept in stasis. https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/12/20/apollymi-mandylion-milmoe-interviews/

2. In 1990 Emery Smith entered the USAF, stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. There he was trained as a surgical technician and he went on to work under specialized surgeons around the world. From this he was offered contract work at Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory (private corporations), where he worked on alien tissues. He later formed his own medical and biotechnology companies. In 2018 Smith began disclosing his knowledge of the many suppressed technologies that he became aware of in the Secret Space Program. (https://www.bitchute.com/video/uOqXWZE7i1mn/)

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