Epic Daniel Sala Interview With John Whitberg and Apollymi (2)

Reincarnation, Ascension, Judgment, Wiping the Planet Clean for the Next Species

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Andromeda is the name of a galaxy where there are humans and arcturians

(26:30)  DANIEL:  Apollymi, you also mentioned something interesting, that the Andromedans are in league with the U.S. government, and they’re one of the two main factions, and the other ones are the Draco.  And could you say where you came by this information?

APOLLYMI:  Uh, some of that is classified!  But basically, I got some intelligence from actually being part of the Universal Council meetings.  Because there are some presidents who go up there, and the Andromeda high counsellor— well, I call him the high Andromedan chancellor; his title is hard for me to pronounce.  But I started putting a lot of the pieces together and started digging and got into quite a bit of trouble, but, yeah.  Some of the information got revealed to me, and it’s a bit disturbing, because of the fact that our politics are basically ET chess games.

DANIEL:  Do you know anything about the physical characteristics of these Andromedans?  Are they the ones with light blue skin?

APOLLYMI:  Uh-huh.  Yeah, well, their skin color varies, but they’re the blue-skinned ones, certainly.

DANIEL:  Oh, wow.  So, they sound like the ones from Alex Collier’s account. Are there many ETs, from your experience, that look a lot like us, like humans—almost interchangeable?

APOLLYMI:  Yes, absolutely.  In Andromeda alone, there are about five different human species that— they can be a little taller, some of them are shorter, their skin—  [With some], you could not tell they were ET.

DANIEL:  And that’s why it’s best to not judge an ET by his cover, right?  Because they can be just as malevolent as anyone, and [we should instead] judge them by their energy, I guess.

APOLLYMI:  Absolutely.  Actions, energies: you can’t really judge anyone by his species, either.  Again, I’ve met Arcturians who worked for the Dark Council, and they weren’t double-agents at all.  I’ve met Pleiadians, I’ve met humans [who worked for the Draco].  In outer space, it’s no different than here.  Everyone thinks that they’re so miraculous and that they have to be evolved to be in space, but you actually don’t.  You do to a point, but once that evolution happens and you get off of your seed-planet—if you were even born on a seed planet or your species just happens to be on a seed planet—actually, it can go anywhere.  You can do anything that you want, just like down here.  Your ties don’t have to be with your species.  It’s just the way that things are up there.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t make bad choices.

The Sirians are really close to the Andromedan species and the Arcturians—the Arcturians are the ones with the blue skin.  Andromedans—  I’ve never known an Andromedan to identify himself as such.  But there are a lot of humans in Andromeda, but the head councilmember of the Andromeda Council is an Arcturian.  And the Arcturians and the Sirians are very close to one another.

DANIEL:  But aren’t Sirians the albinos?

APOLLYMI:  Yeah, they look human.  They look like a hybrid between a human and an Arcturian.  So, they’ve got the larger heads, they have really pale skin, they have more humanoid facial features.  They’re slender, though, like an Arcturian; their build is less muscular than that of a human.  And they are very Zen-like.

I actually got a private training with a nobleman over there, and they have something similar to Zen Buddhism, very like Taoism.  They have swordplay; they actually do a lot of the monk forms.  I got to spar with one of them, and it was very graceful, very graceful sparring.  She was trying to help me discover myself more.  She was like, “You’re so afraid of yourself,” because I was pulling my punches.  I was unsure of myself in my movement with her.  And she was telling me all this stuff, and it was one hundred percent correct, from my body movements and my hesitation.  And over there, I’m an avid fighter, a pretty good fighter: it’s not as if I’m unskilled.  It’s just the way that they understand body movement is connected to the soul.  Because I didn’t want to hurt them at all, and so I was kind of jerky to them, I guess, hesitant.  She was like, “You need to trust yourself!” and I’m like, “The last time I trusted myself I blew up Maldek, okay? Not going to happen!”



(1:54:00) DANIEL: And the major religion, I think you mentioned, is Asatru? (https://supersoldiertalk.com/general-overview-of-the-breakaway-society-2/)

JOHN: Yes, at least in the ethnically German colonies.  I remember some Iranian Muslims on Mars; their version of Islam wasn’t the same as the one here.  For example, the women didn’t wear head-scarves, and I think they had incorporated a lot astrology into it, which is kind of wierd.  There are also Israeli colonies where they still practice Judaism.  And I’ve remembered one Russian colony where they actually had a Russian Orthodox Church.

DANIEL:  What about the ET religions?

APOLLYMI:  Some ETs do have religion, yes.  Either it is the all-mighty Source, or there are certain high teachers.  For example, the Draconians have a couple of deities: one of them is Tiamat.  They know a lot more about Tiamat than the Persians.

Tiamat is the Sumero-Babylonian Mother and Chaos Goddess.  She is the elemental powerful force of chaos that was split in two to form the heavens and earth.  She is often depicted as either as a serpent or a dragon.  Tiamat is the personification of the primordial waters from which all life was formed.

DANIEL:  And the Draconians, do they worship Tiamat?

APOLLYMI:  Some of them do, yes.

DANIEL:  And she’s a dragon.

APOLLYMI:  Yes, she is a dragon, with seven heads.  The Persians only give her five, but she actually has seven, according to the Draconians.

DANIEL:  So, you haven’t seen her?  You haven’t seen Tiamat?

APOLLYMI:  It’s complicated.  She’s still alive: she’s just not in this dimension; she’s not in this universe.  But they give offerings; they do rituals.  Of course, you can do a blood-sacrifice on the battlefield, ‘cause some dark Draconians are like that.  Even the neutral and positive Draconians still give their offerings to Tiamat.  She’s considered the mother of all dragons—in many different universes, too.  It’s not just the Draconians who came from the other universe as well.  So, there are many, many dragons, many, many Draconians, and we’re talking about actual dragons, who also view Tiamat as one of the dragon mothers.  [With respect to the notion] that she’s a warrior-like deity and you have to give her blood-sacrifices, it can be as easy as anything that you make—she’s very easily pleased.

Marduk destroys Tiamat


They also have a couple of other dragon deities as well; I don’t remember their names.

Cylinder seal (The British Museum )


APOLLYMI:  The Sirians actually have the philosopy of Source.  They do not worship Source.  Many of the ETs do not worship deities as humans do.  They see them as a teacher, they see them as a counsellor, they see them as a parent.  The Sirians [revere] Source, which is why they [seem like monks]: they meditate a lot, they are very balanced, because they understand the balance of the universe, both good and bad.

DANIEL:  I think most of the seeder races believe in the one creator of all, right, which is also Source.  But you did mention something very interesting, that the Sirians and Andromedans are trying to bring about the Laws of One here on our planet.  And do you know why?

(1:59:30)  APOLLYMI:  Well, the Hinovian Laws of One will never exist in this universe because they’re not (enforced).  Souce itself does not enforce the Laws of One.  There is no one to (enforce) it here the way that it is (enforced) in Hinova, because you have no free will in Hinova.  It is very strict there.  And so they are trying to bring some [version] of the Laws of One here, because in the Laws of One, you understand that Source is the creator of everything, both bad and good, and that there is balance in everything.  You can’t have one without the other.

In Hinova, we have only one thing, and we have to agree to be harmed, or we have to agree to have traumatic experiences in order to grow, because you don’t get that over there.  Everything is absolutely peaceful.  And it leads to a one-way-street of learning.  But they’re trying to bring it over here to balance out all of the negativity and all of the miscommunication of many of the religions, too, because everyone is taught to be (submissive), versus seeing their deity as a parent, as teacher.  (Submissive) is what the dark Dracos want, because it makes you easy to control. . . . It really is up to the individual (to assert his sovereignty).  And training yourself to become strong enough to control yourself—because that is all you can ever control in this universe—is the most important thing.

DANIEL:  And maybe that was their plan from the beginning, right?

APOLLYMI:  I’ve had this conversation with the high Andromedan chancellor who is an Arcturian, and one of the other high chancellors who is a Sirian.  They don’t understand humans as well as they think they do, not in the way that (humans feel) and not in the way that humans think.  Because humans are more emotional than logical.  You can be (very intelligent) and still be illogical.  But they just don’t get it, because they haven’t had the experience of it.  And when I merged with them to give them the experience, they felt, “No, this isn’t right; this isn’t acceptable.”  And I (responded), “Well, how do you think we feel!  I’m not even human and I’m still down here and I have to deal with this stuff!  And I’m still having (problems) being down here, so how do you think humans feel being down here?  I’m more logical than emotional and I’m still having problems, so how do you expect anyone to ascend on this planet?”



(2:08:30)   DANIEL:  Also, Apollymi, considering that the Laws of One universe that is one where karma manifests instantly, is there room for good and evil in such places?

APOLLYMI:  In Hinova, yes.  You can still have bad intentions.  Hinova does not take away your ability to think and feel all of the emotions.  People (imagine) that (if I want to beat someone up), that it’s a negative thought and feeling, that it doesn’t belong in a place like Hinova.  Hinova would be considered like heaven to most people.  It is part of your consciousness; it’s part of everything’s consciousness.  It (wanting to beat someone up) is a feeling that is on the opposite side of the spectrum.  And it’s still part of creation and balance, but acting on that is a completely different thing. . . .

In the teachings— because we live with our creators over there.  Nothing is hidden from us over there.  We know who the Immortal Seven are.  We know what Source is.  We know that our creators were created by the creator, and they live with us, and they teach us and everything.  They teach how to be balanced, what to do with anger and emotions, and when to use it and when not to use it.  If you want to fight, you have to sign contracts over there to go to designated battle areas and fight, where you can die and be reincarnated.  Otherwise, you would live forever as just one species over there, and I mean like an eternity.

DANIEL:  You mentioned incarnating: and is it true that the souls that have finished their reincarnation cycle in, say, this universe, return to Hinova after they are done?

APOLLYMI:  So, dying will take you to a place in Hinova, but it doesn’t take you to the outer area of Hinova.  You basically go into a certain dimension in Hinova, which is an afterlife area.  It is where you are not in a physical dimension of the same.  So, you can have your afterlife, your soul rests, it goes through everything it needs to, depending on which religion you’re in, because [the religions] have certain areas.  The afterlife is very complicated. I’ll be [talking about] that in my disclosure, because people need to know.  None of it is really a lie: it’s just complicated.  And you can choose— when it’s your time to be reincarnated, there are certain places where you can be reincarnated.

Hinova is immense

(2:11:50)  DANIEL:  And it also dwarfs our universe, Hinova, right?  It’s huge, much bigger.

APOLLYMI:  So, to put it into scale, our entire universe would be like a tiny speck of dust over there. Hinova is incredibly big.

JOHN:  Wow.

DANIEL:  And we can’t even find the limits of this one.

APOLLYMI:  No, you can’t.  I mean, eventually you could find the limits of this one, I’m sure.  I’m sure most species have, but, yeah, it is very, very, very huge.  It is the first universe; well, “first universe.”  They call it Central Universe.


Breakaway humans hybridized with alien species

(2:12:40) DANIEL:  So, jumping back to the colonies, John, are some of the populations of the colonies hybridized with extraterrestrial DNA?

JOHN:  Yeah.

DANIEL:  They even look it?

JOHN:  Yeah, uh-huh.

DANIEL:  And what is the purpose?

JOHN:  They just— most of the time it was just people being horny.  Sometimes did do that because they wanted an entire colony to be telepathic, or something like that, but most of the time it was like they got integrated with the native species and they started having kids.

DANIEL:  It’s as simple as that?

JOHN:  Yeah.

DANIEL:  Interesting.  But I’m guessing some are of are part experimental planets and— that have intentionally crossed with us to see what would happen, right?

JOHN:  I’m sure, yeah.

(2:16:30)  DANIEL:  And what about the average intelligence of the humans in the Breakaways?  And also, are there many telepathic humans there?

JOHN:  There are a lot of telepathic humans here; it’s just that our society supresses it.  Their society does not.  They encourage it.  Schoolteachers in the Breakaway will actively look for signs of that, and then, if they find kids who are showing signs, they will be trained.  Average IQ, it’s probably a little bit more, just because the issues we have on Earth that cause lower IQs, such as Down’s syndrome and things like that, don’t exist out there.

DANIEL:  The poisons.

JOHN:  Yeah.  They just don’t exist out there, especially with regeneration technology.  Even if a kid was born with something like that, they could just regenerate him and get rid of that.

DANIEL:  So, it sounds like where our average is around 100, their’s is around 150.

JOHN:  Yeah, I’d say something like that.  Yeah.

DANIEL:  Also, how did ET races end up cohabiting with the humans, and what were some of their major traits?

JOHN:  Uh, in a lot of these places, when we colonized their planets, either they were friendly and receptive to us, or we were friendly and receptive to them.  And so, they just became integrated.


Disclosure in the Breakaways

(2:20:30) DANIEL:  And you also mentioned the fact that you have discolosure movements out in the Breakaway planets, which is a first.  Does that mean that information is equally suppressed there as it is on Earth?

JOHN:  I would say moreso.  I would say it’s comparable to China or Saudi Arabia.  There is internet and there is like a dark web where people will post conspiracy theories, but something like what we’re doing on YouTube, that is a mainstream site, where we talk about this, that would not be possible.  There is a disclosure movement for two big reasons.  One is, everyone out there has been told that Earth is no longer habitable—in the Breakaway colonies, at least, they’ve all been told that.  And much like how on Earth we have pictures proving that there is stuff on Mars, there are people out there who will take pictures—

DANIEL:  Proving that there is life on Earth.

JOHN:  Yeah.  And the other big thing is that there is— I’ve mentioned earlier, most people don’t know about the slavery that is happening out there, at all.  Only the elite, and sometimes the military know that, because the slaves are either in dedicated slave colonies or working alongside the elite in their elite colonies.  The working class, the paid ones, have no idea that that is happening.  So, there is a movement of people like smuggling pictures and stuff, and like testimonies of slaves.


The Alex Jones of the Breakaway colonies

I’ve actually remembered, the Breakaway has its own version of Alex Jones.  She’s a Vietnamese-American woman living— I believe it’s in the American colony on Vega Prime.  I grew up in the German colony on Vega Prime, but in the American colony there is a woman who does Alex-Jones-type of stuff.  And when I got assigned to my Dark Fleet ship and learned that I would be speaking English because it had an American captain, I had to re-learn English.  So, I would watch that show to re-learn English.  But yeah, there’s a disclosure movement.

DANIEL:  Right. And did they have access to internet that was interplanetary, or was it set to each planet?

JOHN:  There’s interplanetary (internet), yeah.  They do have something similar to Facebook; I can’t remember what it’s called, but they do have that.  They do have ways of communicating, because, for example, you might have a family member on another planet, so there are ways to communicate interplanetary.


The Fifth Era of Man

(1:30:00) DANIEL:  I believe you have it on good authority that this is the Fifth Era of Man, which is consistent with another notable SSP account.  And do you know how and why the previous have been reset?

APOLLYMI:  Again, that has to do with the star-seed project.  And it resets every couple thousand years.

DANIEL:  That’s it?  That little?


DANIEL:  Because isn’t it like the 12,000 years that we hear about, the cataclysmic cycle?

APOLLYMI:  Uh-huh, yeah.  It’s that little because a new species can end up devastating the ecosystem and the planet, and it takes a lot of money and a lot of time to reset.  So, also, it’s basically like—  And it’s not just this planet: it’s every seed planet.  So, whatever their rotation cycle is, it’s set in that timeline.  But it’s enough time for the species to evolve, and animals and plants to evolve, without too much detriment—unless the rules are broken and certain entities give people technology they’re not supposed to have.  So, naturally evolving on their own, or whatever the theme of the experiment is—

DANIEL:  What about— without necessarily going into detail, do you know who put the frequency cap over Earth that removes our abilities?

APOLLYMI: I’m assuming you’re talking about the veil. The veil is what puts a limit on the quanta or prana or chi energy on this planet. The matrix is what makes the illusion of only humans being here, and a few other things. But the veil was put up because it’s part of the experiment. It’s part of going through the ascension process with almost no abilities. Because when you start accessing your abilities, you start accessing your DNA (and) you start accessing your memories, and they didn’t want that. This was supposed to be a blind experiment with no contact from the ET parents, (and) only having teachings down here of the apocalypse and the ascension. Because the ascension happens first, and then the apocalypse happens—the wipe, as we call it, the reset. [It was] to see how the species would interact and to see if they could evolve [and] ascend on their own with just teachings. Honestly, I think it’s the most stupid experiment ever. I’ve had my (meetings) about it with a lot of the councils that set up this experiment. I and few other people were invited to sit down with those councils and have and talk with them, and be like, “Okay, what worked? What didn’t work? What are your thoughts on this?” Because I work for the star-seed council as well. And I was like, “You guys are a bunch of idiots.”

(2:34:40)  DANIEL:  And is the veil also responsible for us not remembering our past lives?

APOLLYMI:  Yes, that is also a huge one.  There are several other star-seed planets that can have that up, because it is part of the ascension process, because you cannot ascend sometimes if you already know what your past is.  And it gives you a new slate to, basically, experience a life and go through everything.  Of course, you’re supposed to be ascending at the same time: you’re not supposed to be stuck not knowing anything.  But it allows you to have a life without being influenced from your past lives.

DANIEL:  So, there’s a clear rationale to it.

APOLLYMI:  Yes, yeah.  So, it will allow you to build character before you start remembering everything.  There are certain gifted people down here who have quite a bit of their memory of maybe one or two or three of their past lives, maybe (insights) here and there, or definite memories that have scarred their soul in a good way or bad, that make their morals the way that they are.

DANIEL:  Right, right.  But it’s put in place for a reason, (yet) you seem to (complain) about it.

APOLLYMI:  Right.  And you’re supposed to go through the ascension process, which allows you to activate your DNA.  Your DNA holds all the memory of your ancestors, including yourself, so when your soul starts to resonate with it, you’ll start to get more past lives.  Not everyone gets past lives, especially if your higher self doesn’t want you to have those past lives just yet.  It isn’t a good or a bad thing: it just means that it’s not time yet.


The most messed-up experiment ever

(2:36:40)  DANIEL:  Right.  And let’s go to the final question, which is, you at one point said that this was the most messed-up of all the star-seed planets.  What makes it that way, and what happens if we don’t get it together?

APOLLYMI:  There are worse planets than this when it comes to environment, when it comes to slavery or abuse, that sort of thing.  What is really messed-up about this planet is the experiment itself.  Not only do you (have amnesia), but the veil is put up, which is incredibly high.  Most seed planets do not have a veil; they do not have a power cap.  And this just means that ascension is extremely hard.  Because, when you’re born on another planet and you have to go through your ascension process, you’re still going to have your empathy; you’re still going to have telepathy, perhaps, if the DNA allows it.  You’re still going to have abilities.  (Having) abilities does not equal ascension.  It’s a (by-)product that happens; sometimes you get better at it.  But ascension is the evolution of consciousness: it becomes more mature; it becomes more understanding of the full universe spectrum around you.  It’s like growing up.  But you can have your abilities from birth.  The veil caps that; it makes it so that we don’t have that, or it’s incredibly hard to manifest here.  Between that and the (amnesia), and just the complete chaos of the experiment—not having your celestial parents here, not having someone to teach you the points of ascension—is completely messed up.  This is the worst place that I’ve ever been to for a seed planet.  And normally, I get set down on the seed planets for four years before judgment is passed, before the time of the wipe.

So, what’s going to happen if things don’t get better: the wipe’s going to happen regardless of whether people ascended or not.  You haven’t hit [UI], which is one hundred percent ascension of everyone on the planet.  Not the planet itself–the planet has its own process to go through; the planet is not entirely included on this.  It’s the things living on it.  We barely reached the ten-percent mark; so, everyone is on personal judgment right now; it’s no longer a group effort, unfortunately.

So, what’s going to happen?  The wipe is going to happen, regardless.  The wipe always happens unless [all sentient beings ascend].  [People are] going to be taken off of this planet, and then [they’re] going to be judged.  They’re going to see how much [people have advanced] and then place [them] on a hub planet that was mentioned earlier.  And then [they’ll] be re-integrated into galactic society and able to live [their lives] there, or go out and explore as well.

DANIEL:  So, it’s still up in the air whether (there will be) a happy outcome; it’s up to the individual, as you said before, right?

APOLLYMI:  Right, but they’re going to do a wipe on this planet regardless, because this planet is very damaged.  It is so damaged, they’re going to end up doing the wipe and healing the planet.

DANIEL:  What window of time?

APOLLYMI:  Between 2025 to 1,000 years from now is your time-frame.  The first judgment has already happened.  The second judgment will happen 1,000 years after 2025.  And then, after that, it could take all the way up to another 1,000 years before the wipe happens.

JOHN:  So, when they do this, all our souls will just go to other seed planets, or what?

APOLLYMI:  No, it will be your physical body.  Therefore, many of us may not even exist by the time the actual judgment and wipe happens.



Interview:  https://youtu.be/QspBEZCco2M

Saint Olga 69:  https://www.youtube.com/c/SaintOlga69/videos

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John Whitberg (Sept. 20, 2022).  “General Overview of the German Breakaway Society Part II  https://supersoldiertalk.com/general-overview-of-the-breakaway-society-2/

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