Return of the Twenty-Four Civilizations

The following conversation is from a 1990 session with a collective known as The Council of Nine, who spoke through a medium named Phyllis Schlemmer.  Andrew is Andrija Puharich.  The Council of Nine is in contact with the Twenty-Four Civilizations, but the Council is more powerful.

Altea – Aragon – Ashan – Hoova – Myrex

ANDREW:  The next myths that we hear about are those about the Atlantean civilization.  Did it exist and how long did it last?  We have a beginning presumably just after the Akesu period.

Tom:  We were wondering when you would ask.  I may explain, but briefly.  Atlantis ended 11,000 years ago of your time, and it began 32,000 years ago.  What is called Atlantis was a colony which developed and with which we made contact.  When I say we, I do not mean The Nine, but other civilizations.  These civilizations translated technology.  From there, other colonies went out, taking the knowledge and technology with them.  At that time, because of the gravitational pull, not all the technology was refined enough in order for it to be functional on this planet Earth.  The time has now come when all this technology may be utilised.

ANDREW:  What did they call it themselves?  I’d like to get the true name.

Tom:  They were in truth Alteans.  They were of the civilization of Altima.

* * *

MIKI:  Could you tell us about the circumstances in which a major landing of the Twenty-Four Civilizations on Earth would be carried out?

Tom:  If there were an imperative to land because of major destruction upon Planet Earth, then the civilizations would amass over the major cities to cause those in power to stop the destruction.  There are those in the atmosphere of Earth and those in closeness to your planet Earth that would make themselves quickly visible if there were the necessity.  Altea has said to tell you that plans for a landing are currently on hold, for at this time it would create great chaos; for the percentage of humans accepting the civilizations’ existence is insufficient, and also because we do not want to cause warlike attack by humans on the visitors of the civilizations.  However, we assure you that if Planet Earth were near major destruction, the civilizations would arrive and stop it.

MIKI:  Is it only in case of big danger for this world that a landing would happen?

Tom:  It would happen when those of the planet Earth do not feel a need to attack, or if there were great danger on Planet Earth; therefore, in any [event] it will happen.  But currently they are on hold; yes.

I will explain about the landing, and what it means to your planet.  Our technology, first of all, will help you to understand how to raise your vegetables, your cattle, to purify your water, and to raise the vibration of souls—to bring them out of darkness.  When we say darkness, we do not mean negativity, but true darkness, in which people do not see and do not understand the cosmic.  And they also do not understand that when they hate and have anger, this creates a problem for the universe.  Only by raising the level of this planet and the level of consciousness of this planet, perfecting the love and perfecting the core that is inside each human, can we then go on and perfect other planets in the galaxies.  This planet is one of the lowest that a soul comes to, in order to learn a lesson.  The tragedy is the density of this planet; it is like a mire, it is sticky, and these beings get trapped in this stickiness.  We are going to raise the level of this planet with your help, which will make this planet a lighter planet.  The energy then coming from this planet will be sent into the universe, and will help raise the level of consciousness and the levels of other planets.  Do you understand that principle?

ANDREW:  Yes.  Now I take it that this will all come out in the new science that you once said you are giving us?

Tom:  This is true.  There will be mutations.  Also your planet will be raised to that type of vibration where there will [still] be physical relationships, but it will not be the primary concern.  This energy will be put to use to preserve this planet.  We do not object to sex, and it is none of our business as far as your physical relationships are concerned.  We realize the necessity of physical relationships.  But we are speaking of raising the level of the vibration so [that] the energy is not dissipated in physical relationships.

These new beings that are coming to your planet and are being born on your planet, and the children that have the sonars in them—  I was going to try to give you the names of the different galaxies and planets that these beings come from to help the Earth, but the names are so difficult in your language.

Tom:  There is in each civilization a different manifestation of love.  Altea will proceed with technology, to bring forth knowledge of nondestructive technologies—which work in unison with the nature of Planet Earth—to help with production without destruction.

Aragon will come with knowledge and wisdom, and the ability to release disruption and pain within a physical body.  For it is Aragon’s concern to relieve humans of bondage arising from the influence of physical pain.  Such relief can free the mind.  That does not mean there will not be suffering, for there will be those that choose to suffer, but those upon whom suffering and disease have been inflicted by mankind, not by their soul’s choice, can then be helped, to give such souls an opportunity to perform what was their true choosing.

Ashan will awaken the creativity in humans upon Planet Earth, and through great music and great art will educate in the ways of the universe.

With great love, Hoova of the Nazarene comes to bring love to Planet Earth.  They will set down a system to begin to teach humans what they must do for themselves to help Planet Earth and the souls that are trapped.  They will explain the systems of the universe.  But most importantly, they will make humans aware that they alone are not in control of the universe, that they are not alone as beings, and that they must be responsible not only for themselves and for the planet, but also for the universe.  For if humanity causes destruction of its planet, it is then responsible for millions of souls. And again, most important, they will instill in humans that life does not cease upon the death of the physical body, so you cannot escape the consequences of what you have done.  That is the most important.

* * *

Sometimes, over the years, what the group were led to expect did not occur, and this has created questions, of which the next exchange is an example:

JOHN:  I’d like to say that if you are who you say you are, then you can be anywhere in time, in past, present, and future.  And how is it then, that you’ve told us that some things would happen, and they had not happened?  If you can be in the future then you would also know that something would either happen or not.  Could you explain this phenomenon to me so I can understand it more clearly?

Tom:  We will attempt to explain it in this manner.  We are sitting upon a mountain; visualize this within your mind.  When we sit upon this mountain, we have a view of the entirety of Earth.  Underneath us sit other mountains which you cannot see through with your eyes for you are in a physicalness.  We could view what is behind us, that which you call the past, as complete.  We can remember what it was like on the other side of the mountains in the past.  In front of us, we can see other mountains, but we cannot see behind them, only over and between them.  And when you come down from the mountain, to go into the future, you cannot see over the whole landscape.  As you come around a mountain, you will find several roads or tracks, each leading into the future. If there are blockages in all but one of the paths, then there is only one path to take.  But if you know how to remove a blockage, you may then take another path, and you will have greater choice.

There is never just one future: there are several choices of future.  This is involving your will.  If we know what is the future, then that means that we in truth have become involved, and have manipulated your free will.  It is not for us to be involved with your free will, or with manipulation.

We see many futures.  As an example, we will use your country (Britain).  If before your World War (1939-1945) your Churchill had not been in stable health or had been assassinated, then the future of your nation in the end may have been mostly accomplished, but not in the same manner.  And it could have completely changed the future of your country.  If it had not proceeded as it had, there could have been a big difference.  We understand that this is not a satisfactory answer, but we do not know how (else) to explain. We are not pre-ordaining your future.

JOHN:  Yes, I understand better.  When you said such-and-such would happen, I assumed that this was a certainty, and I should have seen that as one of several possibilities.

Tom:  This was our error, not yours.  Our concern was that if we had told you that we had failed and made a mistake, you would not be able to sustain your involvement and efforts.

There is one situation we will guarantee to you from us: we will not permit the destruction of Earth.  It is not the Twenty-four civilizations that will not permit it, for they also have limitations.  It is only possible for us to prevent it.  But by using our power with theirs, we would not permit the destruction of Earth.  When we say this, we mean the total destruction of the planet; yes.


Phyllis Schlemmer (1993).  The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space.  Purchase here:

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