Barrage of Information

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Barrage of Information

Evelyn was a nurse working with dying patients.  She displayed great compassion and enjoyed doing this type of work.  However, she wanted to know about a suspected UFO incident.  She had a memory of being visited in her room and that was what she wanted to explore during the session.  She also had irrational memories of seeing aliens in an incubator and suspended-animation setting.  When she was in trance I took her back to her house on the supposed date of the incident, just before going to bed (what I call the “back door” approach.)

She described her small apartment and said her kitty and her little dog liked to sleep with her in her big bed.  On this night she was restless and was having difficulty falling asleep, even though it was after midnight.  Then something began to happen that made this night different.  “This figure came down through the ceiling.  I am surprised.  The animals see it but there’s nothing they can do.”  I asked for a description, and now she described two beings.  “They have long arms, human kind of arms. They have clothes, black suits on and black shirts, black shoes.”

D:  They blend in with the darkened room, don’t they?  What do their faces look like?

E:  Almost human, but they’re not human.  Big black eyes and round, like a human, but they’re bigger.  No emotions.  They don’t talk.  They don’t smile.  They don’t look angry.  They don’t look anything.  Just a face.  Short dark hair.

D:  What happens?

E:  Pulled my arm, my right arm, but he grabbed it in the wrong spot or something.  It hurts.  (I gave suggestions that it would not bother her.)  Strong — he’s very strong.  He’s pulling me by my arms.  The one on the other side is more cautious, I guess, but the right one, he pulled my arm.  Plus, I’m heavy.  We went up through the roof.

D:  They must be strong if they can do that.

E:  They don’t have to be strong.  It works in other ways.  It has something to do with gravity.  They know how to do that.

D:  So you’re going up toward the ceiling?

E:  No, we’re already up over the roof.

D:  What did that feel like to go through the roof?

E:  Funny.  Going through it, you become one with the roof.  You can feel all the roofing it’s made out of, and they look like air bubbles or something.  The ceiling becomes different.  Almost like a painting and not existing, really.

* * *

There were several similar cases reported in Custodians.  In each of these cases the person was accompanied by two beings, one on each side, as though that is necessary to help them pass through solid objects and go to the craft.

E:  That surprised me.  We just went right through it.  Now I’m outside and looking down on the building.  It happens too fast.  I don’t even know what to think.

D:  Where are you going?  Can you see?

E:  No, upward someplace, but I can’t see.  It happens very fast.

D:  What’s the next thing you see?

E:  It’s a room.  It’s dark.  It has light in it but it’s still dark.  No windows, no doors.

D:  Are these two beings still with you?

E:  Yes.  They’re standing right behind me.  I’m thinking this is not happening.

D:  What do you mean?

E:  This is a ship.  This is a space ship, and those two guys behind me are not human.  So my logical conclusion tells me that somebody just picked me up for a ride.

D:  How do you know it’s a space ship?

E:  How do I know?  I just know.

D:  What happens next?

E:  Nothing.  We’re just standing there waiting for something.

* * *

I had no way of knowing how long this would take, so I had her condense time so she would see whatever it was they were waiting for.  She then saw lights come on in a long hallway and a creature approached her.

E:  This creature is very, very tall.  He’s pleasant, but I don’t remember seeing anything like that before  His face is shaped like a pear, no hair and no chin, and he’s very intelligent, smart.  I think he’s some type of leader.  His skin is very different from ours.  It’s almost like he is solid skin: no clothing, no shoes or anything.

D:  What do you mean by solid skin?

E:  No pores breathing on the skin like humans would have.  But it’s soft.  It’s very, very soft, thin.  Very, very long fingers.

D:  How many fingers?

E:  Four fingers, but they’re almost the same length.  It seems like there’s a thumb, but I think those are not really located the same way, and it is just closer to each other.

D:  Does he have eyes, nose and mouth like we do?

E:  Yes, but he’s not using them.  They don’t have a function, really.  He’s not using his nose to breathe.  And he’s not using his mouth to eat or drink.  And he doesn’t have teeth or a tongue, either.  It’s just there for, I don’t know, decoration or something.

D:  What about his eyes?

E:  Theyr’e long, oval shaped — very pretty.  I never saw those colors before.  Just like mine — greenish blue — same color as mine.  He doesn’t need to use the eyes the way we do.  He sees, but he does everything in his mind.  He doesn’t use them for reading or any of the functions we do, but they’re also very sensitive eyes, very soft.

* * *

At this point Evelyn began to cough and had a difficult time stopping.  I gave her suggestions to relieve it so we could continue and it wouldn’t distract her.

E:  He’s telling me something about my lungs.  Polluted, too polluted.

D:  Can he see your lungs?

E:  Yes, in his mind.

D:  He can see inside your body?

E:  He doesn’t need to see: he can sense it.  He just knows everything.

D:  Is there anything he can do about the lungs, or is that what he does?

E:  He does many things.  He does everything.  He says our whole environment is polluted.

Evelyn was still coughing, so I had to give more suggestions.

E:  He said that the pollution has almost reached a breaking point, so it needs to be cleaned.  The climate itself.  He showed me that big winds need to come and blow all the pollution away.

D:  Is it possible to do that?

E:  Anything is possible, you know.  He tries to tell me in words I can understand, saying if the big winds come on the surface and go around Earth clockwise, with some kind of elements or energies in it, it just removes all the dark, gray poison.  The pollution is not only air pollution, it is all the human and negative emotions that are polluting.  It’s all connected. He is showing it’s all combined, it’s all one.

D:   But if they have a strong wind come and try to blow this away, will that affect the people?

* * *

About this point I could tell that Evelyn was no longer acting as the observer receiving answers from the entity.  As usually happens, the entity took over and began to answer the questions directy.  Evelyn was removed from the conversation.  When this happens I can get answers directly, without going through the person’s censoring mind-filter.

E:  It wouldn’t have to kill the people because the combination of the wind would have energy particles in it, like energy forces built into this wind.  Hundreds and hundreds of different particles in it.  It not only would clean the air, but it would clear the vibrations.  It would blow through the human body like an energy wave, cleaning it and all the mountains, rivers and animals.  So it’s not just a wind: it has many different hundreds of components.  He said I wouldn’t understand.

D:  So it’s not like a hurricane or that kind of wind?

E:  Very strong wind, but it also contains energy.  It just blows over the whole planet.

D:  We always think of strong winds as being destructive.

E:  This is the simulation where it would rotate clockwise around the planet lke a wind, a fog in the wind.  It’s a strong wind, but it won’t have a hurricane kind of damage.  It’s like a foggy, clean, clear energy.  It will have a lot of neutralizing energy.  They are going to neutralize energies, bad energies.  Poison, misery, depression, money—none of these things would even matter.  When this wind goes through the planet, people will forget things that happened in the past.  Amnesia: they would have amnesia.  These particles would clear a lot of things.

D:  What do you mean, they would forget things that happened in the past?

E:  They will have a new beginning.

D:  You mean they will forget the things they were holding on to?

E:  No.  Whatever they had, they will have, but they will see things much differently now — a different perspective, a different view, a different understanding, a different consciousness.  That’s the only way we can clean this planet, there’s so much damage done.

D:  Do you think it will affect all the people here?

E:  Oh, yes, the whole planet.  It has to.  We can’t just do half and not the other half.

D:  But some people are so deep in negativity.

E:  Doesn’t matter.  They grow stronger.  It will give them amnesia of the bad things, and they need to move on with the good things—a lot of light and love.  It will mostly put an end to time and we just have a new page.  No question about your past.  Many are looking forward to this.  They know that something is coming.

D:  They know it is time to let go of the past?

E:  Yes, and work with a guide light, work with the universe.

D:  But by doing this, are you going against their free will?

E:  No, because time doesn’t exist, so we just put an end to this time.  And they can pick it up next time whenever they go to another place.  Just postpone it, if you want to look at time, just postpone it.

D:  But I was thinking free will is so very important.  I thought they were not allowed to interfere with free will.

E:  We understand what you’re saying, but we will have more time to explain it.  Let’s put it this way: priority — you have priority.  Our priority is — no, that’s not a good explanation.  We are one.  We are God, with God, energy.  You’ve been playing your games for many, many millions of years.  You are in a little playpen, and we watch you all the time practicing your games.  But you are doing damage to the playpen, and we don’t want this disease to spread to others who are still in the learning process.

D:  By others, do you mean other planets?

E:  Other planets, other beings who are still sort of standing back in a sandbox playing.

D:  Aren’t we all in different learning stages?

E:  You learn what you choose to learn, but you know it already.  You really don’t have anything to learn.  You are God.  You are the all-knowing of all light.  We are all light.

D:  But you know, when we come to Earth we forget all these things.

E:  Because you choose to play in your play-box, in your free will.  And you can do as you wish, so it’s really not interfering, because you cannot interfere with the God as One.  It is just a choice.  You play in the play-box and we are watching you, and we want to make sure that your play doesn’t get out of hand, like little kids.  It’s getting out of hand.  So, we have let you play with time, and now we just clean out the play box.  That’s all.  Just postpone things.

D:  So when we move into this new time, as you said, will something happen to the old Earth?  We talked about the winds, but is anything else going to happen?

E:  Water, rising waters, broken levies, oceans and very big waves.  It’s not only that the wind is going to clear our surface, but it will also help the planet once it goes through the planet as well.  Not only the surface — the whole planet inside and outside.  Inside, outside.

D:  I know there are cities [beneath the surface], aren’t there?

E:  Yes.  For them to clean up their play-box too, some of them.  So let’s do the job anyway.  They’re not all perfect, and some are even playing dirtier games than those on the surface.  So let’s clean all of them.  You are thinking they all have to die; it doesn’t mean that.  It’s just that these wind vibrations will brush through inside and outside.

D:  I was thinking water would be a cleansing, too.

E:  Oh, it takes much more than water to clean out the sandbox.  Every single thing is going to change on your planet.  I’m sorry I can’t explain the details, but every single thing is going to change from what you are experiencing today.  We have the knowledge we have today because we never did actually go to play.  We did not choose that.  Many did, which is fine, that’s what they do.  We stayed in the light.  At all human times we did not choose to, but it does not mean we don’t know what’s going on on your planet or other planets.  The vibration of the planet will be higher.  Although they will not be able to gain yet the vibration that we carry, there will still be significant change.  The frequencies are changing; like radio-wave frequencies, energy bodies, energies.

D:  Will we keep our physical bodies?

E:  Many can, absolutely, yes, with some changes.  Changes will come from the light, from the food supplies.  People will be living more at peace with the environment and with their bodies.  They will understand that the purpose of this body is to serve the purpose of the game, and so they will be ordered to align this body to accommodate whatever game they are playing.  They will be more conscious—if that’s the right word—more conscious of their body, more conscious of the mind, and more alert and awakened to the game.

D:  How will the bodies change?

E:  They’re going to be bubblier, more vibrational.

D:  Will we still consume food?

E:  Well, you’re going to stop killing animals to eat them, because eating the vibrations of a creature will now make you very, very sick.  You will eat more watery things, and when you plant your food, you’re going to plant not with a quantity, but a quality of love.  And it will bring in the higher vibrations when you plant your trees, and the fruits are going to be higher vibrational, so you don’t need to eat as much anymore.

D:  We won’t really need the food?

E:  Not really—just minimal to sustain the liquid part of it.  It contains more liquid than solid.  Anything you plant will have other vibrations.  The roots of the plant you put in the ground, you plant in a higher vibration because your hands and your thoughts, your mind, mentally higer vibration, go into planting so everything is aligning with a higher vibration.

* * *

During the interview Evelyn had mentioned (and it was one of her questions) that she was now nauseated from eating food.  I wondered whether this was causing it.

“Raising her vibrations too fast.  She’s very stubborn and now food makes her sick.”

D:  Why is that happening?

E:  She wants to raise the vibration faster, and so the body is not compliant with the information she knows subconsciously.  We don’t understand why.  We can’t synchronize the body properly.  For some reason it is not crystallizing the body.  We had some [difficulty crystallizing] the physical body to bring in the highest vibration, her original vibration.  We see her thoughts, that she likes food, which is giving up what she will miss; but we need to do it faster.

D:  But you know she has to eat to stay alive.

E:  She stays alive with her good liquids, and crystal needs purity.  In order to raise the vibration in the body you need to crystallize and purify the body from poisonings in the body.  It needs a faster process.  The more we work on the body, the more poisoned by the earth it becomes, so it’s one step forward, two steps backwards, one forward, two backwards.  Can’t keep up with that for some reason.  We do a lot of tunings and do many other things with the physical body.

D:  Do you mean she is resisting it for some reason, or is that the right word?

E:  Much sadness for her not knowing what she was supposed to do, and the level of resistance, the sadness of it.

D:  Where does the sadness come from?

E:  Lonliness in the earth, very, very lonely.  We understand that she wants to come home.  We know that and it makes her very, very sad, very lonely, isolation—isolates herself.

D:  She doesn’t want to be hurt.  She’s been hurt a great deal.

E:  See, the problem here is the mind.  It’s thinking.  Her other mind that we think with, your higher mind, she knows what she is.  She knows who she is.  She knows.

D:  We don’t know these things consciously.  That’s the thing.

E:  We don’t really understand why we have to say everything in words to you people.

D:  I understand. (Laugh)  I work with you a lot.  We do it the slow way.

E:  Yes, but because we know everything, because we tune in to the counselor, the God-knowledge, the light that will blind you, as you say.  It does not blind you—it’s just an expression.  I never liked being in this body before.  I never had physical fingers, okay?  So, I guess in some ways we really don’t understand that part.  We don’t understand, if you’re coming from home—where you’re coming from, where she came from—how you don’t know this.  She knows, but she doesn’t know.  What does that mean?  How can you know and not know at the same time?  See, if you have a cover or something over your eyes, then you remove it.  Your minds are not connected?  We understand that.  But why do you need to ask all these questions when you already know who you are and what you are?

* * *

Evelyn began to ramble during this part, and it didn’t make any sense, so I have left some of it out.  I tried to stick with what seemed to be the most important.

E:  That goes back to her sadness.  She needs to remove all conscious, remove it because you can function without it, believe it or not.  No, that’s not true, because we see you need to speak language, do mathematics and drive a car.  (Laugh)

D:  Because we need the consciousness to live in this world.

E:  Yes, we understand that now.  We are teaching each other, okay?  So we need to bring her out of that dimension a little more and allow her to understand a little more, allow her to see a little more, so her other mind, her conscious mind, will be at ease and allow us to do the frequency exchange to get the vibrations much higher.

D:  But that night we started out examining, she thinks this is the first time she went to the craft and met you.  (Evelyn laughed)  I work with you enough.  I know it probably wasn’t her first time.  (We both laughed)  Why was she brought there that night?

E:  To remind her consciously.  That’s why we allowed her to remember every detail, so that [her curiosity] can take over and [she can] ask more questions instead of just going, “Oh, yeah, whatever.”

D:  That was part of her curiosity: what else happened that night?

E:  What happened is that the top of her head was symbolically removed.  This is symbolically, not physically.  We don’t chop her head off.  (Laugh)

D:  (Laugh)  Yes, I know that.

E:  And allow her to fully experience the fullness of the light.  So she wants everything put into words.  Well, we don’t have fifty million years to put everything into words.  (Laugh)  So it’s very hard.  You can’t put it into words.  There’s not enough time in the universe.  It’s just annoying.

D:  I know.  I’ve been told this many times, that the words were inefficient.

E:  We don’t even have words.  It’s annoying.  One night she will remember the light.

D:  Why did you want her to remember that?

E:  The light?  It’s her origin.  It was always there—it was just covered up.  We want her to fully remember and know—the full knowing, no words.  That’s why this is the missing time she cannot explain, because there was no time in the all-knowing.  To have a full memory and to not worry about other things and questioning things—is it true or not true?  It just is.  There’s no explanation.  God is light, the energy.  The one you call God, it just is—no words.

D:  Do you think this memory will help her life?

E:  Yes.  Then, as she brings energy into the conscious mind, she will also spread it all around.  See, this is part of the wind.  That knowing and the particles that she spreads is part of the wind.  It’s not like a body will blow up and go into a million pieces.  The energy of it, even if it doesn’t project it from the whole body, but from the mind—that will be part of the wind.  But spreading this is a full knowing, and mainly it goes from your third eye part. mainly as well.  You bring that in, what I see now.  You know what I see now?  (What?)  Nothing.  There is nothing.  No words, no thoughts, no nothing, and at the same time it’s everything.  Once you project that, that knowing, everything and nothing becomes part of the wind.

D:  Yet you do exist on this craft as this being, don’t you?

E:  The blue-eyed one?  No.

D:  I’m not sure whom I’m communicating with here.

E:  The original blue-eyed one.  But I’m not a body; I’m a light.  The image I project is a projection.  It’s like a movie.  It’s just for the eye to see, to relate to, but it’s not really me, no.  It is for the eye to see and to remember, a tangible.  You need to give humans pictures so she can tell the story that, “I saw a tall man.”  Because if she said she saw the light, nobody would know what she was saying.

D:  I would, because I work with this.

E:  But they do not.  Impatient.  She has this impatience.  Now that she’s been shown the knowing, she expects everyone else to know it, and it is contributing to another baggage in the body.  Because every negative emotion, impatience, frustrations, all of these will be just another obstacle that we probably can override at this time because she consciously needs to get rid of it.  It needs to be aligned.  You know, it’s sad—what are the words?—the more you know, the more you don’t understand the others.  The more you understand something you cannot even put into words, the less patience you have toward others.  How come they don’t understand the light when they all came from the origin?  How can you forget this?  How can you be so stupid?  How can you not understand?  How [is it that] you don’t know and only have something in you to trigger something of goodness and unconditional pure love?  She does not want a whole person, this light-being; she wants just one microscopic light in everyone to triggered.  She has the ability to trigger these, and yet at the same time she does damage to herself because of no patience, not understanding.  They do not understand, and in some ways, on a conscious level, she doesn’t understand either.  So which is better?  Know less or know more?  How do we balance this equally?  How did you figure out that I had no body?

D:  I have talked to your kind of beings before, that are light.  And many of them do project an image that is easier for humans to understand.

E:  Oh, absolutely.  And we are familiar with people who came here to work with the light as a person.  It’s just very hard to explain things.  But we trick people to give them an image of the body, so now you have hundreds of bodies.  (Laugh)  Confusing, huh?  This is a nice joke for you.

D:  People always think of you as being negative, and I know that’s not what it’s about.

E:  We don’t even understand what negative is.  (Laugh)  We can’t even comprehend it.

D:  But the ones who don’t understand say you are negative.

E:  That is because they don’t see the light and they are afraid.  The fear.  And we’re going to wash that away, too, at least significantly filter it.

D:  She wanted to know if she will be able to have communication with you more often.

E:  Yes, that’s part of her sadness.  You know, we always have the link.  I don’t know how to explain this, but you know we all have the link.  It was always there from day one when she came to this planet in this life.  The very second before birth, we had the link.  So we probably will just show her the light more often.  Like now, it is so bright and so brilliant and this is the only place she finds peace—not in her worldly activities.  Nothing ever made her feel anything—only when we were able to connect fully in the light.

D:  But she had so many negative things happen to her as a child that naturally she forgot.  She became human.

E:  Very busy, yes, very busy with life.  Very busy because we needed to clear up some environment around her.  We needed to spread some of that light and to trigger it, and then, like now, you said free will.  Some complied and some didn’t.  And any time she had very bad times, she didn’t know that she was always here with us.  We brought her home.  That way she was able to move on and on and on, one day at a time.  That’s why so-called self-destruction doesn’t happen, doesn’t exist but in the physical body.  It is not allowed, but she was here with us.  She was home.

D:  What about this tone she hears in her ear every once in a while?

E:  We tried to make a vibration higher by tuning the bodies.  We are trying to adjust it.  It’s not a physical chip, implanting — it just is.  I don’t know how to explain it.  So she needs to pay attention to it and to know to make some changes.

D:  When Evelyn does meditations, she projects herself back to this craft and she sometimes sees herself in an incubator.  Can you tell her about that?

E:  That’s her physical body.  We not only help with physical particles, the atoms and the third-dimensional manifestation, but each time we also do a little more vibrational tuning to the frequencies.  It’s like a tuning tube.

D:  Do you mean the physical body of Evelyn is being worked on?

E:  Yes, the physical body also needs to be tuned.  The tube is like a tuning device, but it doesn’t only help the physical body to heal: at the same time that you come home and spend your time with us in the light, it’s of the physical body.  When you remove the soul, the body is multidimensional.  We can’t see through it, so I wouldn’t say multidimensional, but it’s holographic images.  So these particles, when we project a certain light into the frequencies, these holographic images pick that up and carry it through it, like you are tuning these machines or something.

D:  She wakes up in time to see that she’s in some kind of container.

E:  That’s some of the knowing that we allow her to know and see, so she can actually say, “I’m not crazy; I touched it; I saw it.”  And the body lies in there, and then due to machinery, lights and things, the holographic.  But at the same time, she is able to come into the light and rejuvenate fully, and so when she returns back to the planet, everything is different.  Everything is perfect.  Nothing happened.  Everything is bearable.  Everything is just different.

D:  She also saw thousands of other people in other containers, so this means that it’s happening to others?

E:  Thousands, millions.  We need many of them now to help.  We need to regenerate or generate.  Not all of them are entities like her.  We also take other entities who might or might not carry physical bodies, and we don’t discriminate.  We are all one and we try to tune as many physical bodies as possible so they can carry the higher vibrations, [so that they are] able to survive it, able to spread it and able to participate in it.

D:  But not everyone is able to do this?

E:  Not everyone, no.  But we are doing pretty good now, pretty good.  It’s going to make a major difference.  This is a [corporeal] thing, you know.  You have to change the holographic images so that they adjust the human body on Earth, because nothing else will be tolerated.  So the original body — which, they can have physical bodies — is maintaining lower vibrational frequencies than ours, but it’s high enough.  This is complicated, isn’t it?  (Yes)  But anyway, they have the ability to project the human body or to shadow over it, too, like you would put a film on top of a film.  This body is taken out to the ship, to the incubator, and imagine the physical body as nothing but holographic images occupied by the light-being inside.

* * *

I have had other cases (which are reported in my other books) where the person saw their alien body being preserved and tended in a type of cylinder or container.  In some of these cases that other body is being kept alive in some form of suspended animation while the soul journeys to Earth to experience the human body.  It is kept there so that when the temporary life on Earth is finished, the soul can return to the craft and continue its life there.  I have had many clients observe this and feel an identification with the body in the cylinder.

The soul has agreed to come and help Earth in time of need, but it doesn’t want to stay here.  It really wants to continue its life on the craft because that is how far it has advanced.  Besides, Earth is a hectic place to live, and they do not wish to stay.  Another reason that they are protected is so they will not accumulate karma, because karma would require that they remain in the Earth-cycle.  It is very courageous and brave for a pure or advanced soul to volunteer to come, because it is exposing itself to a very real danger of being trapped here.

This would explain why the energy of the soul must be adjusted before the soul can enter.  Sometimes only a small portion of the soul can enter at the beginning because it would be too much for the body.  This often causes spontaneous abortion of the fetus because the energy is too strong.  As the child grows, more bits of the entire soul can be allowed to integrate.

Thus, the body of the volunteer is put to sleep and monitored as it awaits the completion of its mission.  A silver cord has been seen connecting the soul to the body in the cylinder.  I know that we have a cord that connects us to this physical body, and this cord severs at death.  So this would mean that because we have many bodies all living at the same time (all our simultaneous lives: past, present and future), we must have multiple silver cords connecting the splinters back to the main soul.  In some of my other books this has been seen as a main source with something resembling tentacles going in all directions.  The ET body on the craft is intended to stay alive so the soul can return.  Sometimes life support has been seen going through tubes that look like pulsating lights.

It is also a way of passing the abilities of the ET in suspended animation into our time frame.

Other ETs have been observed going about their work on spacecrafts (and not put into suspended animation) while a splinter or part of them journeys to Earth as a volunteer and lives life in a human body.  This type can continue its life and is essentially in two places at once.  This goes along with the idea that we are living many lifetimes simultaneously, but each part is not consciously aware of the other.  Since they understand more about what is going on in this process, they are aware of that part of their soul that is living on Earth; however, the Earthly counterpart is unaware.  It was thought that the human, expecially, should not be aware because the concepts are too difficult for the human mind to assimilate.  Yet, as the veil is thinning, more knowledge is seeping in, and they are being allowed to glimpse what the [higher entities] think they are able to handle.  Gets complicated, doesn’t it?

I wanted to concentrate on Evelyn’s physical problems. Headaches since childhood had been a real problem. It was difficult for this entity to understand and to reduce to our terms of understanding,. because it saw evertthing as holographic images that were not real anyway. I had to explain to it that these were real to Evelyn. Because they were creating problems, I wanted to do my best to alleviate them. It really had to come down to basics that I could understand in order to explain this.

* * *

E:  It’s almost like trying to fill up this bottle, and you’re overfilling it with energy and with more original stuff. It’s actually very tricky to downsize. Do you know what I mean, to downsize the energies? (Yes) The light we have, why do we downsize it so low? It’s much harder technology if you take it like that, harder to decrease it. I think increasing it would be much easier to learn, the way we see it, than to downsize it.

D:  Is this also causing the blood-pressure problem?

E:  Absolutely, that’s a major cause of the frequencies right now. To help her with these problems, we need more alignment. We need to sweep the body more and align it more with higher vibrations. Do you understand that?

D:  Could you do this while she’s on board the craft?

E:  That’s what we do. I’m looking at it right now. There’s left-side pressure on the brain. I’m looking at the holographic images right now. We need to increase the vibration patterns of all the arteries and veins patterns in her heart and all the organs. So that’s how we’ll do it.

D:  It won’t do any harm?

E:  No, no harm. Sometimes when you balance the holographic images with the images inside the holographic images, we’re going to balance all of them out nicely.

D:  So this will release the pressure?

E:  When you’re putting too many different quantum particles together, it has to be pergectly aligned, so you have to raise the vibration here, lower it there. You know that I do graphs and stuff, so we will work with the veins and arteries in the heart, and it’s a healthy body. She has a lot of energy: that’s why she says she can’t sleep.

D:  I was wondering about that too.

E:  That’s why she can’t sleep, because when we were doing this, one hour of sleep is the equivalent of many for you. You see?

D:  Yes, and we want to bring the body into balance.

E:  Yes, and not only bring it into balance, but we’re raising it to a higher vibration.

* * *

They talked more about food and suggested that she stay away from solid food and go over to more liquids. I asked about soup, and they said that that was okay as long as it was entirely soup. “No big chunks of things in your soup. Make it all mushy. Make solid things in your soup liquidy. It takes much less energy to digest.” I remarked that we often eat at restaurants and sometimes we can’t avoid eating solids.

E:  In the future you will. When all these things happen, many things will change. Right now, yes, it is harder, but when you start drinking all juices, it will go through your digestive system very easily. It won’t have that extra work from the liver or gall bladder to release certain kinds of stuff, because the liquid moves more easily without pressuring the organs as much. We just let them go through nicely, smoothly, and then whatever energy we don’t use in digesting we use on other things.

D:  But occasionally we can have solid food right now.

E:  Oh, yes, but this will be not only in the future in your lifetime: it could be hundreds of years from now, fifty years perhaps. That’s what it will be.

* * *

I think he was saying that this will be the normal way of eating that far into the future. “Right now this is to get her used to [a liquid diet so that she uses] less energy. We don’t waste energy on digestion.

I have had clients who said that when they were born they didn’t want to nurse. They had to remain in the hospital and be fed intravenously until they began to suck. The [higher entity] said they had come from places where the body did not require food. Of course, they had to adapt in order to survive here.

I encouraged the [higher entity] to continue working on the physical problems while Evelyn was meditating or sleeping or in the incubator. I said, “That’s my job, to try to help her in the best way we can. You see it in a different way, but I have to try to help the people in the physical while we’re living here right now.”

E:  Yes, and that’s one of the tricky things to do. Your job is harder than my job.

D:  You think so?

E:  Yes, because you need to make them understand what they can’t even comprehend.

D:  Yes, but you have so much power, so I would think that [kind of thing would be] easier [for you] to do.

E:  No, because I understand the process of it.  I understand the program, the holographic, the thoughts. I know the program, [but] you are living inside of the program.  So, to be realistic, as you say, it’s harder for you to first realize you are in a real program, and then break out of the program, and then try to make others believe they are in a program.  You see?

D:  Yes. You have told me many times it’s an illusion.

E:  It doesn’t have any existence whatsoever. That’s why it’s so funny for us.

D:  It’s a game.  It’s a play.

E:  Yes, it’s a movie. It’s not even a movie because it’s so simple.

D:  But you know, when we’re involved in it, it’s so real.  That’s the hard part.

E:  That’s the design.  It’s purposely designed like that.

D:   To make it seem real and alive.

E:  Yes.  And as soon as you leave, you will realize that you were in a program.  But while you’re in it, you can’t even imagine—not that there are other programs, but that there is only one program, and that is the God program.  Every game has to feel real so you will interact with each other.  You know “interact”?  (Yes)  And so what happens is, you come here.  And as a light-being we are looking at you as if thinking, “Oh, look at those babies.  See how they play.  They’re so cute.”  (We both laughed)  We really don’t comprehend your pain and agony because we know how the program works.  But [because] we know that it’s only a program, we need to live in this program in order to realize this, just as you do.  Nevertheless, there is nothing to learn if you are going back to the origin of all.  With or without the program, there is only One.  I would say it like this: you got too bored, so you created a program.  You know, that’s one way to explain it: just something to do.

D:  Hopefully we’re learning something.

E:  Because the program is a program within the program.  See what I mean?  A learning-experience program.  But you started an original program before this one ever came, or else the program would be closed off afterward [i.e. end with death].  Whichever way you’re looking at it.  The program can go on forever, yet the beginning and the end is just the One.

D:  Then did the Source, the God-Source design it, or did we?

E:  There is no God-Source: there is only One.  He is it.

D:  Did He design this program or did we do it ourselves?

E:  Okay, we need to go back to the original Source, right?  You cannot comprehend that this Source is one.  You’re breaking it down into individualities.  I don’t know if this is going to be a good explanation.  In this one entity, which will be called your God, it has gazillions of thought-patterns, games, matrixes, and all kinds of things.  It’s never been separated from anything: it was always one and always will be one.  This is the best way, perhaps, that I can assimilate.  I can have five billion things, but it’s still in my head.  See what I mean now?  Is it easier to understand?  I have one head, but I have millions and millions of thought-patterns in that one single head.  I can have good things; I can have many things.  I could have whatever I want, but it still remains one.  That one head never exploded into many other heads.  It always was, so we play in my head.  Would that be good?

* * *

My head was spinning trying to understand the barrage of words and analogies coming from this entity. Yet I knew I had kept Evelyn in trance far longer than usual, so I would have to interrupt and bring her back to consciousness and release this entity to go back to wherever it came from.

E:  Information is common for you?

D:  I get it from many people. Most people don’t understand it but I write about it and I spread the information to people. You want me to have the information so I can tell other people.

E:  Yes. It’s very important to spread the light and news. You have the spark; I mean, you know what you know when you know it. That’s so good.

D:  Well, I am still learning.

E:  You see, you already know everything.  You just need to remove those little sunglasses and see the absolute light and then you’ll know.  It’s a hard understanding to make them understand; then they’ll know.  We can’t make them understand what it means, but they’ll know when they know.

* * *

Parting message:

Do not look for my body: I could project myself as anything.  Do not look for imagery in similarities, but just look to the light where it is, and that’s where all the answers of all time will come.  Instead of being occupied in looking for shifts and looking for particular entities, just look into the light and the answer will come.  Instead of occupying the dinner table.  Human’s way of understanding and that’s the only way of communicating, and that’s not so.  I can occupy any image, any colors of eyes on any ships, or any imagery that I can create.  It’s not consistent.  We have no body, so I have to project something.  That’s why I picked up on her eyes.  I looked into her eyes, and blue it is.  It’s just easier for her to relate to.

I told the entity that it was time to go.  It said, “I would say, ‘God be with you,’ but we are all God and we are all one, so we are all together all the time.”

So what began as a typical UFO case expanded and took many twists and turns and turned into something quite different.  It appears that when the person remembers the event they are only remembering what they can handle and assimilate within their conscious mind.  And even that limited version is distorted, so it is impossible to know what is real and what is illusion.  As we probe ever deeper past the conscious and venture into the [higher realms], we find answers that boggle the mind.  For this reason, is it better to leave it alone and only accept the superficial meaning?  To accept only what our minds and the society in general can handle?  Or is it better to dig deeper and search for much more complicated explanations that just might reveal the truth when our minds are ready to accept it?  And as they say, what is truth, anyway?

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  1. You’re welcome. I read The Three Waves of Volunteers over and over—there’s so much information about the universe and our mission here on Earth.


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