Emery Smith, SSP scientist and whistleblower

Emery Smith interview with Jordon Sather, 2018

Hi, I’m Emery Smith; I’m 46 years old. I was in the United States Air Force for 5 -1/2 years, active duty, and Reserve for two years and inactive for another two years. And in and out of different types projects as a civilian after that, because of my clearance and because of the job I held with them and other corporations that were funded by the government.

I joined the military when I was 18 years old, was in the Air Force Auxiliary when I was 13, and also was in Army ROTC before that.  I was in the military for about 5-1/2 years active duty.  I did another 2-1/2 years of Reserve, and then another two years of inactive.  And that’s how I got started with the United States Air Force, and also these compartmentalized projects, moonlighting in the evenings while being active duty, and working for these underground labs that were owned by major corporations that were renting and leasing places on the base to do this type of work.  And a lot of these were, of course, underground facilities.

It was mostly tissue specimen examination, and dissecting and taking parts of specimens.  I’ve done over 3,000 different specimens: not whole bodies, but just different parts of body tissues and whatnot to send for testing—they were testing everything.  I wasn’t really allowed in the early years to know anything about what I was dissecting.  All I know is I had to to go in there, take this part of this tissue, of dissect this nerve, or take this blood sample from this specimen and then send it away for testing.

The technologies that I witnessed in the programs that were suppressed, that are suppressed still to this day, are things like antigravity, zero-point energy, a lot of 3-D holographic imaging, of course there are a lot of devices that were reverse-engineered by these corporations from government-retrieved downed [space] craft and extraterrestrial DNA, along with hybrid DNA from these specimens, which they use to make pharmaceuticals and make cures with, and things like that.  So, there’s always a positive and a negative: they might make a gun with one thing, but the same device is used to kill cancer, in a different wavelength but the same technology.

So, these things are all suppressed.  So, we don’t have to live like we do now.  We could have a lot of abundance as far as medical technologies, the cures for diseases, the abundance of water and food for everyone, and housing, if these technologies were released.  And, of course, energy.  Free energy for everyone, and for all of our devices, so, we wouldn’t have to rely on gas, coal and oil.

I witnessed many different craft in these projects.  I was actually working with the bodies and the craft, because they’re connected.  A lot of the craft are organic-material-consciousness technology, which means only the driver or that race can actually operate the vehicle, due to the frequency of the genetic DNA and the frequency that they’re emitting.  It’s kind of like having a pet or a car that only responds to the owner.  And these types of vehicles are so amazing.  They’re usually made in space through harmonics and frequency.  So, they can actually give life to a craft and infuse it with artificial intelligence, or consciousness, or both, and match it to the driver or the occupants of this vehicle.

These craft had many different shapes.  Of course, there are always the classic spheres, egg shapes, and the disc shapes.  But there are also other craft that are interdimensional, that can change shape; so, they might come in the form of light, and they can manifest and change their atomic structure to become solid.  So, these types of crafts are a little bit more advanced than the crafts that we hear about in popular culture, that you see on TV and whatnot.  These crafts can actually go interdimensional.  They can change shape with all of the occupants not even knowing it’s happening, and then re-form again in different worlds, in different dimensions, and different parts of the universe, immediately.  So, no time elapses, because they have their own atmosphere and they have their own gravity and they have their own little space that they have projected from this craft that keeps them completely encapsulated with it.  And they have already mastered teletransportation and all of these things.  So, the bodies can shrink with the craft in its own living space, and that’s why they can go a million miles an hour and make a right-hand turn: because they don’t feel it, because they are in their own diminsional holographic world, where they have to fall under those scientific laws, such as (the laws) in the 3-D here.  As soon as they make themselves 3-D, they have to survive in the 3-D.  So they have to maybe take a step down if they’re from the 4-D, 5-D, 6-D.

So, it’s really interesting how these craft that we have had for many, many, many years, some have been there for over 30, 40 years, and some craft are very new.  And we get different craft all of the time. Like I said, one of them, like I explained one time, looked like an upside-down (bundt) cake.  And it actually, you could touch it and it felt like a Memory Foam mattress and it had a hollow (center).  This was about 40 or 50 feet in diameter, and it had like a 10-to-25-foot hollow inside to this craft. And the craft was not hollow: it was solid. But for some reason, inside this cylindrical opening was where the beings actually were, and it’s open. But when it activates, a floor appears and it forms.

Food Librarian


But they don’t really use floors; they don’t use chairs—they’re just kind of there. And it’s a very interesting, it’s a different thing. It’s not like a lot of buttons; there’s no steering wheels or cockpit like everyone thinks there is when you walk in these. They’re very seamless, and they give off an energy all of the time. Even when they’ve been captured and taken down for 30 years, they still emit this energy that they’re harvesting from within inner space.

And that’s what they’re trying to figure out now is how to harvest that. A lot of them have figured this out, but there are a lot of corporations that are fighting, actually, for this technology. But we humans, here right now, are way more advanced, a few thousand years, than anyone would think. But that’s what’s being repressed, these types of technology. You know, our taxes around the world, (collected by) the U.S. government, you know they’re charging $100 for a hammer that only costs them $5 to get, so, all this extra money, trillions and trillions of dollars, is going into these black projects to fund them. Along with what they’re doing in space—you know, as far as trading with other humans and extraterrestrials. I’m not familiar with exactly what they are trading, but there is something going on with that. But mostly (the funding) comes from here.

Extraterrestrials don’t really care about gold or money or cash, so when you’re working in the government and in these projects, and the military, everything is done by favors.  And it is a like a favor thing, or an even exchange of something for something.  Like, when I was working with the projects in New Mexico, we stumbled upon something, we couldn’t figure it out, whether it was an extraterrestrial device or a craft, so we would call the other bases.  We would call over in Australia, we would call Italy, we would call England.  We would call all these places and say, “Hey, do you have anything like this that you could help us figure out to get it to work?”  Because we would stumble upon things and we’d have to stop, and then if we can’t figure it out ourselves, we’ll start asking around.  And for that, we have to give them something they don’t know, which we have.  So it’s this exchange and bargaining system of, “Give me a little information and I’ll give you information.”

Overnight, if we were able to get all these technologies together and give them to the public, it would end gas, coal and oil.  Because you prove ETs exist, the first thing the scientists are going to say is, ‘Well, how did they get here?  They didn’t get here on rocket fuel coming from a million light-years away, so, how did they do it?’  Well, they’re making their own energy. They’re getting the energy from the vacuum of space.  It’s unlimited energy.  It’s right here, right now; I could just open it, grab it and use it with the right technology.  That technology being released also affects everything that we do here, such as getting water from the atmosphere—just making it, appearing in your glass, purified water.

(9:35) So, things like that, which, we talk about water and food.  Well, there are a lot of countries on the planet that don’t have a lot of fresh water and food.  Just look at India: all of their wells are completely destroyed from lead and arsenic.  There are 2.5 billion people over there; it’s like a third of the planet, and just in India.  So, these people really need some clean water, because the ground’s completely destroyed.  So, the technologies that come with this could clean that up.  They could clean up the big mess out in the Pacific Ocean, all that garbage floating around, miles and miles and miles.  Fukushima radiation, this type of technology could also clean that up within a couple of days, and transmute all of that negative energy and all of that trash.  Cancers, disease, all that stuff could be cured in just a couple of days with a couple of treatments using frequency and light from some of these projects.

So, life would be a lot easier if we didn’t have to work so much to pay our gas, coal and oil bills, and focus our energies on things we’d like to do, and also expand our consciousness.

The people that are keeping these technologies from us are referred to as The Cabal, Majestic Twelve, the 300 major corporations that run the planet.  These are some of the popular terms people use to define, “Who is actually making me pay taxes, and who is making me pay my electric bill, and the price of gas keeps going up and down, and the pricing of all these negative things that we really don’t need.”  I mean, look at us now.  We’re still— Elon Musk and Space X and NASA are still using rocket-propelled technology that was probably invented by the Chinese to make the first fireworks.  So we’re talking about hundreds of years of the same thing, just trying to improve it, when there’s already anti-gravity.  But they only use it, not for the public, but they use it behind the scenes for the secret space programs, and they keep it from the people of Earth and keep us stunted down here like slaves.

(11:50) I get asked the question all the time: how is humanity going to expose these criminals? And the answer to that is very simple: humanity won’t have to. Gaia, Planet Earth, will do it for us. For example, what’s going on in [unintelligible] right now: huge meltdown, craft everywhere. Craft are starting to stick out of the ice. If it keeps warming, they’ve only got a year left before someone’s going to see a craft a couple of miles long sticking out of the ice. And you know there are a lot of private satellites out there now. I could order one right now today for under a million, just for me with 4K cameras everywhere.

But what I’m getting at is Gaia is going to be the one. It’s not going to be one person.  It’s going to be a collective of many people from around the world, whistleblowers and just people of the light, that are going to come forward and share information and put their foot down when things are going to get rough, and keep standing back up after they get knocked down, and keep moving forward, because that’s the most important thing.  And that’s how everyone becomes a hero, when people speak out and support people that are speaking out for the world.

And once this polar cap melts on both sides a little bit more, and all these civilizations start showing up out of nowhere, the government, and the religious community, are going to have to respond to these new findings.  They’re going to have to respond to the stuff that they found underneath the ice in Antarctica.  They’re going to have to respond to the city that they found under the Giza pyramids.  They’re going to have to respond to all these amazing things—Atlantis off the coast of Cuba.  And here are these amazing stories, but the media keep them hush-hush here.  In other countries it’s a little bit easier to talk about these things, and the media now and then report on it, and then it gets quieted down, and that’s because the media are controlled by the Cabal.  So, once that is severed too, that’s going to help humanity feel safer to step forward and to talk, and more whistleblowers will come out.

But the government, for the most part, and the military—U.S. government and U.S. military—are sick of what’s going on.  You know, 90 percent are just tired of it.  And you know, they have families and they’re sick too.  And, you know, a lot of these things are happening with a lot of extortion, a lot of mind-control devices are being activated, making people do crazy things.  So, this is bad, because it makes us feel like our leaders are not competent.  So, there’s a lot of this going on right now to manipulate us, the normal people down here, separated from the political and the corporations.  And we’re just asking ourselves, What is going on?  We have the cures, we have the energy systems, we have all this, but it’s not being implemented: it’s being hidden, suppressed.

(15:00) The issue that we have right now is that people all around the world are still being (skeptical).  They’re not being open-minded enough to say— And some of them can’t help it; it’s not their fault.  Maybe some are getting mind-controlled, too.

(17:45) I’ve had many memorable extraterrestrial experiences, too many to count.  And there are a few that stuck out in my memories that stayed with me for a long time, and one of them was a visitation from some tall whites in a craft.  And it was the first time I was physically next to these beings and was able to communicate telepathically and get a lot of information downloaded that I needed to embark on this journey, and which helped me tremendously.

As far as the projects, it was always fascinating every year, as you get higher security clearances, to also see technologies, and extraterrestrials working with humans, against their will at one time, and then seeing them becoming a family and being happy that they’re helping us because they feel really sad for us.  So, I think some of the things of working hand-in-hand with extraterrestrials in these underground laboratories and whatnot, and being part of these projects and seeing that, “Wow, they’re kind of just like us; they’re just a little bit more civilized and mature.”  And it was a really big gift for me, because I picked up on a lot of their energy, and a lot of their teachings and educational and scientific stuff, which I was just fascinated with.  And it was very addictive for me to go to work, because I just wanted to know more and more, and where is this going, and why doesn’t anyone know about this?  And it was later on that I figured: If this stuff got out, what a blessing it would be to change the world, and to help all the animals of the world, and clean all the oceans, and to cure my family of cancer, and all these things were just flying through my head.  So, I think, to answer that question, it was just working hand-in-hand with these extraterrestrials, it was a blessing, and also having special moments where you actually get to communicate with an extraterrestrial now and then to upgrade you and also to learn different sciences that didn’t exist here on Planet Earth.

(20:00)  I was working on zero-point energy devices, and getting more into that, and having zero-point energy devices that actually work, and threats started coming in, and I felt threatened enough that if I did not do something, that my life was going to end very abruptly and very quickly, and my past shows that, with the number of family members and friends that I’ve lost in the last ten years and lifetime, that is correlated with this type of thing.  So, I believe that I had to come forward, because I needed to get this information out to the people before it’s time to go.  So, I’m saying, yeah, it’s time to go, but before I go, let me get something documented, and let’s get all the paperwork in and everything I could possibly have, and give it to people like David Wilcock and Gaia TV and other people that are working with me in this fashion, to secure it and to investigate it.  And if something happens to me today, I’m going to be very happy and satisfied to know that I’ve done my duty and I got this out here.  Plus, a lot of my nondisclosure agreements just ended, not all of them, and I felt more comfortable talking about these types of things.  And that was probably one of the main reasons that I’ve just been hanging out in the background listening to pop-culture leaders here, and also the significantly renowned leaders in this field of consciousness, speak and talk and kind of get an idea of what level everyone’s at.

(22:00)  My life has been threatened significantly ever since I started opening labs that have to do with energy, creating energy from the vacuum of space and other types of devices.  And I was a very successful person: I had 21 corporations, I had many patents in my name, I had an unlimited amount of money and funds, and when I started putting my funds and money into these labs, these scientists that were developing all these amazing technologies, that’s when I noticed they started interfering, and my life just started going downhill from there.  And I caught on, but I thought, “Oh, that’s not going to happen to me; I’m doing this the right way.”  And the government told me one time.  They brought me in and they said, “You know, you’ve gotta be careful.”  They said, “You’re protected; we’ve got your back. But you’re not bullet-proof.  So, think about that.”  So, that meant for me, I shouldn’t be on any camera and talking about that stuff, about the energy stuff.

After that, I started losing my companies.  I had a lot of coleagues turn against me because of my beliefs.  A lot of my business partners were upset that I was doing C-CETI work (communication with extraterrestrial intelligence) or in documentaries talking about new technologies, extraterrestrials.  So, real quick, my life in that form–  And just because of who I was, and had been slowly coming forward over many years, and being an informant for David Wilcock for ten years.  And he wanted me way back then, and I was like, “No, this is not the time.”  Plus, people were not ready for it back then.  I needed everyone to get up to my speed.

So, I’m glad Corey Goode is out there talking about this stuff, Greer is still talking about it, Wilcock is still talking about it, all these amazing people that you see at these meetings are talking about the science and the physics behind it, and trying to figure it out, and life experiences, which is important.  And that laid the foundation for me to come along and say, “You guys got it.  You’re all right.  Good.  Now let’s go.  Let’s take it to the next level, and let me give you all my information, and hopefully that will put in those pieces to that puzzle that we’ve all been waiting for, because it’s been hidden for way too long.  And it is driving me crazy to go outside and sit in a car and start it and go anywhere, when I know what’s really out there and what I’ve been involved with, and I’ve flown in these devices.  So, what are we doing?  Why do we have to have underground tunnels with freeways, or these magnetic train systems?  There are other ways to do it that are easier, but we’re still staying with the gasoline.

And I still don’t see the benefit of battery-powered electric cars, because you still need gas, coal or oil to charge that battery.  However, if you have something like a [Pudimi?] system, where one battery charges 50 batteries, that’s different.  So, these are things which make more sense to me, these energetic devices, because any way that you can decrease the use of gas, coal and oil, which is poisoning the planet, it’s poisoning the atmosphere, it’s poisoning us and the animals and the oceans, then they’ll clear up.  It’s going to clear up real quick, this atmosphere, once we stop that.


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