Lindsay Hooper discusses the secret space programs and the divine

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Journey to Truth EP 232 Lindsay Hooper: Dissecting the Programs: Clones – Quantum Entanglement – Infinite Realities

6:00 Interview begins

6:30 Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 was for quantum entanglement

7:30 Slavery and cloning begin when you are born

  • They take your mother’s placenta, which has trillions of stem cells
  • They give you a PKU test ( That blood sample is sent off to these labs.  They have the baby marked and stamped, along with the birth certificate, along with the Social Security number, which is an actual bond that is coverty traded on the stock exchange.
  • Going back to the placenta, the mitochondria and the stem cells hold the key to all of the information about your past lives, and information about any ET race in which you were previously incarnated.

11:00 My memories go back to my deciding to come here. I could see, before I came here, the grid-lines of the matrix system. I knew what I was signing up for.

11:30 When you realize that the past, present and future all happen at the same time– So, there’s no more deja-vu anymore, right? That happens because you are already in the future.  Our consciousness is so much higher that we are able to experience the past, the present and the future all at once, and have all of the memories all at one time.

12:00 You just have to choose which simulation, which program you want to exist within, because they are infinite.



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