Alien Invasion: Interview with Al Bielek

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Aliens have been on this planet for a long time, but in small numbers.  After the Philadelphia Experiment, 12 August 1943, they started to arrive in larger numbers

Do we know how many of these are here?

At one time, there were millions.  I have no idea how many are here now.

Interview of Al Bielek, conducted by Kenneth Burke in August 1997

Personal history: From Edward Zeb Cameron to Al Bielek

I was removed from the Navy on 4 July 1947, removed from Los Alamos, sent to Washington, D.C., for a court martial on the changes for which I was arrested, which were espionage.  These were dropped when I got to Washington.  It was just a means to get me out of the area and separate me from my family, which I’ve never seen since.  My wife is dead.  My son is still alive, but I’ve not been able to see him, and my attempts have been blocked every time.  I went to Washington, where I was given a new assignment at Montauk.  I didn’t know it was Montauk—they called it Fort Hero, but it was the same location for the later Montauk Project.  From that point, after I was on base and out of the public eye, so to speak, or away from any of the other personnel, other than the armed guards who surrounded me, I was time-transferred to 1983, where they did the full erasure of my full memory, of my career and everything, as Zeb Cameron.  All my credentials were removed and erased.  Dr. von Neumann knew it was happening.  He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

They also pulled the age regression number on me, which was to reduce my body age to that of an infant.  Now, they can take a person back to a fetus.  This is a common and usual technique, now, and I know people who have gone through it, including my second son—I have four sons, by the way.  My number-two son I found, and I’ve met and know him.  It’s another long story.

KB:  He was regressed that way, too, and given a name change?

BIELEK:  He was also regressed back to a fetus, yes, the whole nine yards.  I was regressed only to approximately a one-year-old boy.  Why they stopped at this point, I don’t know.  I think part of the process they intended to put me through was subverted or failed.  I know Dr. von Neumann interfered with it at one point.  So, I was sent back to 1927 as approximately a one-year-old boy, because my legal parents, whom I knew as my only parents for many years (Albertina Bielek, maiden name Kurchess, and Arthur E. Bielek) were the only parents I knew.  I was totally wiped of memory, and I grew up as a kid, literally from a baby, but at the age of one by the birth certificate, which said March 31, 1927.  On Christmas Day I would have been nine months old.

My first memory in that family was as a kid sitting at mother’s grand piano next to a Christmas tree that was about this high.  I was sitting next to it, and they had the family around exchanging presents.  It was a family get-together in Jamaica, New York.  I finally was able to pull the memories back, and remembered the fact that I understood everything they were saying.  Now, since when does a nine-month-old child understand what adults are saying?  A few things blanked out.  Certain things were said and didn’t register or blanked out.  The people who were there, of course, I knew later. I grew up with them.  I knew exactly who they were—various aunts, uncles, cousins, brother of my legal mother, and so forth.  Well, I grew up knowing nothing of my past.  I was Al Bielek.  I was very heavily repressed in many respects.

Eventually, World War II came.  I went into the Navy.  I was drafted into the Navy, which was very unusual.  But I had a letter of directed assignment for electronics.  I passed the Eddy test, and I was the only one in the entire school who passed the test.  So, I went into the Navy, came out, went into my own business, and eventually left that and went to school.  I moved to California, finished school, and became an electronics engineer from 1958 through 1988.  I retired in 1988 but, during that period, I developed a very passionate interest in the Philadelphia Experiment.  I had no reason to know why at that point.  In 1952, I met Ivan T. Sanderson, who did his own investigation into the Philadelphia Experiment in 1952 and 1953.  Then, I moved west and re-contacted him 10 years later in 1963, when I was working in State College, Pennsylvania.

KB:  During this time, before you had awareness unfolding about your interaction with the government, didn’t they have you doing anything?

BIELEK:  Not until some time around 1956.  I was in Hawaii working for the Navy department in 1956 as a civilian employee through Hoffman Electronics of Los Angeles, and was assigned to Pearl Harbor.  I was there a little over a year.  During that period, I had a great deal of interest in many things, including psychic sensitivity.  One night, I blanked out while sitting on the doorstep of the Hawaiian Hotel on the ocean front.  I blanked out for a period of an hour or an hour and a half; I don’t know how long.  I knew something very unusual happened, but it took until about 1986 to find out what happened in 1956.

I was pulled to the Montauk Project by the then (and at that point, I think the only) station master for the Montauk Project on Long Island, because there were others which were also operating in the same mode.  The original one was on Long Island.  The station master then was Jack Pruett.  I’ve since met his son, Glen Pruett, and we finally verified that was the man, because Glen has a picture of his father.  Preston and I both looked at the picture and said, yep, that’s him, Jack Pruett.  Glen Pruett didn’t now whether his father had or had not been involved in the Montauk Project, because his father denied it.  [Jack Pruett and Senator Ron Paul were partners in a medical practice for 25 years; he supported Paul’s bids to be the Republican candidate for president.]

KB:  So, with some kind of electronics, they pulled you up . . .

BIELEK:  All the way up to 1976 [from 1956] to interview me to become a person to work on the Montauk Project.  They finally got my interest when they knew I was interested in UFOs.  They said, “Well, do you have an interest in them?”  I said, “Yeah.”  They said, “How would you like to see one?”  Of course, I was interested, and they said, “Well, come with me.”

So, we went into one of the cavern sections under Long Island, which are part of the Montauk operation, and they showed me a UFO which was literally trapped in this underground cave.  It was about 60 feet in diameter and gold in color.  At this point, I was introduced to the crew, whom they had captured intact.

This thing actually tied back to the Philadelphia Experiment of 12 August 1943.  It was caught in the time-field shift.  For reasons we don’t know, they wound up disabled in the underground of Montauk.  They said, “How would you like to work on this thing?”  Well, they had me.  So, I volunteered to work on the Montauk Project.  Most of the people who worked on the Montauk Project they got to volunteer one way or another.  These were not the Montauk boys: that’s a different story.

KB:  By fascinating them and getting them started.

BIELEK:  Yeah, getting them fascinated.  Dangling a carrot in front of one’s nose in the area of one’s expertise or principal interests.  So, they got me there, and I was there for a long time.  I remember it as about seven years, but they were able to manipulate time so well that when that phase was done, they sent me back to Hawaii to the same night, after spending what I can estimate today as approximately seven years’ work–back to within an hour or so of when I was pulled out.

They can manipulate time like you wouldn’t believe.  Of course, I spent other time at Montauk, and I’ve been on other government projects.  There were many, and not all of them have come back to memory.  About six have come back.  That was the Montauk thing, which was later.  At the time I was still Cameron, in 1947, when they pulled me there to 1983 and gave me the identity of Al Bielek.  I didn’t know who I was until the memory came back that night while watching the movie (“The Philadelphia Experiment”).  Of course, I’ve done much intensive research since to find the rest of the story and get my memory reestablished, because it was spotty.

People can be in two places at the same time

KB:  Let me ask you this.  What was the time span when you worked those seven years?

BIELEK:  That was 1976 to about 1982.

KB:  So, when you were put back at the steps of the hotel, and you moved forward in normal linear time, what happened?  Did you have two bodies working at two different places?

BIELEK: No, it was the same body, the same me.  They pulled me physically out of the location where I was, and then sent me back.

KB:  Yes, I understand.  When that part of you that came back through normal linear time, wasn’t there another part of you . . .

BIELEK:  Well, it’s hard to explain and to get people to understand this . . .

KB:  In other words, you were working in Montauk from 1976 forward, but the you on the doorstep progressed through linear time and was doing something else, right?

BIELEK:  That’s right.  I was an electronics engineer for many years, and I was running, not a dual personality, but a dual existence.

KB:  Well, was it like two time-lines going on?

BIELEK:  Yes.  That would be the best way to explain it.  What would happen– of course, they did this with Preston, they did it with me, and they’ve done it with many other people.  You might be a civilian working as an engineer, as I was, and as Preston Nichols was working for 15 years for a major corporation on Long Island.  Preston was also doubling as an engineer at the Montauk Project.  He couldn’t ever figure out how he was doing both at the same time.  He finally did figure it out when I prodded him, after my memories of the Montauk Project came back after my second visit to Montauk.

My first visit was in August 1985 right after a USPA Psychotronics Conference in Dayton, Ohio, where I met Duncan, whom I didn’t know then was my brother but suspected that we had a connection and [that] I knew I knew him from somewhere.  But it took quite a while for that to filter through.  I was invited to see Preston and went there in August 1985, when he took Duncan and me to Montauk.  He’d made many visits as a surplus dealer in electronics but, at that point, he still did not know that he had been involved himself.  Duncan and I didn’t know either.  He said to us, “I want to take you guys there.  You’re both sensitives, and I want to take you to a place I know.  I’m not going to tell you exactly where I’m taking you, but we’re going east on Long Island.  I want you to see what you sense and pick up.  I know you guys have never been there before.”  Ho, ho, ho! That was the joke of the century, but we didn’t know it.

Aliens at Montauk

Well, we sensed what had been at Montauk.  We sensed there had been a monster roaming the base; that a huge project had been operational here that had been abandoned.  The evidence was everywhere physically.  Buildings were everywhere with doors standing open, wrecked equipment inside, and the gates were broken.  It was an abandoned base.  This was because Montauk crashed 12 September 1983.  It’s a long story how or why, but it was after the involvement with the “Philadelphia Experiment,” which occurred 12 August 1943 for the USS Eldridge, and 12 August 1983 at Montauk.  They were deliberately designed to lock up [connect].  It took a long time to understand this and gather the data about what was involved.

This was part of the alien operation, because there were aliens at Montauk by design and by agreement with the government.  They said, “we’ll help you build it.  You’ve got the technology, but you have to understand what to do.  We’ll show you how to build it.”  So, the government asked what was the price, and the aliens said they wanted their own agenda on the station periodically.  So, the government agreed to it.  Even though it was run by private scientists, the government–and the intelligence community in particular–had oversight.  There were no regular reports to the House or Senate, because not one cent of government money went into the operation.  It was all private money.  [The Illuminati blew up a train in France carrying Nazi gold captured by the U.S. Army, killing 51 soldiers.  This gold ended up at Montauk.]

So, there was not traceability.  It was a privately run operation with government oversight through various military and intelligence organizations, and, to some extent, they set the goals and the agenda in the sense that the aliens would come in.  They told Dr. Herman C. Untermann, the administrative director of the project until 1983, that he would have to learn to work with aliens.  He was a hard-headed German, who, in his life, probably had never seen an alien or even thought about what an alien might be.  So, he was told by the government that he would have to work with them.  Well, of course, all of us who were there did work with them.  We all knew them, saw them, and worked with them every day. They had a Draconian who was in charge of and was the chief director of all the alien interests.  He had his own office.  We called him Charley.  He was a seven-foot tall Draconian, weighing 450 pounds.  He was extremely intelligent.  The first time he was there, he looked down at humans as a near sub-human species, which was almost dirt beneath his feet because, really, they were intelligent far beyond human standards.

KB:  Now, I realize this is very complicated but, what are some examples of the alien agenda, or can you talk about that?

BIELEK:  Right now, we don’t really know what they wanted to do, and I was not privy to everything that went on in the station.  I was what was typically called middle management.  I was below the station master in rank.  I was involved in a number of different projects, where I had certain degrees of expertise and what I was assigned to do.  Of course, I had to know everything involved.  I did not know about all the projects that were ongoing, and did not know all the things that aliens were doing, except they were interfacing with humans.  There was some genetic experimentation involved at Montauk.  They helped design the equipment so that they could run their own agenda.

The only part of their agenda that I know for sure was that on 1 August 1983, the orders came through, and they were there to see that the station was turned on and run continuously, 24 hours a day, until 12 August.  That was very abnormal, because it would only run six to eight hours a day every three or four days for whatever experiments or work involved—whether it was being run by the aliens or by the humans.  The aliens were always in the background with computer work and computer expertise.

KB:  So, they just didn’t talk about what they were doing, because they had no reason.

BIELEK:  Right, they didn’t.  The only one who ever gave me information was Charley, and that was because we got friendly.  I asked him about his background, education, and so forth, and his life span.  He said, they could live up to 10,000 years.  I asked his education, and he said, “Well, you’re familiar with PhD and the doctorate level, like a doctor of science.  We have 16 disciplines in which we can achieve the equivalent of your doctor of science degree.”  He said that when they are born, grow up and first start their education, they go through the first 160 years of their lives in education.  He said he has the equivalent of 12 of our PhDs.  I asked him how many there were, and he said 16 maximum.  I said, well, you’ve got four more to go, and he said, yes.  I asked him what he would do when he finished them, and he said he didn’t know.

The aliens did this in order to rip a hole in space and time, so they could get large numbers of aliens through.

KB:  So, this window they opened, it sounds like that had something to do with the Philadelphia Experiment, like there was some kind of link.

BIELEK:  Yes, the Montauk Project had many things to do.  They did many things in terms of time and space research.  In the earliest phases, they proved they could materialize a thought from a person’s mind into a physical reality.  This, of course, involves religious concepts and ideas, which some of the Tibetan adepts probably can do with mind power, because they’ve disciplined themselves and learned how to do it.  It is possible but is a very rare ability.  It can be done with machinery.  If you know what you’re doing, it can be done every time.  Eventually, they were able to do this at Montauk in the earliest phases of their operation.

Then, they went on to the time tunnels, which meant they could shift time forward or past, go to a location other than where they were, either in the current time or shift time simultaneously.  Eventually, they could go anywhere on Earth, and they went to the Moon, Mars, the whole galaxy.  They could go anywhere they wanted.

Project Hellfire

There was a special program involving some research in 1983, when the station went down; it was resumed when the station was rebuilt in 1987.  Then it was called Project Hellfire.  I was in charge of that phase of it, which involved retrieving an object from a planet on the other side of the galaxy—120,000 light years away.  It was highly specialized, and it is still highly classified.  All I will say is that two objects were recovered.  They are alien, and we don’t know who built them.  I don’t even know how they got the information that they were even there or where to go to find them.  However, they were found and brought back for research here.

Two teams were involved: the first was a Navy team and the second was a Marine team.  I know most of the people involved with both of them.  I was in charge, and with the second, they had a lot of problems.  I won’t go into the details because it involves people whom I don’t wish to expose to public scrutiny.  Most of them are trying to keep a low profile today. The memories of it only came back to some of them because of the deprogramming of their programming by Preston Nichols.  I was there when it happened and asked some pointed questions, so I got some very direct answers from their own memories of what happened.  Project Hellfire was only one of the little side projects.

They went into the Mars underground after reports from the colonies there that there were sealed entrances to some kind of underground facility, which they had no way to enter.  They took bulldozers, caterpillars, etc., because they didn’t have them on Mars to do that sort of thing.  So, Montauk was asked to take a look at it.  They could go right through anything.  They would send a camera, in case it wound up in solid rock, only a camera would be lost—not a person or a whole team.  They got pictures of an underground cavern system of some kind, so they sent a team there.  There were many trips.  Duncan and I went, and we went on our own a couple times and got our wrists slapped, and were barred from ever going again.

KB:  They didn’t want you going on your own?

BIELEK:  No, they didn’t want us going on our own.  They didn’t know what we would find or do there.  In any case, that was one of the things done at Montauk.  There were many other things about which I have no idea.  Of course, that became part of the link with the Philadelphia Experiment, on 12 August 1983, by deliberate design of the aliens.  In retrospect, we can look at the reason for it.  Then, we didn’t understand why the station had all the problems.  I was not there when it crashed.  I was told to take a vacation three days previously.

Half a million alien ships in the Bikini atoll

KB:  Okay. So, you didn’t see the monster, then.

BIELEK:  No, I didn’t see the monster then.  We’ve seen it since and have photographs of it today.  I was not there when it crashed.  Duncan was part of the business of making it crash, but he had an ongoing hatred of this station from about three weeks prior to its demise.  Preston and a number of other people were involved.  There were certain engineers who wouldn’t go along with it.  Dr. von Neumann was totally exasperated when he found out that the orders were given, and the orders were in process of destroying the station with “Junior,” and so forth. 

This thing (the station) was designed by aliens to lock up.  It had to be 12 August 1943 and 1983.  As we subsequently found out by research in the late 1980s—which the aliens knew all along, and I suspect there were other secret societies which knew this—Earth has its own biorhythms like the human body.  The human body has three biorhythms which cycle and peak occasionally.  The Earth has four biorhythms, and they peak and become literally a synchronization point once every 20 years, and it’s always on 12 August, plus or minus a half-day.

KB:  That’s my birthday, isn’t that weird?

BIELEK:  That is interesting.  In fact, I have another friend, whose birthday’s 12 August.  My real birthday is 4 August.  In any case, on that date, these energies peak and become a synchronization point.  The aliens knew it, and we didn’t. We had no idea why they wanted Montauk left on during that time until it locked up with the “Philadelphia Experiment” and we wound up at Montauk when we jumped off the ship.  The ship was pulled out of the harbor into hyperspace because of Montauk.  On the 22 July test, nothing like this happened.  Montauk was operational, but I don’t know whether it was operational on that day.  Even if it had been on, it would not lock up, because it required this peculiar synchronization with Earth’s fields to produce a lock through the space-time continuum, if you will.  The aliens did this in order to rip a hole in space and time, so they could get large numbers of aliens through.

Aliens have been on this planet for a long time, but in small numbers. After the “Philadelphia Experiment” 12 August 1943, they started to arrive in larger numbers.  They could come in with big ships, park in orbit, come to Earth, and they literally started invading Earth en masse.  They built a huge underwater base in the Bikini atoll in the Pacific.  Our intelligence found out about this.  The Japanese were having problems with the aliens, after we dropped the two bombs and before they surrendered.  (There were more than two bombs, by the way.)  In any case, our intelligence found out about the huge underwater base in the Bikini atoll (image below).

How they found out, I don’t know, but there were an estimated half-million UFOs in that base in the lagoon underwater.  These would not be detectable by any techniques we had at that time.  They decided to hold the “Operation Crossroads” tests in the Bikini atoll.  They pulled the natives off the island, built their facilities and, of course, made the two tests of one [hydrogen bomb] on the surface and one underwater.

There are actually pictures, which I have. I inherited them by peculiar circumstance.  They show UFOs trying to escape at the point of the neutron flash before the huge mushroom.  In the mushroom, of course, there are ships shown vertical, being blown apart, and UFOs attempting to escape.  Only a few made it.  There is really no answer to this question, but how come they didn’t know this was coming and how come they didn’t try to escape?  The only deductive conclusion I can come to is that they didn’t believe our bomb was strong enough to penetrate the lagoon floor and collapse their sanctuary.  Since we set off four atomic bombs in that lagoon (I got this from Phil Schneider before he died because his father was there for the test), they made sure that facility was destroyed.

KB:  That facility was destroyed?

BIELEK:  Oh, yes, it was destroyed.  This set the invasion and takeover way back, and they’ve never been able to recover, though they’re still working at it.

This was one of the things that occurred and one of the aspects that are buried about which the public doesn’t know.  Those pictures released to the press and the public show the mushroom, but the ships being blown half out of the lagoon were air-brushed to remove the evidence of UFOs trying to escape.  The pictures were taken from 10 miles away and are damn good.  They had excellent optics and very good cameras.

The moon is artificial and is made of titanium

Of course, the moon’s being mined by US-Russian interests and obviously some alien interests.  We’re mining the back of the moon, bringing titanium back.  The moon is an artificial object.  It’s not natural.  It was built as a space vehicle by someone long ago and parked in orbit.  Prior to about 25,000 years or so ago, there was no moon in the Earth’s orbit.  It was brought in and parked.  We’ve been up there, and the Russians are up there.  We’re mining the back side for titanium.

The UN is run by tall grays (tall greys)

BIELEK:  They’re not going to do it [release the information] on their own, because it’s too embarrassing in many respects.  The coverup has gone on for so long, since Roswell and particularly after the overflights of the White House in 1952, when the National Security Council got into it and had a split vote at that time of six to release the unvarnished information to the public and the other six to bury it.  Of course, the chairman of the NSA at that time had to cast the deciding vote to break the tie.  That chairman was Richard Nixon, who was the director of the NSA until he became president.  He cast the vote to bury it, so, they set up “Project Blue Book“—one for the public and one for the military and, of course, have buried everything ever since.  It has become embarrassing to them because they have captured so many ships and have so many aliens who have been hostages, or guests of the government, as it is politely said.

Even though there are people who think that anyone believing this is having figments of his imagination, there are tons of highly classified proof which is buried because they do not want the public to know.  If the public becomes heir to anything that augments the theory or shows real proof, it’s seized under national security rules.  The people keep talking; some have been shut up and some killed, like Phil Schneider, for example, who knew the facts and had directly interviewed aliens himself in Area 51.  He knew what was going on.  He attended underground UN meetings—the real meetings are not held in New York at the UN Plaza.  The policy-making meetings are held in the underground military bases—what he called the DUMBs, deep underground military bases.  They are all controlled and dictated to by the tall gray aliens.  He personally attended two of these meetings and said, after the second one, he was working for the wrong people.  That was why he quit his service as a geologist for the government.

KB:  So, his observation was that the UN is controlled and run by aliens?

BIELEK:  Yes. That is his flat statement.  He never made it publicly, but I will.  He said it was run by aliens.  He said that the aliens are behind UN policy, and that they are behind so many things that are happening on Earth.  He says that they are gradually taking over and are running, shall we say, The New World Order.

 He attended underground UN meetings—the real meetings are not held in New York at the UN Plaza.

KB:  Now, which group of aliens is this?

BIELEK:  The tall grays—the old ones.

KB:  And they’re from Sirius?

BIELEK:  They’re from Zeta Reticuli.  In a way, they’re related to, but they’re not the same as the short grays, which are almost robotic.  There are five or six different species of grays.  The sixth one is the tall grays.  Then, there are the six-foot type, then the five and one-half-foot type.  These are all male and female, which do reproduce in a manner which we recognize and know as normal reproduction.  You get down to the little three and one-half-foot grays, who are asexual and can’t reproduce.  They can’t even digest food.  These are the [outcasts].  They are sort of the drones of the gray society, who do the work for them.

KB:  Do we know how many of these are here?

BIELEK:  At one time, there were millions.  I have no idea how many are here now.  They have split away from the government and do not even work for the U.S. government anymore.  Some of the stories were, “The government lies too much.”  Well, I think we all know that, but even the grays finally stumbled onto the fact that the promises made to them by the government were broken.  Of course, the government says that the promises made to the government by the grays have been broken.  They’re probably both lying.

KB:  So, all this information that you can read from various sources about the organization of The New World Order and the black helicopters and all these things is being orchestrated by the aliens?

BIELEK:  Much of it is.  There’s also a cross of a very human group—the 12 families, including the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300.  All of these are human groups, the inside elite, who want to set up a New World Order and one world government.  They want to reduce the world population at the same time.  Now, these guys are not stupid.  One cannot deny they are very intelligent, but they see things in a different light than the average person.  They don’t believe in freedom, except their kind—a “you are part of us” kind.  If you’re not, we’ll maneuver any way we want.  You are essentially slave labor to the rest of the world in their eyes.  They see that the world is overpopulated, and they want to reduce the world population by any means: biological warfare, nuclear warfare, whatever.

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