Veil of Invisibility – Alexander R. Putney

The CIA ‘Oracle’ – Sue Ann Arrigo M.D.

Out of the darkness of U.S. government black projects shines a brilliant light that has become a beacon of truth to guide a traumatized and fearful nation toward the path of health, peace and compassion. She is a seer—a clairvoyant medium used primarily by successive CIA directors, operating covertly under the code-name ‘Oracle’.  She has lived a double life against her will; as the foremost remote viewer for the CIA living under constant torture and the threat of death, and as a California physician residing in Costa Mesa and San Diego.  Sue Ann Arrigo (b.1954) was a licensed California medical doctor with specialized training in nephrology until leaving her CIA cover-life in 2006 in a successful move to publicize her detailed
insider knowledge to avert the planned global nuclear war by ‘pre-emptive strike’.

My own enslavement started at age three at the San Francisco Presidio Army base where my father, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Arrigo, was stationed. Children were trained [for CIA espionage] starting quite early in life, because scientific research showed that children are most naturally violent not as teenagers, but between ages two to four . . .  That Army base’s pre-school was one of at least three later found to be under the control of U.S. military Satanists. A Defense Intelligence Psychological Operations officer, Colonel Michael Aquino, a self-proclaimed Satanist, was charged with sexually abusing children at the Presidio pre-school, and there was extensive pornographic evidence of that. However, the case evaporated after it hit the newspapers and the courts.

As a coerced remote viewing asset of the U.S. government, I was forced against my will to work for the U.S. military-intelligence agencies starting from childhood, under the CIA-DIA operation MKULTRA II. That sub-project to develop remote-viewing spies involved sexually torturing children in order to split their minds . . .  It is often the case that one personality of a multiple is a good remote viewer (see ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder’ by Colin Ross, MD).  Additionally, it is usually possible to make the regular person amnesic for both the torture and the subsequent government-controlled operations by regular repetition of horrendous trauma that the mind is unable to digest.

Because I had a known and respected accuracy rating as a remote viewer at age nine during the Cuban missile crisis, the U.S. used me to “view” the minds of Castro and Khrushchev. After extensive debriefing on the particulars, I was questioned by President Kennedy on their intentions.

At age ten, I was sent to Moscow with the U.S. negotiating team for the Limited Test Ban Treaty’s concluding negotiations.

As a remote viewer with a high accuracy rating, for over forty years I have monitored WMD and engaged in critical U.S. negotiations for their regulation, often as a person behind the scenes to figure out what terms they could actually get everyone to agree to while the negotiators haggle over the points of contention. I have been actively involved in negotiations over the Limited Test-Ban Treaty, the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Biological Weapons Convention, SALT I and SALT II, and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Because I was a “covert asset” of the CIA, my true name was not used in any of those situations.

Sue Arrigo has succeeded in the remarkable recollection of her memory despite the unbelievably brutal and destructive fragmentation, which has been serially reinforced by CIA torture/hypnosis programmers all her life. Dr. Arrigo has documented recent torture abductions in Langley, Virginia, in August of 2001 and in August, 2004; Vancouver, Canada, in 2002; Nyon, Switzerland, in 2006; Cork, Ireland, on June 6, 2007; and near Strasbourg, France, on October 30, 2007.

Yet, despite this continual mental and physical enslavement, her determination to help others remains unbreakable: “Although I am willing to take stands that result in my being tortured by the US government, I do so selectively according to an internal cost-benefit analysis that others might not understand.” 8 By remote viewing, Arrigo can assess which U.S. government crimes she can prevent and which actions will best mitigate the suffering of others. By returning to her enslaved condition, Arrigo has been acting in the best interests of humanity–and indeed her own soul–by attempting to prevent nuclear war from within the belly of the beast. From within the CIA, she has effectively exposed the conspiracy of lies that entrap and kill hundreds of millions of people annually in a global conspiracy of genocidal wars in various regions of the world.

I was on the inside of the beast that planned [the atrocities of September 11, 2001]—the US government: CIA, Pentagon, and U.S. administration, all the way to the top.  In specific, I was under orders from CIA Director George Tenet in August of 2001 to remove from the Pentagon all the 9/11 planning papers that might be discovered when the firefighters came in. There were too many planning papers to remove them all, so they had me, a remote viewer who could see what parts of the building the firefighters would enter, do the job. Even so, the amount of 9/11 planning papers at the Pentagon that I removed filled a large moving van. It was planned over many years and many people knew about it. Few of them have been willing to risk torture or death for speaking of it . . .

I did object, to the best of my ability, to the ‘proper authorities’ about the immorality of the U.S. planning the deaths of innocent people before 9/11.  In particular, I personally voiced my moral objections in detail to my boss Tenet and to Rumsfeld, as well as personally handing a written report to Bush Jr. and Cheney at the White House and to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, stating that I believed it was unethical and unlikely to succeed in its goals. It did no good—the proper authorities were the ones planning it . . .

The remotely controlled 9/11 planes were equipped by an Israeli company owned by Rabbi Dov Zakheim, coordinated by Mossad through an Israeli-owned airport security company handling the 9/11 flights. Unmistakable satellite evidence of US government execution was reported by various sources, but buried by blatant U.S. corporate media censorship: radioactive dust produced by many ‘mini-nuclear’ explosions below the WTC towers (the notorious ‘mini-nukes’ described by the Bush administration themselves). CIA asset Osama Bin Laden was demonized to engender Islamophobia.

Arrigo details the origin of the military use of psychokinesis from one Japanese Zen monk’s spiritual talents in the abatement of atmospheric radiation, which were eventually replicated by her in U.S. experiments.

It would not be until a few years later that the U.S. Army would test the Zen monk in question on his ability to directly abate radiation. When they did test him, they found that he was able to reduce radiation by about 82%.  The reduction was long-lasting, and later he was asked to go to Bikini to help treat some of the survivors of radiation experiments there. But because he effected the radiation levels around him in general, and often in unpredictable ways, the U.S. Army, which wanted to study the effects of the radiation levels on human health, ended up sending him back to Japan. That monk’s name was Tomo Ayuhowi, and many Japanese considered him a local saint. He was renowned in his area for his kindness and his healing abilities and so the Army really did not think that his ability to lower radiation levels would be reproducible. Thus, there was little attempt at that time to do further experiments along these lines with an eye to finding or developing others who could do the same. I know about this early history on the topic because the CIA asked me to research the area and write up my findings, which I did in the mid-1980s.

One of the tests that I participated in was on whether psychokinesis could be used to disable incoming nuclear missiles. This was a test that I designed myself as I had complained that Star Wars was ludicrous as one could do better, without technical difficulties or cost, just by intending the result that one wanted. Because I had made these comments at a JCS meeting during Reagan’s second term, one of the Generals present asked for me to put on a demo that Reagan could easily attend—as opposed to one out at the Nevada Test Site like some of the earlier ones that I had been involved in.

As a result, I was standing in the Oval Office with Reagan at the time that this particular teat was run and the Pentagon was monitoring the results and conveying the results to Reagan by phone. Three planes were sent up and asked to fire missiles at a target—in this case the missiles were non-nuclear that fragmented into hundreds of pieces mimicking a multiple warhead nuclear weapon. The pieces were luminescent, like phosphorus tracers, and easy to see in the night sky as well as to photograph.

The military made a number of runs, conducted at a distant base in Okalahoma, if I remember correctly. Then they asked me to “deflect the rounds”. At first they believed that the missiles were not firing from the planes because they saw no tracers. But when the planes landed, indeed the missiles were missing.

The real issue was whether one could evaporate a nuclear weapon without having radioactive dust hit the
ground. So the next test was one of putting uranium in a conventional missile as a dirty bomb. This was done at the Nevada Test Site in case I failed and again I was not on site. I was standing in Casey’s office at CIA HQ at the time with Reagan on the phone. The size of the bomb was about 500 lbs and the amount of radiation would have been substantial. The fallout downwind could have been a real problem and some Generals had objected to the test on that basis as it was after the Limited Test Ban Treaty. While there was no nuclear explosion per se, and so there was no violation of the letter of the treaty, the amount of potential release of radiation was nearly half of the first A-bomb released over Japan. Given that being the case, the test was delayed until an almost windless day. I was not quite clear about the logic of that since I doubted that the radiation would be swept up by brooms before the next windy day. However, I had no intention of failing and so I went forward with the test. I am used to having certainty of result in that personality. It is because of that certainty of result that I have often been used for these tests. The result of the test was that there was no increase in radiation detected afterwards compared to what had been at the site previously. Some scientists objected that the radiation levels were slightly lower than they had been before and said that the results might not have been from getting rid of the radiation in the bomb as much as getting rid of it on the ground afterwards. I found that a moot point. After all the point was to prevent fallout that could hurt people.

That test was followed a few months later by more sophisticated tests on decreasing specific types of radiation, such as gamma rays versus alpha waves. It really made no difference –it was only a difference in the intention. Those tests were run underground in caverns already created by nuclear explosions. The tests showed that the mind could evaporate a ton of highly radioactive material instantaneously. In this case we had visuals directly from security camera in the cavern. In one frame the ton of uranium is there and in the next it was almost not and the second one it was gone. People accused me of getting kickbacks from the uranium ore company that I wasted a ton of the precious material, but that was not the case.

Here I have omitted details of the actual tests because of true national security reasons. Omission of the details in this specific case will not prevent countries from protecting themselves from nuclear war and fallout.

The next set of tests that I want to mention happened a few years later in the Bush Sr. administration. These tests involved me at the site of the radiation, in this case at the Nevada Test Site primarily. I was asked to walk through radioactive caverns and ingest large lethal doses of radiation to test my abilities. Really it was a little bizarre since I could decontaminate a whole cavern of the radiation after an atomic explosion, so there was no need to force me to ingest lethal doses before I decontaminated it. The experiments verged on the sadistic and except that I had very unusual abilities relative to my body I would not have survived them.

The Gnome nuclear blast cavity, located 1,184 feet beneath Carlsbad, New Mexico, is another test site that was likely used for these very sensitive radiation abatement and clean-up experiments. Arrigo documents an astonishing feat of human consciousness that, if replicated on a larger scale, could reverse the contamination of our planet and the destiny of our species. However, she also warns that the feasibility of radiation abatement by psychokinesis has fed into the genocidal fantasies of the Nazi U.S. government by offering a means to protect the ruling class while killing everyone else on Earth.

When I arrived up at the Mount Weather base in October of 2003, I quickly discovered that I had been recalled from Canada because the U.S. had run out of  conventional solutions to a problem that they felt was urgent to solve.  The problem was explained to me by the Commander of Mount Weather: “We plan to use this base for its intended function (to house the US officials in the event of nuclear war), but all of the remote viewers say that no one will survive a nuclear war here . . .  You are the one that says everything is possible . . .  You are the one that we trust to be able to do it.”

“Perhaps you misunderstand what I say at the beginning of my remote-viewing training intensives: I say that anything that is ethical to do can be done.”

“What is unethical about saving the life of the president and his advisors?” he asked.

“Billions of other people dead from the nuclear war,” I replied.

“But the scientists have calculated out the number of people that need to survive to have enough genetic variation for the species to continue, and they put the number at 210 families. We will have 240 for extra margin of safety.”

I looked down at my shoes in embarrassment. Not only were the scientists wrong per my intuition, but also I had just been told that the U.S. government intended to nuke everyone off the face of the planet and leave only 240 families in a hole in the ground.

I called Tenet at CIA Headquarters and asked to speak to him. He said, “There have been changes around here since I last saw you. They (the White House) believe nuclear war is inevitable, only a matter of time. They want”—and his voice quavered momentarily—“to schedule the end as part of a ceremony, on a solstice, for the best effect. . . . This is for real. This is the way they see it. Take everyone else out and start over—just them. That way there is no overpopulation, no racial tension, no exhaustion of the petroleum reserves.  They can’t imagine life without oil.  They don’t want to share what is left of it.”

“But that is insane,” I replied. “We can go to another source of fuel.  We can create new solutions.”

“That is not the way they see it.  They don’t have the confidence that you have.  They don’t believe that creativity will always find a solution . . .  They want you to bring [the radiation] back down to normal background levels after everyone else is dead, down to normal again, like you did at the Nevada Test Site demonstration.”

“I can’t do that to preserve the lives of mass murderers,” I replied.  “I refuse to help them kill off the planet’s life, even if I could do what they wanted, which I can’t.”

Over the next few days [Senator Jay] Rockefeller showed up a number of times with contractors to explain to them what he wanted changed in his “privatized part” of the underground facility. While most of the facility was not much different in style than the inside of CIA headquarters, there were some notable exceptions. Rockefeller’s section already looked like the inside of the New York Metropolitan Museum, filled with precious art objects and with high vaulted gothic ceilings. He now ordered that his section be expanded from mansion-size to three times as large, and a new swimming pool installed which was about Olympic-sized. I was not happy with this change, as an enormous amount of dust was generated by this construction over the many months it took to complete, and that overloaded the air filtering system, which had to be replaced and upgraded again to handle the extra interior volume. The facility was now about 9% larger overall. And the construction thinned the wall of rock that was acting to make the shelter safe. Even in the construction of this ‘albatross’, the concerned parties were unable to agree on what was fair in terms of size or number of people to be admitted to it. Rockefeller intended to bring in whomever he wanted at the last moment, including all the “cousins” that he liked and their children. Officially, there were only two Rockefellers on the list [Jay and his uncle, David].




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