Apollymi Mandylion, Super Soldier (1)

Part one of an interview with James Rink, Super Soldier Talk  https://supersoldiertalk.com/

Super Soldier Talk with Apollymi – Project Crest, Carbon, Section 13 32-C

September 15, 2021

Rumble: https://rumble.com/vmknxx-super-soldier-talk-with-apollymi-project-crest-carbon-section-13-32-c.html

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James:  Thank you everybody for joining us here today.  This is Supersoldier Talk, I am James Rink, and I have a very exciting show today for you.  Today we have a very special guest: we have Apollymi Mandylion.  Apollymi is a super soldier hybrid created by the Dark Fleet and the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).  She has been part of Project Crest (Star Gate), Project Carbon, and Section 13 32-C.  She’ll also go into Project Ashwet (Children of God), which is an Aryan ET project at Camp Livingston, Louisiana.  She will talk about Secret Space Program missions, Inner Earth experiences, and Project Mind Control, Project MK ULTRA, and Project Blue Book.  Thank you, Apollymi, for joining us here today.

Apollymi:  Thank you for having me.

(3:23) James:  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  We could start with this question: When did you become aware you were a super soldier involved in these projects?

Apollymi:  It’s kind of difficult, because when you go through the projects at a very young age, they don’t really give you any information.  They just tell you what to do.  Sometimes with extreme force.  I was between four-and-a-half to five years old when I started entering the projects.  And unfortunately, it wasn’t very nice.  It was not, “Hey, come work with us.”  It’s, “We’re going to abduct you at night and do horrible things to you until you bend to our will.”

(4:05) James:  Do you actually have recall of experiences as a child being taken to facilities and trained?  Why don’t you tell us a little bit about that.

Apollymi:  Well, the first time they ended up coming to me, I started seeing black helicopters in my dreams.  And you would get, like, the sound and the images.  And then they would start manipulating your dreams, knock you out.  You’d start feeling this really heavy electrical sensation, and then I would literally just wake up on base, had no idea where I was at all.  I’m like, “Who are you guys and what are you doing here?”  Like, “Why are you in my bedroom?”

But it was almost like every night that started happening to me, on the dot.  I started realizing, after some observation, that they started coming for me between 1:30 and 2:00 in the morning.  I’d wake up in my bed.  Either my clothes were missing, or just strewn (around).  I’d have bruises and puncture marks on me.  Just very dissociated a lot of the times.  And then later on, when they started throwing us into what I would consider boot camp, which would be Project Ashwet—

When I first went into the projects, it was more of like medical testing: they would put us in scanners, take our blood, tie us down and put a whole bunch of implements on us.  I’ve been in the old version of med-beds, where it’s just a huge container of goo.  And they put a breathing apparatus on you if you go into the orange one, and you don’t need one if you’re in the pink one, and they throw you in there and put sonic frequencies through it.

(6:10) James:  You mean the pink-colored goo?  The orange-colored goo?  Can you give us some information about the difference between those two colors of goos?

Apollymi:  Well, it’s not like they really tell you; you just have to be observant.  The pink one you can breathe through.  It’s very uncomfortable; you feel like you’re drowning for like the first good ten minutes, until your brain catches up from the shock.  But they seem to put us in that one basically for—  Like, if you have a severed arm or anything like that, they put you in the orange one for some reason.  But the pink one is mainly for, like, internal injuries and minor injuries.  If you’re missing a leg or anything else they put you in the orange one.  You have to have a breathing apparatus on, and you’re in that one for quite a long time.  And then, of course, when you get out you have to take a shower afterwards because it’s really funky feeling.  But those are the only differences I could really tell you about.  The sonic waves, the different frequency waves they put through there, are just about the same.  The only thing I can think of is the materials react differently (in response) to the electrical and sonic frequencies they’re putting through it.  I mean, when you walk out from the orange one you have a brand-new leg that’s re-grown.  I don’t know if there’s stem cells or nanotech or whatever in there.

(7:45) James: [unitelligible], typically, which are much smaller biobots: they’re about the size of quarks within the atoms themselves, rather than the codons of the DNA, as compared to nanobots. (https://www.cosmicnews.org/2020/09/22/med-beds-tech-healing-technology-of-the-ssp-james-rink-and-mike-emery/)

(8:00) James:  You were starting to talk a little bit about Project Ashwet, and its connection with the Aryan ETs and the Children of God at Camp Livingston.  So why don’t you go a little bit more into that, and if med-beds are involved in that, you can share more, too.

(8:25) Apollymi:  Yeah, they have technology that’s a little bit more advanced than the general projects.  Because when we go into the general projects, they test our physical, mental and psychological capabilities.  They also test any powers that we have, and then they separate us into groups based on those.

And then we go to what I call boot camp, which would be the Ashwet Program.  Ashwet apparently means Children of God, and we’ve heard a lot of the Aryans say that quite a few times.  It is basically one of the most brutal places that I have been.  So, when you go over there, you are basically, for lack of a better word, just experiments.  You have no rights.  Some people have avatars: if they can’t physically abduct you, they will put your consciousness into that avatar and you still go through your training, regardless.

They basically make us not use our abilities, where the other projects focus on our abilities.  These guys put us through hell.  We can’t use our abilities, but we’re fighting entities and beings who have their abilities.  You’re still treated like you’re in military boot camp for all intents and purposes, and technically a prison inmate.  There’s rape, molestation.  Like, we’ve seen our members get ripped in half and then just appear the next day, ‘cause they throw them in the tanks.  They break you mentally, physically, emotionally.  They have these stupid collars, that, back in the day, were like 1/2” thick, 1-1/4” wide, and it had a green and a red light on it.  If you had your green light on, you were good!  If you had your red light on, like 10,000 volts straight to your soul.  And I ended up getting my collar shocked a lot, because I did not like following the rules.

(10:50) James:  Where is Camp Livingston?

Apollymi: Camp Livingston is in Louisiana, U.S.A.  When I was a kid we would be transferred from a desert area into— all I remember is the smell of, like, swampland; it was very humid there.  Very few times that we were allowed on the surface—usually when we were escaping—it was very humid.  Most of the time it was dark ‘cause we went there at night.  So, there is a larger underground base there, which is where we ususally resided, along with what was taking place at the MILABS [people abducted by the military] down there as well.

(13:00) James: Do you think this was an alternate reality just outside of time?  Sort of like what they did at Montauk?

Apollymi: Sorry, I don’t know what Montauk is.

(13:20) James:  What is an Aryan ET?

Apollymi:  The Aryan ETs are a species of extraterrestrial that look human.  The could walk around down here and you wouldn’t know the difference, except for their energy signature and their pheromones, because they smell different than humans.  But they are what most people would consider the blond Nordics, although they do have some light-brown people in their culture as well—the blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin.  Some of them, not all of them, actually worked with some of the Nazi forces as well.  They were the ones who came down here and said, “Hey, we can give you power if you try to take over the world.”  But they’re the ones who supplied a lot of the technology to reverse-engineer.  And they actually have quite a lot of power down here on Earth in the shadows.  They’re basically making super soldiers to fight whatever battles that they decide.  It’s not like we ever have a choice in the matter.  For some reason they are a huge part of the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) as well.

(15:10) James:  For how long were you here at this camp?

Apollymi:  Maybe a year, maybe a year and a half that we were over there for basic training.  We had to pass certain standards before we got brought back to the other base permanently.  I stayed longer because I don’t like to conform when people threaten me.  I’ve literally had my head cut off; I’ve been blown up; I’ve had weaponry—both guns and blades—shoved through me at this camp.  You’re literally going up against ETs who have abilities and they shut yours off.  So, we had to learn how to fight without our abilities, and it takes a long time and you have to work around things.

(16:20) James:  When you were taken to this facility, were you abducted through teleportation?

Apollymi: They usually came for me at night.  And usually it started with the black helicopters, but as I went to Camp Livingston, I got stronger.  So, I started to be able to manipulate astrally and mentally, so they had to start dimensional shifting into my room.  You could literally see my bed being pressed in while they held me down and shoved a needle in my neck, and I could taste and feel the burning sensation of liquid going into me.  And this is when I started having a fear of needles out of nowhere.  I didn’t like being held down in any manner.  But no, they came for me dimensionally, knocked me out, and when I woke up I was on base.  Same for when they would take me back.

(17:35) James:  My next question is, what kinds of special abilities or gifts do you have when you’re activated?

Apollymi: Well, they seem to have gotten a lot more complex the older I get and the more experienced I am.  When I first started off as a kid, it was kind of erratic.  I walked through a door when I was younger.  I was here without my suppressive shots.  But I have had physical abilities here: walking thrugh objects—going incorporeal basically, telepathy at random spurts, being extremely empathic, that sort of thing.

When I’m activated, I have no problem walking through walls or other objects, I can heal people pretty quickly—just the general basics of energy manipulation.  A very few times have I ever been able to do the teleportation; I’m still working on the physics of that.  Obviously, telepathy: I can get into people’s heads.

James: Telekinesis?

Apollymi: Yeah.  Psychokinesis is a lot more difficult, just because you have to have a lot of that reaching factor.  But it is doable—it just takes a lot of practice.

(19:40) James:  Do you want to comment about the Elvin side?

Apollymi: I say Elvin just because I have pointy ears.  So, the DNA that I ended up getting spliced with, I have multiple. I  have what most people would consider dragon; also Draconian, Aryan, and two other species most people call Elvin, just because they have pointy ears.  They’re very ability-oriented.

(20:30) James:  I always like to ask the question, how old you are.  Would you mind sharing?

Apollymi:  How old I am is very difficult because I do body-swap, so I kind of die every couple of days.

James:  You have clone bodies?

Apollymi:  Yeah.

* * *

https://youtu.be/mv2t0QSFPWA  June 7, 2022

(12:25) Daniel Sala:  And you also mentioned that you suspected that you were in a clone body right now. Is that true?

Apollymi: I get shoved into a lot of different bodies.  I am part of a project where they are trying to learn what kind of soul quanta can fit in certain genetic forms, because each DNA has its own limitations as to how much quanta it can be subjected to before it breaks down.  And because I lost my original body, they ended up putting me in this program, so I do end up body-jumping a lot because my quanta is very high, and I just end up breaking things down.  I can usually tell when I start having neurological symptoms at night.  Usually my bodies will last between 12 and 48 hours if it’s a low-grade DNA hybrid.

* * *

James:  Well, what does your birth certificate say?

Apollymi:  My birth certificate says 1985, so I should be 36 years old.

James:  Well, how many years do you think you’ve been in service with the SSP?

Apollymi:  There was a time where I ended up getting suspended for a few years because of the rioting.  But I think that suspension was only like—let’s see: I was about like 12, 13— I only had an eight-year suspension.  So, between the ages of four— I would say about at least 20 years, as far as my conscious knowledge.  They could have been doing stuff with me while I was on suspension and I would have no idea.  But I ended up getting a full mental block of everything after that.  I ended up getting most of my memories back when I was trying to do a past-life regression.  Instead of past lives, it brought all of my SSP stuff back.

* * *

https://youtu.be/mv2t0QSFPWA  June 7, 2022

(36:30) Daniel Sala: Y ou said you managed to get suspended from the SSP; but does that mean you were inactive, or that you got better memory wipes, because it seems like there’s no escaping the SSP.

Apollymi:  When I was twelve, twelve and a half, I ended up getting the group together in Section 13, because none of us were happy, we were controlled by the Cabal, they were torturing us, barely feeding us, making us run through the dirt, and I got sick of it and I actually incited a riot.  I ended up killing three of the high-ranking members, who had raped me as a child and raped a couple of the other girls as well, and probably even more.  But when they were doing that to me, there were three other girls in the room with me, and they were just being completely brutal.  I had no remorse; I had no problem with completely annihilating them.

* * *

(22:40) James:  Are you still actively getting needle marks and cut marks?

Apollymi: Yes.  On my Facebook page I do show some of my abduction marks and injection marks as well.

James:  Yeah, I also have been getting injection marks as well.  So, yeah, we’re still active and I think they’re wiping our memories.

Apollymi:  Yeah.

James:  I would like to know a little bit more about what is their favorite location to inject you in.  Do they keep coming back to the same place?

Apollymi: Well, I’m still active in a few projects, so it really just depends.  Sometimes I’ll get them in my arms.  Their favorite spot is the back of my legs, like two inches below my butt.  And that’s really annoying, because sometimes it will itch, and I literally thought I was going crazy because I had just started remembering everything and I was getting injected a lot.

25:10 Apollymi:  I guess that I have different factions.  Every one of them is pretty much ET-oriented, not just government-oriented.  They all have their different trademarks for puncture marks, I’m noticing.  It took a long time to figure that out.  Sometimes I can decipher if it’s Section 13; sometimes I can decipher if it’s the Aryans or other factions, based upon the injection marks and the type, like the spacing.

25:40 James:  Well, let’s go back to Project Ashwet at Camp Livingston.  So, we’ve already established that you think you were there for about a year and a half.  I think you said 12 to 13.

Apollymi:  Twelve to thirteen, at least.

James:  What were they grooming you for at Camp Livingston?  You’ve established it was ET combat, but was there anything else you would like to mention?

Apollymi:  Basically just ET combat, if you were taken prisoner and tortured, anything of that scenario.  And trust me, they took great pleasure in the torturing part.  They did not spare any expense at all.  Like I said, I’ve had my limbs ripped off; I’ve been raped and molested in ways that you probably couldn’t even find (on the internet).  Yeah.  So it was not nice.  We were tortured on a daily basis.  They were basically training us to be soldiers, and really more physical-combat-oriented, to be fighting ETs who had abilities.  When we went back to Section 13, that’s when our ability training started pretty heavily.  So you had two different factions training us for kind of the same purposes, but in two different ways.  And they would always say, “Oh, you’re a part of Project Ashwet.  You guys should be honored.  You guys are the Children of God.  You need to be strong.”

(28:00) James:  The handlers who run this facility, do they look human, or were they Nazi?

Apollymi:  Yes.  They definitely had the Nazi uniforms.  We had this one lady, she went by the name, Lilith, and she was the bane of our existence.  She was one of the head people there—not the highest, but she was in charge of our group.  And she did everything possible to rip you apart, mentally, physically and emotionally.  They all looked like blond hair, blue eyes, or they had that light brown hair color with green eyes.  Very, very rarely did we see any small greys or anything like that.  The only time you ever saw that was in the laboratories.  Anything out on base or on top was completely human-looking.

(29:10) James:  How many children do you think were in this facility at one given time?

Apollymi:  I honestly have no idea.  I know there were other projects going on other than our own, going on at the same time.  We all had white prison jump suits with our identification tags, or identification numbers, and that was also on our cells as well.  When we were not doing anything, we were in cells: actual prison cells down there.  The bars had this glowing purple outline, and if you touched them they would shock the ever-living crap out of you and drain your energy.  So there wasn’t really any way for us to get out of it, because that energy field went around the entire cell.  You could try to astral-travel out of it—it didn’t work; our collars were programmed for us not to have our abilities, though a lot of us did figure out how to get out of our collars most of the time.  But it still took great effort.

* * *

https://youtu.be/mv2t0QSFPWA  June 7, 2022

(34:00) Daniel Sala:  You mentioned that at Camp Livingston you managed to get out your shock collars.  Can you remember how?

Apollymi:  It’s called phasing.  It’s basically where you make yourself incorporeal, which is when you vibrate yourself to another dimension, and it allows you to be ghost-like.  I can only do it for a couple of seconds, especially when I have the shock collar on, because they do suppress our abilities.  So, most of the time when I got out of my gear on base, it was through phasing.

* * *

Apollymi:  The only reason I know it was called Project Ashwet is because I had a meeting with one of the heads of that project at the ICC to talk about my contracts, and he ended up giving me the information.  He told me, “You’re in Project Ashwet,” which meant Children of God, “and you should go talk to Lilith.”  And I asked him, “How do you know this?”  It was a dumb question, obviously, because he was the head of the organization.

* * *

https://youtu.be/mv2t0QSFPWA  June 7, 2022

(34:45) Daniel Sala:  Also, at Camp Livingston, what was the purpose of them shutting down all your psionic abilities when fighting those ETs?

Apollymi:  I asked them this too, because I did meet up with one of the ICC head organization members, because I had a lot to say and I was trying to buy my DNA contracts—I do have credits off-world.  And I asked him the same question. I said, “Why did you guys do this?”  And he said, “We wanted you to be perfect.  You guys are in the Child of God Project, so we wanted you to be absolutely perfect by being able to fight things, to open up your mind, open up your reality”; which basically translates as, “You need to learn how to adapt to situations you don’t have control of.”  So, they wanted us to find other methods of boosting our abilities, learning how to hack around things for our abilities.  Again, the way I learned how to control my avatars and control my soul-shards was from their training.  They made us think on a completely different level.  And they did not stop until you got it.  I was in the training program a lot longer than most people who I went in with.

* * *

(31:20) James:  In what language were the signs at the facility?

Apollymi:  I was a kid and I didn’t really pay attention.  There was English there, I know that.

James:  But everybody was speaking English primarily on the upper level?

Apollymi:  Even if they weren’t speaking English, our collars are translators. (Those collars have several functions), both in outer space and here.  They’re basically slave collars, which sucks.

32:30 James:  Did this slave collar have a cattle-prod function, where they would electrocute you?

Apollymi:  Yeah, at very high voltages.  In Camp Livingston, as soon as we got there, if you pushed yourself as a threat, they would actually put cranial bombs into you, too.

James:  You mean implants in your temporal lobe?

Apollymi:  And then it will literally go off: you’ll basically have an aneurism and your body will drop down, and then they’ll throw you back into the tank, or they’ll get you in your clone.

33:15  James:  You know, it almost seems as though it’s a Draco-type facility, because it seems like they’re enslaving these people for off-world missions, as you said, grooming them for ET combat.

Apollymi:  Yeah.

James:  So let’s go into the end of the process.  After you finished your training, did you actually graduate and get some kind of purple heart?  Or did they put you in another program?

Apollymi:  They evaluate you, and if you fail, you stay there until you break, or they sell you off, depending on your contracts.  So, I managed to graduate after a year, and then they shipped me back to Section 13.  And then from there, my other contracts—that I didn’t even know about—were put into place, and then I was basically groomed to go on missions—both on-world and in dimensions and in outer space—and pretty much do whatever they tell me to do—sort of.  I’m kind of one of those people that don’t take orders if I don’t really like what’s going on.  I’m kind of the troublemaker, but it’s what keeps me alive sometimes.

James:  Well, usually we find that people that were troublemakers out there are highly targeted here.  Do you feel like that’s the case for you?  I mean, has your life been really difficult, like, you try to move forward and almost everything fails?

(34:45) Apollymi:  Let’s put it this way: I take two steps forward, and I don’t get my legs kicked out from under me—they get chopped off and I have to regrow them.   I literally can’t do anything here, and anyone who has known me for awhile understands this.  Anything: going to school, having a job, having a relationship.

James:  Well, I wanted to mention this because Tucker Carlson and Shannon Bream, who are high up at Fox News, were also really high up in ICC.   So, when we do our service off-world, they promise us they’ll give us cushy jobs to take care of us when we come back.  But that’s if you’re loyal and you do everything you’re told.  Now, the people that don’t do that—I guess a lot of the super soldiers are rebelious, because we’re treated like crap.  So do you feel like they should pay you for the work you did?  I mean, do you want money?  Do you want them to say, “Hey, I’m sorry?”  Or do you maybe want recognition, or something else?

Apollymi:  I literally would love just not to be in human society anymore, to be honest.  No offense to anybody, but I physically, genetically have issues here.  I can barely eat the food here.  But the more genetic stuff that I have, especially swapping bodies and everything.  One moment I’m in a body that’s close to my genetics, and the next I’m in a blank body, which is just a generic body that can house many different types of souls or species or energy types, and they all have different nutritional needs.  I want a meal program that’s built for my species!  That would be great; that would be my first demand.  And the second demand is, you trained me as a soldier: start utilizing me.  I don’t want to just be here at night going on missions.  Just keep me on base, please!  I don’t do anything; I can’t do anything anyway.  Like, I can’t go to the movies or anything like that, so I’m just sit here rotting.

(37:45) James:  Why?  Is it just the empathic abilities, the telepathic— ?

Apollymi: Yeah.  When those abilities start kicking up, it’s really hard to be in society.  People don’t know how to keep their thoughts to themselves, so people are really easy to hack into.  On top of that, the empathy itself is— I’m not even going to go into what is wrong with society.  It’s just very difficult.  Like, even though I was raised on the battlefield and I can watch people die, being through all that trauma, it’s so much of a different world coming back where you have to restrain yourself. You can’t just get mad and punch somebody in the face or use your abilities on someone.  We do have police.  Whether you guys think about it or not, we do have and are monitored on this planet.  So if we do something that is unjustified with our abilities, for those who are targeted like me, we get grounded.  If it wasn’t justified, I get stripped of my powers.  They literally shoot you up with a supression shot, and you can’t really do a whole lot—unless your life’s in danger, and then, of course, the matrix starts taking over for that part.

(39:00) James:  You’ve already confirmed that you were memory-wiped, but it didn’t really hold.

Apollymi:  Well, it held for a number of years.  From the age of twelve to thirteen, to about 25 to 26, I believe was when I started it, I ended up getting wiped.  So, I didn’t remember anything; I was just—  I was an energy user still, going on paths and stuff like that, but I never really thought about—  Like, ETs literally scared me; like, I didn’t want anything to do with them; any talk about UFOs gave me the creeps.  I had that matrix block, where I felt, “You need to go THIS way and get as far away from it as possible.”  And I was doing a past-life regression, and I ended up remembering a lot of the stuff that was happening, but the ETs weren’t involved until later.  And then I lived in a place in Wyoming where almost the entire town had a UFO event, and after that everything came crashing down around me and I started getting recruited again.  It was very, very odd.  It took a couple of months, but it was very bizarre.  And then I’ve been having to relearn everything all over again.

Supersoldier Talk (Sept 15, 2021).  “Super Soldier Talk with Apollymi – Project Crest, Carbon, Section 13 32-C”  https://rumble.com/vmknxx-super-soldier-talk-with-apollymi-project-crest-carbon-section-13-32-c.html?mref=ah9c7&mrefc=2

Saint Olga 69 (June 7, 2022).  “Apollymi Mandylion: SSP Insider Interview – ICC, Off-world Cultures, Hollow Earth”  https://youtu.be/mv2t0QSFPWA

Supersoldier Talk Rumble channel:  https://rumble.com/user/supersoldiertalk

Apolymi’s web site:  https://galaxyofunity.squarespace.com/

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