Jessie Czebotar talks about underground cities

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LIVE with JESSIE CZEBOTAR on Underground Cities: Emerald City, Mars, Valhalla and Ragnarok (October 19, 2022)

Since before her birth, the Brotherhood System designated Jessie Czebotar to be the queen mother of darkness.  She chose instead to follow Christ, and she has become a Christian teacher and a witness against the Luciferians.

In this talk with Aquarius Rising, Jessie discusses four underground cities used by the Luciferians and the Nazi-infiltrated U.S. military.  She talks about the elites’ homes and their entryways to the underground and to other worlds or dimensions.  She also reveals that television personality Oprah Winfrey is a Luciferian high priestess overseeing the Western Quadrant.

The Masonic orders:

1.  The Order of Melchizedek

2.  The Order of the Phoenix

3.  The Order of the Golden Dawn

The world governing council has several names, and two of these are:

The Satanic Council and The Druidic Council

The four Luciferian societies are:

1.  The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) of the Roman Catholic Church

2.  Kaballah

3.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church)

4.  The Church of Satan

Four underground Luciferian cities:

Emerald City:  Beneath the Pentagon

Valhalla:  Located in Kansas

Ragnarok:  Located in Alaska

Mars:  Located beneath Area 51 in Nevada

Jessie’s web site:

Jessie’s Rumble channel:  Kingdom LivingTV

Allyson Carter, who escaped from being an elite child sex slave to presidents, celebrities and royals, describes being taken to an underground city through the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California (beginning at 17 minutes)

Ally Carter with Stew Peters:  “I was sold to Joe Biden multiple times”

Aquarius Rising Africa (features hours of disclosure by Jessie):

One thought on “Jessie Czebotar talks about underground cities

  1. Greetings friends;

    I have studied the inner world for the past 50 years (I am almost 63 now). I was born into a Masonic cult family in Utah and am a con-ductee (you might say, or a “contactee” who was rescued from a reptilian/grey abduction scenario by more positive human ET’s/ST’s, but I still maintain my memory blocks for mine and their sakes)… most of my information comes through ’emotional memories’ you might say.

    Here is a link to one of my websites which contains the product of nearly 50 years of intense research and experience:

    I hope you are blessed by this information.

    BRuce AlaN dewalTON


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