Humans for Hardware Part 2: Elena Danaan

In her book, A Gift From the Stars and The Book of Alien Races (2020), Elena Danaan states the following:

Invader races on Terra have interrelated agreements between them, as well as with the U.S. government and [its security forces]. Draconians [are at the top of the pyramid] of the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex, controlling all information related to the alien presence. They control the elites, media, corporations, institutions and financial systems. They [foment] wars, scarcity, fear and insecurity, and encourage corruption, ethnic and religious violence, terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime.

There is a strict hierarchy involving the Draco reptilians and other extraterrestrial races involved in the invasion of Terra. Reptilians from Thuban, the Ciakahrr and Nagai (the Dracos), are in command of the Earth-based reptilians. These, in turn, are in command of the Maytrei (tall greys) and mantids (insectoids).* The Maytrei and mantids are in command of the Do-hu Zetai—the enslaved greys of Solipsi Rai and their related cloned and biosynthetic technicians.

[I question Elena’s information here about mantids working for the Draco reptilians, as most information about mantids is that they are a multidimensional, highly advanced race that is helping humanity.]

The American government made an alliance with a separatist faction of Telosii, a colony from Alpha Centauri which is part of the Agarthan [Inner Earth] kingdoms. These two allies later made secret treaties with the Do-hu from Zeta Reticuli . . . The deal was to [allow them to] conduct a few abductions of Terrans . . . in exchange for technology which proved to be very disappointing.

The Do-hu and the Draconian reptilians work together. They used their treaties with the Terran and Telose governments to take possession of the military bases and the Telosi underground colonies. (pp. 152-153)

Danaan completely mischaracterizes the deals that were struck between the NSA and the greys when she calls them treaties made by the U.S. government. Only the president of the United States can sign a treaty, and it must be ratified by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate. No treaty exists between the U.S. government and aliens.

Danaan made another dubious statement on May 18, 2022, when she attempted to explain an amendment made recently to the Law of Noninterference. This amendment recognizes that when a technologically advanced group attempts to conquer and enslave a “stage-one or stage-two” culture through secret deals with leaders, that is a violation of the free will of the culture and constitutes interference. On this occasion Danaan awkwardly claimed that the United States government legally owns prisoners and “has all rights over them”:

(3:40) “Why prisoners? Because the MJ-12, they are military people, they are governmental institution—with dark government but still government—and they have a sort of the ownership of prisoners. They have lawfully all rights over them, unfortunately.” (

The fact that the law was amended means that there was something wrong with the legal framework under which the GFW has been operating. Objective circumstances haven’t changed. According to Danaan, the Ciakaharr has used proxy races and secret deals with indigenous leaders to invade worlds for ages.

“This joint method of maipulation using the Do-Hu for easy conqust is so well known; it has been used by the Ciakahrr Empire to infiltrate many worlds. Always, they are able to find naive indigenous allies to sell out their own people in exchange for false promises. Once treaties are signed, and the local leaders of the invaded planet agree on the terms the invaders have all rights regarding in the eyes of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They systematically proceed like this, and it works wonders because they always manage to find that sparkle of greed and personal profit in targeted indigenous leaders on the world to conquer.”

“In 1954, the Do-Hu contacted Terran leaders to operate their age-old trick, so the Galactic Federation of Worlds decided to . . . warn the Terran leaders not to make the greatest mistake ever in thier history. Unfortunately, it occurred shortly after the Terran leaders signed an agreement with the Do-Hu.” (p. 153)

Danaan’s use of the word, treaty, which not even the U.S. government used, and her claim that prisoners are slaves under some law somewhere, makes you wonder what in the galaxy is going on. Someone is lying.

I will now move on to the rest of Danaan’s horror story, which we hope will not be repeated now that there is an amendment to the Law of Noninterference.

Over the following decades, the situation worsened. In a short time, the list of a couple of hundred of abductions, mostly prisoners and the mentally ill, ballooned to thousands, and then millions. The Ciakahrr Empire stepped in as soon as the treaty was signed and shortly afterwards, the Orion Empire and the Corporate of Altair invited themselves to the party. Independent groups such as Kiily-Tokurit and Maytrei jumped on the opportunity, and quite quickly, a complex web of agreements was made among non-Terran species.

On the earth and beneath it, secret alliances were made between aliens and dark Terran cults that fed on fear, pain and blood sacrifices [the Freemasons, the Vatican, the Sabbatean-Frankist cult, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Illuminati societies]. All of this was set up to give birth to the most horrible, multi-tentacled beast: the Cabal.

For decades, Terrans were abducted, imprisoned, bred, tortured, raped and butchered in the vast underground facilities connected with the U.S. military bases [also the NSA]. Children were used for the sex trade, food and adrenochrome; women for breeding and as sex slaves; and men as slave workers sent to diverse mining colonies.

Some facilities specialized in mind-control technologies, using nano-particle and quantum-dust trackers, AI, guided energy weapons, human cloning and genetic experiments, and worse—soul scalping. This is the removal of the soul from the body by means of mercury, chrome and intense pain.

All of the species named and all of the Terran elites were implicated in these crimes. The network of underground bases, tunnels and cities was vast. The Agarthan subterranean structures, extremely ancient, were requisitioned and vastly extended with the help of ET technology. Trains running deep underground used antigravity technology to travel at up to 1,200 km per hour, linking the continents together.

That has all come to an end.

In the second decade of the 21st century, a vast operation was created to conduct a large-scale cleansing named “The Storm.” The purpose was to exterminate the Cabal and liberate the Terran species. We renewed contact with Terran governments and started working with them, training elite fighters and preparing an interventon which will be remembered as the greatest covert operation in the history of Earth.

The Galactic Federation generated precise seismic activity to map the whole thing and this is how we located all of the tunnels and facilities. Strengthened by our support, many influential Terrans started to speak out and reveal the truth. Many were eliminated, but nevertheless the Cabal was overwhelmed. One by one, Terran leaders rebelled and joined the fight, and [non-Terran] allies of the Ciakahrr Empire, not wanting to oppose the Galactic Federation, turned their backs on them.

The war underground was violent, but millions of Terrans were rescued and Terran elites were arrested. In a final paroxysm, the Cabal created the fiction of a deadly pandemic as an excuse to impose martial law and forcefully inject the entire population with tracker-dust. The 5G network would work with this substance to imprison Terrans in the third-dimension matrix.

But this is the story of how Terra was liberated and supported towards the next stage of its evolution.

[Danaan next provides descriptions of the principal deep underground military bases, known as DUMBs]


Danaan, Elena (2020). A Gift From the Stars and The Book of Alien Races. (Self-published) (pp. 152-154) ISBN 978-1-8381730-0-5

For a detailed account of what was going on at the Dulce base, see

Here is an interview (from prison) of the man who lead the 1979 attack on the Dulce base, SSP veteran Captain Mark Richards:

Dan Willis: 100-year chronology of the Cabal’s takeover of Earth

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