The Rearing Stallion: Illuminati Icon

“Blucifer” Denver International Airport – Luis Jimemez (died 2006)

Luciferian art at the Denver International Airport, which was built by a group calling itself “The New World Airport Commission”  (

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I’m going to start this discussion of the horse with a section from the autobiography of Tony Rodrigues, Ceres Colony Cavalier (2021):

There were huge windows and tiled floors similar to what you’d expect in a 1950s station.  The first moment through the great revolving doors from the hangar to the trade area gave a good hit of clean, crisp, fresh oxygen—and it was a total rush, a buzz, actually. It was awesome.  I remember those walks with my colleagues fondly.

Just before my twenty-year time was up, the stone pillars that we had walked by for months came under construction.  I was told that they had abducted a few of Europe’s finest stone sculptors into a twenty-year program just to have them sculpt a few monuments throughout several colonies in the solar system.  These sculptors would be working on Ceres for years to come.

Rearing stallions on Ceres created by artists abducted from Earth (courtesy of Tony Rodrigues)

Ceres Colony, population of around 260,000, was created by extraterrestrials as a refuge for the top echelon of Germans at the end of WWII.  The transport of people to Ceres was done from a Nazi base in Antartica.

The colony was governed by Nazis, but they were themselves under the rule of the Draco Empire.  The colony’s economy was based on interstellar trade, and it relied on slave labor provided by humans abducted from Earth.

Rearing Stallion 1928

Rearing Stallion 1928 National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Perls)

The NSA, the Montauk boys, and the Hadron collider

Beginning in 1947 under President Harry Truman, the military and private defense contractors began research into extraterrestrial technologies, with the goal of weaponizing them to enslave the human race.  This was the reason Truman created the CIA, the NSA and Majestic Twelve, all of which which formed a shadow government.

The research was carried out at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, Brookhaven National Laboratories in New York, and at private companies such as Douglas Aircraft, Raytheon, and Eaton AIL.  From 1971, privately funded ET research was carried out at Montauk Air Force Base, and this was eventually expanded to 24 other sites.  This research violated human-rights conventions, international weapons conventions and the United States Constitution.  It was called Project Phoenix.

Research at Montauk was mainly concerned with mind-control technologies and time-space-travel, and involved the use of child psychics, computers, electromagnetic energy and ET technology to create a space-time vortex.  They perfected this on August 12, 1983, when Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron arrived at Montauk from the USS Eldridge in 1943—what is now known as the Philadelphia Experiment.

In later interviews, Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols explained how the scientists at Montauk tested child psychics for Project Phoenix by a remote-viewing exercise.  They would have their young subjects look at the United States in the year 6037 and ask them what they saw.  The scientists had located a world-line in which the human race no longer existed: the scene was a golden statue of a rearing stallion in a desolate city.  If the boy or the young man saw the golden statue, he was put to work visualizing other world lines that favored the plans of the Cabal.  These visualizations, amplified by the amplitron machines at Montauk, allowed the NSA to identify their space-time coordinates.  Repeatedly sending psychics to these world-lines moved our world-line in the direction of the New World Order.

Stewart Swerdlow, another Montauk veteran, told Michael Salla (April 18, 2022) that the purpose of the Hadron collider in Geneva was to collapse the world-lines that gave the Cabal an “advantage” into this reality.

CERN is an interdimensional portal.  We learned at Montauk that there are infinite realities.  Every possibility that you can think of exists.  And how did we learn this?  Because they had attempted to send people back in time to change history, and they found out that you can’t change history.  Whatever is in this timeline, in the so-called past, must remain.  If you alter an event, then it becomes another timeline—parallel to this, but not the same as this.

And so, they realized that in every possibility of existence, you could find something.  So, for example, the Hadron collider in CERN: they know that there are realities where the Nazis maintained control.  There are realities where Atlantis never was destroyed.  There are realities where humans never existed, and so on, and so on.  So what Hadron colliders do is identify alternate realities that enhance and improve the position of the deep state.  And what they are attempting to do is collapse those realities into this one; blend, merge the reality where they have maintained their power.  That’s the idea of the Hadron collider.  And that’s why it’s been sabotaged several times by certain groups who are against that agenda. (1 hr. 9 minutes

With this in mind, here is Duncan Cameron talking about the golden stallion statue that the NSA scientists used to test young psychics.

One of the unusual characteristics in this jumping in time, and seeing where the particular special-interest groups—  And that’s basically what Montauk was about: very specialized interest-groups within the government and outside, finding a way to accentuate and to gear and maneuver their own ‘sensitives’ for whatever their agenda is.  There was a test at Montauk for those people who could sense, in this time framework in which we’re all moving along, the year 6037.

It sounds kind of kooky and bizarre and unusual, but we all have a connection to our evolution.  And that’s supposedly one of the most evolved states of the human spirit in the time frame that we’re moving along.  Everyone has a connection to it, and [if] there is enough kind of horsepower, or a process to move it in that area, then [it] could be, on paper, connected.  And it probably was a bit of a jolt and such, but they had these connections, and part of the work duties of some of these vounteers was to go in and sense this horse on a pedestal, in this kind of surrealistic city.

And some of the people had the creativity and the ability to actually ride the horse; get on this horse and then follow and see where it ended up.  And from reports, it ended up before Christ, millions of years.  And along that pathway, they had a number of what’s called flag-posts, which for some reason has been connected with me.  I don’t quite know why, but there is my essence in connection with these flag-posts.

Question:  Markers?

Duncan:  Markers—markers in time; same thing.  And we’re speculating: we certainly don’t know, ‘cause we’re still trying to grab memories and see what comes up.  And by all means, Al Bielek, my half-brother, is part of this investigation, trying to put it all together as to what these references in time mean.  And the logical aspect is that the control-group would like to use these forms for their agenda.  It’s a logical format.  So, that was one of the peculiar aspects of it.

Duncan:  Some of the other unfortunate considerations were the use of boys in the project.

Question:  What age?

Duncan:  It goes back to five and six at the earliest, maybe seven, eight, through pubescent into seventeen and eighteen. And they had some twenty-year-olds at the time. (54 minutes )

Preston Nichols, an assistant director of Montauk, described the same thing in his book:

A later investigation showed that Montauk had a neo-Nazi connection and that the Nazis were still on the Aryan kick.  We don’t know where the kids went, what they were educated in or programmed for.  Whether they came back or not is still a mystery.  What information is available is that they sent every raw recruit into the future to 6037 AD, always to the same point, to what appeared to be a dead city in ruins.

Everything was stationary, not unlike a dream-like state.  There were no signs of life. In the center of the city was a square with a gold horse on a pedestal.  There were inscriptions on that pedestal and recruits were sent there to read what they said.  Each recruit would interpret and report.

The recruits were always asked if they saw anybody in the city.  Each individual would interpret what he observed and report.  We know a lot of people were shoved somewhere into the Future — maybe 200 or 300 years ahead.  Estimates range from 3,000 to 10,000 people that were eventually abandoned.  We have no idea for what purpose.

I have already said that I don’t know exactly what they did with time.  I wasn’t there, but I do know they did a lot with World War I and World War II.  They monitored those times and took pictures.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  They could actually make up a secondary vortex to observe what was going on.  We called this a “seeing-eye” function.  The original vortex was such that one could drive a truck through it.  Using phase conjugation through the elaborate computer set-up, past and future history could actually be transmitted through the portal and viewed on television. (pp. 48-49)

Stewart Swerdlow has described what the United States was supposed to look like in the present time.  The country was divided by a 50-mile-wide Mississippi river, or causeway, into western and eastern regions.  Most of California west of the San Andreas fault was underwater, as well as parts of the East Coast and the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

The capital of the western region of the U.S. was supposed to be Denver, Colorado—hence the Luciferian airport—and the capital of the eastern region was to be Atlanta, Georgia, headquarters of CNN and the Centers for Disease Control.  Colorado and Georgia are Democratic Party strongholds, even though the populations are socially conservative—hence the election-rigging.


Illuminati families and the Committee of 300. Note CNN founder Ted Turner and Anthony Fauci.

Deep underground military bases and tunnels

Phil Schneider was a geologist who worked on the government’s underground bases and tunnels. He was tortured and strangled in 1996 for speaking publicly about what was going on.

The first part of this talk is going to concern deep underground military bases and the black budget.  The black budget is a secretive budget that garners 25% of the gross national product of the United States.  The black budget currently consumes $1.25 trillion per [2] years.  At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases.  Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States.

They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940’s.  Some of them were built even earlier than that.  These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2.  Several books have been written about this activity; Al Bielek has my only copy of one of them.  Richard Sauder, a Ph.D architect, has risked his life by talking about this.  He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases.  In around where you live, in Idaho, there are 11 of them.

The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground.  They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size.  They have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day.  The black projects sidestep the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal.  Right now, the New World Order is depending on these bases.  If I had known at the time I was working on them that the NWO was involved, I would not have done it. – Phil Schneider, 1995

The United Nations

Pax Draconiana – Guardian for intergalactic peace and security

A guardian for international peace and security sits on the Visitor’s Plaza outside UN Headquarters.  The guardian is a fusion of jaguar and eagle and donated by the Government of Oaxaca, Mexico.  It is created by artists Jacobo and Maria Angeles.

The names of the artists coincide with reports that the Illuminati were planning a false second coming of Christ.  Jacob was a deceiver in the Bible, Mary was the mother of Christ, and angels is a term used in the past for extraterrestrials.  Also, note the resemblance of UN statue to a Chinese dragon, a kind of a god.  This dragon has mammalian ears, representing the hybridization of humans and reptiles:

Phil Schneider, when he worked for NATO, was invited to two meetings of the UN leadership.  They met at a deep underground military base, and the humans were overseen by tall greys (7-feet tall), who sat on a balcony above them and dictated policy.

Apparently, tall greys are a hybrid between greys from Zeta Reticuli and Draco reptilians.  The tall greys have been referred to as Draco-Zetas, or Draco-controlled Zetas, and are very dangerous.

Al Bielek talks about Phil Schneider in an interview, part of which is reproduced here: Alien Invasion; see also (from10 minutes into the recording).

Nichols, Preston (1992). The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. Westbury, New York: Sky Books. (ISBN 0-9631889-0-9)

Rodrigues, Tony (2021). Ceres Colony Cavalier: A True Account of One Man’s Twenty-Year Abduction. Published by Tony Rodrigues.

Preston and Duncan shut down the Montauk time machine

Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Peter Moon – 1993

Preston Nichols in 1993

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Preston:  Now, they launched the human-factors research.  They actually integrated it with the Phoenix Project, which was still being carried on at the Brookhaven Labs.  They had taken work from MK-Ultra, they had taken work from Wilhelm Reich, had taken work from many sectors, including the Philadelphia experiment, and they integrated this all into one super mind-research project.

And they finally developed the stealth technology, so that they could literally synthesize the Earth-references that human beings needed.  One of the reasons they went nuts [on the USS Eldridge in Philadelphia Harbor] is that human beings need the electromagnetic background of Earth.  When that bottle was sealed—like it was on the Eldridge, open just to Montauk—and it became in the vortex, [then] the electromagnetic background that we need—human resonances, the noise background of the planet—was lost.  And people went nuts because of it.  They had no basis; they didn’t know where they were.  And eventually, with the wall—the high degree of electromagnetic fields—the mind broke.

They learned how to synthesize that background and how to concentrate the fields into a bottle.  So, the inside, it was pretty much neutral and pleasant, like the Earth.

Of course, all the final reports were written.  The final report, the last couple of paragraphs spoke of, that this is the first time we have definite solid evidence that the mind of man is electromagnetic, and that it can be influenced by electromagnetic fields from the outside.  And that this maybe should be gone into, as for crowd-control, military applications.  Congress said, no, no, no; they don’t want it.  You know, Congress got the report on the early part of the Phoenix Project.  Congress supposedly thought they stopped the Phoenix Project.
. . .
You see, the information comes in a very roundabout way from the investigation that Senator Goldwater did on this work. And these guys out at Brookhaven had already built their kingdom; so, they wanted to keep it going.  So they got the idea, “Let’s go and talk to the military direct.”  So, they went to people in the Joint Chiefs of Staff and said, “Hey, how would you like a weapon—you throw the switch, the enemy throws up their hands and surrenders.”

Of course, you know, they said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah; we’d love that weapon.”  So they said, “Well, we can develop it.  We have a start on it, but we gotta do it in secrecy.”  Because the military was already quite familiar with secrecy.  So it was launched as a black-hole project (privately-funded carve-out).  And the military suggested, well, you can’t do it— they said, “We can’t do it at Brookhaven Labs, because we are too much under the scrutiny of the political government.  You got any ideas of where we can do the research?  We want to be close to Brookhaven Labs, Princeton and MIT.”

So, he said, “Well, we’ve got this whole Air Force base that’s now deserted on the eastern tip of Long Island, Montauk Air Force Base.  There’s a small town; there isn’t a lot of people in it.  You can go out there and be pretty much secluded.”

Back then, in the early ’70s—this was like 1969, 1970, I have to add—there was really— there was a small sleepy little town.  It wasn’t big.  There wasn’t yet the vacation capital yet at that point.  So, the group said, “Great. That sounds like an excellent place.”

Question:  What year now?

Preston:  This was now about 1972.  It was decided to move it all out to the old Montauk Air Force Base.  They went out there; they masqueraded as Air Force personnel—they brought some Air Force personnel in also at the same time.  And they reactivated the old SAGE radar, because they transmitted on the same frequency range that Wilhelm Reich used for his orgone studies.

So, it was decided to refurbish the old SAGE transmitter.  It was there; it was useable.  So, they got the Air Force personnel in and refurbished it.  Then they contracted with the company, AIL, that I used to work for, and I went out.  I started to modify it.

Question:  What’s AIL? (Eaton AIL)

Preston:  It’s a military-industrial contractor; we made radar-jamming equipment.

Question:  So, what’s your background?

I’m an electrical engineer; I have a BS degree.  My specialty was essentially receivers.  As you can see, these are all receivers.  You know, I’m a fanatic on receivers and radio gear.  So, I was taken out, and my job was to modify the big old radar transmitter for this special purpose.

They started out with what we call the microwave-oven experiments, where they just took a human being, stuck him in the building, focused the big antenna on him, pumped out 100 million watts of power and cooked the people in that radar beam.  And they got it to the point where they could actually type in a command to the computer, and the computer would pulse the transmitter, and the person would do it to some extent.

Question:  So, they were triggering mechanisms in the brain through a computer?

Prestion:  No, no: it’s the brain directs for the psyche.  See, here we get into the question: is your intelligence in the brain, or is it some quantum function that’s outside the brain?  I personally believe the brain is a computer interface, and that your intelligence is outside the brain.  Because there is documentation of a number of people existing without a brain.  [Duncan smiles and waves.  According to his medical records, Duncan is brain-dead.]

To continue with the Montauk story, they had developed the microwave-oven experiment to the point where they could type in the command; then they could get the person to act like a chicken or whatever it is.  Of course, Duncan here was one of those research people that they hit with this.  Why someone didn’t realize that this would burn out the person’s brain, I don’t know.  And it was finally realized, well, if we turn the antenna around, the nonphysical energetic component would go through the antenna, and the burning rays would be reflected off into the atmosphere.

Of course, they had to route jets away, because they shot down a few jets, possibly.  You have 100 megawatts of power going out in the air and an airplane flys too close, it’s going to knock out all of its avionics equipment.  But that was easily to be arranged.  In fact, that can be documented today that the old SAGE site in the 70s was off-limits to airplanes, especially east of the SAGE site [the Montauk base].  They didn’t know where you would run into the UHF beam that would wipe out avionics on the airplane.

Duncan:  Or the alien beam, on the 400 megahertz [UI].  That’s another story.

Preston:  They realized that they had a system by which they were able to enter the mind of a human being by typing in computer commands.  Now, at the same time, this group had heard of some of the alien interchange, alien research.  They heard that the aliens had a chair deal that you could sit a human being in and it would read out everything that’s in his mind.  Of course, they were very interested to interface that into the computer.  You know, we have a computer that can take thoughts and make them real, manifest them.

So, what they wanted to be able to do was sit Duncan in a chair, have him concentrate on Tom here: “Tom acts like a chicken.”  And Duncan would visualize, create in his mind, a virtual reality where Tom was acting like a chicken.  This would go through the computers, go out the transmitter. It would spread out.  It would find Tom, like the radionics, it would converge on Tom, and Tom would be compelled to act like a chicken.  This is essentially what they did.  They made, essentially, a mind-amplifier.

Duncan:  There would be enough horsepower to overcome a person’s normal defense system.  And the person would become subjective to the format, the work, that was presented.

Preston:  They would be controlled.

Question:  But is it your mind interfacing with my mind?  Or was it some collective mind?

Duncan:  It would be an artificial presentation of instructions to do work, which would integrate with—

Question:  With my mind?  With my normal electrical functions in my brain?

Duncan:  Your brain, your auric field, your spirit, soul, and if it’s strong enough—

Q:  So, it’s more on a level of energy, physical energy.

Duncan:  Absolutely.  Energetic, electromagnetic, which in this reality form a highly structured and an based into [phonetic].

Duncan Cameron 1993

Duncan Cameron (born 1917) in 1993

Preston:  To continue.  They developed a mind-amplifier, where a person such as Duncan, who’s been trained in the virtual-reality project, would be trained to actually visualize something and create in his mind a full, complete physical reality, known as a virtual reality.

He would be sat in that chair.  The radio equipment, the computer equipment, the transmitter equipment would pick up that virtual reality by a group of coils and different kinds of sensors.  It would go to a massive computer bank.  The computer would align it, stabilize it—you know, all that good stuff—control it, store it.  The computer would then feed it to the actual radar transmitter, which would transmit an electromagnetic equivalent of what we call a thought-form in the metaphysics field; then transmit this thought-form out with lots and lots of CW power.  We believe today the CW (continuous wave) power output of the Montauk Project was in the order of 100 megawatts—or 100 million watts—and the pulse-power was up in the terawatts.

Question:  But they needed something to control it as well, so they must have been using a computer system, very advanced.

Preston:  Very advanced.  They used a Cray-1 computer feeding—they used multiple Cray computers for multiple chairs—feeding an IBM 360 or 370, the biggest one IBM had.  And then this fed a very specialized radar computer that was built by AIL (Preston’s other job) in Long Island, that interfaced to the actual transmitter and controlled the pulse modulation—the frequency-hopping of the transmitter.  And then it went out through all stages—above-ground first, and undergound, back above-ground to the big the antenna, and transmitted it out the big antenna.

What they noticed is, this thing had enough power that they could actually materalize things.  In other words, that Duncan could form something in his mind, and this thing had the power to actually bring it into physical reality and materize it.

Question:  Through the system at the end of the process, it would appear?

Preston:  Yeah.  It could actually— if he thought of a can of beer, it could create a can of bear; you could drink it.  You see, he was trained to actually visualize something in its entirety.  And what they were experimenting with was precipitating, or materializing objects around the base.  My favorite was a can of Budweiser beer on the base commander’s desk, because the commander liked Bud.  So, they showed Duncan a picture of the base commander’s desk in his office, and he would visualize a can of Budweiser beer sitting on that desk.  Sure enough, it would appear on that desk.  And the guy could drink it; it didn’t poison him or anything.  He said it was very good; it was better than a typical Budweiser.

But they noticed a peculiarity here.  Something very peculiar was happening.  He might concentrate at 3:00 in the afternoon, and the can of beer might appear at 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night—anywhere in that stretch.  It would be out in real time.  So it was realized, hey, this thing will bend time.  Of course, they got all excited over that.  And they sent the whole group of us technical-scientific people out to study time.  They told us, “Learn everything you can about time—how to control it, what it is.”

This was like 1978, 1979.  By 1981, we had modified the system so we had a working time-tunnel, a working time-portal.  Duncan here, and we think there may have been one other psychic used for the time.  Duncan here has multiple time-references, where he could actually visualize another time.  And he would have a personal connection to these, multiple time connections, to actually visualize that exact time that he was trying to visualize.  It means that he visualized 1800: let’s say Paris, France in 1800, on a street corner.  His mind had a virtual image, a virtual-reality image, created of that street corner in Paris in 1800.  And if they picked that out, it would make a connection—first energetic and then physical—to that point in France in 1800.

Question:  Would it occur?

Preston:  It would occur.

Question:  In a limited space wherever it chooses to?  Was it controllable?

Preston:  Whatever he could concentrate on—that’s how tightly they could control it.  It first started out that they could view it and display it on a TV screen.  Then, once they got where they wanted, then they could record it, extend it, and they could make an actual opening from the present to whatever time that’s [UI].

Question:  So you’re not creating anything; it’s just realizing what’s there already.

Preston:  Yeah, sure.

Duncan:  Making an attachment to it.

Question:  So, in a sense, all times occuring at the same time is the result of that.

Duncan:  Well said.

Preston:  Of course, to make a long story short, they then cleared everybody off of the base, brought in a super-elite secret group to do the time research.  That’s when they were starting to muck around and monkey around with with time itself.  Of course, we can go into umpteen-billion different stories here of what they could have done and what they did.

Some of the information comes back that the part of my recall in the 1940s is because it has not fully happened to me yet. – Duncan Cameron, 1993

Then, of course, at the end of the project, on August 12, 1983, they made the connections–slightly earlier.  The two guys (Cameron brothers) came from 1943 to 1983.  The project is locked up.  They created this huge vortex between ’83 and ’43.

The Plan

It was decided, in late July, early August of 1983, that what was being done out at Montauk was not for the best.  You know, some people were starting to get cold feet.  You know, they were starting to get scared, to be honest with you.  There was meetings held privately among the group.

Question:  Why? Because the technologies were so advanced . . .

Preston:  This group was monkeying around with time!  They could go back and change the life of Christ if they wanted!  It was getting very concerning, very scary.  After a number of meetings privately between the people inside—not the management of Montauk, but the workers—it was decided: this project had to crash.

Question:  And who made that decision?

Preston:  I don’t know for sure.  I don’t know who made [here the video is edited].

Preston:  It was decided the project had to crash.  We were going to bring down the project by putting into Duncan a command, that when we said, “The time is now,” to bring up into his conscious mind a monster from the subconscious—a big-foot, essentially.

So, August 12, 1983, he went into the chair, turned on—he was connecting— we don’t even know where he was connecting to at that point, what space and time.  But along about 4:00 in the afternoon, I believe it was myself, I went into the chair room, opened up the microphone in the chair room, and said, “The time is now!  The time is now!”

At that point, Duncan cleared out the virtual he had already created and brought up this monster from his subconscious.  And of course, it became visible and real, and we call it Junior.  It started to stomp around: it was angry, it was mad, it was hungry, it was frightened.  You know, he brought it out of his subconscious mind, and next thing you know, he’s in an area he’s not familiar with.  He’s very mean and nasty.  He’s making a lot of noise, smashing things.  And at that point it was decided by the project director that the project had to be stopped. [Jack Pruett]



We went down to the power station and pulled the switches to the radar building.  Funny thing is, nothing happened.  It didn’t stop.  So, our next thought is, Holy Moses, the Navy and Air Force techs must have got the wiring underground all messed up.  So it was decided, okay, we didn’t want to go pull the switches, because we weren’t sure what was going to happen; so, we decided, I put on a set of acetyline tanks—you know, a cutting torch.  You know, a small torch you wear on your back.  And I went into the transformer yard—the sub-station next to the transmitter building—and I cut the wires coming up out of the ground with the torch.  And I had insulation and such so I wouldn’t get shocked.  And then all the lights went off on the base, but that damn transmitter kept running.

So, then I was saying to Jack (Pruett), that’s the base— you know, the head of the project, “You going to go in there?”  And he said, “No, you’re going to go in there.”  And I said, “No, you’re going to go in there.”  None of us wanted to go inside the building!  Because there were all sorts of discharges, there was all sorts of wild stuff going on inside the building at that point.  You’d open the door and look in, and it looked like seeing almost fire everywhere, and there were glowing masses on the—you know, even the first floor.

So, finally, I don’t remember whether it was at gunpoint or whatever [Jack Pruett put his gun to Preston’s head], I was, shall we say, persuaded to go in and start taking it down inside the building.  So, I first went in, pulled the wiring out that went up to the transmitter.  Because I thought, “Maybe the wiring is still messed up and I didn’t cut the actual line.”  So I knew, this stalks up behind the main panel, power panel—had the 3-phase 440 or 1600 that went up to the drivers.  We knew that once we got the drivers down, the amplifiers down below, which you couldn’t get anywhere near, were shut down.  They were primed, they were set so that if the input signal stopped through those amplifiers for more than ten seconds, they just shut off entirely, powered down.  It was ready to have the water pumped out and that sort of thing.

I pulled those wires out.  The lights went out in the building, but I could still hear everything humming upstairs.  So, I say, “Oh, these damn techs; they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.  The electricians have messed up everything.  Now I’ve gotta go upstairs.”  I’m climbing up through the muck and mire, and the discharge, and the alternate realities and all that nonsense, get up to the first transmitter floor, and I start trying to shut stuff off, shut down.  I can’t even touch the consols.  I’d get burned if I touched the consols.

So, I just thought, “Upstairs is the master power control for the two transmitters.”  You know, the first and second transmitter floor.  So I said, “Okay, I’m gonna go up second floor, and I’m gonna cut that whole master power thing apart.”  I cut it apart.  It was still running, but now you could hear—everything was out of sequence, out of phase, it was making funny growling noises.  I actually had to go into the amplitron rooms and cut the wave guides apart going to the amplitron.  To this day, you can see torch-marks where the power-control switches were, and you can see torch-marks in the amplitrons room by the amplitron.

And at that point, when I cut the amplitrons apart, everything stopped humming, the discharging reduced, and I knew, “Okay. We finally shut this God-damned thing off.”  And I went out.  Of course, most of the people were gone.  You know, Junior was 30-foot tall, or ten-foot tall, depending on how much brown mush you had in your pants.  And by then, most everybody had gone AWOL.  Run out, you know, run for their life, and there was maybe myself and two others, so we fled.

And I went through debriefing.  They played the time wrap-around number, which, you know, it’s a long story, so I wouldn’t remember.  They made sure I didn’t remember what I did; I actually worked two jobs.  But essentially, he was debriefed, released back into the public; I was debriefed, released back into the public.  We went on about our regular, normal lives.  And that’s the end of the story.

Question:  When you were debriefed, were you required to take an oath of silence?  No, because you were in the military.

Preston:  No.  They did this through mind-control means.  Both Duncan and I were—and Al Bielek—were debriefed through mind-control means.  We were just made to forget it.

Question:  And did you?

Preston:  I did, until I started to work with a time-transducer myself and had time currents flowing through me.  Once I had the time-currents flowing through me, I passed out up on the roof.  When I came back, all of a sudden, I started to remember everything.  Up on the roof of this building is an antenna.  Very similar—a small edition of what they built out at Montauk for the main time antenna.  We called it delta-T antenna, or delta-time.  It’s three loops built on the delta: you know, an ‘x’, a ‘y’ and a ‘z’.  And mathematically you can do wild things if you drive all three loops correctly.  You can actually create time vortexes, time distortions and such, if you know how to do it.


Watch the whole interview:

Alien Invasion: Interview with Al Bielek

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Aliens have been on this planet for a long time, but in small numbers.  After the Philadelphia Experiment, 12 August 1943, they started to arrive in larger numbers

Do we know how many of these are here?

At one time, there were millions.  I have no idea how many are here now.

Interview of Al Bielek, conducted by Kenneth Burke in August 1997

Personal history: From Edward Zeb Cameron to Al Bielek

I was removed from the Navy on 4 July 1947, removed from Los Alamos, sent to Washington, D.C., for a court martial on the changes for which I was arrested, which were espionage.  These were dropped when I got to Washington.  It was just a means to get me out of the area and separate me from my family, which I’ve never seen since.  My wife is dead.  My son is still alive, but I’ve not been able to see him, and my attempts have been blocked every time.  I went to Washington, where I was given a new assignment at Montauk.  I didn’t know it was Montauk—they called it Fort Hero, but it was the same location for the later Montauk Project.  From that point, after I was on base and out of the public eye, so to speak, or away from any of the other personnel, other than the armed guards who surrounded me, I was time-transferred to 1983, where they did the full erasure of my full memory, of my career and everything, as Zeb Cameron.  All my credentials were removed and erased.  Dr. von Neumann knew it was happening.  He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

They also pulled the age regression number on me, which was to reduce my body age to that of an infant.  Now, they can take a person back to a fetus.  This is a common and usual technique, now, and I know people who have gone through it, including my second son—I have four sons, by the way.  My number-two son I found, and I’ve met and know him.  It’s another long story.

KB:  He was regressed that way, too, and given a name change?

BIELEK:  He was also regressed back to a fetus, yes, the whole nine yards.  I was regressed only to approximately a one-year-old boy.  Why they stopped at this point, I don’t know.  I think part of the process they intended to put me through was subverted or failed.  I know Dr. von Neumann interfered with it at one point.  So, I was sent back to 1927 as approximately a one-year-old boy, because my legal parents, whom I knew as my only parents for many years (Albertina Bielek, maiden name Kurchess, and Arthur E. Bielek) were the only parents I knew.  I was totally wiped of memory, and I grew up as a kid, literally from a baby, but at the age of one by the birth certificate, which said March 31, 1927.  On Christmas Day I would have been nine months old.

My first memory in that family was as a kid sitting at mother’s grand piano next to a Christmas tree that was about this high.  I was sitting next to it, and they had the family around exchanging presents.  It was a family get-together in Jamaica, New York.  I finally was able to pull the memories back, and remembered the fact that I understood everything they were saying.  Now, since when does a nine-month-old child understand what adults are saying?  A few things blanked out.  Certain things were said and didn’t register or blanked out.  The people who were there, of course, I knew later. I grew up with them.  I knew exactly who they were—various aunts, uncles, cousins, brother of my legal mother, and so forth.  Well, I grew up knowing nothing of my past.  I was Al Bielek.  I was very heavily repressed in many respects.

Eventually, World War II came.  I went into the Navy.  I was drafted into the Navy, which was very unusual.  But I had a letter of directed assignment for electronics.  I passed the Eddy test, and I was the only one in the entire school who passed the test.  So, I went into the Navy, came out, went into my own business, and eventually left that and went to school.  I moved to California, finished school, and became an electronics engineer from 1958 through 1988.  I retired in 1988 but, during that period, I developed a very passionate interest in the Philadelphia Experiment.  I had no reason to know why at that point.  In 1952, I met Ivan T. Sanderson, who did his own investigation into the Philadelphia Experiment in 1952 and 1953.  Then, I moved west and re-contacted him 10 years later in 1963, when I was working in State College, Pennsylvania.

KB:  During this time, before you had awareness unfolding about your interaction with the government, didn’t they have you doing anything?

BIELEK:  Not until some time around 1956.  I was in Hawaii working for the Navy department in 1956 as a civilian employee through Hoffman Electronics of Los Angeles, and was assigned to Pearl Harbor.  I was there a little over a year.  During that period, I had a great deal of interest in many things, including psychic sensitivity.  One night, I blanked out while sitting on the doorstep of the Hawaiian Hotel on the ocean front.  I blanked out for a period of an hour or an hour and a half; I don’t know how long.  I knew something very unusual happened, but it took until about 1986 to find out what happened in 1956.

I was pulled to the Montauk Project by the then (and at that point, I think the only) station master for the Montauk Project on Long Island, because there were others which were also operating in the same mode.  The original one was on Long Island.  The station master then was Jack Pruett.  I’ve since met his son, Glen Pruett, and we finally verified that was the man, because Glen has a picture of his father.  Preston and I both looked at the picture and said, yep, that’s him, Jack Pruett.  Glen Pruett didn’t now whether his father had or had not been involved in the Montauk Project, because his father denied it.  [Jack Pruett and Senator Ron Paul were partners in a medical practice for 25 years; he supported Paul’s bids to be the Republican candidate for president.]

KB:  So, with some kind of electronics, they pulled you up . . .

BIELEK:  All the way up to 1976 [from 1956] to interview me to become a person to work on the Montauk Project.  They finally got my interest when they knew I was interested in UFOs.  They said, “Well, do you have an interest in them?”  I said, “Yeah.”  They said, “How would you like to see one?”  Of course, I was interested, and they said, “Well, come with me.”

So, we went into one of the cavern sections under Long Island, which are part of the Montauk operation, and they showed me a UFO which was literally trapped in this underground cave.  It was about 60 feet in diameter and gold in color.  At this point, I was introduced to the crew, whom they had captured intact.

This thing actually tied back to the Philadelphia Experiment of 12 August 1943.  It was caught in the time-field shift.  For reasons we don’t know, they wound up disabled in the underground of Montauk.  They said, “How would you like to work on this thing?”  Well, they had me.  So, I volunteered to work on the Montauk Project.  Most of the people who worked on the Montauk Project they got to volunteer one way or another.  These were not the Montauk boys: that’s a different story.

KB:  By fascinating them and getting them started.

BIELEK:  Yeah, getting them fascinated.  Dangling a carrot in front of one’s nose in the area of one’s expertise or principal interests.  So, they got me there, and I was there for a long time.  I remember it as about seven years, but they were able to manipulate time so well that when that phase was done, they sent me back to Hawaii to the same night, after spending what I can estimate today as approximately seven years’ work–back to within an hour or so of when I was pulled out.

They can manipulate time like you wouldn’t believe.  Of course, I spent other time at Montauk, and I’ve been on other government projects.  There were many, and not all of them have come back to memory.  About six have come back.  That was the Montauk thing, which was later.  At the time I was still Cameron, in 1947, when they pulled me there to 1983 and gave me the identity of Al Bielek.  I didn’t know who I was until the memory came back that night while watching the movie (“The Philadelphia Experiment”).  Of course, I’ve done much intensive research since to find the rest of the story and get my memory reestablished, because it was spotty.

People can be in two places at the same time

KB:  Let me ask you this.  What was the time span when you worked those seven years?

BIELEK:  That was 1976 to about 1982.

KB:  So, when you were put back at the steps of the hotel, and you moved forward in normal linear time, what happened?  Did you have two bodies working at two different places?

BIELEK: No, it was the same body, the same me.  They pulled me physically out of the location where I was, and then sent me back.

KB:  Yes, I understand.  When that part of you that came back through normal linear time, wasn’t there another part of you . . .

BIELEK:  Well, it’s hard to explain and to get people to understand this . . .

KB:  In other words, you were working in Montauk from 1976 forward, but the you on the doorstep progressed through linear time and was doing something else, right?

BIELEK:  That’s right.  I was an electronics engineer for many years, and I was running, not a dual personality, but a dual existence.

KB:  Well, was it like two time-lines going on?

BIELEK:  Yes.  That would be the best way to explain it.  What would happen– of course, they did this with Preston, they did it with me, and they’ve done it with many other people.  You might be a civilian working as an engineer, as I was, and as Preston Nichols was working for 15 years for a major corporation on Long Island.  Preston was also doubling as an engineer at the Montauk Project.  He couldn’t ever figure out how he was doing both at the same time.  He finally did figure it out when I prodded him, after my memories of the Montauk Project came back after my second visit to Montauk.

My first visit was in August 1985 right after a USPA Psychotronics Conference in Dayton, Ohio, where I met Duncan, whom I didn’t know then was my brother but suspected that we had a connection and [that] I knew I knew him from somewhere.  But it took quite a while for that to filter through.  I was invited to see Preston and went there in August 1985, when he took Duncan and me to Montauk.  He’d made many visits as a surplus dealer in electronics but, at that point, he still did not know that he had been involved himself.  Duncan and I didn’t know either.  He said to us, “I want to take you guys there.  You’re both sensitives, and I want to take you to a place I know.  I’m not going to tell you exactly where I’m taking you, but we’re going east on Long Island.  I want you to see what you sense and pick up.  I know you guys have never been there before.”  Ho, ho, ho! That was the joke of the century, but we didn’t know it.

Aliens at Montauk

Well, we sensed what had been at Montauk.  We sensed there had been a monster roaming the base; that a huge project had been operational here that had been abandoned.  The evidence was everywhere physically.  Buildings were everywhere with doors standing open, wrecked equipment inside, and the gates were broken.  It was an abandoned base.  This was because Montauk crashed 12 September 1983.  It’s a long story how or why, but it was after the involvement with the “Philadelphia Experiment,” which occurred 12 August 1943 for the USS Eldridge, and 12 August 1983 at Montauk.  They were deliberately designed to lock up [connect].  It took a long time to understand this and gather the data about what was involved.

This was part of the alien operation, because there were aliens at Montauk by design and by agreement with the government.  They said, “we’ll help you build it.  You’ve got the technology, but you have to understand what to do.  We’ll show you how to build it.”  So, the government asked what was the price, and the aliens said they wanted their own agenda on the station periodically.  So, the government agreed to it.  Even though it was run by private scientists, the government–and the intelligence community in particular–had oversight.  There were no regular reports to the House or Senate, because not one cent of government money went into the operation.  It was all private money.  [The Illuminati blew up a train in France carrying Nazi gold captured by the U.S. Army, killing 51 soldiers.  This gold ended up at Montauk.]

So, there was not traceability.  It was a privately run operation with government oversight through various military and intelligence organizations, and, to some extent, they set the goals and the agenda in the sense that the aliens would come in.  They told Dr. Herman C. Untermann, the administrative director of the project until 1983, that he would have to learn to work with aliens.  He was a hard-headed German, who, in his life, probably had never seen an alien or even thought about what an alien might be.  So, he was told by the government that he would have to work with them.  Well, of course, all of us who were there did work with them.  We all knew them, saw them, and worked with them every day. They had a Draconian who was in charge of and was the chief director of all the alien interests.  He had his own office.  We called him Charley.  He was a seven-foot tall Draconian, weighing 450 pounds.  He was extremely intelligent.  The first time he was there, he looked down at humans as a near sub-human species, which was almost dirt beneath his feet because, really, they were intelligent far beyond human standards.

KB:  Now, I realize this is very complicated but, what are some examples of the alien agenda, or can you talk about that?

BIELEK:  Right now, we don’t really know what they wanted to do, and I was not privy to everything that went on in the station.  I was what was typically called middle management.  I was below the station master in rank.  I was involved in a number of different projects, where I had certain degrees of expertise and what I was assigned to do.  Of course, I had to know everything involved.  I did not know about all the projects that were ongoing, and did not know all the things that aliens were doing, except they were interfacing with humans.  There was some genetic experimentation involved at Montauk.  They helped design the equipment so that they could run their own agenda.

The only part of their agenda that I know for sure was that on 1 August 1983, the orders came through, and they were there to see that the station was turned on and run continuously, 24 hours a day, until 12 August.  That was very abnormal, because it would only run six to eight hours a day every three or four days for whatever experiments or work involved—whether it was being run by the aliens or by the humans.  The aliens were always in the background with computer work and computer expertise.

KB:  So, they just didn’t talk about what they were doing, because they had no reason.

BIELEK:  Right, they didn’t.  The only one who ever gave me information was Charley, and that was because we got friendly.  I asked him about his background, education, and so forth, and his life span.  He said, they could live up to 10,000 years.  I asked his education, and he said, “Well, you’re familiar with PhD and the doctorate level, like a doctor of science.  We have 16 disciplines in which we can achieve the equivalent of your doctor of science degree.”  He said that when they are born, grow up and first start their education, they go through the first 160 years of their lives in education.  He said he has the equivalent of 12 of our PhDs.  I asked him how many there were, and he said 16 maximum.  I said, well, you’ve got four more to go, and he said, yes.  I asked him what he would do when he finished them, and he said he didn’t know.

The aliens did this in order to rip a hole in space and time, so they could get large numbers of aliens through.

KB:  So, this window they opened, it sounds like that had something to do with the Philadelphia Experiment, like there was some kind of link.

BIELEK:  Yes, the Montauk Project had many things to do.  They did many things in terms of time and space research.  In the earliest phases, they proved they could materialize a thought from a person’s mind into a physical reality.  This, of course, involves religious concepts and ideas, which some of the Tibetan adepts probably can do with mind power, because they’ve disciplined themselves and learned how to do it.  It is possible but is a very rare ability.  It can be done with machinery.  If you know what you’re doing, it can be done every time.  Eventually, they were able to do this at Montauk in the earliest phases of their operation.

Then, they went on to the time tunnels, which meant they could shift time forward or past, go to a location other than where they were, either in the current time or shift time simultaneously.  Eventually, they could go anywhere on Earth, and they went to the Moon, Mars, the whole galaxy.  They could go anywhere they wanted.

Project Hellfire

There was a special program involving some research in 1983, when the station went down; it was resumed when the station was rebuilt in 1987.  Then it was called Project Hellfire.  I was in charge of that phase of it, which involved retrieving an object from a planet on the other side of the galaxy—120,000 light years away.  It was highly specialized, and it is still highly classified.  All I will say is that two objects were recovered.  They are alien, and we don’t know who built them.  I don’t even know how they got the information that they were even there or where to go to find them.  However, they were found and brought back for research here.

Two teams were involved: the first was a Navy team and the second was a Marine team.  I know most of the people involved with both of them.  I was in charge, and with the second, they had a lot of problems.  I won’t go into the details because it involves people whom I don’t wish to expose to public scrutiny.  Most of them are trying to keep a low profile today. The memories of it only came back to some of them because of the deprogramming of their programming by Preston Nichols.  I was there when it happened and asked some pointed questions, so I got some very direct answers from their own memories of what happened.  Project Hellfire was only one of the little side projects.

They went into the Mars underground after reports from the colonies there that there were sealed entrances to some kind of underground facility, which they had no way to enter.  They took bulldozers, caterpillars, etc., because they didn’t have them on Mars to do that sort of thing.  So, Montauk was asked to take a look at it.  They could go right through anything.  They would send a camera, in case it wound up in solid rock, only a camera would be lost—not a person or a whole team.  They got pictures of an underground cavern system of some kind, so they sent a team there.  There were many trips.  Duncan and I went, and we went on our own a couple times and got our wrists slapped, and were barred from ever going again.

KB:  They didn’t want you going on your own?

BIELEK:  No, they didn’t want us going on our own.  They didn’t know what we would find or do there.  In any case, that was one of the things done at Montauk.  There were many other things about which I have no idea.  Of course, that became part of the link with the Philadelphia Experiment, on 12 August 1983, by deliberate design of the aliens.  In retrospect, we can look at the reason for it.  Then, we didn’t understand why the station had all the problems.  I was not there when it crashed.  I was told to take a vacation three days previously.

Half a million alien ships in the Bikini atoll

KB:  Okay. So, you didn’t see the monster, then.

BIELEK:  No, I didn’t see the monster then.  We’ve seen it since and have photographs of it today.  I was not there when it crashed.  Duncan was part of the business of making it crash, but he had an ongoing hatred of this station from about three weeks prior to its demise.  Preston and a number of other people were involved.  There were certain engineers who wouldn’t go along with it.  Dr. von Neumann was totally exasperated when he found out that the orders were given, and the orders were in process of destroying the station with “Junior,” and so forth. 

This thing (the station) was designed by aliens to lock up.  It had to be 12 August 1943 and 1983.  As we subsequently found out by research in the late 1980s—which the aliens knew all along, and I suspect there were other secret societies which knew this—Earth has its own biorhythms like the human body.  The human body has three biorhythms which cycle and peak occasionally.  The Earth has four biorhythms, and they peak and become literally a synchronization point once every 20 years, and it’s always on 12 August, plus or minus a half-day.

KB:  That’s my birthday, isn’t that weird?

BIELEK:  That is interesting.  In fact, I have another friend, whose birthday’s 12 August.  My real birthday is 4 August.  In any case, on that date, these energies peak and become a synchronization point.  The aliens knew it, and we didn’t. We had no idea why they wanted Montauk left on during that time until it locked up with the “Philadelphia Experiment” and we wound up at Montauk when we jumped off the ship.  The ship was pulled out of the harbor into hyperspace because of Montauk.  On the 22 July test, nothing like this happened.  Montauk was operational, but I don’t know whether it was operational on that day.  Even if it had been on, it would not lock up, because it required this peculiar synchronization with Earth’s fields to produce a lock through the space-time continuum, if you will.  The aliens did this in order to rip a hole in space and time, so they could get large numbers of aliens through.

Aliens have been on this planet for a long time, but in small numbers. After the “Philadelphia Experiment” 12 August 1943, they started to arrive in larger numbers.  They could come in with big ships, park in orbit, come to Earth, and they literally started invading Earth en masse.  They built a huge underwater base in the Bikini atoll in the Pacific.  Our intelligence found out about this.  The Japanese were having problems with the aliens, after we dropped the two bombs and before they surrendered.  (There were more than two bombs, by the way.)  In any case, our intelligence found out about the huge underwater base in the Bikini atoll (image below).

How they found out, I don’t know, but there were an estimated half-million UFOs in that base in the lagoon underwater.  These would not be detectable by any techniques we had at that time.  They decided to hold the “Operation Crossroads” tests in the Bikini atoll.  They pulled the natives off the island, built their facilities and, of course, made the two tests of one [hydrogen bomb] on the surface and one underwater.

There are actually pictures, which I have. I inherited them by peculiar circumstance.  They show UFOs trying to escape at the point of the neutron flash before the huge mushroom.  In the mushroom, of course, there are ships shown vertical, being blown apart, and UFOs attempting to escape.  Only a few made it.  There is really no answer to this question, but how come they didn’t know this was coming and how come they didn’t try to escape?  The only deductive conclusion I can come to is that they didn’t believe our bomb was strong enough to penetrate the lagoon floor and collapse their sanctuary.  Since we set off four atomic bombs in that lagoon (I got this from Phil Schneider before he died because his father was there for the test), they made sure that facility was destroyed.

KB:  That facility was destroyed?

BIELEK:  Oh, yes, it was destroyed.  This set the invasion and takeover way back, and they’ve never been able to recover, though they’re still working at it.

This was one of the things that occurred and one of the aspects that are buried about which the public doesn’t know.  Those pictures released to the press and the public show the mushroom, but the ships being blown half out of the lagoon were air-brushed to remove the evidence of UFOs trying to escape.  The pictures were taken from 10 miles away and are damn good.  They had excellent optics and very good cameras.

The moon is artificial and is made of titanium

Of course, the moon’s being mined by US-Russian interests and obviously some alien interests.  We’re mining the back of the moon, bringing titanium back.  The moon is an artificial object.  It’s not natural.  It was built as a space vehicle by someone long ago and parked in orbit.  Prior to about 25,000 years or so ago, there was no moon in the Earth’s orbit.  It was brought in and parked.  We’ve been up there, and the Russians are up there.  We’re mining the back side for titanium.

The UN is run by tall grays (tall greys)

BIELEK:  They’re not going to do it [release the information] on their own, because it’s too embarrassing in many respects.  The coverup has gone on for so long, since Roswell and particularly after the overflights of the White House in 1952, when the National Security Council got into it and had a split vote at that time of six to release the unvarnished information to the public and the other six to bury it.  Of course, the chairman of the NSA at that time had to cast the deciding vote to break the tie.  That chairman was Richard Nixon, who was the director of the NSA until he became president.  He cast the vote to bury it, so, they set up “Project Blue Book“—one for the public and one for the military and, of course, have buried everything ever since.  It has become embarrassing to them because they have captured so many ships and have so many aliens who have been hostages, or guests of the government, as it is politely said.

Even though there are people who think that anyone believing this is having figments of his imagination, there are tons of highly classified proof which is buried because they do not want the public to know.  If the public becomes heir to anything that augments the theory or shows real proof, it’s seized under national security rules.  The people keep talking; some have been shut up and some killed, like Phil Schneider, for example, who knew the facts and had directly interviewed aliens himself in Area 51.  He knew what was going on.  He attended underground UN meetings—the real meetings are not held in New York at the UN Plaza.  The policy-making meetings are held in the underground military bases—what he called the DUMBs, deep underground military bases.  They are all controlled and dictated to by the tall gray aliens.  He personally attended two of these meetings and said, after the second one, he was working for the wrong people.  That was why he quit his service as a geologist for the government.

KB:  So, his observation was that the UN is controlled and run by aliens?

BIELEK:  Yes. That is his flat statement.  He never made it publicly, but I will.  He said it was run by aliens.  He said that the aliens are behind UN policy, and that they are behind so many things that are happening on Earth.  He says that they are gradually taking over and are running, shall we say, The New World Order.

 He attended underground UN meetings—the real meetings are not held in New York at the UN Plaza.

KB:  Now, which group of aliens is this?

BIELEK:  The tall grays—the old ones.

KB:  And they’re from Sirius?

BIELEK:  They’re from Zeta Reticuli.  In a way, they’re related to, but they’re not the same as the short grays, which are almost robotic.  There are five or six different species of grays.  The sixth one is the tall grays.  Then, there are the six-foot type, then the five and one-half-foot type.  These are all male and female, which do reproduce in a manner which we recognize and know as normal reproduction.  You get down to the little three and one-half-foot grays, who are asexual and can’t reproduce.  They can’t even digest food.  These are the [outcasts].  They are sort of the drones of the gray society, who do the work for them.

KB:  Do we know how many of these are here?

BIELEK:  At one time, there were millions.  I have no idea how many are here now.  They have split away from the government and do not even work for the U.S. government anymore.  Some of the stories were, “The government lies too much.”  Well, I think we all know that, but even the grays finally stumbled onto the fact that the promises made to them by the government were broken.  Of course, the government says that the promises made to the government by the grays have been broken.  They’re probably both lying.

KB:  So, all this information that you can read from various sources about the organization of The New World Order and the black helicopters and all these things is being orchestrated by the aliens?

BIELEK:  Much of it is.  There’s also a cross of a very human group—the 12 families, including the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300.  All of these are human groups, the inside elite, who want to set up a New World Order and one world government.  They want to reduce the world population at the same time.  Now, these guys are not stupid.  One cannot deny they are very intelligent, but they see things in a different light than the average person.  They don’t believe in freedom, except their kind—a “you are part of us” kind.  If you’re not, we’ll maneuver any way we want.  You are essentially slave labor to the rest of the world in their eyes.  They see that the world is overpopulated, and they want to reduce the world population by any means: biological warfare, nuclear warfare, whatever.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

Preston Nichols on his roof with his own delta-T antenna.  Hooking it up created a time-altering field that unblocked his memories of working at Montauk in an altered personality.

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The Philadelphia Experiment  August 12, 1943

The Philadelphia Experiment was the culmination of research carried out by the U.S. Navy into stealth technology. The idea began with Nicola Tesla at the Univeristy of Chicago in 1931, where it was known as the Invisibility Project. The goal was to make ships invisible to enemy radar.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933, he already knew Tesla from his work for the Navy during WWI. He invited him to Washington and asked him what he was working on. Tesla metioned his invisibility research, and Roosevelt invited him be part of a new initiative bringing together the country’s top scientists at Princeton University. This became the Institute for Advanced Study. Roosevelt made Tesla the director of invisibility research, and German mathematician John von Neumann worked alongside him. Albert Einstein was also at the Institute as a theoretical consultant.

Tesla’s approach was to render ships invisible by using electrical generators to create an “electromagnetic bottle” around a ship. A series of experiments were conducted, and in September, 1940, a small unmanned ship was made invisible in the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Roosevelt was pleased with the success of the experiment, and he ordered a battleship be assigned to the project. It arrived in the Philadelphia Navy Yard in January of 1941.

The United States entered WWII in December 11, 1941. Because German U-boats were sinking many ships, the scientists were under pressure to make stealth technology a reality (the chief medical officer of the Eldridge, Oscar O. Schneider, had sunk 68 Allied ships as a German U-boat captain before he was captured by France and turned over to the U.S. Navy).  An experiment with a crew was scheduled for March of 1942.  However, the electromagnetic field was now 100 times as powerful as the one used in the previous test, and Tesla informed the Navy that he was concerned about the safety of the crew.  The Navy told him that the test had to go forward, so on the evening of the experiment, Tesla sabotaged the equipment.  The next day, the experiment failed; the battleship didn’t become invisible. Tesla quit the project, and Dr. John von Neumann was put in charge.

In September of 1942, a new ship was commissioned for the experiments—the USS Eldridge.  Von Neumann re-designed the field-generating equipment and much work was done building, installing and testing it.  On July 22, 1943, a somewhat successful test was carried out: the Eldridge became invisible for 20 minutes before the order was given to stop it. But there was a problem: the crew became nauseous and mentally disoriented from the EM radiation.  Von Neumann now began to share Tesla’s concern about how the field was affecting the men.  Nevertheless, the Navy informed him that he was to conduct an experiment with a manned ship by the deadline of August 12, 1943.

Eldridge briefing Val Thor

August 9, 1943: briefing aboard the Eldridge. The man sitting in front is an extraterrestrial, and Oscar Schneider, father of Phil Schneider, is sitting behind him to the right.

On the day of the experiment, the Eldridge was taken to the middle of Philadelphia Harbor, where it was surrounded by three ships.  When the equipment was turned on, the Eldridge turned invisible, with only a greenish ozone haze around it.  Suddenly, there was a flash of blue light and the ship completely disappeared.  It reappeared four hours later, but terrible things had happened to the crew.  Additionally, the equipment on board the ship had been intentionally destroyed.

The Navy tried one more invisibility experiment in late October of 1943–this time without a crew.  The ship became invisible, but when it reappeared they found the equipment had again been damaged.  Project Rainbow was terminated and the government turned its attention to developing the hydrogen bomb. (Al Bielek – Part 5)

U.S.S. Eldridge 1944

Who really won the war?

Secret mind-control programs began in America in September of 1946, when President Harry Truman quietly authorized Project Paperclip, a U.S.-government program that allowed the Department of Defense to recruit and hire high-ranking Nazi-German doctors, scientists and spies into the United States.  More than 1,600 Nazis and Italian fascists and their dependents were ushered in through South America, with passports and assistance provided by the Vatican and the Red Cross.  The purpose of this clandestine immigration was to infiltrate American governing jurisdictions, fortify secret societies, and establish new agencies with ongoing agenda of The New World Order.

Among the imports was Werner von Braun.  When NASA was established in 1958, von Braun became the first director of the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Another prominent Nazi recruit for the U.S. was German general Reinhard Gehlen.  Upon his arrival in Washington DC in 1945, Gehlen met extensively with President Truman, General William Donovan, director of the Office of Strategic Services, and Allen Dulles.  The objective was to reorganize American intelligence operations and transform them into the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947, which Dulles would become the director of.  Reinhard Gehlen was also instrumental in creating the National Security Council, from which the National Security Act of 1947 was derived.  This particular piece of legislation was passed to protect and conceal a number of illegal government activities, including secret mind-control programs.  (Trance: Mind Control, Human Slavery and Healing the Nation)

Between 1946 and 1947, President Truman put the government of the United States in the hands of a secret group, the Majestic Twelve, that considered itself above the law and the Constitution, and who were Freemasons and related to Illuminati bloodline families.  Truman worked with German Nazis such as Reinhard Gehlen to create the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency.  He reorganized the military and restricted information about all things related to outer space and extraterrestrials.  He authorized unlimited ‘milabs’, or military abductions, as well as experiment on humans, in violation of fundamental human rights.

The capture of the United States government by fascists didn’t occur without resistance.  In 1946-1947, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal ordered Admiral Byrd to put together a task force, which included over 40 ships, to seize the Germans’ Antarctic base.  Ostensibly a scientific expedition, this task force was called Operation Highjump.  When the ships arrived in Antarctica, the Germans and their ET partners used flying saucers to destroy most of the aircraft and at least one of the ships.

Truman made Forrestal Secretary of Defense, but fired him in March of 1949.  He confined Forrestal to a psychiatric hospital under orders not to speak to anyone, and Forrestal was thrown out of a window of that hospital in May of 1949.  The deep state’s mafia-style execution of the defense secretary sent a clear message to anyone who was thinking of exposing the government’s illegal and unconstitutional activities.

Creating a slave-race: Phoenix II

When Operation Paperclip had been completed and all of the German scientists came into the U.S., they went to work at Brookhaven National Laboratories to continue projects they had been working on in Germany—namely time-travel, and also mind-control.  (Al Bielek, Part 5)

With Truman’s reorganization of the military in 1947, stealth research was sent to Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico.  Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York was put in charge of human-factor research, of which mind control was one category.  Another project at Brookhaven was the invention of weather-control devices called “radiosondes.”  The weather-control project was the first to be called Phoenix.

In the early 1950s, the military decided to take invisibility research from New Mexico back to Brookhaven in New York, and put it under the umbrella of the human-factor research.  From that point on, all ET-related research was known as Project Phoenix, and Dr. John von Neumann was put in charge of the entire project.

In around 1971, Project Phoenix was moved from Brookhaven to the abandoned Montauk Air Force Station.  One reason for this was to avoid governmental oversight; the other reason was to make use the SAGE radar there as as a transmitter of radio waves for mind-control experiments.  Jack Pruett, an Air Force officer, was put in charge of the mind-control research, and he worked alongside Dr. von Neumann.

At Montauk, the government used adolescent boys and younger children (7 to 8 years old) abducted from local communities for its research.  Using techniques developed by Wilhelm Reich (based on Satanic ritual abuse) the boys would have their heads held under water, then they would be chained to an electrified fence and shocked, and then they would be beaten and told to light up a lightbulb with their minds (see Joseph Powell,  If they survived the torture, they would be given a drug that produced sexual arousal (see “The Science of Mind Control“).  This combination of trauma and arousal induced a state of dissociation, and programs were then implanted in the subconscious.  Psychosexual mind-control, also known as trauma-based mind-control, was the basis for CIA programs such as MK-ULTRA, Monarch, and Mannequin.

Al Bielek was in charge of the programming of the “Montauk boys” from 1976 to 1983.  In 1979, he went to his superiors in the Air Force and demanded that the beatings stop and other methods be used.  When the official refused to consider it, he threatened to go to the press.  The official quickly changed his mind, and from then on they obtained the boys’ consent (still a violation of their human rights since they were both minors and prisoners) and used technology to program them.  Other programs, however, continued to torture children into the 1980s and beyond, as victims such as Tony Rodrigues have attested.

Phoenix II was a huge success for the NSA.  In 1997, Al Bielek estimated that over the years the government had abducted and programmed ten million children.

This is a project to implant and program them for future use. The original program started in about 1975 and 1976. It’s ongoing to this day. They had to pick these kids at a vulnerable age, around puberty. This means that the candidates were selected. They are quite careful about selecting them. They have to fit a certain genetic pattern [Aryan]. They want these candidates to be between 12 and 16, sometimes as old as 17. Beyond that age, around the age of 17, the mindset starts to become fixed, and they can’t really be set up and trained the way they are wanted. The ideal ages seem to be from 13 to 15. They are programmed, conditioned, to be push-button controlled for remote programming already inserted into their subconscious through the implants and the conditioning of each individual.

The “Montauk boys” are now implanted by some very sophisticated techniques. They go through training first, processing, mind control, implants in the subconscious, command factors, personality changes and variants, preconditioning to do certain things upon command. The command will be supplied either by a final level of programming or, if the final level’s inserted, there are certain command functions which can be delivered by a radio transmission. You can transmit from an FM or AM radio transmitter (typically AM) a scalar energy announcement, which will be heard by the candidate via the scalar reception ability of the human brain.

There are 10 million plus in the U.S. alone, and they’re continuing to program.  I didn’t know for what they were being programmed, but now I know.  They are being set up to be assassins, riot makers, spies, sex slaves, whatever.  (Al Bielek, 1997)

Time-travel:  Phoenix III


The Delta-T transmitter was simply an antenna that could translate time waves into a receivable format, a type of time wave receptor.  This Delta-T transmitter was originally designed and built by a man by the name of Nicola Turbo, which we now know today is really Nicola Tesla.  Tesla knew about the technology of the Delta Time Factor, which was crucial if you wanted to return safely from any alternate reality back to this one.  These Delta-T antenna were placed below ground level.  This time manipulation was designed by Tesla in the 1930’s.  (Montauk Project Exposed)

Preston Nichols was an assistant director of the Phoenix Project.  As I mentioned above, the goal of the research being done at Montauk was to apply technical knowledge gained from extraterrestrials to military uses.  One of the projects Preston worked on during the 1970s was reverse-engineering space ships.  As he explains in his book, Encounter in the Pleiades (1996), space ships are operated by an interface between the ship and the mind of the navigator.  They also have a bubble-reality inside of the ship, which allows them to accelerate, stop, change direction, and travel faster than the speed of light without affecting the crew.  The bubble-reality also allows the inside of space ships to be larger than the outside.  These things were being studied by the best scientists in the country at Montauk, Los Alamos and private aerospace companies.  However, though science was much more advanced than the public knew, it was primitive in comparison with the ET technology.

Officially, the time-travel project, Phoenix III, was begun in around 1979.  This was at a time when the Illuminati were preparing to install George H.W. Bush in the White House and Margaret Thatcher as prime minister of the UK.  The National Security Agency was in control of the research.  In August of 1983, and in August of 1943, two unusual events occurred.  On August 1, 1943, Admiral Ernest J. King, Chief of Naval Operations, ordered the Philadelphia Experiment to be conducted by August 12.  On August 1, 1983, the NSA ordered that the power at Montauk was to be kept on continuously until August 12.   On that day, Satanist Aleister Crowley passed his natural son, Amado (meaning beloved), through a toroidal-shaped stone flanked by two phallic-shaped stones in Cornwall, England.  Cornwall is on the same latitude as Montauk Point, New York.  (See “Montauk and Occultism“)

Duncan and Edward Cameron were Navy officers and PhD physicists who were on board the USS Eldridge in Philadelphia Harbor on August 12.  When the ship went into hyperspace, they jumped ship, but instead of landing in the water they arrived at Montauk, Long Island, in the year 1983.  They were taken to Dr. John von Neumann, who was forty years older. He told them that he had been waiting for them.

The next thing we knew there was a helicopter beaming a searchlight into our faces.  We did not know what a helicopter was; they were still in the experimental phases in 1943.  Military police ran out, grabbed us, and took us to a building.  We went down several floors in an elevator, underground.  An elderly civilian walked toward us and said, “Gentlemen. I’ve been waiting for you.  I’m Dr. Von Neumann.”

We didn’t believe him.  We told him that he couldn’t be John Von Neumann because he is a much younger man and we left him about an hour ago.  He said, “Oh, yes. I am.  Unfortunately, you are no longer in 1943.  This is 1983; I am 40 years older.  Welcome to Montauk.

The ability to transport people and objects to the past and future gave the NSA the power to alter the present by changing the past.  It lost no time in transferring highly advanced technologies from 1983 to 1943, and the NSA sent the Cameron brothers and others to other places and times to retrieve ET technologies they wanted. 

Preston Nichols has said that the abandoned Air Force base at Montauk wasn’t used for research until 1971.  However, Peter Moon reports that residents of Long Island during WWII often saw German U-boats off of the coast, and it was clear to them that there was an underwater entrance to the base.  This doesn’t mean that Nichols was wrong: after 1983, the Illuminati expanded their power as much as they could without changing the outward appearance of society, i.e., everything changed except the history books.  The presence of German U-boats in Long Island during WWII was probably one of hundreds of covert post-hoc events.  We are only now beginning to appreciate the cunning of the Cabal, which silently encircled humanity with its coils.

The NSA attempts to bring in the New World Order

In February 1933, Roosevelt escaped an assassination attempt by Giuseppe Zangara, who expressed a “hate for all rulers.”  As he was attempting to shoot Roosevelt, a woman struck Zangara with her purse.  The bullet killed the mayor of Chicago, who was sitting next to the president.  I was never taught this when I was in high school in the 1970s.

A man involved with Montauk, who called himself Larry James, discussed the way in which the NSA experimented with historical changes:

According to Larry, the Montauk time travel equipment was generally operational in the early 1980s.  Their group performed several time-travel experiments.  Apparently, they were able to alter the outcome of the American Civil War, try out different scenarios with World War II, and go all the way back to the Roman Empire to test different outcomes.

After they experimented with the past, they would evaluate if their current state was better or worse.  If better, they let the revised scenario exist; if worse, they changed the scenario back.

While performing these experiments, they quickly learned about the dangers associated with these experiments.  If too many trips to the past occurred causing too much change, that time-line had the potential to fracture and “blink” out of existence. (

In a recent interview with Michael Salla, Stewart Swerdlow explained how the Cabal planned to use the Hadron collider in Geneva to achieve their final goal of enslaving the human race:

CERN is an interdimensional portal.  We learned at Montauk that there are infinite realities.  Every possibility that you can think of exists.  And how did we learn this?  Because they had attempted to send people back in time to change history.  And they found out that you can’t change history.  Whatever is in this timeline, in the so-called past, must remain.  If you alter an event, then it becomes another timeline—parallel to this, but not the same as this.

And so, they realized that in every possibility of existence, you could find something.  So, for example, the Hadron collider in CERN: they know that there are realities where the Nazis maintained control.  There are realities where Atlantis never was destroyed.  There are realities where humans never existed, and so on, and so on.  So what Hadron colliders do is identify alternate realities that enhance and improve the position of the deep state.  And what they are attempting to do is collapse those realities into this one; blend, merge the reality where they have maintained their power.  That’s the idea of the Hadron collider.  And that’s why it’s been sabotaged several times by certain groups who are against that agenda.  (1 hr. 9 minutes

Painting on lobby floor at CERN

For an in-depth discussion of what really went on at Montauk after the 1983 Philadelphia Experiment, see Arkheim Ra (Fractal Weapons on Youtube) below.

Montauk Veterans Shut Down the Operation

Most people will never know how close the human race came to being turned into a race of slaves.  If you think this is an exaggeration, read the words of another whistleblower, geologist Phil Schneider, in 1995:

They’re building two prison camps every seven months.  They’re building two underground military bases every year.  Each one of these military bases . . . they cost somewhere between 17 and 26 billion dollars.  And these kind of huge . . . sums of monies are garnered through CIA drug activity.  It’s just subverting our country.  If you were going to round people up, what better prison camp than one underground?  So once again, these underground bases are most likely being planned as underground prison camps and slave labor factories for the New World Order.  The New World Order is taking – and the United Nations is taking – its orders from, believe it or not, these more powerful outer-space alien entities.  We might call them the large greys or the small greys.  Sinister forces, indeed.

There are 11 civilizations of aliens visiting this planet all the time, all of which are known by the U.S. military, nine of which are . . . pretty bad news.  The New World Order right now, basically, is dismantling countries.  They’re taking their orders directly from the aliens, who’ve got their own timetable.  They want the One World Order because they want the planet for themselves. – Phil Schneider’s Last Talk

Four men who were involved with the Montauk Project came forward beginning in 1986 to talk about what had been going on: Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow.  But even before that time, in 1983, Preston and Duncan conspired to shut Montauk down.

In 1983, Duncan sat in the Montauk chair and, prompted by Preston, thought of a large black beast rampaging through Camp Hero.  A beast appeared, it rampaged through the base, and Jack Pruett and Preston Nichols set about cutting cables to shut down power to the equipment.  The NSA immediately abandoned the base and shut down the other 24 Montauk bases as well, and both the Air Force and the Navy denied any involvement.  This allowed Preston to go there later on, in 1984, and salvage documents and machinery. (See Preston and Duncan shut down Montauk)

The Montauk Veterans

Al Bielek – (born Edward Cameron on Aug. 4, 1916; died Alfred Bielek in 2011, age 84) Physicist, engineer and veteran of both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project.

Ed Cameron

Born in Bay Shore, Long Island, Edward Cameron was a natural son of Illuminati Alexander Duncan Cameron, Sr. and a wealthy young German woman named Arville, who returned to Germany when WWI started.

A gifted student, Edward studied physics at Princeton, where he met Dr. John von Neumann.  He earned a PhD in physics at Harvard in 1939, and his father arranged for him and his brother, Duncan, to join the Navy in September of that year.  They were given officer’s commissions and assigned to the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton, where they worked with Dr. von Neumann on the Invisibility Project.

Edward and Duncan jumped overboard from the USS Eldridge on Aug. 12, 1943, and ended up at Montauk on Aug. 12, 1983.  The NSA then began using the brothers to go on missions through the time-space portal they had created at Montauk, that is, until they went to Mars twice without permission.

During the war, Edward assisted Dr. von Neumann in Los Alamos, New Mexico, on the atomic bomb project.  He was still at Los Alamos on the Fourth of July, 1947, when Edward Teller and others in The Majestic Twelve had him charged with espionage and taken to Washington.  There were no charges—they just wanted him away from the lab.  Edward went to California that same month to work at Edwards Air Force Base, and then invented, with Jack Ridley, an ion-propulsion engine in Malibu, California.  However, he wasn’t allowed to see his wife and son until the 1950s.

In 1953, the NSA abducted Edward from his new business in Malibu and sent him to Montauk’s underground facility in 1983.  There his memories were blocked, his body was regressed to the age of six months, and he was placed with the Bielek family in Long Island, New York, in the year 1927.  (

In 1956 the military abducted Al Bielek from Hawaii for the first time and transported him to Montauk in 1976, where he worked in the Montauk boys project for extended periods until it was shut down in 1983.  In the late 1980s Al became a whistleblower, and he continued to speak publicly about the Cabal until his death in 2011.  Al befriended Phil Schneider and convinced him to go public in 1995. also (2000)

Stewart Swerdlow –  Repeatedly abducted for Luciferian rituals, genetic experiments and time-travel missions, Stewart eventually deprogrammed himself and went on to teach other survivors how to do the same.  Stewart has written several books.  The most autobiographical are Blue Blood, True Blood and Montauk: The Alien Connection (

Preston Nichols (1946 – 2018) – Electronics engineer specialized in radio receivers and jamming radar signals; paranormal researcher; recording engineer; time-travel engineer.

Preston Nichols was born on Long Island, New York, in 1946. He received degrees in Parapsychology, Psychology, and Electrical Engineering.  At around the age of 15, Preston was taken to Alderon, a planet in the Pleiades (M 45) cluster, and given an advanced education in the sciences (1996, Cp. 12). 

While attending college on Earth in the 1960s, Preston began working at Brookhaven Laboratories. At the same time, he was working as a sound engineer for the music industry. His engineering genius, combined with his psychic ability to imprint “thought forms” in record albums that made people buy and listen to music, made him the most sought-after engineer in the business, in which he was known as Little Buddha. He recorded for talents such as Chubby Checkers, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, and the Star Wars movie trilogy (2000).

From Brookhaven, Preston went to work for a military contractor, Eaton AIL, from 1971 to 1990. In 1968, his involvement with Montauk began. However, the military activated an alternate personality for his work there, so, like Al Bielek, he led a double-life without being aware of it. He would go to Eaton, and at some point he would receive a signal to go to a certain room in the basement. From there he would be “altered” and transported to the Montauk base, where he would work for a full day. He would then be returned to Eaton and finish his shift there, not realizing he was putting in eight hours in both places.

In around 1973, Preston became the assistant project director at Montauk. He was the genius who put together the equipment that was connected to the Montauk chair, which allowed the NSA to experiment with history.

In the early 1980s Preston became suspicious of Eaton AIL and started investigating Camp Hero. (Montauk was an underground base that was eventually a bubble-reality to enable the NSA to meddle with timelines.) He introduced Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek, and in 1986 they started speaking publicly about the secret projects.

In 1991, Preston returned to Montauk (which never really shut down) to work for the Air Force on a directed-energy weapon, originally invented by Tesla, which was used in 1998 to destroy the Hale-Bopp comet. (

Duncan Cameron, Jr. (originally born in 1917, then in 1951 to the same father; died in 2019 at the age of 68) – A natural son of Committee of 300 member Alexander Duncan Cameron, Sr., Duncan was the half-brother of Edward Cameron.  They were raised together as brothers by their father’s sister on Long Island.  Duncan was educated at the University of Edinburgh, where he received a PhD in physics. 

In 1939 the Cameron brothers enlisted in the Navy and were made commissioned officers because of their education.  They were assigned to work at the Institute for Advanced Research on Project Rainbow.  On the day of the Philadelphia Experiment, they were running the equipment on the Eldridge.  When the equipment began to behave abnormally and they found they couldn’t shut it down, they jumped ship.  Instead of landing in the water they found themselves at the Montauk Force Station in the year 1983.  After this, the NSA used Duncan to perform missions involving time- and space-travel.

At one point, Duncan accidentally lost his time-lock and started ageing at the rate of one year per hour.  They imprisoned his consciousness in an energy field and sent word to his father in the 1940s to have another son.  His father took his fifth wife, had a daughter, and then had a son in 1951.  When the child was 12, in 1963, they transferred Duncan’s consciousness to his body, forcing out the consciousness that had been in the body since birth.

Duncan II went to college, joined the Air Force, and was in the U.S. war against Vietnam.  After being injured, he left the Air Force and ended up in the Montauk Project some time after 1971.  There he was targeted with so much energy from the SAGE antenna that his brain suffered extensive damage.  However, Duncan didn’t exhibit any cognitive impairment.

Duncan II was the primary psychic used in the “Montauk chair” for research into mind-control, the manipulation of matter, and time-travel, including trips to Mars.  In 1983, together with Preston, he materialized the beast that shut down all five bases (see Junior, below). (

In November of 1984, Duncan Cameron came to Preston’s house and volunteered for psychic research he was doing.  Preston helped Duncan to unblock his memories, and they soon discovered that Duncan had been programmed to kill Preston and destroy all of his research.


Age regression

“Age-regression techniques have been traced back to Tesla. When he was working on the original Philadelphia Experiment, he developed a device to help sailors in the event that they lost their time-locks. The purpose of this device was to re-establish an individual with his normal time-locks in the event he had been disoriented from time-travel.” (See Tesla wrist-bands)

“The government (or someone) allegedly used this Tesla device and developed it for physical time regression. Tesla said that if the time-locks of an individual are moved ahead in time, one could actually remove age. If one’s time-locks were pushed back 20 years, the body would be referenced to those locks.”

The body would rapidly age, which is what happened to Duncan.

Edward Cameron was age-regressed to a nine-month-old baby and placed with the Bielek family. Alfred Bielek grew up with his own identity and education, and became an engineer, again working for the Navy.

Beginning in 1956, the government started to abduct Al and send him 20 years in the future—to 1976—to work at Montauk for extended periods of time. He would then be returned to the moment of his abduction with his memory blocked.  It wasn’t until 1985 that Al began to recover memories from his earlier identity as Edward Cameron. (See Al Bielek interview)


KB: Something I’ve never understood is that, since the government had access to time travel and all the information there, why did Montauk get closed down? It seems like it could have been foreseen and stopped.

Bielek: The reason it was shut down in 1983 was because Duncan and others wanted it to be shut down.  They had to wait until after I, as Edward Cameron, and Duncan (the original Duncan) came to Montauk, spent our 12 hours there, and then were shipped back to the Eldridge.  They had to wait until that sequence was over, or they would interrupt a part of the time history in this sequence and alter history drastically; so, they allowed that to happen.  It was after we had returned to the Eldridge when Duncan number-two was given the cue by Preston, sitting in the chair in a semi-transit time.  Of course, he conjured up from his subconscious this monster, which went into the machine, became clothed in physical reality by the station equipment, and which started tearing things up.  (An Interview with Al Bielek –

Arkheim Ra (Fractal Weapons):  “Discussing the “Great Reset” with Arkheim Ra and John Whitberg”

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CHANNEL3X on YouTube has great videos about Montauk, the Philadelphia Experiment and the Phoenix Project.