The Rearing Stallion: Illuminati Icon

“Blucifer” Denver International Airport – Luis Jimemez (died 2006)

Luciferian art at the Denver International Airport, which was built by a group calling itself “The New World Airport Commission”  (

I’m going to start this discussion of the horse with a section from the autobiography of Tony Rodrigues, Ceres Colony Cavalier (2021):

There were huge windows and tiled floors similar to what you’d expect in a 1950s station. The first moment through the great revolving doors from the hangar to the trade area gave a good hit of clean, crisp, fresh oxygen—and it was a total rush, a buzz, actually. It was awesome. I remember those walks with my colleagues fondly.

Just before my twenty-year time was up, the stone pillars that we had walked by for months came under construction. I was told that they had abducted a few of Europe’s finest stone sculptors into a twenty-year program just to have them sculpt a few monuments throughout several colonies in the solar system. These sculptors would be working on Ceres for years to come.

Rearing stallions on Ceres created by enslaved artists from Earth (courtesy of Tony Rodrigues)

Ceres Colony, population of around a quarter-million, was created by extraterrestrials as a refuge for the top echelon of Germans at the end of WWII. The transport of people to Ceres was done from a Nazi base in Antartica.

The colony was governed by Nazis, but they were themselves under the rule of the Draco Empire. The colony’s economy was based on interstellar trade, and it relied on slave labor provided by humans abducted from Earth.

Rearing Stallion 1928

Rearing Stallion 1928 National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Perls)

The NSA, the Montauk boys, and the Hadron collider

Beginning in 1947 under President Harry Truman, the military and private defense contractors began research into extraterrestrial technologies, with the goal of weaponizing them to enslave the human race. This was the reason Truman created the CIA, the NSA and Majestic Twelve, which formed a shadow government.

The research was carried out at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, Brookhaven National Laboratories in New York, and at private companies such as Douglas Aircraft, Raytheon, and Eaton AIL. From 1971, privately funded ET research was carried out at Montauk Air Force Base, and this was eventually expanded to 24 other sites. This research violated human-rights conventions, international weapons conventions and the United States Constitution. It was called Project Phoenix.

Research at Montauk was mainly concerned with mind-control and time-space-travel, and involved the use of psychics and electromagnetic energy to create a space-time vortex. They accomplished this on August 12, 1983, when Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron arrived at Montauk from the USS Eldridge in 1943—the Philadelphia Experiment.

In later interviews, Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols explained how the scientists at Montauk tested psychics for Project Phoenix by a remote-viewing exercise. They would have their young subjects look at the United States in the year 6037 and ask them what they saw. The scientists had located a world-line in which the human race no longer existed: it was a golden statue of a rearing stallion in a desolate city. If the boy or the young man saw the golden statue, he was put to work visualizing other world lines that favored the plans of the Cabal. These visualizations, amplified by the amplitron machines at Montauk, allowed the NSA to identify their space-time coordinates. Repeatedly sending psychics to these world-lines moved our world-line in the direction of the New World Order.

Stewart Swerdlow, another Montauk veteran, told Michael Salla (April 18, 2022) that the purpose of the Hadron collider in Geneva was to collapse the world-lines that gave the Cabal an “advantage” into this reality.

CERN is an interdimensional portal. We learned at Montauk that there are infinite realities. Every possibility that you can think of exists. And how did we learn this? Because they had attempted to send people back in time to change history. And they found out that you can’t change history. Whatever is in this timeline, in the so-called past, must remain. If you alter an event, then it becomes another timeline—parallel to this, but not the same as this.

And so, they realized that in every possibility of existence, you could find something. So, for example, the Hadron collider in CERN: they know that there are realities where the Nazis maintained control. There are realities where Atlantis never was destroyed. There are realities where humans never existed, and so on, and so on. So what Hadron colliders do is identify alternate realities that enhance and improve the position of the deep state. And what they are attempting to do is collapse those realities into this one; blend, merge the reality where they have maintained their power. That’s the idea of the Hadron collider. And that’s why it’s been sabotaged several times by certain groups who are against that agenda. (1 hr. 9 minutes

With this in mind, here is Duncan Cameron talking about the golden stallion statue that the NSA scientists used to test young psychics.

One of the unusual characteristics in this jumping in time, and seeing where the particular special-interest groups— And that’s basically what Montauk was about: very specialized interest-groups within the government and outside, finding a way to accentuate and to gear and maneuver their own ‘sensitives’ for whatever their agenda is. There was a test at Montauk for those people who could sense, in this time framework in which we’re all moving along, the year 6037.

It sounds kind of kooky and bizarre and unusual, but we all have a connection to our evolution. And that’s supposedly one of the most evolved states of the human spirit in the time frame that we’re moving along. [Because humanity was assimilated by the Draco, which view their race as superior. — Editor]

Everyone has a connection to it, and [if] there is enough kind of horsepower, or a process to move it in that area, then [it] could be, on paper, connected. And it probably was a bit of a jolt and such, but they had these connections, and part of the work duties of some of these vounteers was to go in and sense this horse on a pedestal, in this kind of surrealistic city.

And some of the people had the creativity and the ability to actually ride the horse; get on this horse and then follow and see where it ended up. And from reports, it ended up before Christ, millions of years. And along that pathway, they had a number of what’s called flag-posts, which for some reason has been connected with me. I don’t quite know why, but there is my essence in connection with these flag-posts.

Question: Markers?

Duncan: Markers—markers in time; same thing.

And we’re speculating: we certainly don’t know, ‘cause we’re still trying to grab memories and see what comes up. And by all means, Al Bielek, my half-brother, is part of this investigation, trying to put it all together as to what these references in time mean. And the logical aspect is that the control-group would like to use these forms for their agenda. It’s a logical format. So, that was one of the peculiar aspects of it.

Duncan: Some of the other unfortunate considerations were the use of boys in the project.

Question: What age?

Duncan: It goes back to five and six at the earliest, maybe seven, eight, through pubescent into seventeen and eighteen. And they had some twenty-year-olds at the time. (54 minutes )

Preston Nichols, an assistant director of Montauk, described the same thing in his book:

A later investigation showed that Montauk had a neo-Nazi connection and that the Nazis were still on the Aryan kick. We don’t know where the kids went, what they were educated in or programmed for. Whether they came back or not is still a mystery. What information is available is that they sent every raw recruit into the Future to 6037 AD, always to the same point, to what appeared to be a dead city in ruins.

Everything was stationary, not unlike a dream-like state. There were no signs of life. In the center of the city was a square with a gold horse on a pedestal. There were inscriptions on that pedestal and recruits were sent there to read what they said. Each recruit would interpret and report.

The recruits were always asked if they saw anybody in the city. Each individual would interpret what he observed and report. We know a lot of people [children] were shoved somewhere into the Future — maybe 200 or 300 years ahead. Estimates range from 3,000 to 10,000 people that were eventually abandoned. We have no idea for what purpose.

I have already said that I don’t know exactly what they did with time. I wasn’t there, but I do know they did a lot with World War I and World War II. They monitored those times and took pictures. They knew exactly what they were doing. They could actually make up a secondary vortex to observe what was going on. We called this a “seeing-eye” function. The original vortex was such that one could drive a truck through it. Using phase conjugation through the elaborate computer set-up, past and future history could actually be transmitted through the portal and viewed on television. (pp. 48-49)

Stewart Swerdlow has described what the United States was supposed to look like in the present time. The country was divided by a 30-mile-wide Mississippi river, or causeway, into western and eastern regions. Most of California west of the San Andreas fault was underwater, as well as parts of the East Coast and the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

The capital of the western region of the U.S. was supposed to be Denver, Colorado (hence the Luciferian airport) and the capital of the eastern region was to be Atlanta, Georgia, headquarters of CNN and the Centers for Disease Control. Colorado and Georgia are Democratic Party strongholds, even though the populations are socially conservative—hence the election-rigging.


Illuminati families and the Committee of 300. Note CNN founder Ted Turner and Anthony Fauci.

Deep underground military bases and tunnels

Phil Schneider was a geologist who worked on the government’s underground bases and tunnels. He was strangled in 1996 for speaking publicly about what was going on.

The first part of this talk is going to concern deep underground military bases and the black budget. The black budget is a secretive budget that garners 25% of the gross national product of the United States. The black budget currently consumes $1.25 trillion per [2] years. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States.

They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940’s. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity; Al Bielek has my only copy of one of them. Richard Sauder, a Ph.D architect, has risked his life by talking about this. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases. In around where you live, in Idaho, there are 11 of them.

The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. They have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. The black projects sidestep the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal. Right now, the New World Order is depending on these bases. If I had known at the time I was working on them that the NWO was involved, I would not have done it. – Phil Schneider, 1995

The United Nations

Pax Draconiana – Guardian for intergalactic peace and security

A guardian for international peace and security sits on the Visitor’s Plaza outside UN Headquarters. The guardian is a fusion of jaguar and eagle and donated by the Government of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is created by artists Jacobo and Maria Angeles.

The names of the artists coincide with reports that the Illuminati were planning a false second coming of Christ. Jacob was a deceiver in the Bible, Mary was the mother of Christ, and angels is a term used in the past for extraterrestrials. Also, note the resemblance of UN statue to a Chinese dragon, a kind of a god. This dragon has mammalian ears, representing the hybridization of humans and reptiles:

Phil Schneider, when he worked for NATO, was invited to two meetings of the UN leadership. They met at a deep underground military base, and the humans were overseen by tall greys (7-feet tall), who sat on a balcony above them and dictated policy.

Apparently, tall greys are a hybrid between greys from Zeta Reticuli and Draco reptilians. The tall greys have been referred to as Draco-Zetas, or Draco-controlled Zetas, and are very dangerous. (See


Al Bielek talks about Phil Schneider in an interview, part of which is reproduced here: Alien Invasion; see also from10 minutes into the recording)

Nichols, Preston (1992). The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. Westbury, New York: Sky Books. (ISBN 0-9631889-0-9)

Rodrigues, Tony (2021). Ceres Colony Cavalier: A True Account of One Man’s Twenty-Year Abduction. Published by Tony Rodrigues.

Montauk and mind-control: The Nazi connection

When Operation Paperclip had been completed and all of the German scientists came into the U.S., they went to work at Brookhaven National Laboratories to continue projects they had been working on in Germany—namely time-travel, and also mind-control. – Al Bielek: Complete Video Autobiography (5)

Chapter IX – The Montauk Project begins

Preston Nichols (1992). The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. Westbury, New York: Sky Books (ISBN 0-9631889-0-9)

It is no secret that Congress has tried to browbeat the CIA into telling them everything that goes on in the intelligence community. They have cut their funding, limited their legal powers, and even the most naive person would likely admit the CIA can’t be trusted. However, we are not dealing with the CIA proper here. Indeed, if the CIA is involved, it would be a “splinter wing”–or wings that are being used by a source other than the CIA director.

When Congress disbanded the Phoenix Project, the group at Brookhaven had already built an entire kingdom around this project. They had Reichian and stealth technologies which could definitely affect the mind of man. The Brookhaven group went to the military and informed them about this fantastic new piece of technology they were working on. They told them about a device that could make the enemy surrender without a battle simply by throwing a switch.

Of course, the military was very interested. This was every war expert’s dream. Imagine, a device that makes the enemy give up before the battle starts! The military became enthusiastic and were ready to cooperate. They were informed that they didn’t need to get involved in the financing because that was covered by the group at Brookhaven National labs.

But the Brookhaven people needed a place where proper experimentation could be done in seclusion. They needed certain equipment and personnel from the military. They gave the military a list of all technology required. Of particular import on the technology list was the old SAGE radar. For this, they required a huge radiosonde that would operate around 425 to 450 megahertz. From earlier research, it was known that this was one of the “window frequencies” for getting into the human consciousness.

A very high-powered radar device was needed that ran at 425-450 MHz. The military had just what they were looking for. A mothballed Air Force base at Montauk Point that housed an obsolete SAGE radar system that fit the bill (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment). This system already had the RF sections and the modulator that would be required to build a huge radiosonde.

The Sage Radar at Montauk was originally part of the early warning defense system used during the ’50s and ’60s. Today, satellites and over-the-horizon (OTH) radar make this technology obsolete for defense purposes.

Private Funding With No Oversight

It certainly raises an important question even if one doesn’t believe this story. Why was an old antiquated defense system turned on and utilized for a period of over 10 years? This project was known by the name of Phoenix II by the officials concerned. It has since been colloquially named by myself and others involved as the Montauk Project.

Up until then, Congress had been informed about what had occurred, but at this point, independent people were carrying forward with a project denied by Congress and were operating outside of any controls. They were even using the U.S. military in the process. Of course, it quickly becomes “Who is using who?” But the point being stressed here is that it was being done without the supervision of elected officials and in spite of their objections.

The Montauk Base was being reopened. The SAGE radar had been shut down since 1969-70 when the base was turned over to the General Services Administration. It was a surplus government base without anything on it and government financing for it had ceased. It is obvious that major funding would be required for such an endeavor. The financing is shrouded in mystery, but it appeared to be totally private.

I do not have documented evidence myself of the financing, but I’ve been told by my Montauk acquaintances that the original money came courtesy of the Nazis. In 1944, an American troop train went through a French tunnel carrying 10 billion dollars worth of Nazi gold. This train was dynamited in the tunnel while carrying 51 GIs.

General George Patton was in Europe at the time and investigated this, but he couldn’t understand how an American troop train could be dynamited in western Allied territory. As a general and human being, he cared about the GIs. The 10 billion dollars was also a mystery, but Patton’s efforts were blocked. I’ve been told this gold eventually showed up at Montauk, and it was 10 billion dollars of gold priced then at $20 an ounce. This was the equivalent of almost 200 billion dollars in today’s currency. It was used to finance the project initially and for years to come.

After the Nazi gold was all spent, the project was allegedly financed by the infamous Krupp family, who controlled the ITT corporation (Nazi industrialists given a light sentence after the Neuremberg trials). In late 1970 and 1971, the Montauk Air Force Base 0773 Radar Battalion was actively being re-established. They had to hire a staff, get the equipment working, and set up the whole research facility. This took about a year, and by late ’71, the Montauk Project was underway.

Launch of the Montauk Project: 1971

The strictest security measures were employed, part of which were entirely valid. Although confidential stealth technology was involved, it is no secret that the stealth aircraft was designed with a radar-resistant absorbine coating and a reduced-surface cross-section. What is secret are certain aspects of the “electromagnetic bottle” technology and how that was propagated.

We’re not going to discuss this or describe it as it remains a duly [classified] military secret that concerns the defense of the United States. With this book, we are concerned with disclosing a project that should never have been activated in the first place. With no military or defense purposes to begin with, it was only designed for controlling the minds of the population, and in spite of Congress forbidding this project.

The staff was a mixture of military employees, government employees, and personnel supplied by various corporations. I was one of the latter, and came to the project in 1973. [After the NSA had time-travel capabilities, they abducted scientists and engineers and transported them to any time they needed them. – The Editor] There were a number of Air Force technicians who had worked on the SAGE radar in the 1960s. The Air Force had assigned them to Montauk, even though it was listed on the books as a decommissioned, derelict base.

The technicians told the Phoenix group that they could change the general mood of the base by changing the frequency and pulse duration of the radar. They had noticed this as a professional curiosity after years of working with radar. This was a surprise to the Phoenix people, and they found it very interesting. By changing the pulse rate and pulse width, they could change the general way people were thinking! This was what they were looking for.

The Microwave Oven Experiments

This new information prompted what I now refer to as the “microwave oven” experiments. They took the reflector—which looks like a huge banana peel and which can be seen from a distance when you are at the Point— rotated it almost due west, and angled it down so that it was focused on one of the buildings. In what they thought to be a safe place inside that building they had a chair inside a shielded room.

First, they’d sit someone in the chair. This was usually Duncan Cameron (volunteered by his Illuminati father, Alexander Duncan Cameron Sr.). Then they would open and close the door to determine how much UHF/microwave energy was getting into the room. All this was being done while the antenna was rotated and focused to a point in front of the building. At the same time, the transmitter was blasting gigawatts of power.

They experimented by running the transmitter at different pulse widths, different pulse rates, and different frequencies. They tried everything they could think of — just plain empirical experimentation. They just wanted to see what would happen to the person in the chair if he was bombarded by “x” frequency, pulse, etc. They observed that certain changes made a person sleep, cry, laugh, be agitated, and so on.

There were rumors that whenever the SAGE radar ran, the mood of the whole base would change. This was very interesting to the project supervisors as they were primarily concerned with the study of human factors. They wanted to see how they could train and change brain waves. This was done by changing the repetition rates of the pulse and the amplitude in correspondence to different biological functions. In this way, a person’s thoughts could be controlled. With the 425-450 MHz of radio frequency power, they actually had a window into the human mind.

The next step would be to find out what was inside of it. Although the door to the shielded room was closed most of the time, it didn’t work properly. The subjects were exposed to a strong enough field to influence the brain waves, but not enough to do damage. However, if exposed to it for several days on end, it could be quite damaging.

Duncan sustained serious brain and tissue damage as a result of continuous exposure to 100 kilowatts of RF power at a distance of about 100 yards. The radio waves baked his brains and chest. Anywhere in his body where there was a change of density, zones of heat or energy would be created by the concentration of the microwave beams.

During a doctor’s visit in 1988, Duncan’s doctor commented upon the unusual scar tissue in his lungs. He’d never seen anything like it. Another doctor who was consulted said he’d only seen it in the service when someone had gotten in front of a high-powered radar beam. Previous research in or about 1986 indicated that Duncan was actually brain dead.

At this point, we learned that the only reason Duncan is alive today is due to his strong psychic aptitude. The psychic part of his mind takes over the physical part of his mind and runs the body. His brain stem is alive. His spinal chord is alive. His body is alive. But his actual higher brain is dead. His psychic energy runs the body through the brain stem.

Duncan was not the only person affected. We don’t know how many people were involved, but the body count was probably high. It wasn’t until 1972 or 1973 when it was finally realized that stealth technology dealt with non-burning radiation.

One theory was that actual non-burning radiation — which is the higher order of components (as opposed to burning radiation) — actually went through the reflector and would be opposite to the focal point of the antenna. They tried it, and turned the antenna around 180 degrees. They aimed the burning rays into the sky and hit the person with the non-burning rays. Then they found they had the same mood-altering capabilities, if not more than they had before, but this did not damage the people. But at what cost to the persons previously experimented on!

At this point in the project, they were interested in monitoring people and changing their thoughts and moods, etc. It was not necessarily how they changed, but the fact that they changed under certain circumstances. Different Army units were invited to come to the base and have R&R there. As far as the soldiers were concerned, it was free R&R in a beautiful location. The outer base had a nice gymnasium and a bowling alley with excellent food and accommodations. Unbeknownst to the servicemen, they became guinea pigs for the mood-control experiments.

However, these were not the only guinea pigs. Experimentation was also done on the townspeople, Long Island, New Jersey, upstate New York and Connecticut civilians just to see how far it could go. However, most experimentation was done on the vacationing soldiers. Time was spent monitoring different pulse types, trying this and trying that. They would note and categorize the different effects. It was all pure empirical experimentation and a huge data base was collected.

Al Bielek and Preston Nichols (with Duncan Cameron): Human Guinea Pigs (1993)

(28 minutes) BIELEK: They tried this with a number of people, a few survivors. They were just grabbing indigenous people off the street and throwing them in front of the radar beam, and let’s see what happens. You know, that’s the sort of nonsense that the government loves to do.

Question: Who was in charge of the project at this time?

BIELEK: A Mr. Jack Pruett was in charge. Along with Dr. John von Neumann.

(34 minutes) BIELEK: And Pruett was Air Force—he was an Air Force colonel. Pruett had his office in the Pentagon. I found that out through other connections. He was the basic director through the whole of Phoenix II and III. Though, actually, they had two directors: they had the so-called psychic, metaphysical director, which was Pruett, and they had a hardware-electronics director, which was originally Dr. von Neumann. And after he left, Dr. Untermann took over—Herman C. Untermann from Germany. And they also had an electronics expert, who, through most of the period of time was a Dr. Matthew E Zerrett, who came in with Werner von Braun in 1946. (See Appendix)

Private Funding

BIELEK: Private funding all the way. Until it was over, it was still private funding through ITT.

NICHOLS: The gold I think ran until about 1978, until they got heavily in in about ’78, ’79.

BIELEK: One of the reasons why they ran out of money was the fact that it was not, eventually, not one base, but 25. The SAGE (radar) base is 25 of them, utilizing the same program, but running in parallel. And eventually they shut down— Until the end, I believe— that is, the info we have is, there were only three still operational, and they were tied together by satellite.

NICHOLS: But they shut down quite late in the program.


Question: How recently were they operating? When did they finally shut down?

BIELEK: The last of them shut down August 12, 1983. That was Montauk; that was the final one. And they went down and shut the other two that were still operating with it by a satellite, down.

NICHOLS: When Montauk shut down, they had to go down, because that’s where they got their zero-time, was from Montauk.

BIELEK: Montauk was the key station.

Mind Effects

(36 min) BIELEK: The question was asked, what about some of the mind effects? I’ll try to answer that, and say, from what I recall, what the program—because I was part of it also, as was Duncan.

Question: As an officer, or a civilian who was used?

BIELEK: ‘Used’ is the correct term. Exactly—used. Well, yes, I was subjected to the mind-control field. Not as I initially went in the program, because they wanted me at one point for my psychic and metaphysical abilities, and you don’t subject a person who is a sensitive to those kinds of fields because they know they will wipe them out, or alter them so drastically that they’re useless. But they assigned me to a particular part of the program involving the indoctrination of the younger recruits, to put it that way. And after one of the first attempts in indoctrination, which turned out to be a total disaster, I said, “There’s no way I will have any part of this program, no matter what you do or say.” So they said, “Oh yes you will,” and I said, “No, I won’t.”

So, they put me in front of the roasting oven, if you will, the mind-beam, and it did do damage to me. And finally somebody else said, “Shut it off—he isn’t going to give in to it.” I suffered some damage, but not severe damage, as some others did. And it did affect me to some extent. Duncan was affected much more heavily, for other reasons.

250,000 boys abducted between 1971 and 1983

But nevertheless, the effects were, in some cases, totally disastrous. They burned brains out, and the people just dropped dead. Now, neither of us was among that category, but there were other recruits, young kids they picked up off the streets, wherever they could find them, basically the age bracket was between twelve and sixteen.

Question: So that’s where a lot of the disappearing kids . . .

BIELEK: Yes. Ten thousand, we estimate, went to Montauk; the total number would be about a quarter of a million with the 25 stations—estimated. What the actual final directives, what the final thrust of the program was in terms of these kids, we could never come up with the answers. They wanted them fully programmed for something, and we never found out why. And eventually they disappeared off the station; they were sent to various locations and places.

But they were initially subjected to one form of programming, and later on it changed to a somewhat more humane, or somewhat faster and less obtrusive form of programming and conditioning using the electronic techniques. The original was Reichian, and was more physical, and was less sophisticated [Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich]. The later programs actually worked out the techniques to use computers, electronic programming, and the electronic use of the Reichian techniques. And it became very fast, very quick, and it usually took very well, with no side-effects. And these kids would never know what happened to them. They’d ship them back to where they got them, or to wherever they wanted them to go, and they wouldn’t know the better.

(42 min) Question: Were any of the subjects given phychotropic substances? LSD?

BIELEK: They used other drugs. They had one drug that would be used in connection with the Reich programming; it made them more receptive.

[This drug produced sexual arousal and euphoria. Psychosexual mind-control, which most people know about from the MK-ULTRA program, was invented by Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich, who based it on Satanic ritual abuse.]

Operation Paperclip

The United States was recruiting German, Austrian, Polish and Hungarian scientists since the 1930s, if not earlier. After WWII, the U.S. brought in 1600 experts, scientists and technicians who had been working for Germany.

This may have been one of many deep-state manipulations of history, where technological advancements were covertly developed and facists were quietly placed in key positions without changing major events.

Dr. John von Neumann – Head of Project Phoenix, which encompassed several different projects aimed at developing military applications for ET technology.

Dr. Mathew E. Zerrett – electronics expert. Came over from Germany in 1946 with Wernher von Braun.

Dr. Wernher von Braun – born in 1912 in Wirsitz, Germany (now part of Poland), into an aristocratic Prussian family. His father was Baron Magnus von Braun and his mother was a direct descendent of Valdemar I of Denmark (1131-1182). At an early age Wernher developed a fascination for rockets . . . He later joined the SS.

Wilhelm Reich – Austrian doctor of medicine and a psychoanalyst. Developed weather modification devices (Project Phoenix) and psychosexual mind-control, also known as trauma-based mind-control. The technique originated with Satanic ritual abuse, and consisted of subjecting children to pain and terror with a sexual component to, as Eric Hecker said, “basically rape the mentality of these children” and create dissociative identity disorder. (  at 14 minutes)

Sidney Gottlieb – Chemist and spy who was later recruited into the Central Intelligence Service and was involved in the MK Ultra project.

Herman C. Untermann – Took over the Montauk Project from Dr. John von Neumann, who suffered a psychiatric split in 1977.

Ewen Cameron: (Connected to Illuminati Alexander Duncan Cameron Sr.) Ewen Cameron was born in Germany. A psychiatrist and a complete psychopath, Cameron was the head of the MK-ULTRA project. It is suspected that he extracted Rudolph Hess from his prison cell before his trial in Nuremberg under the pretext of doing a psychiatric evaluation.

Anna was born in Washington D.C. on November 11, 1941. She was a “blueblood,” of pure Aryan lineage, whose family was involved in the military and occult. She was pledged as a slave to Ewen Cameron from birth. Anna went on to become a member of the Illuminati group, Daughters of the American Revolution. Although Cameron tortured Anna many times over the years, he couldn’t break her. This is what she told Peter Moon about mind-fracturing:

The missing ingredient with regard to the Montauk programming was multiple personalities. The intent of the “controllers” in various programs wa to produce a condition known as multiple personality disorder. She explained that if you torture someone, he will split into different personalities in order to survive. One personality or “person” will be found that is susceptible to programming and will be instructed to do certain actions. Another personality, usually an exceedingly pleasant one, will be used to cover the tracks of the other personality. Mark David Chapman, the man who killed Beatle John Lennon, is an example of such a personality. (Peter Moon, 1997)

Satanic ritual abuse and mind-control

Eric Hecker grew up on Long Island. He remembers being involved in Satanic ritual abuse, and believes that the CIA used him as a remote viewer in grade school under the pretext of pulling him out for the Talented and Gifted Program.

Michael Salla: How was the SRA involved in this training as a child?

Eric Hecker: I can only assume that they say that it’s utilized to invoke a dissociative identity syndrome in folks, is, I believe, that’s they were trying to function, is that they were working on this greater understanding of consciousness. And I believe it was Itzhak Bentov’s book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness, along with the information from the Monroe Institute, that the CIA had subcontracted. And that this was the basis of what they were trying to do. And somehow somewhere somebody decided that SRA would be utilized to cause dissociation, so that these new modalities of understanding of consciousness could be applied to, I guess basically, rape the mentality of these children, to be used for compartmentalization programs in the future. ( – 14 minutes)

Moon, Peter (1997). The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection. Westbury, New York: Sky Books.

Nichols, Preston (1992). The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. New York: Sky Books (ISBN 0-9631889-0-9)