Montauk and Occultism

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Miracles of saints vs. magic tricks of sinners

All cultures go through states of higher technological development prior to learning that everything they have accomplished can be achieved by way of pure thought. – Matrix II

Occultists are obsessed with the ability of the human mind to manipulate the world we live in—both natural events, such as the weather, and human events.  This is a power that every human beings possesses.  In fact, there isn’t a single waking moment when a human being is not contributing to what we perceive as reality, but we do so unconsciously.

Spiritually advanced beings master reality through unconditional love and the complete elimination of ego; but to be precise, they don’t do anything of themselves.  Rather, they serve as vessels through which God’s will is done.  Occultists, on the other hand, are completely ego-centered.  Instead of loving others, they crave being “loved.”  No one loves an evil person, so occultists seek power over others, so that they can force others to their will.  The occultist is unable to master reality on his own because he is not a vessel for God to work through; therefore, he seeks power from demonic entities.

Just as there are predatory species on Earth–such as sharks–there are predatory races in the universe which feed on other intelligent races.  The Draco reptilians and Lucifer feed on human suffering.  Long ago they taught their followers to perform human-sacrifice rituals and other abominations, and they rewarded them with simple favors.

The Draco reptilians and Lucifer don’t need humans for their survival.  All they ever wanted from the beginning was to enslave the descendants of the Lyran civilization.  That’s it.  That’s their sole reason for existence.  Beyond enslaving Lyrans, they have no plans.

The Vril Society and the Thule Gesellschaft

In the 1920s, the Vril Society was given blueprints for building flying saucers from an extraterrestrial named Maria Orsitsch. Orsitch is one of the good ETs. The Vril and the Thule societies were hijacked by the Nazis, who obtained the blueprints for flying saucers.

Lord Bulwer-Lytton published a book in 1886 called The Coming Race, in which the word, vril, comes up. The following is Peter Moon’s description of the book:

The main characters in The Coming Race are large humanoid beings who reside deep inside the hollows of Earth. They are very advanced compared to us and descended into the hollows during the time of a great cataclysm or flood. . . . In The Coming Race they are known as the Vril-ya, and they tell us that the faculties of the mind can be quickened by using a trance or vision in which the thoughts of one can be transmitted to another. Thus, knowledge can be exchanged throughout the race. (Moon, 1997, p. 165)

When evidence about the Vril Society and Nazi flying saucers started to come out, a German immigrant named Willy Ley used The Coming Race to dismiss it all as science-fiction inspired by Bulwer-Lytton’s book. This was an early example of the art of “debunking” or “discrediting” so-called conspiracy theories.

As Moon explains in The Black Sun, the word, vril, is Tibetan, and it simply means thought-power. (The Freemasons represent this as the letter G, meaning generation.) Vril is represented by this glyph:


Are you impressed by this?  I hope not.  It’s pathetic, the things that impress occultists like Wilhelm Reich, Aleister Crowley, and the rest of the Luciferian filth.

Wilhelm Reich

Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich can be considered the father of weather-control and mind-control. Reich had two obsessions. His first obsession was the idea that he could acquire the advanced technology possessed by extraterrestrials.  His second obsession was with sex.  He believed that thought-power, or vril, was a form of biological energy, and that biological energy was principally sexual energy.  He called his imaginary energy orgone, from the word, orgasm, and he performed strange experiments on people in an attempt to harness it.

“It is sexual energy which governs the structure of human feeling and thinking.” – Wilhelm Reich

Reich immigrated to the United States in 1939, right before the start of WWII.  He ended up in New York.  This suggests that he had the help of Illuminati Alexander Duncan Cameron (father of Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek) in getting a State Department visa, as well as a job doing research for the Navy at Brookhaven National Laboratories.

Reich’s first accomplishment was to take free-energy devices invented by Nikola Tesla, send these devices into the atmosphere with balloons, and change the weather. They were deceptively called radiosondes: but they didn’t transmit data, because, as Preston Nichols demonstrated, there were no receivers on the ground.  (“You didn’t see a flying saucer—it was just a weather balloon.”)

Reich’s second accomplishment was to take the traditional SRA of the Luciferians and turn it into a mind-control weapon the CIA could use to program millions of children.  In the pursuit of his dream of harnessing sexual energy, Reich experimented on children.  Trauma-based mind-control (aka psychosexual programming) is the process of fracturing a child’s personality through a combination of drugs, sexual abuse, terror and pain. Once the personality is split, subconscious programs are implanted in the docile personality, and the controller can switch the control (the victim) from one personality to another through words or extremely low frequency (ELF) radio transmissions. MK-ULTRA was created out of this research, and it was headed by an Illuminati named Ewen Cameron—another psychopath.

Stewart Swerdlow is a Montauk survivor who was in the Illuminati mind-control and genetic breeding program for 13 years, beginning in the early 1970s. He was finally able to deprogram himself, and has been lecturing and writing books ever since. In Blue Blood, True Blood (2002), he describes the Luciferian child-sacrifice rituals that regularly took place at the Montauk base. He claims that many prominent people took part, including Sir Laurence Gardner, William F. Buckley, Sean Connery, Spiro Agnew, Henry Kissinger, John F. Kennedy, Jr., the Shah of Iran, and “numerous other actors, military personnel and Middle Eastern figures whose names I did not know.” According to Swerdlow, “All but Kennedy and Connery shapeshifted ito Reptilian form during the ceremonies” (p. 84). (Before you judge JFK or JFK Jr., remember that the Illuminati, such as Nazi-lover Joseph Kennedy, subject their own children and grandchildren to mind-control from a very young age.)

Ciakahrr Empire (drawing by Elena Danaan in A Gift From the Stars)

Masonic ring – The letter G signifies generation. Note the reptilian scales and pyramidal structure (a delta-T antenna) extending beneath the surface of the earth.

Preston Nichols and his back-yard delta-T antenna, which triggered the recovery of his memories

Aleister Crowley

From Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness
by Preston Nichols & Peter Moon (1995)
(Sky Books,

As The Montauk Project was published, further discoveries would establish that there was a real basis to the wild information Preston was talking about. But the most shocking of all these corroborations was the discovery that the Montauk Project was linked to the most infamous occultist of all time: Aleister Crowley, often described as “the wickedest man in the world.” According to reports, Crowley had used the practice of sexual magic in order to manipulate time itself, communicate with disembodied entities, and travel interdimensionally. It was even suggested that the interdimensional nature of the Philadelphia Experiment was somehow connected to Crowley’s magical ceremonies.

The startling proof of Crowley’s association developed over a long period of time, but the discovery began to take shape in my very first conversation with Preston (Preston Nichols), when he said that he was connected to Aleister Crowley. He believed that in a previous life, he and Duncan had been Preston and Marcus Wilson, respectively. These brothers were twins, and had been the first manufacturers of scientific instruments in Great Britain. In addition to being friends of Aleister Crowley’s family, they had been involved in a joint business venture with them.

I began to look for references to the Wilsons in Crowley’s various books, but none turned up. To my surprise, though, I discovered that not only had Crowley visited Montauk in 1918, but he had mentioned a Duncan Cameron in his autobiography. [Probably Alexander Duncan Cameron Sr., who was wealthy and traveled often to Europe. – Editor] Subsequent to this, I discovered numerous instances of synchronicity between the Cameron and Crowley families, which are detailed in Montauk Revisited.

These synchronicities began to make sense when I found out about a woman who called herself simply Cameron.1 She was married to Jack Parsons, the world’s first solid-fuel rocket scientist and a disciple of Crowley. Together, they had participated in a series of sex-magic rituals called the Babalon Working.

I flew to Southern California on business, and while there met a friend of Cameron quite by “accident”. Discovering that Cameron lived in California, I soon found myself telling her about the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, and the Crowley-Cameron relationship. Much to my surprise, she informed me that her real name wasn’t Cameron at all: it was Wilson!

I received an astonishing letter several months later that would close the case as regards whether or not the Wilson brothers had existed. It was from a man named Amado Crowley, who claimed to be an illegitimate son of Aleister Crowley. Amado not only stated that his father had talked about the Wilson brothers, but he gave a spectacular account of his father’s whereabouts on August 12, 1943, the day of the Philadelphia Experiment.

On that day, Aleister Crowley had directed a magical ceremony at Men-an-Tol in Cornwall, England. where a large doughnut-shaped rock stands upright.3 According to Amado, Aleister put him through the hole in the rock, whereupon a line of rough water ran west toward Long Island, New York. Peter Moon (

Men-an-tol in Cornwall, also known as The Devil’s Eye

1. Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel (1922 – 1995), who professionally used the mononym Cameron, was an American artist, poet, actress and occultist. A follower of Thelema, the new religious movement established by the English occultist Aleister Crowley, she was married to rocket pioneer and fellow Thelemite Jack Parsons.

2. Albert Pike was the world leader of Freemasonry for 50 years. He started the Civil War, masterminded the assasssination of President Lincoln, and founded the KKK. He states in his books that the big secret of the Freemasons is that they worship Lucifer, who, as it turns out, is a reptilian of the Draco Empire.

3. The word menhir originates from Brittonic languages: ‘men’ means stone, and ‘hir’ means long. The leader of the Illuminati is called the Pindar, which means “Pinnacle of the Draco, or Penis of the Draco.” Men-an-tol is a stone with a hole in it. There is a menhir on both sides of the Men-an-tol, so either way you look through the opening, you see the Draco’s penis.

For a discussion on the ways malevolent ETs use humans, see “Greys, Rigel and Procyon” by George Andrews.

Moon, Peter (1997). The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection. Westbury, New York: Sky Books.

Nichols, Preston and Moon, Peter (1995). Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness. Westbury, New York: Sky Books.

Swerdlow, Stewart. (2002). Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict and Creation–A Personal Account. St. Joseph, Michigan:Expansions Publishing Company, Inc.

Valerian, Valdamar (1990). Matrix II: The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology. Leading Edge Research. Internet Archive

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  1. Jeez, I had this rather positive connotations with Wilhelm Reich – his idea on Orgone and indeed his therapy relating to the healing qualities of having a certain kind of orgasm sounded a bit quaint but intriguing as well…I never heard of this malevolent link to MK-ULTRA practices. Terrible. This was the guy whose books were all burnt in the fiftees in the US, wasn’t it?

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    1. Yes, the Pure Food and Drug Administration wanted him to stop shipping “orgone accumulators” and publishing promotional literature mentioning orgone. I don’t think there is such a thing as orgone. If you look at Preston Nichols’ research on radiosondes, they probably used Tesla’s free-energy devices to change the weather. I think that the problem Reich presented for the government was that he took credit for bringing down flying saucers with radar and for inventing weather-control. He also developed trauma-based, or psychosexual, mind-control.


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