Daryl James – Taygetan Star Seed and SSP Vet

The Pleiades is an open cluster consisting of approximately 3,000 stars at a distance of 400 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Taurus.

Taygeta, 19 Tauri Aa (19 Tau Aa), is a subgiant star. It is one of the brightest members of the Pleiades cluster (Messier 45). Taygeta has an apparent magnitude of 4.30 and lies 440 light-years from Earth.

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Pleiades star cluster

Pleiades star cluster


Daryl James interviewed by James Rink, Super Soldier Talk –  https://rumble.com/v1cc7e9-super-soldier-talk-daryl-james-solar-warden-nwr-and-taygetean-king.html


Daryl James interiviewed by Daniel Sala, St. Olga 69 – https://youtu.be/JmBGeQjzv8I

Gene Decode talks about John Titor, time police and CERN

GENE DECODE on The Galactic Talk with Taino


(54:00) . . .  John Titor getting that device he got, that old IBM computer, actually allowed them to get all of this in place—to have time-travel police, so the Cabal can’t continue to interfere using the technology they gained through the Philadephia Experiment from non-terrestrial sources, that then they used in the Montauk Project. And you can read about that; Peter Moon and Preston Nichols’ books, the Montauk series (https://www.skybooksusa.com/).

And so, that is an ongoing thing, because the Cabal has been manipulating us, so now that is no longer possible due to this group. I can’t give the name of the group, but this group does monitor and stop certain things from occurring that have been meddled with by the deep state. They stop the meddling now. And that’s why she is allowed to do what she’s doing, because what she’s doing is undoing meddling that the deep state did.

And part of CERN was to create a merging of this timeline and many others to make it more and more and more high-powered for the New World Order line, like they did with Tartaria, where they ended Tartaria and truncated it into our timeline.

And so, they’re stopping that. The Alliance took over CERN in 2018 and shut it down for awhile; so, that can’t be done anymore, and they removed it. And before that, the reason they couldn’t do it, there were Alliance white-hats in CERN that sabotaged CERN so that could not happen— otherwise we would have been in a world of hurt. So, there are a lot of people who have given their lives, and given the ultimate for the great awakening; we need to be grateful to them for allowing all of us to be here for the great awakening.

(56:45) TAINO: You do find things. Let’s say, people might find historical events, yet when they look at when they were at school, they can’t find anything. So, Gene, in your metaphysical investigations you found that it was those negative factions that actually used time-travel technologies in order to compromise some of the time-lines so that future generations—let’s say, in the 1990s—would not even have the [ability] to identify what were the real historical accounts behind what has been tampered with—another layer of reality.

GENE DECODE: So, certain individuals are gifted with the ability to remember these changes that they’ve been doing, and I’ve had that from birth. One of my best friends, and many, many, many, many more people disappeared from the line, from birth, and it was part of this manipulation that’s now known as the Mandela Effect. And so that’s all part of this ongoing situation. So, because that was creating ripples— when you chage the line, it doesn’t just change it for Earth: it changes it for everything everywhere. So, that’s why the Guardian Alliance and the Infinite Alliance of Free Worlds were able to come here and start to do some intervention. Because the Cabal and the negative alien group broke the law so profoundly, so massively, that it was changing things all over all of the universe. Even into multiverses: merging timelines means merging other universes into this one.

So, that’s a massive violation, so it had to be stopped. So certain allowances were made, as long as free will was maintained. And so that’s now the caveat. They’ve done a new intervention law. Part of the Ganymede meetings were to get a new noninterference law in place, so that you don’t interfere with free will of the individual overall, but you maintain that free will. And so, these interventions that violated our free will are a violation. So they can [go in and] set that right. So it all fits in with the time-travel police—all of this is interlinked.

* * *

See also “Trump Time-Travel Operation,” posted by Nicholas Veniamin  https://www.bitchute.com/video/Bjn1K5FJMa4I/

John Whitberg talks about Time Corp and the time police at 15:45 minutes https://youtu.be/fInM_RK7ujk

Project Superman – Andrew Pero

Andrew Pero: "For those who want to get out of the influence of the programs of mind control, you must have a strong fighting instinct to do what is right

“For those who want to get out of the influence of the programs of mind control, you must have a strong fighting instinct to do what is right regardless of what others are doing. Your only cage is the one you build for yourself. You must connect with your highest self to break the evil that is all around us, and not succumb to doing evil just because everyone else is doing it. Retain your fundamental sense of right and wrong.”

“It all goes back to the basic conflict, basic good and evil. It is like the dark forces in power of the planet at this time are trying to cheat their way into heaven or higher dimensions.”



According to Andy, the Illuminati tried to recruit him, offering him a high Masonic degree, referring to him as their ”Illuminati golden boy.”  Andy claimed that they kept trying to bribe him into being cooperative and breeding for them, but he refused.  Andy despised them with a passion and was determined to taking them down, if only he knew how.  I asked him what did he think was the greatest threat to the Illuminati?  He replied, “Jesus Christ.”

Project Superman: The Saga of Andy Pero



Penny Bradley Explains Black Goo AI

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(1:19:00) Black goo is an AI in concentrated form. It’s somewhat thick, like motor oil.  It tastes like motor oil—I know this because I drank it in space.  It almost immediately doubles or triples your IQ.  It heals almost everything wrong with your body, and if it can’t, it will leave, so you’ll be throwing stuff up.  Remember when Max Spiers died, he threw up the black goo?  It extends your lifespan, so, instead of the normal 75, maybe 80 years, you might get 200, and you’ll be healthy for most of it.  But it does it at the expense of your human emotions.  The only emotion you’re left with is anger.  But your psionic abilities are enhanced, so you kind of turn out like Darth Vader.

Now, the reason I drank it was because I was a navigator, and it was my job to bring a ship or ships into hyperspace and bring them out together with no life forms stuck in inanimate objects.  Now, that’s challenging on a good day, and the black goo made my job easier, and it was a safety issue for my crew.  So, that’s why I did it.  Now, the Germans don’t force you; it’s a personal choice.  But they encourage officers, especially captain and above, to imbibe simply because the ETs that we work with are already at that IQ level, and we have been so taken advantage of.  I mean, you look at how normal people treat folks with Down’s Syndrome, and think about that in an ET situation.  And so, they wanted their higher officers to be at the same level with the ETs that we interacted with.

Now, the trouble is, black goo is dangerous.  It’s a synthetic life form; it has a will of its own; it has an agenda of its own.  And it will treat a species well for about 200 years, and then it decides that it’s tired of being the servant and wants to be the master.  And it goes through a culture, and it will bring your technology level up to the point that you can create bodies for it.  And then it will inhabit those bodies, and then it will take over your world, and it will decide that the organic life forms are competition for resources.  And at that point, it starts killing everybody off—not unlike what’s happening right now with our elites.

So, yeah. It’s a very, very, very dangerous thing, and is probably the most dangerous thing in space right now.  And the fact that we have deposits of it on Tula Island, in Portugal, in Germany–and those are the ones I know of.  Now, we have deposits of it on Earth.  So, those are things we need to keep an eye on, because that stuff’s dangerous.

Now, if you can keep it as a servant, like the Mantid Empire turns it into the gel for the regeneration tanks, then you’re doing great.  But the story from ETs is that the Lyran system had a war with the Draco and they ended up with a lot of Lyran-Draco hybrids.  And that the Lyran king was unhappy about that, so he re-programmed the black goo AI to eliminate hybrids.  Well, when you come down to it, every species is the hybrid of what they developed from, and he didn’t make the parameters tight enough; so, the black goo is why there are no more Lyrans.  It’s dangerous—it has completely destroyed entire galaxies.  When they made the first Star Trek movie, black goo is the machine world.


Penny Bradley Explains the Montauk Timeline Project

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(1:08:30) Penny Bradley:  I mentioned in my biography that I gave you that I did time at Montauk. That’s what Montauk was about, was changing the future and the past. It was a time-travel project, where we were sent to change things in order to give the CIA more power, and to make sure that they maintained that power.

There’s a group of us who are survivors from different times of it. We’ve gotten together. We did a roundtable last year at the end of May. (https://odysee.com/@NachtWaffenPilot:e/Montauk-Roundtable-censored:2)

AJ Roberts:  How does the time-travel occur?

Penny Bradley:  It’s a black-hole portal that goes through time, and you sit in a chair. The chair originally came out of a space ship, and it operates by the user’s consciousness—by his psychic abilities. So, if you’re sitting in the chair and you function interdimensionally, you will travel physically with the chair. If you are more of a reader, a remote-viewer, you will travel and posess the body of someone that’s there. So, it depends on what your abilities are. I’ve interviewed Joseph Powell: he’s one that would possess the body of someone that’s already there. I went physically. Arkheim Ra talked about going, but he didn’t make a distinction whether he went physically or through consciousness.

(1:12:00) When I was at Montauk, we were working on the butterfly effect: it’s a time-travel theory in physics. And we proved that there are key individuals who, if you mess with them, you do affect history, but that [interfereing with] most people—most everything—[will not create a new timeline].

Arkheim Ra’s channel, Fractal Weapons https://www.youtube.com/@fractalweapons413/videos

Penny Bradley’s channel, Nacht Waffen Pilot https://www.youtube.com/@penniwinkleb/videos

Lindsay Hooper discusses the secret space programs and the divine

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Journey to Truth EP 232 Lindsay Hooper: Dissecting the Programs: Clones – Quantum Entanglement – Infinite Realities

6:00 Interview begins

6:30 Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 was for quantum entanglement

7:30 Slavery and cloning begin when you are born

  • They take your mother’s placenta, which has trillions of stem cells
  • They give you a PKU test (https://www.babycenter.com/baby/newborn-baby/newborn-screening-tests-which-ones-your-baby-will-have-and-w_1471069) That blood sample is sent off to these labs.  They have the baby marked and stamped, along with the birth certificate, along with the Social Security number, which is an actual bond that is coverty traded on the stock exchange.
  • Going back to the placenta, the mitochondria and the stem cells hold the key to all of the information about your past lives, and information about any ET race in which you were previously incarnated.

11:00 My memories go back to my deciding to come here. I could see, before I came here, the grid-lines of the matrix system. I knew what I was signing up for.

11:30 When you realize that the past, present and future all happen at the same time– So, there’s no more deja-vu anymore, right? That happens because you are already in the future.  Our consciousness is so much higher that we are able to experience the past, the present and the future all at once, and have all of the memories all at one time.

12:00 You just have to choose which simulation, which program you want to exist within, because they are infinite.