Galactic Federation Communique – September 14, 2021

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Megan Rose (2021)  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era


Val Nek connected with me on this date to reveal the information transcribed below:

Val Nek:  It is now time to reveal what will prove to be one of the most important movements in human history: the movement the Terran people call Q.  I have previously confirmed that the Galactic Federation of Worlds has been in contact with the U.S. Navy.  The Galactic Federation provided the Navy with the technology to create this movement in order to counteract the mind-control narrative of the Dark Fleet, the Nebu, and the Ciakahrr Empire.  This program is comprised of U.S. Naval intelligence, the Federation and the Earth Alliance.

Our technology was used to assist in moving the human race onto the ideal timeline, the timeline in which Planet Terra becomes a member of the Federation and is liberated from the control of these nefarious influences.  Future proves past.  We used this movement to prove our intelligence, using data and facts.  Combined with our quantum technology, the movement was in many respects successful, as we are now transitioning into the reality we have strived so hard for.

The technology, I can explain, is used by the Andromeda Council.  This Council, as some of you know, predicted the fate of this galaxy far into the future to be unfavorable not only for Planet Terra but for all members of the Federation.  It was the Council of Zenae who gave us permission to use their timeline technology to intervene, in the interest of balance, with the Terran people.  This technology uses mathematical equations that are not known to Earth.  The mathematical sequences are formulated and used to trace energy signatures throughout space and time.  By doing so, it pinpoints certain events in the space-time continuum.

These events are extracted and can be re-arranged to form a positive or negative timeline.  So, the Federation, in partnership with the Andromeda Council, extracted dates and times and re-arranged them, using mathematical equations to create a timeline that benefits the entire galaxy.  Welcome to the future.

The Covid-19 Vaccine

Val Nek:  The Covid-19 virus is a genetically modified virus that was created in the Wuhan lab and funded by the Terran people.  In partnership with the Nebu, or Orion Alliance, the Cabal created this pandemic with the intention of forcing mandatory vaccinations, in order to implement the Nebu’s mind-control agenda targeting the human race.

The vaccine has an extraterrestrial component, an extraterrestrial technology that the Nebu gave to the Cabal to manufacture and administer to the Terran people.  It was intended for the entire population.  You see, these beings are invaders, and they attempt to enslave entire planets to do their work for them.  The way they do this is by connecting all minds to their hive consciousness.

A simple term to describe this process is mind control.  In order to connect to the hive consciousness, the DNA of the beings or subjects must be altered.  It must be able to carry the frequency of the hive in order to connect.  There is a genetic component.  Over time, through a series of vaccines, their goal was to turn the human race into a complete slave colony connected to the hive.

They have done this to other races; for example, the Do-Hu, of Zeta-Reticuli.  The vaccine contained components that modify the genes of the subject.  The genetics must be modified to carry reptilian DNA.  Certain genomes are able to carry the genetic encoding that connects to the hive consciousness.

This would therefore change the human race, turn it forever into a breed of reptilian-human hybrids.  In order to activate this DNA and start mental and physical enslavement, it must be activated by a frequency.  This frequency was supposed to be emitted through satellites that were Nebu technology and built by Terrans.  Once that satellites were activated, the DNA would be activated and artificial consciousness would impress itself in the minds of the Terran people, making them subdued.  It is important to note that this would happen not with just one treatment, but several treatments over a period of time, through several generations.  The plan for this was to happen over a relatively short period of time, however, in regards to the amount of people being vaccinated and the drastic change in their DNA.

The satellites were dismantled by the Galactic Federation of Worlds in April 2021.  While those who got vaccinated still have gene-altering materials in their bodies, they will never be subjected to mental enslavement through the activation of their DNA using the Nebu’s satellite technology.

Megan Rose (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

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