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Apollymi has taken time out of her busy schedule to participate in a series of six interviews with Merrily Milmoe, whose web site is called Cosmic Brilliance (https://cosmicbrilliance.com).  Apollymi said in the second interview, I take it that she has served her sentence for killing 10 people in a universe that people on Earth call Hnova (Heaven).  When she committed that crime, she was banished to our second-tier universe, which is called NEBADON.  Here she began working for a starseed council that is from Source.  Her task is to live on a world which is undergoing an ascension in order to “evaluate the planet’s evolution of consciousness.”

Ascension can occur in different ways.  If a planet has a consciousness, and the planet is changing to a higher frequency, then most of the life forms on the planet will ascend with it.  In this case, the sentient beings remain on the planet and it is no longer used for seeding experiments.

If a number of people are ascending, but not the planet, those who ascend are removed from the planet: this is called a harvest.  If all sentient beings are removed from a planet, this is called a wipe.  This is done in situations where the continuation of the timeline presents a grave danger to the rest of the multiverse.

We know that Earth is changing to the fifth dimension; it has passed the 50 percent threshold.  Regarding Earth’s inhabitants, this is what Apollymi told Daniel Sala in a recent interview:

This is the worst place that I’ve ever been to for a seed planet. And normally, I get set down on the seed planets for four years before judgment is passed, before the time of the wipe.

So, what’s going to happen if things don’t get better?  The wipe’s going to happen regardless of whether people ascended or not.  You haven’t hit [UI], which is one hundred percent ascension of everyone on the planet.  Not the planet itself–the planet has its own process to go through; the planet is not entirely included on this.  It’s the things living on it.  We barely reached the ten-percent mark.  So, everyone is on personal judgment right now; it’s no longer a group effort, unfortunately.

So, what’s going to happen?  The wipe is going to happen, regardless.  The wipe always happens unless [all sentient beings ascend].  [People are] going to be taken off of this planet, and then [they’re] going to be judged.  They’re going to see how much [people have evolved], and then place [them] on a hub planet that was mentioned earlier.  And then [they’ll] be re-integrated into galactic society and able to live [their lives] there, or go out and explore as well. https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/10/16/daniel-sala-epic-interview-2/

Apollymi’s genetically engineered body (created by the Aryan ETs for a mercenary group called Section 13) exists in stasis off-planet.  Every two days she is obliged to undergo the transfer her consciousness to a new clone of that body, as her energy breaks down the clones.  She will not be allowed to use her original body until her mission on Earth is finished.

Part 1

Before coming to our universe, Apollymi lived in “the first universe,” which people on Earth call Hnova.  She was the hybrid offspring of a celestial dragon-elvin mother and a Shakrill father.  The Shakrill are a tall, black elvin race that is energetically introverted, as opposed to the energetically extroverted celestial dragons.

Apollymi’s current body was engineered by the ICC to be a soldier with exceptional abilities.  She has DNA from the Shakrill race, from the celestial dragon-elvin race, from a tall, blonde race from Inner Earth, and from the imperial Draco reptian race.  She also has a small amount of Terran DNA.

For some reason, the ICC replicated the body Apollymi had on Hnova very closely.  The ICC chose this unique combination of species for their fighting abilities, but it’s more likely that a creator-entity from Hnova (Jehova) implanted the idea in the minds of the ICC geneticists so that they would make a body suitable for her soul-energy.

Part 2

The Immortal Seven are from Source.  Each immortal creates its own multiverse.  According to Apollymi, Earth is in the multiverse created by the Immortal called Fire.  Our particular universe (as opposed to the multiverse) is called NEBADON (57 minutes).

Jehova, who met with Apollymi to help her decide on her current incarnation, is a creator, but he is not one of the Immortal Seven.


(1:15:00)  My Hanovian body was older than this universe by the time that I came here.  I was only 11 years old in Hanovian age.

(1:16:00)  I found out just a few months ago that the original body that they made for me, they’ve had in stasis this whole time, which is what they’ve been getting my clones from.  I was having a conversation with one of my med team members—because some of them do come here–and I was having an attack, and my vitals were really unstable.  And I [said to him], “You guys are going to let me die.”  And he said, “Do you honestly think this is your original body?  Do you honestly think we would spend that much money and just let you run [around] down here on Earth [in that body] with all of the unknowns?”

And they showed it to me.  They picked me up and took me into outer space and showed me my original form locked in stasis, and I [asked them], “How long have you had that thing?  They [said], “We age it every year”; because for some reason, the age of that body influences my consciousness shard down here. . . .

(1:18:00)  They have a higher technology than the SSP, because the Shakrilli from Hnova create this crystal shard, and then they insert it into the body, and that houses a part of my consciousness.  So, I get all of the memories from the bodies that they take me from.  So, if they don’t want me to remember a whole lot, unless I die through my own Akashic records, they’ll just take me from a clone of a clone of a clone.  And people who have [spent a lot of time with me], they know I get body-swapped.  And sometimes [they ask me], “You don’t remember this?”

(1:19:00)  And then sometimes I’ll have full memories; but I realized that those full memories—because I have a journal— come from when they give me clones directly from the body I have in stasis.  And I get those when I have to do emissary work, or certain interviews down here: they’ll actually give me my full clone.  [But] I don’t get the original body until I am off this planet [for good].

Part 3


Cosmic Brilliance – https://www.cosmicbrilliance.com/

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