The Sting: Patriot Robert Trump Went Undercover for the FBI to Stop BCCI, Hillary Clinton’s BNL Fraud in Iraqgate

by Josiah Ross – August 17, 2020

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In the annals of the 40-year sting to end the Deep State, Robert Trump was the FBI informant at the heart of foiling the BCCI money laundering bank plot to smuggle weapons to Iraq by Hillary Clinton in a dodgy deal via Italian bank BNL.

“Bank of Crooks and Criminals International” was the seventh largest private bank in the world, with assets of $20 billion in the late 1980s, whose spectacular demise in 1991 left the Deep State as exposed to public scrutiny as it is about to become today with the unraveling of the FISA court crimes.

But lost to history has been the pivotal role played by Robert Trump in taking down that fraud whose long tail of operatives will now finally be caught, convicted and hung for treason in the final chapter of this multi-generational crime saga playing out today.

Like other CIA banks, BCCI’s raison d’être was to become a money launderer for the world’s drug dealers, provide an institution to hide arms purchases, to facilitate gold smuggling, and, ultimately, re-purpose those rat lines and contacts for human trafficking.

To recount his involvement means retelling the long tale of internationalist greed, warmongering, dirty deals and the payoffs and double-crosses that characterize American foreign diplomacy at the hands of the Cabal.

BCCI and “The Safari Club”

BCCI became the companion bank for a CIA proxy group called The Safari Club, with the moniker from the Kenyan resort owned by arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi who hosted its formative meeting there in 1976.

With the CIA’s dangerous tentacles bound up by Washington by the Church Committee’s investigation into its abuses in 1975, the intelligence agencies of France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and the Shah’s Iran came together in this offshoot to do the Deep State’s bidding in Africa. Their mission was ostensibly against the Russian threat in the Angolan civil war, but that was really about defending French and Belgian mining interests in the Congo, and arming Zaire against Russian influence for the same reason. The Safari Club also supported Somalia against Ethiopia, the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, and even Israel’s peace agreement with Egypt in 1979, all of it financed by BCCI.

“The Safari Club needed a network of banks to finance its intelligence operations. With the official blessing of George Bush as the head of the CIA, Adham [Kamal Adham, head of Saudi intelligence and Khashoggi’s bestie] transformed a small Pakistani merchant bank, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), into a worldwide money-laundering machine, buying banks around the world in order to create the biggest clandestine money network in history,” wrote author and journalist Joseph J. Trento in 2005’s Prelude to Terror: the Rogue CIA, The Legacy of America’s Private Intelligence Network.


The Safari Club became one of the great power vehicles of Khashoggi, son of the Saudi king’s doctor and school friend of the future King of Jordan who began his fortune importing Kenwood Construction vehicles to Saudi Arabia then as Lockheed’s sole agent in the region, earning $106 million in commission from 1970 to 1975, alone, a figure which came out in the Lockheed bribery scandal investigations.


By the time the Safari Club hit its stride, Khashoggi was quietly arming every one of the factions that brought instability to the Middle East, while also brokering the sale of US weapons to the countries defending against those threats he had enabled.

Unmatched in his empire’s scope and, of course, enabled by the CIA’s guiding hand in all of his operations, BCCI was the perfect front vehicle for “the world’s richest man” who also owned Nabila, the world’s largest yacht, which he later sold to the Sultan of Brunei, who in turn sold it to Donald Trump, who sold it to now-defrocked Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. (Was it also rigged for blackmail tapes like Maxwell’s Lady Ghislaine? Probably.)

The other great tool in his quiver was Barrick Gold, the Canadian gold mining fraud, where he sat on its board. In a fabled op, Khashoggi took tons of looted gold the Marcos regime had captured after World War II, inserted it into futures contracts for Barrick, thus bringing them onto the books. You have to dig into the 1997 files of Lyndon Larouche and his cuthroat editor Anton Chaitkin to find that one.


Where Khashoggi most publicly got caught was using his shares of Barrick Gold that he put up as collateral to fund the arm sales to Iran via BCCI that became the Iran-Contra scandal.

As per Deep State modus operandi, as one hand built up Iran, the other built up Iraq, directing both to war, which terrified their neighbors, leading to the above-board military contracts we also happily supplied.

The part of the caper led by Hillary Clinton, via the Rose Law Firm, in Little Rock, Ark., were $5 billion in U.S. government agriculture loan guaranties laundered via state-owned Vatican mafia cut out financier Banco Nazionale di Lavoro, of Rome, via its tiny Atlanta, Ga. branch, to send a crate of weapons around the world to Iraq.

She was BNL’s lawyer on the deal and placed by President Bush I on the board of Lafarge America, which was the chemicals company who supplied the munitions that the crew smuggled and hid in containers with swapped package labels, and that he secretly controlled.

Iraqgate exploded out of all that and then, of course, disappeared, which is what happens when government oversight is run by the bad guys — everything gets swept under the rug.

Who writes masterfully on this BNL saga is Ken Timmerman, journalist and former Congressional candidate, in 1992’s The Death Lobby: How the West Armed Iraq. (Also see his latest fiction, released this past week, The Election Heist, about using computers to hijack those tricky mail-in ballots…)

Worth reading on the subject is the wheelchair-bound Chicago-based muckraker Sherman H. Skolnick, who in the same epic twopart treatise that put Bill and Hill on par with China’s General Chiang Kai-shek and his wife the ‘Dragon Lady’ as the locus of the world’s evil, revealed a slew of crimes and murders that followed from Hillary walking away from that BNL scam.

The tip to hit BNL for the fraud, phoned into the local Atlanta FBI office, avoiding Washington on purpose, was from an unnamed informant who we now know to be none other than Robert Trump.

1980s G-Man, Redux

The case against BCCI was led by FBI Director Robert Mueller in the milieu of the 1980s crime busts of AG Rudy Giuliani against the Atlantic City crime bosses and New York’s concrete mafia — where the undercover informant 40 years ago was none other than U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

The heroics of the two Trump brothers against international communism was seeded by their father, Fred Trump, who was one of the largest donors behind the John Birch Society, which was sidelined from political discourse for hitting too close to the truth. JBS railed against the Rockefeller mind-control ops of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford Trusts via Chase Manhattan Bank, used to bend American policy, for education, medicine and war, behind their smarmy veneer of philanthropy and civic engagement. Only now is it coming out in the public domain that JBS was right and these were the enemies of within.

Robert Trump’s heroism was referenced in court documents around the BCCI case, while the future president’s role in the stings comes from an FBI document that doesn’t mention him by name but describes how the setup worked.


In his role as “Hapless Property Mogul,” Trump’s capers, bankruptcies and misadventures ballyhooed newspaper headlines, and the notoriety made him a constant target of scam artists.


How it worked was the FBI would identify a bad guy and approve the sting, then a cutout or a legal “fixer” — like today’s Michael Cohen — would contact the scammer to say he had some clients who could be interested, and the first one he could introduce them to was none other than Donald J. Trump.

The “down on his luck Don” would take the meeting with interest, understand it all and get the perp to fully describe the machinations of his scam, but never commit, beyond a definite and very polite maybe.

The scammer, emboldened by the meeting and fixer’s connections, would take a second meeting with another potential associate, but who would actually be the FBI undercover agent. The bad guy would make the same pitch, they’d seal the deal then everyone would get busted, but Trump and his fixer would somehow “slip through” the dragnet every time.

The FBI document around the Trump in Atlantic City mob bosses and NYC cement mafia stings. Journalist “Rex” at Quodvorum exposed the case last year.

The takeaway from one of the files is they ran a version of the sting for dozens of arrests — 29 handcuffed and nine federal convictions, in fact — within the first five years of working together.


Information provided by this informant has proven to be extremely accurate and reliable and has never been found to be false. Information furnished to the FBI by this informant has been corroborated by independent investigation conducted by SAs of the FBI on at least 25 separate occasions.The FBI has made at least 23 arrests and has obtained at least 9 federal convictions as a result of information supplied by this informant.

Another sting the Trumps led was with Felix Sater, also fingered by the media as Trump’s Russian gangster accomplice, but, in reality, another conduit for bringing the FBI into boardrooms to catch the bad guys. It worked the same way — oh, you’re offering dodgy Russian finance for hotel properties? Great, I know who you should meet, then, followed up, with, oh, even if the Donald won’t commit now, he could, ans either way, I have another great associate for you to meet… always ending with, I’m so sorry, how could I have known he was FBI?

Historian and journalist “Dawson S. Field” has written extensively on the 40-year Sting at his But Nothing is Happening blog but mostly via Twitter thread (many accessible here), which when viewed today, informs today’s proceedings in Washington in an entirely different light.

If the 1980s legal world was characterized by those mega fraud cases litigated by FBI director Robert Mueller, his #2 James Comey, and New York DA Rudy Giuliani, all under the eyes of AG Bill Barr and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, with the Trump brothers as primary secret informants — well, if the old team sticks together til the end, we’re all just watching a movie. These are all the same guys from thirty years ago — they worked together then, they’re working together now!

Fortunately some informant gave the local FBI office a tip about the illegal loans from BCCI through BNL to Saddam Hussein to buy weapons to fight Iran. Reports are they raided it without FBI HQ being in the loop!

— DawsonSField (@DawsonSField) June 5, 2020

The attempts to prosecute BCCI involved a small team at DOJ: FBI informant Robert Trump & probably his brother, prosecutors Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, & DOJ leaders Terwiller & AG William Barr. A team decimated when Pres. Clinton cleaned out DOJ which saved BCCI & CIA involved.

— DawsonSField (@DawsonSField) March 19, 2020

So the Second Act reversal is just as all the pieces come together, Bill Clinton is swept into the U.S. Presidency in 1992 and wipes all those sins clear, so the baddies can live to steal another day.

The final act will be FISAgate or “Spygate” which is all they needed to catch the bad guys in the act at a time when the levers of justice were actually controlled by the good guys, meaning the baddies can’t escape. Ultimately, at the moment they lost the presidency to DJT, the Deep State was toast because America’s highest office could no longer be owned and controlled to cover up their crimes.

The Mueller Investigation, the Comey report and firing, the long wait for indictments, all of it were just attempts to wake the population and drag it out to the final minutes of the fourth quarter for some showtime before the final buzzer. And here we are, 2.5 months til the 2020 election.

One of the great set pieces in this reveal are the use of front page obituaries — from John McCain to George Floyd to John Lewis, capturing world attention and forcing a retelling of their lives to advance the narrative.

The Death of Uncle Rob

Well, Robert Trump’s role at the heart of dismantling the deep state could have been lost to history for many without @UncleRobTrump showing up a month ago on Twitter to expound on what he knew.

Whether you perceived the account as a parody, or an intelligence front or the real deal, the information got thousands more to wake up.

Unlike other accounts of dead celebrities, this one was wiped and suspended in the moments after Robert Trump was reported to have died on Saturday, two weeks before turning 72, and the commotion brought more of his pearls of wisdom to the forefront.

Robert Trump had no children, but his allegiance to his older brother was legendary. Whether in life or in death, his patriotism should be remembered.

The Guilty

Friday’s guilty plea by FBI Kevin Clinesmith for falsifying FISA documents to justify spying on the Trump campaign will be the first of many.

The primary research interest of “Dawson S. Field” are the white collar banking elite who will also tumble here.

“Ten financial institutions: Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank & others have been issued subpoenas in recent weeks from the office of USVI Attorney General Denise George!” begins one truth thread.

The banks profit from the crimes and enable more wrongdoing — but that’s also how he fingered Comey for being a white hat. In the normal telling, Comey left the FBI for a multi-million dollar sinecure-payoff-bribe as General Counsel for legendary opium finance bank HSBC, but, in reality, he was setting the FBI’s traps.

“China accuses HSBC bank of setting it up in a sting with DOJ to catch Huawei violating sanctions on Iran & Syria! HSBC’s fraud detection unit established by @Comey was responsible for exposing money laundering & sanctions violations! #ButNothingsHappening”

“So when someone tells you Comey went to HSBC as a Swampy move, ask them to explain how his fraud detection unit spent 4 years gathering the evidence against Chinese intelligence front Huawei & delivered the evidence to Trump’s DOJ in 2017 to prosecute them under RICO.”

Let the guilty hang. And let freedom ring.

Thank you to all who have fought for so long to restore law, order and honesty to our country. And may those who now must leave the stage before the Final Act know that, in our days, the Great Redemption will be upon these shores. Your children will be safe and the future of your grandchildren is guaranteed, in DJT we trust.

Here’s to @UncleRobTrump ! One of the wildest Twitter accounts of all time. #MAGA

— CM (@TheChrisMoreno) August 16, 2020


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