Update from the Galactic Federation: Q Will Return – April 3, 2022

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Megan Rose, April 3, 2022

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to my channel.  And today I have another update from Val Nek, myself, and the Galactic Federation.

And so, when I made my last video, I was like, Oh my gosh—these meetings were a really, a really big deal.  A big deal.  So, uh, Val Nek gave me more information about it, so I’m just gonna describe what he told me and describe what I see.

First, he’s bringing my mind to the moon, and he’s talking about Space Force and the base there and the moon base.  And, um, he’s talking about U.S. Space Command.  And he’s showing me the fleets of ships surrounding planet Terra— he says Planet Terra, but Planet Earth.  And there’s different densities.  So, um, he’s saying, “Earth Alliance is 4-D; we are 5-D and above.”  So, I just see the different ships, but I’m seeing them in layers, like different densities.

Um, he keeps bringing up Space Force, the base there, the Alliance.  He’s also talking about the U.S. Navy, and he’s bringing up the quantum technology used to create 17 (Q).  He’s showing me, they monitor the timeline there; or they monitor— monitor the energy signatures that create the timeline there.  He’s saying, “It’s a big project.  We are all involved.”  And he’s saying that, he’s saying, “The humans, they’re not in control of it, but they have access to some of the information.”  And he’s bringing me back to actually the Federation ships, the Federation headquarters.  He’s saying, “At the station.”  He’s saying, “We have it there.  We are in control.”  He’s saying, “Please remind them—”  he’s saying, “Please remind them of that: we are in control.  Tell them not to worry.”

But he’s bringing my mind, um, he keeps saying, “This is a big deal; it’s a big deal.”  Uh he keeps bringing my mind to Antarctica and the Antarctica agreements.  He’s showing me last December.  He— I’m also seeing, um, so again, I’m just seeing these men and members of the Earth Alliance, like military men, um, from different nations, from different countries.  But specifically, he— he’s pointing out the U.S.; he’s showing me a man and showing me the U.S Navy.  And it’s like all of these generals with decorated—I don’t know—uniform kind of things.  And there are the three men.  Like, I am seeing Trump there.  He’s saying, “Yes, you can say.”  I am seeing Trump there.  And he’s talking about “Quantum technology is coming back.  We are coming back.”  And he keeps referencing 17 (Q).  He’s saying, “It’s a big deal.”  Um, he keeps reminding me: he’s saying, “The Cabal does not want anyone to know this.”  Um, he’s saying, “It’s a gift from us to you.”

Um, I’m asking if— okay.  He’s showing me this meeting that everyone had.  He’s also saying the Andromeda Council was also there, because I’m seeing taller blue-like beings.  And he’s showing me, uh, there’s three different timelines for the future.  And, um, he’s saying, “We are on Plan B.”  And he’s saying, “There was a Plan A, but it failed.  We are on Plan B, but still right on track.”

Um, I’m trying to explain like how this— how the quantum technology works, how the timeline works.  Asking him to help me.  He’s saying, “It’s a mathematical equation made up of energy signatures that create a quantum code that creates the timeline of the future.”  He’s saying, “Sometimes events are interfered with and they fail, and we go to— and we go— we have to change plans.”  He’s saying, “Plan B is working well.”  He’s making me laugh!  He’s giving thumbs up.  “Plan B is working well.  Tell them not to worry.”

The Earth Alliance headquarters is Antarctica.  And he keeps talking about the meetings.  And I’m seeing all of these leaders, as well as the extraterrestrials.  Specifically, the Federation, and, um, Donald Trump and the leaders of the Earth Alliance all put their hands in the middle and they’re like, Go, Team!  He’s saying, “It is working well.  Tell them to pay attention.  We are in control.”

Um, he’s showing me the seeder race, the seeder race.  He’s saying the Intergalactic Confederation, but I hate saying that because it’s too many syllables.  The seeder race.  He’s saying, “They are not involved directly.”  And I’m seeing them.  They’re— they to me look more like a consciousness, very high consciousness, like light beings.  And I’m just seeing them surrounding this solar system in their ships.  Again, some of them are larger, and it’s like multiple merkabas put together is what it looks like to me, like sort of like an etheric ship.  Um, he’s saying, “But it’s different technology; they use different elements than us.”  He’s saying, “Very good protection.”  Um, he’s referencing, he’s showing me reptilians.  He’s talking about the Ciakahrr Empire.  God, they’re so ugly!  And they smell bad.  He says, “Yes they are.”  Um, he’s saying, “They won’t want to come back with their presence (the seeders) in the solar system.”

He keeps reiterating: “We’re in control,” and he’s saying that “The timeline is secure.  They are not able to mess with it.”  He’s showing me the Orion Group and the, um, the, uh, gray aliens, and he’s saying, uh, “Their technology dismantled; timeline technology deactivated thanks to Seeder race.  I cannot disclose how they did it.”  Um, from what I can grasp— he’s like, okay, he won’t let me say.

Um, he keeps bringing me back to the Antarctica meetings.  He’s saying, “A very big deal for humanity.  A very big deal for humanity.”  And I just keep seeing, um, “Federated nations united as one planet.”  He’s saying, “There will be a name for this group, but cannot disclose yet.  Decided last year, last October 2021 in Ganymede.”

Let me see if there’s anything else he wants to say.  Uh, I think that’s it.  I’m just asking.  He keeps bringing me back to the quantum technology.  Uh, what else?  He’s saying, “It’s involved with the U.S. Navy and It’s coming back.”  Saying, “That’s it.”

So, I’m gonna end the video with that.  Um, lots of love to you guys and I will be back with more videos.


Megan Rose (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

Megan Rose Rumble channel:  https://rumble.com/c/c-1727177

Megan Rose YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBzuc3GzJtl0sHgvlB_eczA/videos


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