Megan Rose: The Cabal, The Galactic Federation, The Earth Alliance and Q

Megan Rose is what is called a star-seed.  She is a soul from a higher frequency who volunteered to incarnate on Earth to help with the ascension of the Terran race.  She has for some time been in telepathic contact with Commander Val Nek, of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

I don’t believe that enough people have read Megan Rose’s book, Welcome to the Future.  Part of the reason for this is because an archeologist named Elena Danaan, along with Alex Collier, carried out an outrageous campaign of defamation against her in December 2021, saying that she had been compromised and was no longer in contact with Commander Val Nek (see: “Protecting the Truth“).

Danaan’s unwarranted attack on Megan should have gotten her shunned everywhere.  An even more obvious reason to avoid her is the fact that she is a Druid priestess.  The Druidic Order or Druidic Council is another name for the Satanic Council: it is the Luciferian governing council of the whole world.

“Repeatedly forgiving the offender is as dangerous as committing the offence.” – Sachin Ramdas Bharatiya

I’m publishing portions of Megan’s book here because the information is very important for humanity.  I don’t want to take away from book sales, so I urge you to buy Welcome to the Future through her web site,

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Welcome to the Future

The Galactic Federation of Worlds

The Galactic Federation of Worlds is a benevolent galactic military alliance comprised of many different planets pledged to work for peace and balance in the galaxy.  A large percentage of their military is comprised of Nordic extraterrestrials and humanoid beings.  They are governed by a body of laws, called The Prime Directive.  They have a Law of Non-interference; they do not interfere with a developing society such as Planet Terra.  However, in the interest of balance and in accordance with the Prime Directive, they have a duty to intervene if a developing society has been invaded by a regressive extraterrestrial species such as the Orion Alliance or Ciakahrr Empire.

The Andromeda Council

One of the most spiritually evolved groups of benevolent extraterrestrials is the Andromeda Council or Council of Zenae.  They are from the Andromeda Galaxy and are humanoid beings with blue skin.  They possess technology that can see far into the future and predict future timelines.  They foresaw negative repercussions for the galaxy if the Nebu were successful in conquering Earth, and requested the military intervention of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in our solar system.

The Council of Five

A benevolent group of five civilizations, also referred to as the Orion Council of Light, the Council of Five performs positive abductions and assists humanity in the starseed envoy program.  They work alongside the Galactic Federation of Worlds and assist in spiritual evolution.  The Council was originally formed to oppose the Orion greys, sometimes known as the Orion Alliance.

The Earth Alliance

Commonly referred to as “white hats,” the Earth Alliance consists of Terran political and military leaders committed to fighting the Cabal, and is partnered with the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

The Q Movement

The Q Movement was a United States naval intelligence operation that emerged on the internet during the administration of President Trump.  Many Terrans viewed this operation as the work of the administration; however, it was the work of the Earth Alliance and the U.S. Navy.

The U.S. Navy operated this program from seure naval intelligence servers, a simple fact that the mass media ignored.  The movement encouraged patriotism and family.  It was the goal of the Federation and the Earth Alliance to reveal the truth about the Cabal.  The operation revealed the existence of elite human and child-trafficking networks that were serving the extraterrestrial infiltration on Earth.  As this movement grew in popularity, counterintelligence operations worked to discredit it.  The Q operation was a success.  Even though many Americans were bitterly disappointed in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, it was all part of the plan.  All past communications have been validated:  Future proves past.

Rose, Megan (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

6 thoughts on “Megan Rose: The Cabal, The Galactic Federation, The Earth Alliance and Q

  1. I love Megan and will follow her, Alana has no right to lie and try to defame Megan. Especially when there’s tons of information backing Megan up and also telling about the grays , the reptilians and tha cabal, makes me sad because I liked her but not any longer! I’m sticking with Megan Rose, Val Neck & Q 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The difference is she knows first hand what happened. We, on the other hand, do not know first hand what happened.
    To be fair, I would advocate telling the story of both sides and let the readers decide what their truth is.
    I do appreciate you publishing my comment, though. Thank you!

    Take care and may God bless you.


  3. I was involved with ssp myself,
    contact from off planet types and technologies. Too much to discuss.
    20 and back between ages 8 and 10.
    Remote viewing etc.
    Can’t describe here. There are really
    loving people working with the Galactic Federation Of Worlds and helping us here
    on Terra to lighten the vibrations. I’m
    currently in Denver Co. I want to talk about experiences. My email is not available to use due to password.


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