Ukraine and Australia – April 11, 2022

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Galactic Federation The Alliance, Ukraine and Australia with Val Nek

Hey guys!  Welcome back to my channel!  And I have another update from myself and from Val Nek and the Galactic Federation.  So as usual I’m gonna describe what I see.

And so he’s bringing my mind to Ukraine, and specifically the underground in Ukraine.  And he’s saying, he’s saying, “It was very messy there.  And he’s saying, “Member of— members of the Dark Fleet stayed.  They could not go back to their headquarters Aldebaran.”  And he’s showing me, he’s saying, “Helping the Cabal, part of the Cabal.  Helping the Cabal.”  I can’t say this word on YouTube [Nazis], but if you look up what the Dark Fleet is and their connections, it, um, is basically very obvious what has been going on there.  He’s saying, “Some of them extraterrestrials.”

And I’m seeing like a, um, a group—it’s funny the way he shows me stuff.  I’m seeing a group of reptilians, and they’re around a table, and they’re moving, um, he’s saying, “Not very good chess players.”  He’s showing them playing chess.  He’s saying, “They’re not very good at it.”

I’m being shown a computer, and he’s saying, “There is technology that we removed there.  He’s saying, “Specifically the Earth Alliance, not the Federation.”  He’s saying, “The Federation did not intervene, just the Earth Alliance.  We assist as needed.”  And he’s showing me technology there.  He’s saying, “Not mind-control technology,” but he’s showing me like massive amounts of computers.  Um, he’s saying, “It was important to dismantle this.”

And he’s showing me, like, the globe, like the airspace around Earth.  But not like outside of Earth—like inside the atmosphere, like where you would fly planes.  He’s saying, “Yes, this is correct.”  He’s saying, “They were monitoring certain—”  He was saying, “They were monitoring certain military factions in the airspace that needed to be removed.  “We had to dismantle their technology in order to defeat them.”  He’s saying, “Mission complete.”

I’m seeing humans.  Uh, he’s showing me a human and he’s showing me a reptilian.  And I can see through the human’s eyes; this is a member of the Earth Alliance.  Makes me feel, like, awesome, because I love seeing humans, like, kick butt.  It makes me proud.  Um, he’s saying, “Me too.”  Um, I’m seeing, uh, this is a member of the Earth Alliance.  This is a man, a male.  He’s very tall.  He’s wearing some sort of super suit.  It’s made out of higher [frequency] technology.  And, um, he’s— he’s saying, “Specifically U.S. Navy Special Forces—Special Armed Forces.”  He’s saying, “This is correct.”

And I’m seeing through this guy’s eyes.  Okay.  Because if you met a reptilian, like, in the 3-D, you wouldn’t be able to see them because they’re in a higher [frequency], right?  So, I’m seeing through this guy’s eyes.  He has some sort of special helmet on where he can see the layers.  Um, he’s saying— he’s saying, “You are correct.”  Uh, yeah; it’s like you can see through the layers, so you can see where the reptilians are.  And then I’m seeing, like, weapons.  Um, but these are like laser weapons.  He’s saying, “Similar to the Federation.”  Um, “Breaks apart atomic bonds.”  And then I’m just seeing ‘poof’.  Like, when you shoot the reptilian, it’s like ‘poof’.  He’s saying, “This is correct.”  He’s saying, “Mission success.  Mission complete.”

He’s showing me Australia.  He’s saying, “Australia is next.  I can disclose we have already started.”  And, um, he’s showing me the big continent, and he’s saying, “The best for last” (Australia), and he’s winking.  He’s saying, “A big mess,”  and he’s showing me like a tangled web, a big spider web.  And . . . he’s kind of rolling his eyes, but he’s saying, “I feel for the Earth Alliance.”  He’s saying, “In the Federation’s eyes, the underground war is already won,” because he— they see things in a different light than the humans do.  He’s saying, “We support them the best we can in this mission.”  He’s saying, “It’s a big job.”

He’s saying, “Some of them are afraid.”  He’s showing me all different types of extraterrestrial species.  Um, he’s saying, “There’s still some hybrid children down there.  They will go to Antarctica,” he says.  He’s showing me science labs.  I’m trying to talk as fast as I’m reading his mind; it’s difficult sometimes.  But he’s showing me hybrid children.  He’s saying, “We will move them to Antartica.”  Um, he’s saying, “We have prepared—”  He’s saying, “We have prepared the Earth Alliance there.  He’s showing me again, like, hybrid children and pods—makes me sad.  Um, he’s saying, “They will be okay.”

He’s bringing my mind back again to Australia—he’s saying, “Do not worry; it will go fine.”  Um, he just keeps showing me all of the different extraterrestrial species.  And, yes, there are hybrid children, but I want to call these monsters.  And he’s like, “Yeah.”  He’s like, “They smell, too.”  He’s saying, “Reptilians, mostly reptilians.”  And there are reptilians with, like, these wings.  They have wings.  And he’s rolling his eyes and saying, “They are a mess.”

Um, he’s talking about underground ports underneath Australia.  He’s saying, “This is why it was saved for last, because of the water access.”  He’s saying, um, he’s showing me submarine, submarines, and he’s saying, uh, he’s talking about U.S. Navy, Earth Alliance.  And he’s showing me them—  Trying to slow down my mind a little bit.  Oh, okay.  So he’s basically showing me all the water access from Australia.  And he’s showing me hundreds of— he’s saying, “Hundreds of children were transported from underneath, from underwater,” he’s saying.  And, um, he’s saying, “This is a big job.  This is a really big job.”  He’s saying— he’s talking about— he’s showing me submarines and them closing all of the access.”  He’s saying, “So they cannot get away.”

He’s also showing me how they operate, or how they do, um, how they are warring in the underground, I guess.  And they have to close off certain sections and then they trap these ETs, basically, in one section.  And then I’m just seeing members of the Earth Alliance kind of take them out.  Um, he’s saying, “We are trying to save lives.  Please be patient; it takes awhile.”  Um, but he’s saying, he’s showing me the words, “Nothing can stop what is coming.”  He’s saying, “I can disclose this information, but not any more.  They already know our plans, but for Megan’s safety, I cannot disclose any more.”  And he’s saying, “I salute you.”

Okay.  So with that, I’m going to end the video.  And make sure you ‘like’, subscribe, and I’ll be back with more videos.  Lots of love to you guys.


Rose, Megan (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and and the Birth of a New Era.  Self-published (

Megan Rose YouTube channel:

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