England, Australia, and Dismantling Mind-control Tech

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Megan Rose, May 26, 2022

Hey guys!  Welcome back to my channel.  And in this video I’m in a great mood.  So I have another update from Val Nek and myself and the Galactic Federation, and of course, I’m just gonna describe what he shows to me as I see it.

And the first thing that he brings my mind to is Australia and England.  He says, “Yes, this is correct.”  He’s bringing my mind to the queen of England.  I’ve tried to filter some of what I’ve said, but it’s just not going to work when I’m communicating like this.  The queen of England underneath the ground.  And he’s bringing my mind to March.  And he’s saying, um, he says, “The Federation helped remove some extraterrestrial technology that was connected to the Ciakahrr Empire” or the reptilians.”  Uh, he’s showing me port, a portal, a specific portal underneath— is it in England?  He’s saying, “Yes this is correct: underneath the ground.”  He’s saying there are many, and he’s talking about it being connected to the Vatican.  But he’s bringing my mind back to England and underneath the ground.  And the technology and the reptilian army, the Ciakahrr Empire.

Uh, I don’t know what this is because this is not this is not normal technology that we have, but I’m gonna give it a shot.  He says, “Go ahead.”

It’s not necessarily— Okay; I’ll just show you what I’m seeing.  It’s like these screens, touch screens, but he’s saying that they can also communicate with the screens using their brain.  He’s saying, “Yes, it’s like AI”—sort of like an artificial consciousness moving the screens.  But I see people on the screens, and it’s like people in the military.  But he’s saying, “Part of the Cabal.  This is underneath England, underneath.  Her underground—” he keeps saying, “reptilian army.”  He’s saying, “This was removed.  Keep explaining, keep going.”

So, the screens I’m seeing are like people, people in the army, people in the military, humans, and they have implants—brain implants.  He says, “Yes, this is correct.  They are controlled remotely, receive instructions remotely from underground, from the monarchy, from the reptilian empire.”

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Irish Minister of Agriculture Charlie McConalogue

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Uh, it’s like quantum resonance, where the computer sends a signal.  The signal goes to the implants.  That person receives instructions and they keep operating.  He’s saying, “We assisted the Alliance in removing this technology because it was connected to Australia.”  So he’s showing me Australia.  He showed me England.  He’s showing me people underneath Australia.  “Army part of the Cabal.”  He’s saying, “These people have the implants but they were connected to England underneath the ground.”

He’s saying their technology was removed.  He is making me feel like he’s talking about information, information connected to the reptilian empire.  “We needed to disconnect their power source,” he’s saying.  “Removing their technology disempowers them.  This is why it’s important for Australia right now.”  Um, he’s saying, “We did a great job.”

Um, he’s showing me underneath like this technology has been removed, and then he’s showing me a human in a military uniform—not the Alliance—part of the Cabal.  It’s like the implant is turned off.  “They receive no more instructions and—” but he’s saying “from the reptilian overlords.”  He’s saying part of the Dark Fleet, like the instructions (are) turned off.  He’s saying, “As I’ve said before, there are a few left.  There is no way for them to escape.”  He says, “If they do, we will catch them.”

Uh, is there anything else?

He says, “Keep going.”  Um, he’s talking about Australia again.  He’s saying some of this technology is still present underground.  He’s saying that the Alliance has the tools to intervene.  Uh, he’s saying it’s not as serious.  He’s talking about England’s being the capital and Australia (the Australian government) being the army underneath.  He’s saying, “It’s important to disable the queen’s army before we disable the queen.”

Uh, is there anything else?  He says, “I don’t think so.”  He says they like our update—short and sweet.  Um, he’s saying, he’s saying, “It’s very important: do not fear.”  He’s saying, “Turn off the news; turn off the mainstream news.”  He’s saying, “I am appealing to the intelligence of the people that this is disinformation—information warfare.”  He’s saying, “Your hearts know what is true.”  He’s saying, he’s saying, “Feel with the heart.  People who speak with their hearts, you can tell.”  He’s saying, “They will know the difference.  They have big hearts, just like us.”  He’s saying, “I salute them.  Do not consent to fear.”

Okay, so that’s my little update for today, and I’ll be back with more videos.  Lots of love to you guys.


Megan Rose (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

Megan Rose Rumble channel:  https://rumble.com/c/c-1727177

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