Security Breach – January 12, 2022

Val Nek:  The security breach occurred in November 2021.  To the Federation’s dismay, there was a small portion of well-funded hybrid individuals who made an attempt to hack the Federation communication systems.  In some respects, they were successful until the Federation could identify the problem and quickly moved to correct it.  These hybrid individuals re-created technology that we removed from underground bases.  This is technology used for mind control and administered in a variety of ways.  I can describe it in your language as directed energy weapons using satellites that emit a frequency.  This is a frequency that can hack and infiltrate the consciousness of the human race.  While this could be considered advanced extraterrestrial technology by your people, to the Federation’s relief, we did not have much trouble destroying this system.  The satellites that were used to broadcast this frequency were contained on private property, making it difficult for the Federation to intervene.

The hybrid beings involved in this unfortunate event have genomes of reptiloid, grey and human genetics.  While the Federation had eradicated the military strongholds of extraterrestrial life on Planet Terra, a small fraction of rogue, well funded groups found ways to slip under our radar after the clearing of underground bases.  This was, as I have said, an unfortunate event, but is also the reason for the Federation staying in the orbit of Terra to assist and train the Terran military.

These beings are arrogant and prefer to use their funding for their own self interests.  These satellites were recreated using grey technology, similar technology produced at Area 51 and Dulce bases.  The beings who created this technology were in business and had alliances with the Orion grey alliance.  These individuals involved were connected to companies who manufactured technology for the Dark Fleet and corrupt Terran Military.  The Federation, over that past few weeks, was able to identify these individuals and remove them from your planet.  Similar to the hive in Orion, this is what they recreated on planet Terra.  These satellites, as I previously stated, were located on private property underground.  We have removed them, they have been completely destroyed.  The Federation will monitor the ongoing security of the Terran people.

Mission success.  I salute you.

See “ET mind-control technology in Silicon Valley – March 27, 2022”   (

Rose, Megan (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and and the Birth of a New Era.  Self-published (

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