Update: New Financial System – July 9, 2022

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Hey guys!  Welcome back to my channel!  And I have a little bit of an update.  I’m going to go ahead and show, say what Val Nek is showing me.

And, uh, the first thing that he is showing me is “Underground of Australia.”  He’s bringing my mind to a computer.  Sort of like a super computer, but it has like eight sides to it, or sort of like an octagon shape.  And, uh, he’s saying, uh, “Multi-layered.”  So, 3-D— it’s like a 3-D part, but then there’s like a— in the fourth density there’s like a frequency, or like a frequency grid radiating off of it.  He’s saying, “Belongs to three-letter agencies.”  He’s saying, “The Alliance has recovered it. U.S. Navy Special Forces: the best of the best.”

He’s bringing my mind to the moon.  He’s talking about Space Force.  And I’ve seen this before and I’ve described this on the channel before, but he’s showing me basically like a screen, like very advanced technology, like a screen.  And then I see Planet Earth, and it’s like a grid over Planet Earth.  He’s saying, “They are monitoring from the moon.”  He’s saying, “U.S. Navy Special Forces,” and he’s talking about Space Force as well.  He’s saying, “We are a team.”  He’s going like that.

Uh, he’s showing me, uh, he’s using the words, ‘New Financial System’.  ‘New Financial System’, and I’m— he’s showing me the word, ‘gold’.  And he’s showing me the United States.  He’s giving a thumbs-up.  He’s saying, “We are in control.”  He’s talking about the United States.

Uh, he’s bringing my mind to China and Saudi Arabia.  He’s saying, um, “The power of three”; or he’s talking about— he’s saying, “They are working together.”

He keeps bringing my mind back to the moon.  He’s saying, “Space Force.”  He’s talking about a secure server being used: “Secure servers for the financial system, new Internet.”  He’s saying, “It’s all connected.”

He keeps bringing my mind back to Australia.  And, uh, he’s showing me a guy in a military uniform.  Um, but this is more like some sort of, um, space suit, or, like, I would call it like a super suit or a super soldier, and he’s saying, “U.S. Navy Special Forces.”  And he’s showing me, like, the underground, um, but it’s very advanced—it’s not like the tunnels, like a freaking dirt pile.  It’s not like that: it’s like this is some sort of facility or military base.  He’s saying, he’s saying, “You are correct: very advanced.”  Um, he’s laughing at me!  Um, okay.  Uh, he’s showing me, like I’m seeing different screens of different information.  He’s saying, “Enemy technology, enemy information.”  He’s saying, “It was necessary to recover this information for the new financial system.  Connected to three-letter agencies.”  He’s bringing my mind back to this technology.  He is saying, “Reverse engineering.”  He’s saying, “We needed access to their financial systems,” and he’s talking about reverse-engineering this technology.  He’s just saying, “You are correct.”  He’s— I’m correct in what I’m saying.  Uh, “Thumbs up.”

Uh, he is bringing my mind back to the moon, and he’s giving me country— like showing me countries again: China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia.  He’s putting a check next to the Netherlands.  He’s saying, “The United States.”  Then he’s giving me other countries, and he’s saying, uh, Switzerland, Canada, and he’s saying “The UK or the United Kingdom connected to the technology underground in Australia.”  He’s saying, “Do not be afraid; do not worry.”  He’s saying U.S. Navy Special Forces: I salute them.”  He’s saying, “Good job.”

Uh he’s bringing my mind back to the moon.  He’s saying, “Gold-backed currency.”  He’s saying, “The Federation is not involved in this directly.”  He’s saying, “I’m giving— I’m giving an update on behalf of the Alliance.”  He’s saying, “We are a team.”

Okay, now he’s showing me— this is like a change of subject.  Uh, he’s showing me ships.  He’s talking about the seeder race, and he’s talking about Orion again.  He’s saying, “This is very, very important.”  He’s saying, “They are not interacting with the human race at this time”—it would interfere with our spiritual evolution.  He’s saying, “We must awaken the hearts of the people first.  We are all connected through Source.  The humans need to understand what that means before they make contact.”

He’s talking about, “There is a war going on,” and he’s talking about, um, the Federation.  He’s saying, um, “Ashtar Galactic Command,” and he’s saying “the seeder race.”  He’s saying, “We are also a good team and we have teamed up together.”  He’s talking about the Orion Empire.  He’s talking about the Ciakahrr Empire.  He’s saying, “They are coming after us.”  He’s saying, “Please do not be afraid.  Our friends from the seeder race are helping to protect us.”

Uh, he’s showing me all of their ships.  He’s talking about seventh-density technology.  He’s saying, “Yes, this is correct.”  He’s saying, “They have good cloaking devices,” or, “They have master cloaking devices.”  He’s saying, “I cannot reveal much more.”  He’s saying, “I want— I just wanted to clear some confusion.”

He keeps saying, “Tell them to not be afraid.”  Is there anything else?  I don’t think so.

Okay.  Well, I will be back with more videos.  The links are in the description of this video, and sending love to all you guys.


Megan Rose (2021)  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

Megan Rose Rumble channel:  https://rumble.com/c/c-1727177

Megan Rose YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBzuc3GzJtl0sHgvlB_eczA/videos



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