Return of the Seeders – October 15, 2021

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Megan Rose, Welcome to the Future

Val Nek’s main responsibility is commanding the Federation troops that work with the Earth Alliance.  I was aware of meetings being held (again) in space and waited for him to report them to me once he was done with his monstrous amount of duties regarding the mission.  Val Nek’s experience of the mission was quite moving.  Because we share a link of the heart, a soul connection, I could feel the depth of love shared for all of humanity.  It is something not easily put into words, but an energetic consciousness, a source of all life and the meaning of it, in one energetic frequency that links and connects us all.

Val Nek:  The Earth Alliance has completed its first mission to Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons. . . . This station was used as a meeting place for the Earth Alliance, the Andromeda Council, the Council of Five, and a group of what humans of Terra would consider extremely advanced extraterrestrials.  These beings can manifest themselves as extraterrestrial species, but in actuality they are more of a consciousness, a super-consciousness that have looked after this galaxy and many others for eons.  As coordinator for this mission, I can report on my role and what I am at liberty to disclose.

These beings travelled to this solar system to witness a birth of a new era, an era that includes the liberation of Earth.  As the enemy conveniently reports that there are multiple timelines in play, in an effort to confuse the Terrans who are so desperately looking for liberation from hostile control, the truth is that this solar system continues on one timeline, together, simultaneously.  It is a timeline that benefits the entire galaxy and marks a successful end of war between the Terrans, the Federation, and the Orion group.

I can report that I was in charge of the Federation troops and organizing the troops of the Alliance [for the meetings on Ganymede].  I must emphasize that while this mission was not one of war, it was equally important in the eyes of our ancestors, the superconscious, which some call an Intergalactic Federation.  This name is for us to use; however, these beings operate at such a high level that they do not use words, language or anything of the sort to express themselves.  It is by all means a translation of a frequency for our own understanding.  This mission was especially important for the Earth Alliance, the leaders of the Earth Alliance and their respective space programs, which I can report will all be federated under a new name, which I will not disclose.  The name was chosen after the meeting with the Intergalactic Federation.

The Terran leaders were deeply moved by the experience.  For the first time, their perception of reality, and the meaning, the purpose of leadership and guidance in this galaxy, deeply touched their consciousness.  The development of the Terran leaders’ consciousness is something we have been trying to influence in a positive manner for some time, but especially recently, since plans are being made to hand over the responsibility of defending Terra with the production of the star fleet.

These Terran leaders, I can say with confidence, have been influenced by the consciousness of the forefathers, the foreseeders, in such a way that the Federation and the Council of Five, along with the Andromeda Council, have no reservations about their ability or ethical standards as it relates to being responsible for the safety and positive progression of the planet.  I will reiterate again that this message may be more important to the Terran people than any other message.  I am aware that they have been concerned for some time, rightfully so, about the ethical and moral standards of their leaders.  We will continue to move forward.  I salute you.

The disclosure of extraterrestrial life to the Terrans is something that was discussed at these meetings.  As I stated previously, the consciousness of the Terran leaders was first evaluated by the elders or the seeders.  A plan was formulated to disclose to the world, to Terran civilians, the truth of extraterrestrial life and the relationship these beings have to the Terran people.  This is a delicate procedure as most Terrans have been led to believe they are the only life in this solar system, this galaxy.  In order to not frighten the Terrans, disclosure will happen slowly over time.

There is a specific plan that has been formulated, as I mentioned, in accordance with this timeline, which will unfold; however I am not at liberty to give specifics.  The guidance that was sought from the Intergalactic Federation included this matter.  They agreed that the plan of the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance encompasses the best interest of the Terran people.

You see, these beings, the consciousness that we call the Intergalactic Federation, they are responsible for seeding many different races that date far beyond the history of man.  They are the ancestors of Planet Terra and many others, and hold the consciousness of creation.  It may be helpful to think of them as energy instead of extraterrestrials or people.  Their energy holds a quantum frequency that contains the original intention of this planet and its people when it was first created and even before it and the inhabitants were created.

Please understand that we are aware there have been many genetic experiments on Planet Terra with the human race; but this is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about the development of the soul, of the consciousness.  By just being in their presence, the quantum frequency activates a knowing within them—a knowing that they are not a body, but a soul.  That they are connected to the heart of the people, of all people.  And so, working together in the best interest of all is what will be not only beneficial, but the intention behind creation.


Megan Rose (2021)  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

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