Liberation of Antarctica and Dark Fleet Bases – Sept. 27, 2021

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Megan Rose (2021)  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era


For decades, the continent of Antartictica was used by the Dark Fleet as a military outpost where it had several bases.  The Dark Fleet fled this area months prior to this message, leaving behind a vast amount of resources and technology.  China attempted to recover these resources for its secret space program.  During the Jupiter Meetings, China was evaluated by the Council of Five and found to have many selfish interests; therefore, it was given liited access to new bases and technology being built.  One of the goals of the Federation is to unite all space programs and countries, so that Terra is united.  Once united, the planet can move forward into progressive evolution.

Commander Val Nek connected to me via telepathy and I once aain relayed conversations between him, myself and Dr. Michael Salla.

Val Nek:  I am happy to report that upon completion of many successful missions, the bases in Antarctica are cleared and in control of the Alliance.  The Alliance has worked alongside members of the Federation to clear the Dark Fleet and its allies from its numerous bases.  This is not new information, but is relevant to agreements made with China, what you have called the Artemis Accords.

As I have previously mentioned, China had limited access to the new space station and other zones as outlined in the Jupiter Agreements.  Part of the reason for limited access was their interest in taking control of the Dark Fleet bases and expanding their space program in this area.  As many know, this area has been used by the Dark Fleet and the Ciakahrr Empire for human experimentation, manufacturing and also human trafficking.

Our agreements with them (China) were very strict.  They must agree to relinquish control of certain areas of these bases, and [in return] they will have access to the stations built by the Alliance and the corporations.  This is important, as the Federation’s goal is to unify the space programs and countries so that they work together for the good of humanity and one day become a member of the Federation.  It is important to note that once a planet or species joins the Federation, they are obligated to work for peace and balance in the universe and are no longer a threat to the rest of the galaxy.  China agreed to these terms and is now working alongside the Alliance.

I know Dr. Salla will find what we are using these bases for very interesting.  I can report that some of the manufacturing for the star fleet will take place here.  As your planet and its governments have proven to be very complicated and interesting, it was also necessary for China to agree to our terms due to its availability of certain supplies.  To my knowledge, China has much production of many supplies, which are shipped all over Terra.  This has likewise proven to be the case with building the star fleet.

China is working with the Alliance to manufacture these materials and supplies.  Much of the human work force from the Dark Fleet have also opted to be employed by these programs in the interest of keeping their jobs.  Our ships, the technology to build these ships, is also readily available in Antarctica, which makes it a the logical place to start production of these materials.  This is good news and we continue to move forward.

Michael Salla:  Does he know what happened to the slaves, workers, etc., at the Antarctica bases once the Dark Fleet and Ciakharr left?  How many people were involved—thousands, tens of thousands?

Val Nek:  The exact number I cannot say; it was in the tens of thousands.  This includes the slaves, but also workers.  Most, if not all, of the slaves had been experimented on.  This includes not only humans, but hybridized species of humans as well.  Like the super soldiers from Mars, these people are being cared for by the Alliance in medical facilities.  I can also say that whether they are hybrids or humans, most have undergone a great deal of mind control, with implants placed in the cerebral cortex.  This requires the Federation to assist the Alliance in deactivating the implant and assimilating the brain to its original function.

The hybrids, of course, require the Federation to intervene since they carry genomes that are unknown to the Terran military and therefore providing medical treatment would not be appropriate.  The Alliance and the Federation have the ability to transport medical treatments to these bases to give them proper treatment.  What your people call med beds, is the technology, or very similar technology, that is being used.  The workers have been given new employment options with the Alliance in these areas.  Their help is useful in explaining the facilities and how they operate in some cases.  Of course, these people are employed personnel and are not elite workers who directly reported to the Dark Fleet.

Michael Salla:  Can Val Nek say how many Dark Fleet bases were taken over by the Chinese and their approximate locations, e.g., Queen Maud Land, West Antarctica, etc.?

Val Nek:  This information I am not at liberty to disclose completely. . . . I can say that between 3-5 bases were handed over to the Alliance, and their respective locations I cannot say, but you are welcome to speculate.  When we are able to disclose the purpose for these bases, if the time comes, it may help your inquiry.

Michael Salla:  Val Nek referred to certain parts of these former Dark Fleet bases first handed off to China, have now been turned over the Earth Alliance as required by the Jupiter Agreements.  Does that mean China still controls other sections of the bases where it can do what it likes under certain limitations?

Val Nek:  China does not have complete control over any bases at this time.  The agreements are written as such.  The goal of the Federation is to ensure that the countries work together and are organized in how they approach their respective space programs.  China was reluctant, at first, to relinquish control, as I mentioned previously; they had many selfish interests.  While the United States was chosen to be the leader of these countries and their programs, they are exactly that, leading the space fleet with the intention of unity and peace among the countries of Terra.

China originally claimed some bases in Antarctica, through no legal agreements, but quickly handed them over after the Jupiter Agreements.  Many of your countries use their military assets against each other, for land and conquest.  The Federation has found this way of doing [things] very interesting, considering the much more hostile threats to Planet Terra in the galaxy.  We are making change and progress together, moving forward as one planet.

Michael Salla:  The Dark Fleet worked very closely with a Corporate Conglomerate that was building many of the large starships for the Dark Fleet.  Has this Corporate Conglomerate handed over their facilities to other companies, the Earth Alliance, or have they realigned themselves to now build spacecraft for the Earth Alliance?

Val Nek:  I cannot disclose this information in the interest of Megan’s safety and ongoing operations.

Michael Salla:  To understand the big picture, the mass production of antigravity and advanced health technologies is now happening on the moon and in Antarctica and is to be distributed by the Earth Alliance.  Similar facilities on Mars have been destroyed or taken over by the indigenous Martians, while similar ship-building facilities on Ceres have been left for its residents to use as they wish.  Is there a timetable for when the advanced technologies being mass produced on the Moon and in Antarctica will be released to the rest of humanity?

Val Nek:  Yes indeed, the indigenous Martians are in the process of taking back control of their planet, the same as planet Terra.  I cannot give an exact timetable, as it depends on the corporations and their manufacturing speed, among a few other variables.  We have a goal in mind of course.  As I have mentioned previously, the corporations chosen have the infrastructure to meet our time requirements and demands.  I have also stated previously that there is a time constraint, and we wish to accomplish these projects relatively quickly.  I can say that, considering how large this operation is, most with a logical perspective would be pleased with the time constraints and goals that we have put in place.


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