The War Underground: Vatican City

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Megan Rose (2021)  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

Vatican City, which is considered a religious capital for the Terran people, was the largest outpost of the Ciakahrr Empire on Planet Terra.  The Vatican was partnered with the Cabal on Terra, who served the reptilians by providing them with human blood.  These extraterrestrials feast on the blood of children who have been terrorized and tortured.  While this may be difficult for humanity to understand, the reptilians are a different species, from a different planet.  They are predatory by nature.

Val Nek:  One of the reasons why this war has taken a long time is due to the ongoing challenge of saving as many lives as possible while also eradicating the negative extraterrestrials from your underground [spaces].  There are many war strategies involved in this, many battle tactics, which I have worked on planning myself with other soldiers from the Galactic Federation.  This was one of the bloodiest battles we have ever been a part of.

Underneath the Vatican in Rome is one of the largest underground bases on Terra.  This base has many, many levels, as well as several portals that allow access to off-planet places such as Mars and the moon.  It was imperative that we first deconstruct these portals to shut off access to their bases, so there would be no way for them to escape.  These portals, including the main one under the Vatican which led to Mars, have been used for years, some for centuries even, to transport slaves off of the planet for profit.

The Vatican is an organization run by the Cabal and the Ciakahrr Empire.  There are secret passageways and secret entrances to these large underground worship areas.  I suppose you would call them temples.  As I said, there are many levels, some made of marble, and they are quite regal looking.  The Cabal and its reptilian allies are very arrogant and consider themselves royalty of the world, the entire universe even.  Vatican City was their capital on Earth, hence the reason they believed they could conquer Terra without any consequences or repercussions.  They never expected the Federation to intervene.  They do not have the quantum technology that can predict future outcomes like the Andromeda Council has.  The Ciakahrr Empire is strong in number, burt very weak in their logistical approach.

In February 2021, we closed the main portal to Mars that was underneath the Vatican.  This allowed us to prosecute the war on two fronts: Planet Terra and Planet Mars.  There were many different hybrids found underneath this awful city, the one you call the Vatican.  I do not mean to offend anyone; however, I must express my feeling on the horrors that were found underneath this place.  There were many children of all ages, as young as newborns, all of whom required medical attention.  The Alliance provided medical attention to humans in facilities that were set up by their military and ground forces; these facilities were located all over Terra.  I can disclose that there are some locations in the south of France that were very large and could accommodate the horrors found underneath, underground.  These facilities, along with medical facilities floating in the sky belonging to the Galactic Federation of Worlds, have been used to help heal these children.  Of course, agreements were made with the Earth Alliance to use med beds, as you call them.  This is a healing technology which uses a magnetic frequency to identify the magnetic polarities of the DNA and re-arrange it to its proper sequence using sound and magnetic force.  It is a quantum technology that has been used by the Federation for a very long time.  Unfortunately, Planet Terra does not have the equipment or understanding to care for these hybrid children.  All of them were cared for by the Federation and moved off-planet to be given new homes where they could be loved and nurtured.  I am happy to report that most of them made a full recovery, thanks to our healing technologies.  Many lives were saved.

The Ciakahrr’s main feeding grounds were underneath the Vatican in Rome.  You see, the Ciakahrr, I am very sorry to say, consider humans to be a food source: they lust for human blood.  The more they eat, the stronger they are.  They can shapeshift more easily, and they also become stronger in combat.  Therefore, the Federation closed the portal between the two worlds so that no humans could be transported in and out, which cut off their food supply and weakened them.  They are not able to think clearly when they are hungry, and they act irrationally and foolishly.  Their attempts to obtain blood has proven to be unsuccessful in recent months and this has made it easier for the Federation to defeat them.

We began clearing out this underground base beneath the Vatican in November 2020.  We did so by first closing all the exits that corresponded to the surrounding areas in Europe.  It took much time, as there are many exit and entry points, for as I said, the Vatican is the hub for the reptilians on Planet Earth.  We began by closing the exit points to the underground facility and then we began cornering the Ciakahrr underneath.  They were absolutely terrified as we have technology that allows us to remain cloaked until we are very close and can shoot.

We always resonate at a higher frequency for our safety, and then de-materialize and re-materialize in a lower frequency where the Ciakahrr are.  Higher frequency beings, many higher frequency species, have this ability.  In a similar way, reptilian shapeshifters can shift into the third frequency using their technology; however, It is not the same ability.

The underground of Vatican City was cleared out completely in April 2021.  This allowed the Federation to accelerate its efforts in liberating Mars and freeing it from the control of the Dark Fleet.  I remind you that the Dark Fleet is an alliance made with the Germans originally, but also the Cabal and the reptilian Ciakahrr species.  The Vatican, as I mentioned previously, was their main outpost on Planet Terra.  Without the threat of the Ciakahrr moving their military force through this area and gaining strength through their egregious dietary practices, the Federation was able to liberate Mars from Ciakahrr control.


Rose, Megan (2021).  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and and the Birth of a New Era.  Self-published (

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