What Is a Tall White Alien?

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Charles James Hall

What the tall whites looked like

17:00  They’re humanoid.  Their skin is as white as a piece of paper.  Throughout much of their adult life they’re the same height as I am, five-eleven to six feet tall.  They have large eyes.  Their eyes are perhaps twice as large as ours.  They’re typically blue, blue (Iris) with white (sclera), although when they get older, especially the men, their eyes take on a pink shade.

Their eyes stretch farther around the sides of their head than human eyes do, and their ears and noses are only about half the size of human ears and noses.  Their ears lie back along the side of the head more than a human ear.

Their  lips are not as prominent as humans, and they don’t have teeth.  They just have ridges, because they’re plant-eaters—they don’t eat meat.

They have much less hair than we do: they don’t have any hair on their arms and the men don’t have beards.  On their head, they have only about half as much hair as humans, and their hair is so thin and transparent that they appear to be platinum blonde.  Sometimes when they keep their hair cut short, sometime they don’t appear to have hair because it’s so thin.

Their body structure is more frail than ours.  The alien whose CIA name was Range Four Harry, for example, one time I saw him walking in the soft dirt over on the southwest side of the Range 3 lounge, and after he had left, I went over and measured the depth of the footprints he left.  And from those I estimated that he only weighed  between 90 and 110 pounds, even though he was the same height as I am.

Their arms, their bones, are only about half as big as ours.  Their thumbs are only about half as long, but their fingers are longer in proportion to their hand than ours, and they’re way more flexible.  But it also means that they’re not built for heavy lifting.  We’re built like gorillas compared to them.

They have men, women and children.  And if the men and women are standing side-by-side, and not walking or moving, it’s frequently not possible to tell which one is the man and which one is the woman, especially for the young adults.  When they get older, then there are obvious differences in the facial structure and the bones and stuff.  But especially for the young adults, it’s entirely possible for two of them to be standing side-by-side, and if they’re not moving, to be not sure if you’re talking to men or women.  Once they start moving, though, then it’s very obvious which ones are the men and which ones are the women, because the men are more like human men.  When they walk, they kind of go ‘pound, pound, pound’, whereas the women are much lighter on their feet and much more animated.

21:30  The women were very proud of the fact that they love their children.  If a tall white lady came, and she had children with her, a very common way for her to start a conversation would be for her to ask me, using English, which she had learned: do I understand that they love their children more than human women love their children?

In many ways, the tall white women were like female gorillas.  You should consider the children to be untouchable.  If you touch the children, the mother might kill you, no matter how pleasant she seemed, no matter how close the child came.

28:36  The tall whites live approximately ten times as long as humans.  And they don’t age the way we do.  Throughout most of their adult life, they’re about our height—5’10”, 5’11”, 6′.  But then when they reach the equivalent of a human who’s perhaps 39 or 40 years old—and for them that’s perhaps 400 years old—then they start growing again, instead of ageing the way we do.  As they grow older, they go through several more growth periods.  Pretty soon, they get very tall—8, 8 1/2, feet tall—but their organs aren’t able to support their body, so as they get taller they become more fragile.  Eventually, after 600 or 700 years, there comes a growth phase, where they begin growing again, and their organs can’t support it, in which case they die.  By the time they get to be 8 feet tall, they’re fragile, and usually, aliens that tall are accompanied by younger aliens to steady them.

New Arrivals Every Month

13:00  The base that they have up in Area 54, they use that base the same way that the U.S. Air Force or the U.S. Navy uses their bases, the way the Navy would use a base in the Philippines or on an island in the Pacific.

At the alien base, the tall whites’ deep-space craft arrive and leave on schedule.  And they arrive typically at sundown on the night of the full moon, because they’re gravity-powered.  They are typically at the base for two weeks, and then they leave at midnight on the night of the new moon, because they’re gravity-powered.  During those two weeks, the spacecraft is refuelled and repaired, and the people on board get off and stretch their legs.

So, at the base there’s a more or less permanent contingent of tall whites, who are experienced in dealing with humans and who typically know English.  On the other hand,  every two weeks, every time a deep-space craft arrives, there’s a contingent of new arrivals, many of whom have never seen humans before.  And while the spacecraft is being repaired and refurbished, then the experienced troops, the experienced tall whites, typically take those new arrivals who are brave enough, take them out and show them the town.  You take them out and show them what humans are like, and, of course, me running my weather station,  I’m the test-human.  And so it was common every time there was a new moon, after the new arrivals had rested up, for an experienced guard to bring around a group of new arrivals.  The number of new arrivals could be anywhere from two or three to twenty, depending on how many were brave enough to come watch gorilla Charlie in the sage brush, (during the time) the spacecraft was being repaired.

They also had a technology-exchange program with the U.S. Air Force, in which those technologies that they were willing to share with the Air Force, they would work on joint projects with the U.S. Air Force.  They were only willing to share technology to the extent it benefitted them.

Charles Hall, The Tall Whites and Richard Boylan

by Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org  https://exopolitics.org/charles-hall-the-tall-whites-and-richard-boylan/

[Repost of an article published on November 18, 2004]  I recently received a message from one of Dr Richard Boylan’s lists discussing his views on the tall whites discussed in Charles Hall’s memoirs, Millennial Hospitality, vol 1-3. (the message is copied below).  I find it quite disturbing that Boylan has moved quickly to unambiguously promote the tall whites discussed in the Charles Hall book to his various lists.  Since Boylan has large lists and therefore has some influence in shaping the perceptions of a quite a number of people about different ET races, I’d like to elaborate a little on the tall whites and Boylan’s advocacy of them.

Let me also reaffirm my earlier view that Hall’s information is an accurate reflection of what occurred at Nellis Air Force base during his tour of duty and therefore deserves serious attention.  The researcher Paolo Harris has thoroughly investigated Hall’s claims and finds him to be credible making this an important case to fully understand in terms of its exopolitical significance.

Hall describes the tall whites as quite intimidating in terms of behavior and how they regularly stalked military servicemen on duty at the remote desert location where Hall served.  The tall whites regularly caused powerful emotions of fear and even terror among the military servicemen who didn’t understand these extraterrestrials or weren’t ready to interact with them in a friendly way.

I’ve now completed the first two volumes of Hall’s memoirs, and so far the behavior of the tall whites strikes me as very similar to abductee/experiencer reports of the behavior of the tall gray category of ETs.  There is an arrogance in the disposition of the tall whites and a contempt for humans displayed in their interactions with military servicemen who didn’t understand them or were frightened by them.  This is similar to how so-called tall grays supervise many abductions and control/punish humans who resist the genetic experiments.

Hall for example describes one tall white female who wanted to kill a military servicemen who unknowingly had hit her child with a stone and broke the child’s arm.  The serviceman threw a stone at what he thought was a white dog stalking him around his hut.  Since the tall whites often stalked the servicemen, many thought they were wild animals and they were quite frighened of them.  The incident led to the tall whites threatening the serviceman with death if he didn’t leave immediately and promise to never return.  This is how the serviceman in question described the incident to Hall:

“I tried to reason with her. I told her that I hadn’t broken any little boy’s arm and that I liked to play with kids.  She wouldn’t hear any of it.  She told met that I was too stupid to know what I had done.  Then she told me that the American generals had asked that I be given one warning before she and her friends killed me.  She said that this was the warning.  She said that if I ever came back out to the ranges alone, their captain would kill me.” (vol 1, p. 247)

Other servicemen had similar negative encounters with the tall whites.  One incident in particular is very revealing since it involved a cook at the Army Base who inadvertly went into the kitchen area on a day that the base was closed.  He was threatened with death because he simply frightened some of the tall white children.  So there’s weren’t any broken bones or hurting of the children: he simply scared them.  Here’s how Charles Hall described the incident as the cook narrated what happened:

“They’re back there, Charlie.  Don’t go back there.  You’ll scare them like I did.  They’ll kill you if you scare them.  They told me so.  That tall one in the corner, he told me so.  He said he’d kill me if I ever scared their children again.” (vol 1, p. 469)

Boylan makes a point in his post below about the tall whites using 8″ microwave stun guns to incapacitate people.  But stunning humans is not the tall white practice, as revealed in the following section where an alien female is talking to an Air Force general about how Charles Hall saved her daughter:

“You know general, before now, I would have never thought it possible.  If my daughter had tried to approach any of the others the way she walked right up to Charlie today, they would have panicked and we would have had to kill them all.” (vol 1, p. 452)

If the tall whites are so humane with their stun guns, why would they have to kill all the panicking soldiers, rather than just stun them as Boylan claims?

Charles Hall saved the life of a tall white child whose mother was a teacher, and subsequently he became known as the teacher’s pet in a project she started to get alien children used to humans.  This is how the teacher introduced Charles to the mothers of some alien children:

“This is Charlie Baker,” the teacher said proudly.  “He is just perfect for my pet project.  See how gentle he is, and see how easily we can control him” (vol 1, p. 448).

So it’s clear how controlling these tall white ETs are, and the condescending attitude they have for even those humans who have done them a service.  Nevertheless, the fact that the aliens adopted Hall as their pet made them protective of him in the lawless environment of the military base.  Following a security drill in which guards drew their weapons on a serviceman claiming to be the teacher’s pet, a tall white known as Harry warned the men that he would kill anyone who threatened “the real teacher’s pet,” i.e., Charles Hall.

Harry said the real teacher’s pet is too valuable for us to ever draw our guns on him.  He said if the real teachers’s pet were ever killed, he could never be replaced.  Old Harry said that if Sam and me had been facing the real teacher’s pet, once we actually pointed our guns at him or once he fell to the ground, both of use would have been killed instantly, before we were even aware that we were bing fired on.  He said those were the direct orders he’d received from the teacher.  He said both Sam and me would have been killed without warning and that neither of our guns would have ever fired. (vol 2. 179)

Yet despite having saved the teacher’s child and being ‘the teacher’s pet’, Hall would not be spared if he inadvertently hurt an alien child, as evidenced by what an alien mother said to her son in front of Hall:

“All right,” replied his mother.  “You may join the teacher’s pet project.  Remember: do not get too close to him.  And remember, if anything ever goes wrong, if Charlie ever touches you, I will ask your uncle Harry to kill him.” (vol 1, p.449)

Hall was also threatened with death if he interfered with the plans of the tall whites, as he described in the following conversation with an alien who was guarding an alien procession while Hall was present:

Then the guard said forcefully, “You know that if anything goes wrong with this plan we can kill you any time we want to.”  Standing my ground still shaking in fear, I replied, “Yes, but I havent’ given you any reason to kill me.  Anyway, you haven’t killed me yet so you are probably not going to.”  The guard smiled and replied, “You are quite right.  We could have killed you in the shack the other night if we wanted to.”  Then he turned and walked back to the procession.  Stopping for a minute near the shorter woman he said: “See?  Now he knows for sure that we will kill him if anything ever goes wrong.” (vol 2, p. 113)

Finally, if there is any doubt in the reader’s mind as to whether the tall whites actually killed humans who got in their way, here’s a section describing what one sergeant told another after accompanying a lieutenant general to a high-level meeting with the aliens:

Tell them [a group of sergeants] to remember the teacher has ordered them to stay out of sight behind the lounge.  Remember, if they disobey the teacher’s orders, she will kill them as she killed the others, and there is nothing I can do about it.  (vol 1, p. 447)

So here we have a very brutal doctrine of killing military servicemen who disobey orders, and proof that this has occurred in the past.

Hall said he learned very little about the origin of the tall whites during his two-year assignment.  “They really shared very little about their history and origins,” he recalls.  However, one incident took place with a tall white he called the teacher, which revealed they may have come from near the star Arcturus, about 36 light years away.

In one of his books, he wrote, “A ripple of emotion passed through the crowd when I mentioned the star, Arcturus.  After a short pause, the older lady asked with some surprise, ‘Teacher, does Charlie know where we come from?’

“The alien replied: ‘No, not quite; but he’s close.”  (vol 2, p. 147)