The Liberation of Mars and Planetary Defense – September 7, 2021

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Megan Rose (2021)  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

With the liberation of Terra approaching, the Galactic Federation of Worlds saw the necessity of helping the Terran military acquire the technology that would enable it to defend the solar system from future invasions.  After the expenditure of time and resources to liberate Earth, the moon and Mars, to leave Terrans without an adequate defense system would be foolish.  For the first time in its history, Planet Terra would begin to evolve into a society capable of defending itself and traveling to distant star systems, federated as one people and as one planet.

The expulsion of the Dark Fleet from Mars was a big victory for the Galactic Federation, but also for the indigenous Martians, for their home planet, like Terra, had likewise been invaded by the Ciakahrr Empire (reptilian race from the Draco constellation).  The Galactic Federation was also helping to arm the Martians, which are reptiloid and insectoid species.  Several portals from Terra to Mars also existed and were used to transport humans in the slave trade.  The Ciakahrr Empire had several military bases on Mars.  There were also corporations involved in secret space programs—the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate—which were partnered with the Ciakahrr and the Orion Alliance.

Commander Val Nek connected with me via telepathy and I relayed the following information from him to Dr. Michael Salla.

Val Nek:  Mars has been liberated.  The Ciakahrr Empire, the Dark Fleet, have fled Mars completely.  They are now trying to flee to other star systems, such as Sirius A, and form alliances to attack the Federation and Planet Terra.  This is why there is a need for ongoing security and the training of personnel from the Terran military, along with building a space fleet equipped to handle an attack.  On Mars, most of their dark portals have been completely closed, with the exception of a few, which the Federation is working on.  Their main portal to their headquarters, Aldebaran, has been completely closed.  This is a huge victory for the Federation, as it is impossible for the to re-enter and re-infiltrate their precious outpost on Mars.

As you know, I have been working with U.S. military officials to train and implement a fleet to protect and defend Terra.  I want to reiterate that we have implemented technology to protect Planet Terra.  The star fleet, as you call it, is designed with higher [frequency] technology, making many of the new ships undetectable to the enemy.  The enemy is unable to track or locate these ships due to their higher frequency.  The ships have the capability to materialize and dematerialize in a lower [frequency] when necessary.  This technology was given to the Terrans and must be built/produced by Terrans according to the laws of the Federation.  Thus the need for the Earth Alliance to make agreements with large corporations.  I must stress that although there is, of course, the possibility of an external threat, Planet Terra is secure, and we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of the Terran people.  Do not consent to fear.  It is my honor and peasure to serve the Terran people.

Megan Rose: “Can you say anything about why the Ciakahrr want to return to Terra?

Val Nek:  I cannot disclose everything.  They are interested, of course, in Planet Terra for its vast resources.  They are trying to make alliances with other species from other star systems that will adhere to their strict code of ethics, if you can call them that.  What I mean by this is that the Ciakahrr historically, are not good negotiators.  They need resources to offer, and some of these resources came from Terra.  They do not make good allies, as they have a predatory nature and look out for their own interests.  Their ability to negotiate, their power, has decreased substantially since their supply of trade has been cut off.  They are rendered powerless.  This is good news.

The Federation is working with the Alliance and their partners to develop outposts surrounding Terra.  These outposts will be put in place for various purposes, but the main purpose is security and surveillance.  There are different sections of the satellite grid, as I mentioned, the Space Fence, that will be monitored from these outposts.  These outposts are like the International Space Station, but are not the same thing.  The International Space Station is in the hands of the Alliance and will likely be dismantled or refurbished, depending on what the Alliance decides to do.  The Federation is not involved in all of their decisions, and this is one of them.  I cannot say any more about the ISS.

The outposts will be similar to what we call a mothership.  It will be a station in the sky that is used to monitor Terra and the fleets protecting Terra.  The technology that the station is built with will be manufactured by the companies that participated in the Jupiter Agreements.  This is very good news and a very big deal  The motherships (by motherships, I mean that there will be a main one and several other smaller outposts, but still large compared to the size of a normal ship) will be equipped with medical technology, living quarters for soldiers, and many other technologically advanced components that I can reveal at a later date.  There will also be space for fleets of ships to be docked, calibrated and inspected, to make sure they are working properly before and after space travel.  Please understand this is a very large operation, as you can imagine.  The Federation is helping engineers to work on, repair and learn about these ships once they are manufactured by the Terran people.

Megan Rose:  The Space Fence, the satellite system, will be monitored from the moon as well?

Val Nek:  Yes, of course.  For security reasons, Terra will be monitored from many outposts in the sky as well as on the moon, at the new base.  This is the most secure way to handle operations.

Michael Salla:  I do have a question about the three outposts that will be established, and the decommissioning of the International Space Station.  As far as I’m aware, the National Reconnaissance Office and the CIA had one or more wheel-shaped space stations launched in the 1970s and 1980s that they used to conduct covert operations. What will happen to the NRO /CIA space stations as the new outposts are set up?

Val Nek:  Regarding the outposts, there are more than three, and there will be one main station, which is a larger structure.  This structure is built with the same technology used to build the new moon base for the U.S.  It is an impenetrabe technolgy that uses a high frequency to create a grid in the walls of the structure, but also, in this case, around the station.  This prevents any unauthorized personnel from entering.  This technology, of course, will be built by the Terran people, in accordance with the Jupiter Agreements.  I would like to reiterate that it is likely, although I cannot confirm this, that the ISS will be dismantiled or at least refurbished because its technology will soon be very outdated compared with what is being manufactured for space at this time.

With regard to the NRO/CIA space stations . . . our operations with respect to some of these groups are ongoing.  There has been, as many know, an alien infiltration of some of these organizations.  The war on and underneath Planet Terra is ongoing.  Now that the Dark Fleet has left Mars, the military allies of some of these groups are greatly weakened and they pose little threat.  However, in times of war, we do not disclose ongoing operations.

Michael Salla:  Does Val Nek know about China’s role in the mothership outposts?

Val Nek: China is considered by the Federation to be the least trustworthy and has limited access, as outlined in the Jupiter Agreements.  There is an opportunity to gain trust with good behavior over time.  I can reveal that the U.S. will be in charge of these stations we are manufactureing.  Other countries and their space programs will have access to them, and this is outlined in the Jupiter Agreements as well.  There is a code of conduct outlined in these agreements.  For example, how to hehave in space, and other legal guidelines for maintaining their programs, respectively.

Michael Salla: Why is China considered to be the least trustworthy?

Val Nek:  They were considered by the Coucil of Five, a spiritually evolved organization, to be somewhat regressive and to have many selfish interests.  The Council of Five had a role in the Jupiter Agreements, and part of that role was to evaluate the spiritual evolution of Terran leaders.  This was done, of course, to ensure the security of the Terran people.  As we know, they have been under tyrannical control for some time.


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