The Jupiter Meetings: Satellites, Moon Base, Portals – August 2021

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Megan Rose (2021)  Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

On August 20, 2021, Commander Val Nek gave the following update regarding the moon:

Val Nek:  The moon was liberated some time ago and put in the hands of the [Earth] Alliance.  The U.S. is in charge of it, in charge of arranging all the different countries on the moon.  There are sections on the moon, safety zones, where meetings can take place between delegates.  There are technologies being released and tested on the moon.  These technologies from the Galactic Federation of Worlds are being put in the hands of the Alliance to be used in service to humanity.  The use of these technologies, the agreement to use them, is very strict and must be adhered to.  There are bases there.  GFW is in orbit there, training them. (

Over the following weeks, Val Nek continued to explain the outcome of the agreements made during high-level meetings held at a base orbiting Jupiter in July of 2021.  The Galactic Federation of Worlds is helping the Terran military to advance its technology, which was at least 100 years behind.  The suppression of technology was attributed to the interference of the regressive extraterrestrials on Planet Earth.  Val Nek described a new moon base that has been built, which is under the authority of the U.S. Space Command.  He also elaborated on a planetary defense system that surrounded the planet, called the Space Fence, which is operated by U.S. Space Force.

Val Nek’s message to me is transcribed below:

Val Nek:  The moon base is a very large structure built with impenetrable technology.  This technology was given by us (GFW) to the U.S. military so they would have a base that was protected from energy weapons and other weapons that use a frequency to hack technology.  The walls of the base are built with the same technology we use for portals.  Only those who possess the frequency key are allowed access; without it, entrance is impossible.  This is important, as the reptilians and greys, the Orion Alliance, have the ability to invade areas using their technology, which is similar to ours but not as advanced.

The base is secure, and with the help of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, we have set up a satellite system that monitors the entire Planet Terra.  The satellites are in orbit surrounding Terra: the grid covers the entire planet.  This technology has an interdimensional component which is very important.  It does not allow anything to pass through it and works as a protective mechanism for Planet Terra.  This is very important because the Zeta Reticuli and Nebu create wormholes to invade different planetary systems instead of using a portal.

The satellite surveillance is located inside the base on the moon, where we are training engineers from the U.S. military to use it. There are many bases on the moon; however, the base I am referring to is an entirely new base built with new technology.  The walls of the base are built with special materials used by the Federation.  The old bases are being refurbished, this is true, but it is not the one I am specifically referring to.  Lunar Operations Command is in the hands of the [Earth] Alliance, I can confirm.  The purpose of the different bases can be revealed at a later date.  It was necessary to build a new construction due to the materials being used.  It is new technology that has never been used on the moon before.

[Val Nek was asked whether all of the interdimensional portals on Earth had been closed.]

Val Nek:  I cannot share that information. What I can say [is that] it is under control.  The portal in Antarctica is in the hands of the [Earth] Alliance.  There are many portals all over Planet Terra.  I cannot say much more because there are active operations going on underground, underneath your planet.  It is in the process of being cleared out.


A wormhole is an interdimensional shortcut.  These beings, the Nebu, use wormholes to change timelines by traveling to space-time coordinates in the past, present or future.  A wormhole can also be used to link several places at once, making the enemy hard to catch.  Instead of using a portal, a mechanism that can transport something from point A to point B, they prefer to use wormholes with multiple points of access.


Portals are simple technology used throughout the multiverse.  They carry an energetic encoding that transports a person or vessel from point A to point B.  Portals require a frequency key to unlock and close.  The frequency key is a quantum configuration consisting of a frequency, shape and sound.  Portals are created and closed using the frequency key with technology from the Federation.

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