Lester Levenson: Conscious creation

The prime obstacle that we meet is the subconscious mind. It is full of thoughts of limitations that propel us every day, automatically. And we have made these habits of subconscious thoughts so strong that even when we recognize the direction we would like to go in, the subconscious thoughts keep directing us for quite some time—even lifetimes—until we finally succeed in overcoming them. We overcome them with thoughts of what we really want to do in life, and in that way become master over the mind, controlling the thoughts until only the thoughts we want determine our behavior.  Then we’re in a position where we can do something about the mind and we start to transcend the mind. We rise above it and we drop it. We let it go.  And when we do that we find ourselves this pure, infinite, limitless, totally free being that we naturally are.  And then happiness is complete.

The direction is to go within, seeking and meditating to quiet the mind enough so that we can see the infinite being that we are. The major steps are first, becoming aware of the fact that we are master over matter—and matter includes the body.  Then, the second major step is becoming master over mind. And when we become really masterful over mind, we are able to, and we do, let go of mind and operate in the realm of omniscience, in the realm of knowingness.  Then we are fully aware of’ the infinite being that we are, and are in the ultimate happiness.

We should start with the first step, consciously controlling matter.  Whether we are aware of it or not, everyone is controlling matter all the time.  Whether one wants to be a demonstrator or not, he is.  It is impossible to not be a creator all the time; everyone is creating every day.  We’re not aware of it because we just don’t look at it.  Every thought—every single thought—materializes in the physical world.  It is impossible to have a thought that will not materialize, except that we reverse it.  If we say the opposite right after we have a thought, with equal strength, we just neutralize it.  But any thought not reversed or neutralized will materialize in the future, if not immediately.  So, this thing of demonstration that we’re all trying so hard to do, we’re doing all the time, unaware of the fact that we’re doing it.  All we need to do is to consciously direct it, and that we call demonstration.

I said once that, properly expressed, a matter must come out of a person, bringing its form with it. It cannot get into you from without; no, it must issue from the inner man. Its true life is in the soul’s inmost recess. There all things are present to you, alive and active, and are at their best and highest. Why are you unaware of this? Because you are not at home there. – Meister Eckhart, Sermon Forty

Everything that everyone has in life is a demonstration.  It couldn’t come into your experience had you not had a thought of it at some time prior.  If you want to know what your sum-total thinking is, it’s exactly determined by what’s around you, what you have.  That’s your demonstration.  If you like it, you may hold it; if you don’t, start changing your thinking.  Concentrate it in a direction that you really want until those thoughts become predominant, and whatever those thoughts are will materialize in the world.

And when you begin to demonstrate consciously—small things—you may then realize that the only reason why they’re small is because you don’t dare to think big, that the exact same rule or principle applies to demonstrating a penny that applies to demonstrating a billion dollars.  The mind sets the size.  Anyone who can demonstrate a dollar can demonstrate a million dollars. Become aware of the way you’re demonstrating the one-dollar bill and just put six zeros after it next time.  Take on the consciousness of the million, rather than the one-dollar bill.

This relates to what I have been saying: that there’s no difference between the spiritual and the material when you see it, the material being just an out-projecting of our minds into what we call the universe and the world, and many bodies.  And when we see that it’s just an out-projecting of our mind, it’s just a picture out there that we have created, we can very easily change it, instantly.

So, to repeat, everyone is demonstrating, creating, every moment that he or she is thinking.  You have no choice.  You are a creator so long as you have a mind and think.  To get beyond creation, we must go beyond the mind.  And just behind the mind is the realm of all knowingness, where there’s no need for creation.  There’s a higher state than creation.  It’s the state of is-ness or beingness, sometimes called awareness, beingness, consciousness.  That’s just behind the mind.  That’s beyond creation.  The mind finds it very difficult to imagine what it’s like beyond creation, because the mind is involved primarily in creation, in creating.  It’s the creating instrument of the the universe and everything that happens in the world, in the universe.  So, if you take this thing called mind, which is only a creator, and try to imagine what it is like beyond creation, it’s impossible.  The mind will never know God, because you have to go just above the mind to know God, to know the infinite being that we are, to know what it’s like beyond creation.  The final state is beyond creation.  The ultimate state is the changeless state.  In creation everything is constantly changing.  Therefore, in creation the ultimate truth is not there.

So, to demonstrate what one wants, one needs to become aware of the fact that all we need to do is to think only of the things we want.  And that is all that we would get, if we would do just that.  Only think of the things you want, and that’s what you’ll be getting all the time, because the mind is only creative.  Also, take credit for all the things you create that you don’t like.  Just say, “Well, look what I did!”  Because when you become aware that you’ve created things you don’t like, you’re still in the position of creator.  And if you don’t like it, all you have to do is turn it upside-down and you’ll like it.

A concentrated thought will materialize anything

Now I’ll come down a step.  The mental consciousness of a thing in its is-ness [i.e. the belief that you already have it] will also very quickly bring something into your experience.  If I have a Cadillac in my mind, and I’m driving, it’s mine, it’s mine now, and I accept this thought, it is an absolute fact that this Cadillac will come into my experience.  Because these are laws of nature, natural laws of the mind.  See, the mind is only creative, so everything created is created through the mind.  Everything that’s created that we like, we call good; everything that’s created that we don’t like, we call bad.  But there isn’t a being who is not a creator, who isn’t creating all the time.  So, when you’re asking, How can I create $5,000, what you are really asking is, How can I create more of materiality?  I say, by using your process of creation that you have been using on a smaller scale, and just daring to think bigger, in larger amounts—that’s all.  Everyone creates, but they create with a conviction that they can only create a tiny amount, just make a living, or just make a half-living, or just enough to survive by, and so it is.  So, the consciousness of anything you want, in the is-ness of it, in the the acceptance of it, makes it so.  “Believe that you have already received it” is the way the Bible puts it.

Anything you want, hold it in your mind as though it’s yours now, and if you do just that, it has to be.  And when I say, “if you do just that,” don’t allow thoughts to the contrary.  Any doubt, any thought to the contrary, just undoes it.  So it’s necessary to rid oneself of doubts.

Q: How does one eliminate reoccurring conditions in one’s life?
Lester: By constantly working to undo it; looking for the subconscious thoughts that are causing it and dropping them.
Q: It’s my thoughts; I don’t look at anything but my own thinking.
Lester: Yes. Now there’s another way, a better way. If you can’t pull up the subconscious thoughts, you can now put in a conscious thought with strong will—so strongly that it overrides all the prior unconscious thoughts. This is possible. This is called using willpower. You can will it. And if you will it strongly enough, it’ll override all the subconscious thoughts. When you’re feeling high, that’s when you have your greatest will.

Q: How do you connect our effort, trying to create that which we might desire with the statements: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all good things will be added unto you” and “Think not of what you shall eat and where you shall sleep?”
Lester: Well, it fits in. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.“ God is the essence of our very beingness. If we seek that and discover it, we find the secret of everything. So, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,” go within, discover who and what you are; then you have the secret to everything, not only to creating but to everything. But you see, that’s been part of several years of what we have been going through as a group: how to go within and discover this infinite being that we are, which is the God part of us. And when this infinite being is discovered, everything is known: how to create, and more than that, how to un-create. And still more important, how to get beyond creating and uncreating, which is the ultimate state. Then you will not think of what you shall eat and where you shall sleep. Did I connect it for you?

Q: Until you reach the higher state, I wonder if it isn’t possible to get caught up in still trying to create before you become aware of the higher state?
Lester: Yes, I say that you are caught up in trying to create. You now have no choice whether to be a creator—you are that all the time. You should now consciously create only the things you want and stop creating the things you don’t want. One of the grossest errors we make is to try to create in the future: I will have this, I will get that; and when we do that, it keeps it in the future. This is the greatest stumbling block for most people. When you create something, it has to be seen in present time, in its is-ness, now. It is mine now.

Levenson, Lester (1993). Keys to the Ultimate Freedom: Thoughts and Talks on Personal Transformation. Phoenix, Arizona: Sedona Institute (Session 9: “Mastering Mind and Matter”)

Also posted to YouTube here: https://youtu.be/bWY76XU3aAk

Dolores Cannon:

But this shows you too how powerful your mind is; because everything you see, everything that’s around you, everything in your life, you’re creating and putting there to live your world. So that means you can create anything. Nothing is impossible: you can change your life; you can have anything in your life at all. They told me one of the biggest lessons you come to Earth to learn is how to manipulate energy. You can’t get out of the Earth school and graduate until you learn how to manipulate energy. What does that mean? Create. You have to learn to create. Because this is how powerful your mind is: you can create anything. So that means every time you go anywhere, even go back to your house, it is re-created every time you go into it.

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