Lester Levenson: As your mind is, the world is


Let’s now take a look at this so-called apparency, the world. The world is only an illusion that we created mentally. It is not external but in reality within us, within our mind. Someday you’ll discover that you created this entire universe that you see. The method of creating is by first creating what we call a mind. We create our mind, which is nothing but a composite of all our thoughts, conscious and subconscious, and the thoughts create the material world. Every little thing that happens to each and everyone of us is created in our thinking. We mentally set up a thing called time which makes it even more difficult to see things because we think now and things happen years later. But the only creator there is, is the mind, your mind. Is God a creator? Yes, because you are. Thou are That! You set up a mind and through the mind you create.

Creating all you desire (1966)

“As you see the world, so are you.”

As you see the world out there, so are you. The ego part of us rebels against it, but this can be used every day, all day, for checking ourselves to to see what our consciousness is. It is impossible see something out there that is not in our mind. There’s nothing out there but our own consciousness. A master, a perfected being, sees only perfection.

So if we would take this key and check ourselves during the day on all the negative thoughts especially, and start looking within to discover the source of this, we will see that these thoughts are right in us—they are our thoughts. That powerfulness that we thought was out there is right in here.

Because we are in a state of the world that is, relatively, a low state, most of us have far more negative thinking because we accept negativity. Therefore, we can undo that negativity by facing it, by first learning how to discover this negativity, by seeing that if we see it out there, it’s right within us—otherwise we couldn’t see it—and then using it to let go of it.

Now using it to let go of it is the most important thing. So we look out there, and anything and everything we see that is not just right, we turn inward, and we look for this very thing within ourselves. And if we look honestly, we’ll discover that that thought was right within us, that that concept is our concept, that it doesn’t apply to what’s outside of us, that it applies right to us. And when we see it, we automatically let go of it because we are seeking truth, we are seeking happiness, and it’s ridiculous to hold on to things that keep us miserable. So the first key was: “As you see the world, so are you.” Since happiness and sorrow is probably the thing that we are most concerned with every day, happiness and sorrow can be used as a means of growth. (Creating All You Desire, recorded on June 14, 1966)

Levenson, Lester (1993). Keys to the Ultimate Freedom: Thoughts and Talks on Personal Transformation. Sedona Institute. (http://www.freespiritualebooks.com/keys-to-the-ultimate-freedom.html)


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