Al Bielek: Complete Video Autobiography (9)

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Part 9:  Industrial programming of youth; Operation Sky Pedals


The Montauk Project collapsed on the night of 12 August 1983, as I previously outlined, due to the arrival of Duncan and myself in our original form from the Eldridge.  And when we left, of course, then Duncan number-two, the reborn Duncan, was triggered in order to set loose this monster that shut down the station.

The station was shut down on the night of 12 August 1983, at least on the surface.  I understand from one of the people who remained on there for over a year after that that some operations below decks, so to speak, continued.  But then it was closed completely, rebuilt, another two levels added underground from what we were told, and reopened in 1987.

Particle-energy weapon used to track, divert and destroy the Hale-Bopp comet (1991-1998)

The Montauk Project continued with the same basic personnel from 1987 to 1991, doing mind-control types of things like traveling across the galaxy with the time-tunnels, doing whatever they wanted to do.  And in 1991, the Air Force moved in and took over because they had a very special project in mind.  I was not part of this.  I only knew about it through Preston Nichols, who was part of it—he was pulled back in.  Operation Sky Pedals.  While this is not part of my history, it is interesting to note that Operation Sky Pedals was the Air Force’s official title of the program to divert the comet known as Hale-Bopp, which arrived in 1997, 1998.  They knew about Hale-Bopp ten years before it arrived in orbit inside of the solar system, and, of course, swept around past Earth.  The reason it swept around past Earth was because Montauk Point, using extremely powerful particle-beam weapon systems which was part of the later research—and that, of course, goes back to some of Tesla’s original work—were used to divert it.

Now, the two people, of course, who were given credit for it, Dr. Hale and Dr. Bopp, discovered it before it arrived in the vicinity of Earth.  But NASA and the Air Force knew about it ten years prior to the arrival and they were tracking it, because it was the largest comet known in history to approach Earth.  As it got closer, they were concerned with the fact that the gaseous envelope, over 25 miles in diameter, was filled with chlorine and methane, and if it should contact Earth’s atmosphere, it could quite literally poison the atmosphere and kill everything on Earth.  Or, if the cometary body itself were to crash into even the ocean, the tidal waves and the disturbance would kill approximately, by estimate, over half of the world’s population.  Therefore, there was a great deal of effort in diverting this thing when they knew it was going to approach Earth; they had to wait and learn what the trajectory was.

Well, the trajectory didn’t remain the normal trajectory.  There were 23 course-corrections; somebody was steering it straight into Earth.  And, of course, it was eventually diverted. Preston was part of it, and he could tell his own story on this, as how it happened.  But it was diverted by a very wide distance slightly ahead of the original mathematically plotted and computer-generated trajectory, and left a safe distance.  After it was past it was hit again and broken into six pieces, which went on out into space.

Well, the trajectory didn’t remain the normal trajectory.  There were 23 course-corrections; somebody was steering the comet straight into Earth.

With the successful termination of that program, the Air Force moved out of Montauk in June of 1998 and abandoned the base. It wasn’t abandoned for long. Again, I was not part of this, nor was Preston at this time. The Navy moved in and took over the base for their own operations from that point to this day (2000). Exactly what they’re doing we don’t know, other than the underwater and underground particle-beam generating systems, which are very compex and require an enormous amount of power, are still used.

Exactly what they’re doing we don’t know, other than the underwater and underground particle-beam generating systems, which are very compex and require an enormous amount of power, are still used.

But my involvement at Montauk ended on the night of August 12, 1983, and I was told—actually three days before that date, about 9 August—to go take a hike, take a vacation, get off the base.

Duncan was diverted into another area of the base for the project so that there was no possibility that either I as Al Bielek or Duncan number-two could possibly meet Duncan number-one or Ed Cameron, myself, and, of course, [cause] a possible time paradox. So we were kept well apart. They were aware of this possibility and avoided the problem.

After the station collapsed, of course, it was no longer used until such time as I indicated. But I was never again part of the Montauk Project.

Aside from the Montauk boys program, which expanded to every city in the U.S., major city, and, as the Air Force later determined, some time in 1997, 1998, that it was a worldwide problem that was certainly of much less intensity and usage than in the U.S. because I went to Europe on my lecture series and I also went to Australia: there were Montauk boys there, but their numbers were very low.

Phil Schneider investigates abductions of boys in America

Before getting into some of the other aspects of Montauk, to close off on the subject of the Montauk boys, in 1993 I met a gentleman by the name of Phil Schneider, who was a retired—by his own choice—government geologist. He was at one of my lectures up in Seattle, but it was almost in the Portland, Oregon, area. I told him about the Montauk boys thing. And he became rather incensed, and said, “This to me smells of pedophilia.” And I said, “Yes, perhaps you could say that in a manner of speaking.” He says, “I want to look into it.”

[Phil] went to the Portland police department, asked them about it, and they said, “Yes, we’ve heard of the program, and we would advise you it would be best for you not to poke your nose into business that doesn’t concern you.” They were telling him: Go get lost and don’t come back. He became quite upset about that and he went to the FBI. And the FBI, he went to the office and he met one of the people there who had been in the service over twenty years, a senior FBI man, and discussed it with him. And he said, “Yes, we know about the program.”
“Oh, you know about it?”
“What are you doing about it?”
“Well, why aren’t you?”
“We can’t.”
“And why not?”
“Because our hands are tied.” He says, “Let me give you a few statistics.”

And this is where I became very interested, when he came back to me with the statistics. And this is common knowledge if you know where to look; it’s not suppressed. He said, “Every year in the United States, approximately two million kids disappear; and this has been ongoing for at least 20 years [by 1993]. They said, “We investigate, of course, where we can, and eventually we find out what happened to at least one million of those within that one-year period. Some of them are found and returned to their parents. But the other million we never find anything out about whatever. It’s just like a blank slate: we don’t know where they went or what happened to them. This has been ongoing for some 20 years, essentially.”

Well, it doesn’t take too much mathematics to figure 20 years’ times one million is 20 million kids disappeared in 20 years, approximately. Suppose half of them were picked up in the Montauk boys program: that’s a very large, shall we say, secret army under somebody’s control. Well, I told that to Phil and Phil said, in the process of discussing it, he saw that possibility.

The Air Force raids the Sag Harbor base

But I went back to Preston, and then the first Montauk boys programming site under Sag Harbor in Long Island was broken into by the Air Force some time in 1997 because of what Preston told them and those things they were doing there at that time. The Air Force got into it, and they closed the base. They got all the files and the records. Preston was allowed to see them. They had 30,000 dossiers from that one location alone, with photos and a complete history of the Montauk boy that had been processed—and one came from as far away as Australia—to be run through Sag Harbor.

They had 30,000 dossiers from that one location alone, with photos and a complete history of the Montauk boy that had been processed . . . to be run through Sag Harbor.

The Freemasons

The personnel were all low-level personnel in strange gray uniforms with no rank, no bars indicating name, but strange red epaulets or whatever it was on their shoulders. But the desk hardware was the most interesting. The desk and the pencil sets all had a red rose on top of a golden cross, which could be the Rose Cross, it could be the Rosicrucian Order— they’re not sure exactly what because there are both. And further digging on the part of Preston and myself indicated, as far as Preston was concerned, the Paulatine Monks were involved in this thing. And other groups, the Knights of Malta—not the Knights Templar—and by implication, of course, the possibility of the Masonic Order. Somebody at a high level was running this thing. The religious orders were being used as a front.

Schools shooters are all Montauk boys

And, as we finally learned, the government and the military had nothing to do with the operation of this program. And [though] it was set up by the Germans, it was not being run by the German people as it went on in time. We have still to get all the answers as to who’s running it, what the ultimate purpose is. Again, at that time I got no answers as to what the purpose was and what it was to be used for, but it’s fairly obvious today, because all you have to [do is] look around you, as I’ve already said. You can see the mayhem that has been created, and particularly in terms of the school shootings, where these kids act, in some cases, absolutely blankly, a blank mind, and then are snapped out of it later.

Particularly the Conyers of Georgia incident, exactly one month after the Columbine operation, where the kid was shooting quite randomly in a yard, hit no one, The assistant principal came out and talked him into dropping the gun and putting it down, which he did, and came up and put his arms around him, and the kid snapped, like that—he jolted. “Where am I? What’s going on?” He had absolutely no recollection of what he did. This is what has been going on in all of these cases of these school shootings.

One has to look a little further to understand what the program is. And it’s becoming quite obvious what the program is to those who look at it at all, particularly in the Columbine operation. This resulted in passing legislation on gun control, which had been stymied for a long period of time. And that operation was massive—I won’t go into it because that’s a totally different story; but it’s one of many. This is only one aspect: somebody is running a program to control the thrust of legislation: this is one possibility, and it’s actually one reality.

The Montauk boys can be used for a lot of other things. One can look around and one can see it. You might note that in the whole operation of these school shootings, whether it be Conyers, Columbine or whatever, no one ever suggests that these kids have been under some form of mind-control; this is a totally prohibited subject. They will not approach it, they will not admit to it, they will not even consider it. This is one aspect of what I would like to get public. This Montauk boys program is very subversive, it is very invasive; it intrudes in many areas of our society in a very obvious and unobvious manner, but it’s very real. Those who are manipulating it, you cannot really point out and say, “You, you or you: you’re running this program or you’re doing this.” There are many levels involved, in terms of this mind-manipulation, as to who is responsible and what the ultimate agenda is. I could go on on this for a very long period of time, because one can surmise where some of it is coming from, and I might add, from my experience, I don’t think all of it is directed from our legislative bodies or the secret governments on the face of the earth. I do feel that some of it comes—in the agenda and the ultimate agenda—comes from off-planet. But that is my feeling and my stated feeling; I cannot prove it.

From my experience, I don’t think all of it is directed from our legislative bodies or the secret governments on the face of the earth. I do feel that some of it comes—in the agenda and the ultimate agenda—comes from off-planet.

Before I close out totally on the subject of the Montauk boys, I might add that much of the information I have garnered is, of course, my recall of what I was involved in after I became aware of my connection with the Montauk Project and the many phases of it. Further research since that point, in terms of what’s going on with the Montauk boys, I think you will find interesting. What they went through at that time, 1976 to 1983, and for quite some years after, because while Montauk Point was closed down, the programs were not—the Montauk boys program continued to this day at various locations.

While Montauk Point was closed down, the programs were not—the Montauk boys program continued to this day at various locations.

Phase 1

If you have psychic sensitivity and can see auras, or if you are good at reading body language, a Montauk boy in Phase 1—because we called the initial phase, not the physical: that was perhaps 1-A, whatever—Phase 1 in terms of the electronic processing, the one-on-one pad business, continued for many years.  And this produced a product, if I may use that term, which was rather obvious.  Anyone, even without body-language [sensitivity] or phychic sensitivity could detect that these victims in many cases didn’t act entirely normal.  They lacked spontaneity and sometimes were a little jerky in their motions and so forth, depending on how severely they had been hit.  Anyone who could read auras could see immediately that this person had been processed through the Montauk boys project, if they knew what it was about.  But they would see in the outer aura a jagged black outline.  It’s just like you [took] a fairly wide pen or a narrow paintbrush [and] drew a jagged line around the entire aura.  A person who could read body language would see, because of what the body language says, that, “I have been programmed; I am not normal.”  This is very obvious to a person who can read body language.

Phase 2

This system, this approach, went on for quite a number of years, and about—I would estimate about 1995, they went into Phase 2.  It was refined in terms of the electronics.  They were much less obvious in normal daily life.  The outline of the aura was much smoother and less obvious, and the body-language was not as easy to read.

About December of 1997, while I was in Denver—I was in Denver in 1997 from August to December—I started to note an influx in a new type of Montauk boy.  And I also noted something else: it was approaching saturation of young people.  It became a case not of trying to find the Montauk boy among the boys running around the town, but trying to find somebody who was not a Montauk boy.  This is what the situation is now: virtually all young people are run through the program.  It’s at least 90 percent.  There are those who are unfit, of course, physically or mentally, and they’ve dropped out, but those who are run through the new program, there’s no longer one-on-one pads, there’s no EEG machines or anything similar.  But the new program is now on a totally new approach.  Speaking in terms of electronics and electronic manipulation of the mind, they now have a technique using RF microwave energy with the proper modulations.  They produce a scalar wave, wherein if they pick a group of candidates who fit the same general categories of what they want, and they have the same general physical characteristic, mental characteristics, traits, whatever, and they want to put out, let’s say, thirty people into one particular program, they put them in this room and now batch-process them.  The RF energies will impinge on everyone’s brain simultaneously.  No longer are you concerned about the chakras and approaching it through the chakra system.  But you impinge on them through the brain, into the conscious and the subconscious, and in a fairly short period of time—I’ve never witnessed this program but I would make an estimate of about 30 minutes maximum—they have been fully programmed; It’s all in the subconscious.  And they’ve gotten twenty or thirty people all at once; they go out the door and they’re Montauk boys.  But very undetectable.  The new system is very smooth.  It leaves almost no mark on the aura, and its body-language is very difficult to read.  And in terms of an ordinary person observing somebody else, there’s hardly an evidence of a lack of spontaneity or any evidence of a change in that person’s normal characteristics or behavior.

This is what the situation is now: virtually all young people are run through the program. It’s at least 90 percent.

This is the ongoing program as it is now (2000) and this is where the numbers come in of at least 10 million Montauk boys in the U.S. Nothing like this around the world, but having been in Switzerland and in Australia, I’ve seen them there, but they are very limited numbers—I would say not over 10 percent, not over 5 percent, if that much. In the U.S. today it’s approaching 90 percent.

Montauk girls

The programming now includes girls, because no longer are you concerned about the chakra polarities, and no longer are you concerned about approaching them with the pads or the electronic machine. Because you do it with the RF system, you impinge directly on the brain, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female. You can impinge the same program through a male or a female, and now, Montauk girls are showing up in larger numbers. And I might add, one of their primary functions is to keep a Montauk boy happy—in the very physical sense. Sex between the male and the female will lock in the program that that boy has received, or the girl has, even deeper.

That was the major problem with the homosexual approach, is they would deprogram themselves—this was not wanted. But with the male-female relationship, it locks in the program, so if somebody is particularly important— And I know of at least one friend of mine who is in this category, who has been programmed. He had a girlfriend who was a Montauk girl. It was to keep him in line and see if he would do certain things. She is no longer with him; he married her, that broke up and he’s remarried to someone much better, I’m happy to say.

Columbine shooting and the trenchcoat mafia

But this is a new wrinkle in the program. There’s an even more additional wrinkle, shall we say, to this program now: they’ve branched out. In the matter of the Columbine operation, and before that, of course, one of the things which showed up was a group called the trenchcoat mafia. Now, this term actually came out of Eric’s mouth and Dylan’s mouth: they considered themselves members of the trenchcoat mafia. Others showed up at the site, which is not publicly reported, and, I might add, my number-two son considered himself a member of the trenchcoat mafia, and he had personally admitted that he was in the government employ as an assassin. This is one of the things they use the Montauk boys for. I’m not happy to say it’s my number-two son; I won’t go into how I found out he was, but I did. And this whole operation of the trenchcoat mafia can be traced to an Air Force base, now closed, in upstate New York; the same air base where Eric Harris’s father, in the Air Force, came from, and was stationed with his family for many years.

Now what about the trenchcoat mafia? I’m going to explore this slightly. They are considered an offshoot of the whole Montauk boys program which is specifically, shall we say, guardedly, religiously oriented. They’re Satanists. The whole nine yards of the trenchcoat mafia are Satanists and Satan-worshippers, as was Eric and Dylan, and which was never made public, and they’ve taken great care not to make that public. This whole group is considered of Satanic relationship and origin. If you remember in the public discourse, the videos and everything that was shown on TV, and a little bit they showed about the diaries, one of the things that happened in the shooting in the library—and this was noted in the public press—when Eric or Dylan, it doesn’t matter which one it was, went up to one of the girls, grabbed her around the neck essentially, and pointed at her head, and says, “Do you believe in God?” This one particular girl said, “Yes.” Bang: shot dead. If she had said, “No,” she would have lived. This was, among other things, a Satanic operation in terms of the orientation of the boys being used. This is not good news, and as I’m sure will not sit pleasantly with a lot of people, but I wish to implore you to examine the facts and do it for yourself.

Every set of shared beliefs that bring people together will be turned into a weapon

There’s another side to the new Montauk boys program, and that is now what they call the Jesus freaks—pardon the expression. But they’re the ones who have gone off the deep end of religion in the sense of the Christian orientation. Of course the two are opposed, but they’re both used, and they have their place. I do not know what the place is. And there’s still a group in the middle, shall we say, midline America, the middle cross-section of society, totally not out of line, fitting the norm, and, of course, they’re still Montauk boys in that group, and now, Montauk girls. They are very un-obvious because of the fact they fit into the main stream of society.

So much for the Montauk boys and the Montauk girls. It’s an ongoing program. It’s not fun. Nobody knows when, where or how they’re going to strike next or whether there may be some major operation in store for the future. To this date I have not seen a massive operation. There was only one other I could report that was, to my mind, indicative of a massive Montauk-boys operation, and that back some years ago—I believe around 1988, 1989 [the 1992 riots that followed the acquittal of police in the beating of Rodney King]. Where on one night, large cities across the U.S. sprung up with fires simultaneously, from Los Angeles—not to New York City, but to many other cities, all on the same night: riots and burning the city. And the police were hands-off in Los Angeles. I do not know if that implied the same action in the other cities. They let it go for a period of time and then they were told to close it down. It was an orchestrated demonstration of something; don’t ask me what, other than it was obviously, to my understanding, Montauk boys. (4:43:30)

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