Al Bielek: Complete Video Autobiography (11)

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Part 11:  A Seven-foot Draco; The Moon Landings

Astrological charts


Now, one of the other things I think I need to cover here is why, when I was converted from Ed Cameron to Al Bielek, why was the Bielek family chosen?  That took many, many years to understand, even after I was aware of the fact that I was not originally a Bielek, but was Ed Cameron.

Many years ago, having an interest in astrology, I went to a friend of mine—this was before I became aware of my real history.  He was a geologist, but an amateur astrologer, but very good, and I asked him if he would chart for me.  And he did, as Al Bielek. And he said it was a very complex chart; he didn’t really understand it all.  There were five fire-signs in one house, and it was obvious that I had a lot of problems.  And he went through the list of them, and needless to say, there was quite a number of problems, which, he was quite correct in his analysis. And he simply didn’t understand it.

Quite some years later, after my recovery of the memory of Ed Cameron, and the fact that I was born on 4 August, 1916, I went back to him.  And I asked him, “Would you mind doing another chart for me?”  And I said “I have some new information that my original name was other than that, and I was born on 4 August, 1916.”  And he said, “Okay.”  So, he did up the chart, and looked at it, and he said, “I don’t believe it.”  I says, “Well, what is it you don’t believe?”  And he said, “This is exactly the opposite of the one as Al Bielek.”  And I said, “What do you mean, exactly the opposite?”  He says, “Well, it shows here you had good social standing, good social position, you had no problems with money, you had every opportunity open to you,” and it was sort of like a wide-open book of somebody who would be highly successful.  Well, it was quite true that that was the case, and the family had a lot of money, good social position, and I did, through the period that I was Ed Cameron.

The only thing I can see, there’s two things involved.  Number one, when they decided they had to get rid of me as Ed Cameron, because of my traveling through time and the time-loops involved, they could not kill me, because [of] the Norman Levinson time equations.  One of the people involved in the background of the experiments, Norman Levinson, was a professor at MIT.  He wrote a whole series of books in the open literature, five of them, on mathematics, and some of that work that is still classified to this day—The Time Equations and The Time Matrix.  He indicated from his work—the classified portions—that if a rift developed in space-time, in the time-field, it would be unstable for a certain period of time and then would start to settle down, and then it would take another twenty years before it actually became fully stable of itself.  In that interim period, there had to be dampening applied to it, or it might become highly unstable again.

For reasons I do not understand, nor does Duncan nor anyone else involved with this, which includes John von Neumann, we are the dampers,* if you will, providing the stability for the time-field to settle down to its normal flow.  How this works I have not any idea whatsoever.  Apparently no electronic equipment could handle it—at least what we know of at this time.

*Damper n. (1) something that deadens, restrains, or depresses, (2) an adjustable plate for controlling a draft, and (3) one that deadens vibrations. Damper‘s corresponding verb is dampen, which means to deaden, restrain, or depress.

The instability resulted because of the rupture of the space-time field between 12 August, 1943, and 12 August, 1983.  One of the other things we didn’t know was why this date, 12 August, was so significant, which I have mentioned earlier in this presentation.  We had the drop-dead date, which was given to John von Neumann, to complete the test by 12 August—this, of course, was 1943—or forget it.  And, the other end of it, 12 August, 1983, the Montauk Project was operating and we wound up there—after we jumped off the ship.  The ship was yanked out into hyperspace.  John von Neumann explained to us that because the two systems were operating on that same date of 12th of August, forty years apart, that they locked up.  There were certain reasons why, and the primary reasons why we did not know at that time, nor did John von Neumann.

In approximately 1986, 1987, after recovering my memories of the Montauk Project and talking extensively and visiting extensively with Preston Nichols, I came up with something which I’m not even sure where the information came from.  But I was aware of the fact that other people, having done research, were quite certain that Earth, like the human body, has its own biorhythms.  The human body has three, and they are easily charted, and they play a role of some significance in our psychological makeup and behavior.

Earth’s four biorhythms peak together every twenty years

Earth has four biorhythms.  And strangely enough, all four only peak out once every twenty years.  Preston Nichols did a lot of research with his battery of radio receivers: he has an antique receiver museum, if you will.  And he cranked them all up, put them between stations at various frequencies, and took a measurement of the noise background.  He found it fluctuated on a periodic basis.  He talked to the people at his office and his boss.  He said, “There may be some significant information here,” and his boss agreed, and gave him a little bit of money to continue the work at home and bring it in to the office, and eventually all of his information was crunched in their main computer, and it came up with the four biorhythms.  Lo and behold, all four peaked out on one day every twenty years.  I don’t think I have to say what day that was—it was the 12th of August, plus or minus half a day—1943, 1963, 1983, 2003—forward and backwards in time every twenty years.

Well, we finally figured out that this had something to do with the fact that the lockup occured on the 12th of August, 1943, with the program at Montauk on 12 August, 1983.  Because on 22 July, there was no such lockup.  There was no evidence of any kind of instability of this type.  And the fact that the records at Montauk show that they turned the station on on 1 August, or approximately 1 August, 1983, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no letup, was very significant in itself, because it had never happened before in the history of the Montauk operation.  And it was definitely on that night of 12 August, 1983.

Because of the synchronization, I think would be the proper term, due to the biorhythms of Planet Earth, they provided the link—the cross-link, if you will—between 12 August, 1983 and 12 August, 1943. The 1963 point, in that particular instance, didn’t matter, even though it was possible to lock up there, because you were forty years apart for these two programs. They both used similar math, similar technology, and similar field generators: not exactly the same, but some of them. And they were both playing games with time.

So, with that additional synchronization, they locked up to where the Eldridge left the harbor, disappeared into hyperspace—which was possible to create.  The math shows that it can exist, but normally it doesn’t, except there’s a mathematical creation.  But it became a physical creation because of the energies in the Eldridge, and they took the generators and the power systems with them. So, the Eldridge was there in hyperspace generating the field, which became a hyperspace field around the fields of the Eldridge, and held it in that area.

We didn’t understand why this could happen.  I don’t know whether John von Neumann even understood why.  But it did happen.  And, of course, we had to go back to the Eldridge and smash the equipment so the ship would return to 1943, which it did.  The primary reason for this to happen was not anything that we knew about, was not anything which the civilian and government personnel at the station knew anything about, as to what was going to happen or why this was allowed to happen.

I received a letter several months later that would close the case as regards whether or not the Wilson brothers had existed. It was from a man named Amado Crowley, who claimed to be an illegitimate son of Aleister Crowley.  Amado not only stated that his father had talked about the Wilson brothers, but he gave a spectacular account of his father’s whereabouts on August 12, 1943, the day of the Philadelphia Experiment.

On that day, Aleister Crowley had directed a magical ceremony at Men-an-Tol in Cornwall, England. where a large doughnut-shaped rock stands upright.  According to Amado, Aleister put him through the hole in the rock, whereupon a line of rough water ran west toward Long Island, New York. – Peter Moon, Pyramids of Montauk

A seven-foot-tall Draco at Montauk

One has to take another look at the agenda of the alien groups, and the person who was the leader, shall we say, that represented all of the alien operations and the alien interests in Montauk, was a very tall seven-foot Draco.  He was quite haughty, but I did get to talk with him after awhile, and he finally came off his high horse and became sort of friendly.  An exceedingly intelligent individual—we found out from interviews with him that he had twelve degrees equivalent to the doctor’s degree, a doctorate here on Earth and a doctor of science.  As he said, “We have sixteen disciplines we can get a doctorate in—what you call a doctorate degree.”  “How many do you have?”  “Twelve.”  “What are you going to do when you get your other four?”  And he looked at me strangely and he says, “I don’t know.  I haven’t gone back to get the other four.”

In any case, he represented all of the alien agendas.  The alien agenda was approved in advance by the government interests as the price for getting the technology to build this station.  So they set it up so it would operate on the 12th of August, 1983, and produce a rift in space-time 40 years wide, for purposes which we didn’t understand then either, or we didn’t understand for some years after that, even when we were looking at this in the face and asking, What does this really mean?

Standing-waves in the flow of time

We finally figured out in the 1990s that the alien agenda was deliberately designed to produce this rift in space-time, which caused a lot of problems.  And [they] had to have a solution for preventing a major cataclysmic reaction.  During the period of time around 12 August, 1963, we built equipment; or, I should say, Dr. John von Neumann and certain other scientists built equipment in May of 1963 to prevent the backlash from the time-field.  Because it, in a certain sense, is like an electromagnetic transmission line.  In an electromagnetic transmission line, it’s perfectly standard electrical theory: you transmit RF energy down the line from a certain source-impedence.  The transmission-line cable has the same impedence, and you bump it into a load which is of the same characteristic impedence.  You have maximum transfer of power and it’s very smooth.  If you don’t have a matching impedence at the final end, it’s off, then you start to get standing waves: there’s energy reflected back to the source.  And if these are really out of balance, you get very heavy reflections.  A standing-wave ratio is a common thing referred to in RF transmission and RF transmission lines.  You want a standing ratio of one, which means it’s totally damped and stable, and the maximum transmission of power with no reflections.  Anything other than one, you lose power, and it reflects down the line—becomes quite a mess.

The same thing is true of the time field.  If something disrupts the normal function and the flow of time through this field, you can get standing-waves in time.  And this is what happened because of this disruption in 1943.  Of course, after we were past that point, there wasn’t much you could do about the 1943 end, but the 1983 end and the 1963 point had to be damped.  We [Duncan and Al] were the dampers, and according to Levinson’s equations, it takes another 20 years–and that is to the year 2003–before it is fully stable of itself.  I suppose at that point the government could get rid of us if ithey wanted to, unless there are other factors involved.

I suppose at that point (after 2003) the government could get rid of us if ithey wanted to, unless there are other factors involved.

There are a lot of loose ends on this whole project—I should say, projects.  I’m trying to wrap them up and trying to show what happened.  And we’re trying to understand it still ourselves, all of the aspects of it.

Montauk was shut down on 12 August, 1983.  It was rebuilt, re-opened in 1987, and as I’ve stated earlier, of course it became involved in Navy projects—Air Force and then Navy, and is still operational to this day (2000).  There was other work that has been done on time-travel at locations other than Montauk.  I’m not privy to that information other than I do know they exist.

Re-engineering history

There have also been attempts at what could probably best be called re-engineering of history.  Science-fiction, of course, is replete with these stories and with ideas of how to re-engineer history and change the future.  All I can state is, my information is that this has been done, and we would not, of course, be aware if it was successful.  The only way you would possibly be aware of it is if some of us, a group, were off-planet, far enough away to watch and record the change in history from a distant point, and suddenly everything changed.  Because if you re-engineer history by changing the past, the present, so to speak, and the future will be altered.  And since it has been changed completely, no one is going to remember that it ever happened.  This is one of the strange facts about it.  And, of course, the textbooks change; everything changes physically.

This raises a question: how real is this reality?  We write books, we make monuments, we carve in the stone and this sort of thing.  If we can re-engineer history by going back into the past and changing some major element, does all of this change?  And if it does, then how real is our reality?

Lost children

It’s an interesting point, and I think I will leave it at that, except for one other item: not the Bielek family of my parents, but the Bielek family of mine. When I married in 1943, of course there was a son due; we didn’t know at that point if it was going to be a son or daughter, but in February of 1944, a son was born—Jeff Cameron. And as time went on, there were other kids. I’ll have to say honestly that Jeff Cameron was a legitimate son, number-one, and the rest of the kiddies that came along were not exactly legitimate. Being in the Navy, and as the Navy had me traveling in the period when I was at Los Alamos, and that’s all over the state and all over other locations, and I had a problem like my father: that girls wouldn’t leave me alone and I couldn’t say no. So, like my father, there were a few additional children around. And I’ve only been able to track down number-two and number-three. Number-two I’ve seen personally, a man by the name of Morgan. Number three, at this point I’m quite sure, David. Number four I do not know where he is, first name of John. Number-five may be a daughter, but I have no data whatever on that.

This is an ongoing pursuit at this point to find out where they all went, what’s happened to them. And even though there have been many attempts on my part to meet with Jeff, they have all been thwarted. And I do have a picture of him and I’m going to put this up and show it, because I want this as part of the document. And this picture was taken at the time when he was age twenty, as part of a New Mexico State Fair contest—probably 4-H. This is a blow-up from the original photo. The last time I saw him was actually about 1952 with the family, and of course, at that point he was eight years old. In this picture he is about twenty. Today he’s fifty-four, fifty-five. I have not seen him since that time in 1952. In spite of the ten years of attempts, they’ve all been deliberately thwarted by powers unknown. And today, to the best of my knowledge he’s under the protection of the military because a contract was put out on his life in excess of $10 million. Somebody wanted him dead. That occurred in 1998.

From that point on, I guess there’s not much more I can say about my family; I’m still trying to find them. It’s a little late, but better late than never.

I will close here, except that I will do an epilogue, and a few other points will be raised in that.


I could put a small epilogue in here, looking back over the history of this past century, the 20th century, this now being the year 2000, in April of the year 2000.

The history of science is very curious. Back in the days of the turn of the century, mathematicians and scientists at that time said a heavier-than-air craft could never fly. Well, Kittyhawk in 1903, the mathematicians were proven wrong and the Wright brothers flew a plane. And, of course, we know the rest in terms of history as to what has happened in terms of aircraft.

Along about 1947, of course, with the mathematical controversy existing well prior to that, mathematicians insisted no plane could ever fly at the speed of sound or faster—they’d fall apart. Well, the 28th of August of 1947, that was proven wrong when the Bell X-1 flew at mach 1.05, and slightly passing the speed of sound—a rocket-propelled aircraft; I was involved as an observer on that project. But again, the mathematicians and the scientists were proven wrong.

Now today, and actually going back into the forties, many scientists and others have said that, “Time-travel? That’s impossible.” “That could never be.” “It’s against nature, etc. etc.” “Time is an illusion; therefore, how could you travel through an illusion.” Well, unfortunately, time is an energy; the time-field is an energy. If you want to say it’s an illusion, so is our whole reality—from another viewpoint, another standpoint. If you get outside of it, some of our renowned gurus of the far East, up in the Himalayas, after many years of meditation and self-denial and such, have apparently broken through to a high enough level to say that what we call reality is an illusion after all.

But we live in it, and we accept it. And, of course, as science has learned over a period of years, there’s more than one reality: there are seven parallel realities. Dr. Tiller of SRI has stated that and others have stated that—and written papers on it, I might add.

There have been papers written on the subject of time-travel. Yes, it might be possible, but nobody really knows. Even such an esteemed man as Albert Einstein has at one time or another said that time-travel may be possible. But he also postulated in his General Theory of Relativity that nothing could exceed the speed of light. And that was, in his mind—and many scientists because he was so esteemed—the limiting speed in the universe. And consequently, you could not, under that theory, go fast enough to go traveling in time, and at that point he didn’t even consider necessarily that there was a time field.

The concept of the time field came from Norman Levinson, and also came later from the Unified Field Theory of Einstein, still classified.  The scientists who worked on this project for invisibility were dealing with time, but not for the primary function of traveling in time.  The idea was to warp time, if you will, sufficiently that an object would become invisible.  And it did become successful.

Some years after that, with the Montauk Project and the work that led up to it, as well as German research during World War II, we learned how to actually travel in time.  I might add, there was another project back in 1938, in which we learned a little bit about time-travel then, before World War II.  How far back the German research goes in time-travel I do not know.  I’m not aware of it, except that they were successful to at least some degree during the period of World War II.

They were also successful with a number of other things.  Everybody has said—again, the scientific viewpoint—that gravity is an inherent function of matter.  In other words, matter attracts matter, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  The larger the mass of the planet, the stronger the gravity field.  Well, such were the accepted theories for a great number of years.

Then along come NASA, and they tried to get a rocket to land on the moon; not land at first—they merely wanted to crash it on the moon.  The first attempts, they missed by over 200,000 miles.  I cannot understand how they did succeed in doing that at this point, but after reading some of the facts put out by engineers later—one of the most important being a book entitled Operation Moongate—I do not know if it’s still in print or not—but the author, an engineeer, who wrote that book, pointed out that NASA had to find out the hard way that the gravity-neutral zone, which they postulated was about 25,000 miles off the surface of the moon and would correlate with an assumed gravity on the moon of 0.16 that of Earth, was grossly incorrect.

When they finally got to doing their re-calculations with their very good computers, and more attempts to hit the moon—they kept getting closer—they finally found out that the moon’s gravity was not what they had assumed.  It was much heavier, much stronger.  At first they said about 0.6 of that of Earth; today it’s assumed to be about one.  And if you look very carefully at the photographs of the astronauts on the moon jumping with their boots, leaving heavy boot-prints in the sand, though they show it in slow-motion, they give the illusion that they’re jumping great distances, they’re not.  And they never jump more than about eight inches to a foot off the surface, which any good athlete can do on Earth.  That means, of course, that the earlier assumption—that they’ll be able to jump six or eight feet in the air and jump a stride of approximately 75 feet—were proven to be totally false.

So we get back to two things.  One, gravity is different than was assumed by Sir Isaac Newton.  The more modern theories indicate very strongly, and have been proven, that it is an external field.  And it took a two-year delay in NASA’s program to get to the moon to resolve all of this.  And, of course, then came into play some of the further research of the Germans—kind of [UI] with this point—namely, can you provide what is loosely called an antigravity field?  Which could be said to be a gravity propulsion system which opposed the gravity of Earth, or a shield.  They did develop a system which would produce an antigravity field—that is, a gravity field working in the opposite directions, so an object could be propelled upwards without using rocket thrust or this sort of thing.

The Germans had some successful systems going in 1944, 1945.  And all of that material, all of that research, of course, came to the United States after the war.  All of the reports indicate that not only did the Germans build some “UFOs” —circular-foil aircraft would be a more accurate description—but they had built a lot of them and they were all antigravity drives and could float around Earth, and many of the so-called UFOs seen in Earth’s atmosphere in the past 40 years or so, many of them are probably German craft, because they did master the technology for antigravity.  There were two systems under development during the period prior to World War II.  One is by the SS Group II, a special internal group; and also a very renowned scientist from Austria, who developed a system also that worked.

We inherited this.  And then when it came time to figure out how do we get to the moon and back, i.e., take an astronaut to the surface of the moon and return him to Earth, we were confronted with a very massive problem.  And that was, if the moon’s gravity is very close to that of Earth, and the gravity-neutral zone is some distance out—perhaps 100,000 miles into space away from the moon, putting it nearly in-between, half-way between—what do you do about it?  It takes a Titan V, at five million pounds thrust and all of the fuel that it carries, to get the payload called the moon orbiter, and the pod, out of Earth’s atmosphere, across space, and into orbit around the moon.

Okay, you get there.  You land on the moon.  Now, if the moon’s gravity is the same or close to being the same as Earth’s, how do you get off?  The little rocket-thruster they have on the back of the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) is nothing but a thing for show, because it could not possibly produce enough thrust to get off the moon. Its purpose was to guide it down to the surface of the moon for the proper landing with the platform.  When it takes off, it leaves the platform behind and goes straight up.  And anyone who has seen the videos—they’ve shown them many times—of that LEM leaving the surface of the moon, it takes off in a great rush—dust, apparently, stirs up all kinds of things on the surface—and it goes back into orbit, connects with the orbiting vehicle, and then returns to Earth.  If it were actually using rocket propulsion to get off the surface of the moon, it would have to be something essentially the size of a Saturn V.  Now how are you going to get a Saturn V to the moon, and all of the components necessar, the fuel and so forth, so that a Saturn V could return the astronauts to Earth?

As a practical engineering matter, it’s virtually impossible.  They solved it, of course, and they have never told the public how they solved it.  They had, of course, antigravity drives.  We’ve had them for years, decades.  And when Apollo XI landed on the moon, the astronauts—happily there, of course, a great point in history for mankind—radioed back to Earth, to NASA, and said, “Hey: we’ve got visitors here.”  NASA says—and this was monitored by amateurs in Europe at the time, and they were not on secure communication links.  “We have visitors here.”  “Yes, we know about it,” NASA replied.  “Well, who are they?”  “Well, we’d rather not say.”  The astronauts asked Houston: “Are they Russian?”  “No.”  “Are they aliens?”  “No.”  “Well, are they Americans?”  “Yes.”

Needless to say, those astronauts were very pissed off when they got back to Earth.  They’re saying, in essence, “Well, what we’ve being used for on this trip was public relations.  They have other systems to get up there that are better than what we’ve used.”  That was absolutely correct, because they had antigravity drive, secret ships, and they were there waiting for the crew to arrive by means of rocket, and in a way, in their own way, welcome them.  And then, of course, disappear into whatever area they wanted to do.

Scientists and mathematicians have had a history of saying, “It’s not possible. It can’t be done.”  Well, we’ve done it.  We’ve done many things.  We have time-travel, we have antigravity drives, we have weapons systems today—which doesn’t fit in, of course, with my history; I’m not involved with them.  But today we have particle-beam weapon systems, which really were invented directly and originally by Nikola Tesla, which are of sufficient power, mounted on Earth with very long laser-bored tubes with a twin-beamed gun, if you will.  The longest one today is 300 miles long, and it’s in the center of the U.S. underground.  And how it’s controlled or steered I don’t know, but it has enough power that they use the moons of Jupiter for a shooting gallery.  They’ve actually punched a hole 25 miles in diameter through one of the moons.

It can’t be done, but somehow, they’ve managed to do it.  And I think we will continue to make progress and to do what has been called impossible.  With that I will close.  Thank you. (5:37:48 )

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